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Found 860 results

  1. My parents are hoping to emigrate to Oz on the aged contributory parent visa. Today they went to see a Sydney based immigration lawyer (they're here on an extended holiday) and were advised that they would probably have problems with my Dad (aged 67) passing the health aspect of the application. This hasn't really suprised us: Dad found out he has prostate cancer a few months ago and on his return to the UK will have an operation to have the prostate removed. To make matters worse, he had a very, very mild heart attack (otherwise known as an acute angina attack) a few weeks ago. On the up side, prostate cancer, from what we've learnt, is very treatable. The tumour is small and has been found very early so the prognosis is excellent once the prostate is whipped out. No need for chemo, radiotheraphy etc. The heart issue is worrying of course, but Dad has never had any problems before and is already so much fitter than before having started exercising daily and making other lifestyle changes (weight loss etc) so we're not as worried as we'd been initially. The lawyer said, even if the prognosis is good and Dad gets supported evidence from his drs here and back home that he's in the clear, the panel doctors tend to take a very pessimistic view of 'big' health issues like cancer and often use quite old research to calculate a visa applicants risk of costing medicare lots of money. My parents have private Australian health insurance which is specifically for overseas visitors (they're here every year for up to 6 months at a time) but apparently that makes no difference. So, I was wondering - has anyone else been in a similar position of having serious health issues while applying for the contributory aged parent visa? Or is anyone a cancer survivor who has successfully passed the medical? Do you have to be in remission for a certain length of time before passing the medical? Mum and Dad were thinking that in a year or so, presuming Dad's on the mend, he could start the application process but have the medical first so they don't waste any money on other parts of the application. But then the lawyer said that failing the medical might have repurcussions for them getting future 6 or even 3 month visas. Sorry this is such a long winded post. I have so many questions and so many worries! If anyone out there has a comment, I'd really welcome it. Thank you so much. Emma
  2. Two years ago my doctor suspected that I may have latent TB as he saw something in my chest x-ray. I was forced to take medications by the state, although some other doctors doubted if I was really having TB as that 'something' may be a blood vessel. Anyhow I was cleared of TB after the medications and several x-rays. I applied for the business short-stay visa 2 months ago, and I 'lied' (sorry!) that I never had TB because I was really in a hurry to get the visa and I am not sure if it will take very long time in case they need to check my TB status. But now I am supposed to apply for a long-stay 457 visa and here comes again the TB question. I don't want to lie any more and I am also sure that I will be fine in x-ray check. What I concern about is will the immigration office check my past visa application and realize that I answered differently? Will they make a big deal of this and give me a hard time to get the visa? or even just deny my 457 visa? Or I have to keep silence about my damned TB history? Thanks!!
  3. Hi I need some advise on whether my mums medical condition of 20 years will affect her chances of gaining residency in Oz. Once we are there all of her offspring will be in Oz with my brother sponsoring her on a Contributory Parent Visa (subclass 864), as he is a citizen of 3 years. She has a blood disorder (high platelet count) which is managed with regular blood tests and medication and has been fine since diagnosis. Is there any PIO's out there who can advise if they've gone down this road or someone who can help with an insight into "if" the medical condition may or may not be acceptable? Thank You Karen
  4. Hello,this is my first post and hoping for some guidance please. I am applying for a 176 family sponsored visa and were almost there Medicals booked for Monday and Police checks in the post. My worry is that my wife has quite severe Asthma and although well enough now it has been Very bad in the past. The drug that controls her Asthma (very well) looks to be on the borders of what australia would class as significant expense. approx $4500 per year. We are confident that my wife will not need this once in Oz and I am prepared to pay for this myself if she did. Will this still prevent my wife from passing and is there anything I can do or say to diac to help our case. We always new this would b an issue but now were close I am flapping! Also what can the family who are sponsoring us do to help?
  5. Guest

    medical handover files

    We are heading to Perth Mid January, and are at present getting everything together what we need but one thing we have come up against is our Doctors are saying that they cannot give us the original files and say that they can give us summary's of our medical notes or photo copies of our medical notes of which there understandably be a charge for. But the thing is does anyone know if a summary will be ok or a photo copy of our notes? The cost of the notes is somewhat more expensive.
  6. A full time position is available for an experienced Medical Receptionist. You will ensure the Practice runs well and continues to offer a high level of customer service. You will have had relevant Medical Reception experience, have used MS Excel, and you will be confident working autonomously. Other desirable traits are: good personal presentation, a great phone manner, accuracy and attention to detail, empathetic, yet productive, highly organised, an excellent work ethic (happy to do all tasks required to make sure Practice runs effectively). Salary $45k per annum. Immediate start. Please pm
  7. n111kkx

    WOW - Passed my medical!!

