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Found 155 results

  1. Guest

    any british expats

    hello is there anybrit expats in wa perth especialy worcking as a hgv mechanic could realy do with some advice .
  2. Guest

    Just joined, BIG Hi to all

    Just trawling the net and found the forum. Family of four ,had Residency Visa since April 2008, activated March 2009. House on the market(fingers crossed). Hoping to move to Brisbane, just need to find more info on jobs, schools etc. Visa granted on my employment(Diesel Fitter) as too many strings for my wife(Physiotherapist). Any advice would be appreciated:hug:
  3. clusterofgeals

    mechanic vetassess

    hi, has anyone done there asessments for motor mechanics in april. got my assessment on 20th july and are trying to find out what you have to do and what sort of questions you were asked in the interview, thanks :err:
  4. clusterofgeals

    motor mechanic sponsorship

    hi, anyone on here had any experience of gaining sponsorship as a motor mechanic ?
  5. hi everyone, me and my partner have lived in perth for over 2 years and are being sponsored by his company for PR. We have sent in our application, but for it to be successful DP needs to get his electrical licence. He needs to apply to TRA to get a trade certificate, then if he passes that he has to do a 2 week refresher course. Its possible he might have to do a trade test, on the phone or in person, does anyone know what kind of questions are asked on this test? we only have 28 days to reply back to immigration, so need to get things moving asap. tracy
  6. Hi All, I'm new to this site, so please forgive me if this question has already been posted. I have just done my Vetassess prac assessment on Tuesday 14/04/09 in London as a General Electrician. What I'm still confused about is - what will I be classified as in Australia? Will I be an Electrical Fitter or Electrical Mechanic? Or will I still be known as a "general electrician"? Does anyone know how electricians are graded, and if so, if they are graded differently from state to state? I'm planning on going to Perth. Thanks a bunch. From Jason
  7. would anyone know of anyone who is willing to sponsor a motor mechanic in the adelaide area? Have 18 years experience and own tools ,currently preparing for the ata licensing and been an mot tester for 4 years thanks linz
  8. Hey there, Im new here so sorry as this will sound very amateur-ish!!! :err: I am a 22 y/o male who has recently completed a NVQ level 2 in Motor Mechanics at college.. From past experiences in my teens, being in Tasmania was the best place for me in the world, I would love to migrate basically, I have my heart set! I have family friends currently living in Hobart but im just unsure as to what I should maybe do here on into the future as far as experience I should build up or any advice really on further qualifications I may need to gain, even visas that would be particularly ideal for my situation! Like I say, im going at it a bit blind atm, Im only 22 and just need some positive guidance really, much appreciated! :notworthy: Thank you in advance for any responses, regards!
  9. Hi, I'm after abit of help if possible I have successfully obtained my visa for OZ last year so that great news but I am now trying to assist my partner in getting his skills assessment done so we can go out, but it is totally different to mine due to practical assessment etc for the trade side, and I'm just not sure I am getting my head around it at all. We have started the paperwork but it just doesnt seem to have much to it, he has been in the industry for about 12 years so we have put down courses etc but wondered whether anyone has been through this proccess that could help? Especially when it comes to the work experience part as he uses all of the skills within his daily job, can you just put daily usage? They dont exactly give you alot of room to put to much. Cant work out if we are trying to make it more complicated than it is or we just arent getting it!!!:no: Plus does anyone know how this trade is looking in NSW Please help:embarrassed:
  10. Hi all I am putting together application for practical with Vetasses for Motor Mechanic (light). As I have been self employed for last 6 years they obviously need proof that I have done what I said and evidence that I was self employed etc. They ask for invoices to customers of work undertaken and bills/invoices from suppliers etc. How many invoices/bills etc does anybody recommend to prove my self employment. I have a filing cabinet full but I obviously cant send the lot over!!!!! Would one from each month suffice going back over say the required last 4 years? Other info such as photos of van and accounts etc are not a problem. I just dont want to fall at the first hurdle in addition to loosing $600 dollars for the inital paper assessment and not even get to a practical. Any advise or help from anyone who has done the Motor Mechanic practical would be great. Many Thanks Mark
  11. Hi all. I am going down route of Motor Mechanic and this is assessed by Vetasses. Is there anyone out there who has undertaken the assessment and what did the practical and the "grilling" under take. As advised before on my posts I have been self employed for 6 years and I have the information Vetasses require to, hopefully, allow me to undertake the practical test. I note that Mechanic (light) covers Cars, Motorbikes, small engines etc. My business has been primarily aimed at Motorcycles and small engines with with the addition of informal training many years back on cars/vans etc in a Garage (now closed). Do they alter or tailor the assessement to allow for the fact that I am not as experienced in cars etc as I am on Motorcycles or do I need to brush up on every aspect. Any info from other mechanics past or present would be very helpfull. Regards Mark PS I am 43 so I need to get Zimmer frame moving..............
  12. Im a diesel mechanic emigrating to WA ( Mandurah ) area March 2009 Getting stressed good job etc in the uk but family values pushing the move. Been on the road for 15years as a mobile diesel mechanic / plant etc Snap on boxes clean and ready to go / packers coming next week. Ive tried to obtain information on the following ( even autodata do not know ) I am entering with my family on a PR visa A has the global slowdown affected the repair / service industry in WA B What is the average local hourly rate at the moment in WA ( non FIFO ) c Are the job oppurtunities still availiable or more competition now D Can you go self employed straight away E Hopefully i will go back on the road in Wa ( or are there any restrictions ) F Most important can i as a uk migrant work straight away without any certified cards or retraining in my proffesion in AU ( Diesel mechanic ) the building trade seem to have to gain AU quilifications before working on there own ie electricians / brick layers etc this is why i have raised the above point Hope you can help ian
  13. Guest

    Mechanic or Vehicle Painter

    Hi have asked a few questions and got some great answers which I am following up so a big thanks to those people. I have another question (s) I am fortuanate in as much I have had training (no qualifications though) in both Vehicle painting and Motor mechanics (motorcycle) and have worked for several companies and over the last 5 years run my own business. Both of these skills figure on MODL and I think Mechanics on the Critical list. Has anyone got an opinion as th whether Paint Spraying or Mechanic would stand the most chance of a Visa OR is there a skill listed which combines both. ALSO has anyone done either a VETASSESS or TRA practical on either of these skills and what did they entail and where they hard compared to the real world problems. I can also get a job offer but the company is only small and I doubt they would qualify to sponsor me, but a state might. Like many people I know I can do the job just I have not got a piece of paper that says I can..................if only I had listened to my dad and went to college!!!!!!!!!!! why do teenagers always think they are right..............lol. By the way I am 43 so I need to get zimmer frame in top gear to do it by 45. Thanks in advance, im off now to earn some money so I can give it to Gordon Brown so he can give it to the banks so they can afford to evict me if I cant pay my mortgage...... Cheers all Mark n Debs
  14. Guest

    Vetassess Mechanic

    Hi Guys been reading a lot of the forum today really helpful stuff. Funniest thing is reading all the posts from the ladies having to do all the leg work for their other halves - i thought it was just me. New to all of this - me and the OH are attempting to get all the info together for the vetassess aplication form. With regards to all the evidence required, are Pay slips and P60s enough or do they need written proof from the employer - the problem is we don't want to be telling the current employer what we are planning - as he could turn a bit funny!! Can anyone let me know what they have sent in and had approval on??? Thanks Heather :wub:
  15. Guest

    Vetesses - Mechanic

    Hi to all, Just sorting through all my City and Guilds Certificates to arrange certified copies, and was wondering if there was any more grease monkeys out there that had to get a statement from the employer that they did there City and Guilds apprenticeship with listing processes and procedures used for each section of each level within the training modules. This is what ive been asked to do by our agent ! any help in this confusing process would be muchly appreciated THE POTTERS
  16. Guest