    Just checked on line and my application now says medicals finalised and further processing!!! Great news I had a hole in the heart, split valve which was only discovered after I had a stroke. the stroke has left me with no side effects, the hole in heart has been repaired but the valve is not brilliant. I was able to send in copied of my latest echocardiogram along with a nice letter from the heart specialist. Fantastic - I will now send for the police checks. The case officer has been fantastic and allowed us to hold off on sending for these until the outcome of my medical!! :biggrin:
  8. Shinner

    Medical Required?

    Hi guys, Asked my Migration co-ordinator about sorting out a medical for my 457 application and he said "we should not be required to undergo health testing in relation to this application". Has anyone else come across this as from what I've been checking everyone has to have a medical? Regards, S
  9. Hi everyone, I need proof of medical insurance before my 457 visa app is processed. My immigration agent says that we should get holiday insurance for 2 months but how do i do this? cant get holiday insurance unless i'm coming back to the uk!!!! My head is somewhere else at the moment and cant think about it!!! help!!! Thanks Jo
  10. Hi everyone My OH has just been told he has got a job as a nurse mental health and been offered a PR visa?? I am a Medical Rep and have been in the Uk for over 7 years?? Does anyone have any experience of this over there??? Doesnt just have to be Perth anywhere?? I see lots of jobs on Seek.Au but i just thought if anyone had any expereince in Sales and have recently got a job out there??? Cheers Muchly Nichola
  11. Hi guys, Can anyone give me any tips on the best / cheapest private medical care? I was just going to go Bupa...... thanks!
  12. Hi there, My husband, our two children and I are just about to commence the visa process following my husband accepting a job offer. We are wondering where we would have to go to get our medicals done. Is there a list of facilities that we select from or is there one place? Sorry for sounding totally clueless!! We live in Shropshire if that makes a difference. Thank you.
  13. When we put in our visa application at the end of May we resigned ourselves to the fact that it coud take 18 months to 2 years to see any progress. So we got a bit of a scare last Tuesday when we got an e-mail asking for our medicals and police checks in the next 28 days. Lots of OMG and SH**, this is all getting a bit real and scary and a lot sooner that we had anticipated or planned for. So Police check applications have been sent off and we had our medicals last night - very impressed with the process and service at Spire Hospital in Manchester who only started doing these medicals in October. So now we are waiting again, but with the realisation that if there are no problems we could be taking a trip to Oz by the end of next year to validate our visas - so now for some frantic saving to pay for the flights and accommodation so we can at least make it feel like a holiday/chance to see places when we get there. Aileen
  14. Guest

    Medical test Results

    Hi All, I did medical along with my wife and daughter on 05/11/2011. It seems that HOC has received the medical test results and I can see that Health requirements for self has been finalized on 21/11/2011 but for my wife it says "Health requirements finalized" on 25/11/2011 with "Further medical results referred" as shown below. Can someone explain what does this mean? 25/11/2011 Health requirements finalised 21/11/2011 Further medical results referred 21/11/2011 Further medical results referred 21/11/2011 Further medical results referred 21/11/2011 HIV blood test referred Many thanks in advance, Shrikant:biggrin:
  15. Hi Everyone Ive been in Australia now 22 months on a working holiday visa 417 - Im now in the process of being sponsored by my employer here in Brisbane but cant seem to find out much informtion about what type of medical I need to obtain to submit with my applicaition. Anyone who lives in Brisbane and has been through the same would be great to hear from you Hope everyone has a lovely day Dan
  16. Tea4two

    Medical completed today

    Hey all Well we completed our meds today, all fine so far and the doctor gave me a few stats which I thought id share...she said only one in 1000 people in this country are turned away from oz on medical grounds. So I hope that's something positive for those of you who had pre existing medical conditions and are worried. The medical itself was ok.... Lovely staff, quick urine sample, height, eye test, weight check, 10 mins with the doctor who checked my chest, blood pressure, eyes, back and stomach (kind of prodding feeling for things), mouth. Then off for chest x ray and blood test and that was it. All very pleasant really fingers crossed now x
  17. Guest