    aircraft mechanic and aqf 3

    Hello all, I'm new here and need some advice or info. I'm a US licensed aircraft mechanic (with an Australian one in process) but my TRA assessment was unsuccessfull because of not having this gained by having done an apprenticeship. Does anybody know if there's a course out somewhere to get an AQF certificate in this trade? CASA says its equivalent to an AQF cert. 4 but doesn't help me to get or convert this. Anyway any help or experience is welcome! Thanks much!
  17. Hi guys!! This is my first post on PIO, but I've been lurking for a while :unsure: Just wanted to ask if anyone has managed to get to Oz, or more importantly past the dreaded TRA as a Business Machine Mechanic (roughly translated as Field service Technician/Photocopy repairman) I've been put off applying to the TRA by some agents as this seems like a very old inclusion into the trade occupation list, (in it's description it list fixing typrwriters and calculators!) and I'm not sure if they still honour it especially as it's classed as a 60 point occupation. Hope someone can help who's done it before! Thanks in advance Dave
  18. Yippeeee...found out this morning that Ians passed the practical. Good luck to everyone whos still waiting for results! Beer and wines chilling ready for later!! :wubclub:
  19. Hi All, I am in the process of applying to emmigrate as a motor mechanic, I dont expect any real problems with the paper side of things but can anyone shed any light on exactly what is tested in the practical and how is it tested. Any help would be appreciated. Paul
  20. Hi, My younger bro lives with me. He's a great car mechanic, trained with HONDA. He's very hard working and helps me tons with the house and kids. He has a £5000 loan with a bank, of which he is paying off. We plan on going to OZ in 6months and he would love to come with us............. So, could he go and still pay off debt via direct debit? Could he go on a 3month holiday visa and look for sponsorship whilst there, and get it all sorted so he didn't have to return? I know, I sound really silly, but he's my little brother and we have no family, so I am really hoping he can come!
  21. realitynotincluded

    Anyone done a motor mechanic TRA

    :notworthy:Hi everyone Hubby is applying for his TRA in motor mechanics and really needs help from someone who has done this type of TRA and successfully passed. Anyone out there willing to maybe let hubby see their TRA application so he can get a visual idea of what it requires.. really dont want to make silly mistakes just because of misunderstanding of what TRA require. Thanks in advance... PS. We are in Perth so it is TRA we need not vetasses
  22. hi all, just dipping my toes in the water here.... but we are looking at moving to the north lakes area(around there anyway)middle of 09 . as im a fully trained mercedes diesel technician and have worked for bmw, vauxhall, AA and now RAC.. i was wondering what people do for car repairs in that area??? i know there are a few garages about.. not sure what the hourly rate is( would love to know..lol) but is it comparable with the UK garage rates... renault in edinburgh are £86 per hour...also what timescale for booking in work and most importantly "are they any good""? as u may of guessed im thinking of setting up either my own place,working from my house or going mobile....but just want to know if anyone would use such a service in the area and if they have done already what kind of experiences they have had.... im very good on auto electrics ie fault diagnostics, engine management systems etc,i will have my own diagnostic laptop by then, but would look to do general servicing, repairs and breakdown assistance also (hence the possibility of going mobile).....i would love your feed back... thanks ..... john marie kids and the dog!!!:GEEK:
  23. Hi Guys, More questions im afraid! My husband has been offered a job in Volvo Australia, He has been told that the salary would be 60/70k a year. We are a family of 4 is this kind a money enough to pay rent for a house, Utility Bills,food for the family and run a car On a monthly basis . I will be looking at going to work myself but we would of just like to of got settled before myself started work. I am a qualified Dental nurse so would be going into Dentistry. But I don't want to find that my husband money will be not enough to keep us until then. Look forward to anyone who is in the same trade to reply or anyone who knows what that kind of money is. I have no idea to be honest. I know its about £25.000 a year here in uk. Thanks claire:o)
  24. I am a 26 yr old fully qualified mechanic with 10 years main dealership experiance . I am looking to move to perth with my wife and 2 daughters to be near family , so if there are any garage owners that would be interested in talking to me please get back to me . you can email me on rossgowers@hotmail.co.uk . Thankyou Ross
  25. Does anyone know of any companies offering 457 visas to motor mechanics? Have sent my CV to 100's of recruitment agencies but never get much response apart from filling out loads of forms each time! very frustrating:wacko: Anyway would appreciate any positive comments.