    Medical for FIFO

    Hi all can anyone help with info on medical's for FIFO , as to what's involved and how long does it take, also what happens if you fail!! My mate just went through one this week and it took 3hrs and he had to do loads of exercises, is this the norm, Thanks
  18. bungeeman

    Baby's medical

    Hi all! It's been a while, sorry for our absence! Finally our son was born on 29th September after a long and traumatic labour/birth! Still wide and baby are doing very well now! We have our sons medical (and wife's x-ray) tomorrow and that's us done- we're then at the mercy of the DIAC! *big gulp Does anybody know what the baby's medical will consist of out of interest?
  19. Guest

    Medical Test Results

    Hi all, I have applied for GSM 175 on 21/06/2011 ... I along with my family have undergone the medical tests on 05/11/2011 and asked the hospital to send the med results directly to Sydney office. I want to know when DAIC receives any med result for an application (without CO being assigned) Do they update their system ?? Thank you, Regards, Shrikant:biggrin:
  20. Love Shoes

    The medical centre in manchester

    As everyone probably knows by now we or should I say my hubby is going for his medical next week with Dr Smith in Manchester. Could anyone who has been please confirm that it is near the ADSA and Trafford Centre? Hope so because we both know where that is, plus our appointment is seriously early so we don´t want to get lost and be driving around for ages getting stressed out and raising the BP! Can I also just say a huge thank you to anyone who has answered any of my queries and tried to alleviate our worries about these medicals. I have been a member of ex pat forms before and just want to say that this is the best one I have come across for correct information, friendliness and sympathy! Great work guys! :hug:
  21. Hi there. I am 6 months pregnant. We have a case offer and are at the stage where we can go for medicals. I have called around the hospitals to ask them about the medicals as I know the Oz government advises AGAINST having the xray. I have spoken with a radiographer that reckons with the lead skirt covering my abdomen I will be fine. She said they obviously only do the chest. She said taking a transatlantic flight would give me a higher dose of radiation. I have just got back from cape town, so she said I have probably had the equivalent on a few chest stays on the flight!! Just wondered if anyone had the xray while pregnant and if so, do you then get the visa fully granted and then just add the baby on by a change of circumstances form? Any info would be appreciated. Many many thanks
  22. Guest

    Booking medical 457 visa

    Just wondering am I right in saying that once my employer lodges the nomination part of the visa and a TRN is allocated i am able to book my medical at this stage or do I have to wait until I lodge my part of the visa application?
  23. vdM family

    Medical Insurance

    Hello all, looking for some help please.... We are in the process of 457 visa application and have been advised we need to provide adequate Medical cover, and as my better half is on a South African passport he won't be eligible for Medicare. Can anyone recommend a company where you can pay a month now to get a Certificate and then when we arrive in Oz continue with payments? we've looked at Bupa, Iman etc but just wanting some recommendations and how do you go about the payments IE paying one now and the rest in the New year when in Oz? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks
  24. Hi, I've been granted an ETA to visit Australia (by thevisabureau) and was careful to read everything to make sure that I do not violate any of the conditions. I have Ulcerative Colitis, which is under control and I am taking Mesalazine and Mercaptopurine for it. While in Australia, I will of course need prescriptions of these medications (no problem as far as I can tell) as you can only bring two month's supply across the border and I am staying for three months. The Mercaptopurine requires blood tests, which I will require three or less of during my three month stay. To ensure that I would be abe to get these, I contacted eta-general (at) visabureau (dot) com and the reply stated: "the conditions of at ETA for Australia state that you must have a clean bill of health when entering Australia. If this is declared, you may be refused entry to Australia with this particular visa. I recommend you apply for a tourist visa - 676 for 3 months. This will give you the opportunity to declare any medical issues and provide further information to the Australian government" I don't remember it saying you have to have a clean bill of health, but something more along the lines of "you must not require treatment that could reduce the quality of care we provide to Australian citizens". What are people's thoughts on this? Where can I find the requirements that I saw (and can't access again as my visa's been granted) while applying? Thanks for any help PS: I'd be particularly interested if George Lombard or someone else authoritative would reply to this
  25. I've asked a question here regarding using Australian healthcare with an ETA, so maybe it should have been under "Migration" in the first place: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/flights-holidays/131658-eta-medical-conditions-under-control.html (Apologies if I'm not supposed to "double post" like this, just let me know and I won't do it again)