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Found 198 results

  1. i'm hoping to lodge my marriage visa early next year after recently getting engaged, and will include 2 dependants. any advice and info would be much appreciated
  2. Guest

    advice on marriage visa

    hi. i'm going to australia tomorrow to meet a lady i met online. the plan is to get married if things go well. i have read on here that we need a letter from a celebrant and some notice of marriage form. does anyone know if we can get that done while i am in australia? also does anyone know if its possible to get married while i am there and then apply for the married visa? i'm not bothered about returning to the uk and go thru the process over here - i just thought i would ask the question. finally if i travel with original documents will that give me any problems when i go thru border control? i'm new to this process and to be honest i am finding all the reading and preparing a bit of a nightmare. any advice from people going thru the same thing would be helpful. cheers, shaun.
  3. Hey guys and girls, Quick question wonder if any of you have the answer . So im due to be being granted my perminant spouse visa in the next couple of days ( the guy dealing with my case emailed me to say he would email me the grant letter this week) and i was wondering the next step ? do i have to mail off my passport to get some kind of stamp ect? if so any ideas on the time frames ? or am i just reconised on some computer system? do i take it into an embassy . Eager Beaver! ive left my job and house . The family are all saying goodbye to people i just want to buy our plane tickets and get out of here and begin our new life. thanks all!
  4. Hello, Me and my aussie partner will be lodging an application for the PM 300 visa to the embassy in London and would like to know how long the processing time is. I have been told by the embassy that it takes 3-6 months but when i have spoken to other people who went through this application i have had mixed answers (some people got it in 2 months, others it took up to 8mths!!!). We have put as much info in as possible like 2 years worth of photos, stat decs and bills and bank statements from when we lived together in Perth for a year. Also would you advise to get the health checks done before we put the application in so its all put in together (does anyone know how much these checks cost approx?). And do we just have to ring the embassy up to arrange to drop the application in or just turn up when we're ready? Sorry for all the question but i'm just in the anxious stage at the moment! Thanks. Dave
  5. Guest

    HELP ME marriage visa

    Ok so I my boyfriend is comming from england in 2months for a 3month holiday to australia. I lived in the uk for 3months, got back 1month ago coz i hated it but we want to be together and get married and live here in australia. I dont know which visa to apply for. He asked me to marry him but not offically coz there was no ring..but i guess techiniqually we are engaged. There is a fiance/spouse visa that but i dont know if we should apply for that or just get married while he is here and apply for a married one. but i dont know what one that is. coz the one i read said we can be married but he has to be outside of australia when the visa is approved. that cant be right?? we get married and then he goes back to uk??? also it said something about all applicants who want permanant residency need to pass a health check as well as their immediate family even if they are not migrating to australia. so his mum and dad and siblings all need to pass a health check too? what if he doesnt talk to them anymore or they wont do it coz they are just awful people (long story). also i heard the health check can take like 4months but his visa is only a 3month holiday and if we apply for the fiance one in australia he has to be in australia when it is approved. but what if it takes longer to approve than his 3month visa, then we are screwed! Im so stressed out about all of this. Its so hard and i cant find the answers i need. Someone please help me. What are my options if we get married while he is in australia, what do we apply for???
  6. Guest

    Marriage timescale?

    I just wondered if there was any timescale on which marriage has to happen in terms of the partner visa? I havn't read it anywhere but just wondered if that was something that you have to be planning to be granted the de facto visa. I definitly want to spend the rest of my life with my partner here but just want to wait a good few years before tying the knot. Helen
  7. Hi everyone, a few quick questions on PMV (Subclass 300). My partner's an Aussie citizen and I'm a Singaporean. 1) Notice Of Intended Marriage (NOIM) On the form, it requires the applicant's, partner's and marriage celebrant's signature. However my partner and I are going through a long distance relationship and I definitely won't be in OZ when he gets the form filled out. How does this work? Does he sign the form together with the marriage celebrant, then Fedex the form over to me? 2) After getting PMV and getting married, I'll need to apply for the Spouse visa. Do I need to re-submit all the documents + evidences provided in PMV, or do I just top up with the marriage cert and marriage photos? 3) Will the Spouse visa be processed much more quickly since I'd be already under PMV? Or will it take the same amount of time as if I had applied for Spouse in the first place? This is a big consideration because if both take equal amounts of time to be approved, then it's a very long process (4-6 mths + 4-6 mths) and I'd be better off going in for the Spouse visa. My first post and a barrage of questions! Thanks for reading this with patience and I really hope to get some helpful replies/tips/advice here. Cheers, Miss Swan
  8. Guest

    Marriage Versus Cohabitation

    As some of you will know I am about to marry my good lady,:wubclub: for the second time around after being divorced for over twelve years.:goofy: I have been married in between this time as well, even though I knew the lady concerned for eight years the marriage only lasted four months.:biglaugh: Too long to explain, BUT. In this day and age, the modern society etc, where to be 'cool' seems all important should we bother with marriage at all. My own thoughts first. Even though my marriages to some extent ended in disaster I am STILL adamant that marriage is a good thing. I truly believe that marriage shows a commitment and love that binds us together. OK, some time down the line it may fall apart, but at the time of the ceremony I 'think' it shows that the bond formed should be recognised formally and that 'commitment' is there for all to see. I have no great faith, I believe in something bigger than us all, and I hope there truly is a God, so in one respect I am acknowledging my commitment to Ruth in the eyes of God. But more importantly I am showing those around me that I am taking the marriage very seriously and will do my utmost to hold true the bonds that are said on the day. I hope God is looking down and helps me along the way, but in all honesty I just think that marriage for all its hiccups and hurdles still to this day forms a bond and commitment that hopefully will not be broken. Old fashioned maybe, old school, yes, I hope so. But in this ultra fast paced world we live in do you reckon marriage says anymore than, 'Well, it's just a slip of paper is all', something that has been said to me many many times by ALL generations. Each to their own, I have no problem with how people view marriage, but do YOU think that today a piece of paper is all important and does it really have any credence in the world we live in today. Many thanks Tony.:wink:
  9. Guest

    Prospectice Marriage Visa

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me. My partner and I have been together for 5 years, but the most time we have spent in one spot together is 4 months. I am an Australian permanent resident and he is UK born and bred. We're looking for a way to be permanently in the one spot at the same time and the only thing we've come up with in the Prospective Marriage visa for him to make the move to Australia. If anyone has any information on the easiest process of this or anything at all that would help it would be very much appreciated. We went through the visa criteria with a fine tooth comb yesterday, but any experience or know-how would be brilliant. Thanks Vanessa v_napoli@hotmail.com
  10. Folks, just wondering if anyone knows; when you recieve the letter which states your application has been successful for the PMV, is the date of entry a few weeks after the letter is recieved or more? Thanks
  11. Hi, I would be greatful if anybody could give me their advice/experience. After meeting my partner in Australia on a working holiday visa at the beginning of 2009, I ended up living with him throughout my travels until the end of the year .He is an Australian citizen. My parents even flew over during the year to come and visit us! I returned to England in December 2009. I recently went back for a short trip to see him earlier this month (June 2009) and to my amazement he proposed!!:cute: (He had even rang my dad to ask permission! - 'chuffed') So whilst being over the moon our next step is to sort out our wedding and visa's! So....... 1) We plan to marry in England at the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012. Can anybody tell me what visa's he would require to come here and marry me?? I have read that he would need to have a marriage proposal visa??? and how long would that take to come through? 2) Now once were married do I just apply for a spouse visa? I think this would be done off shore (in the UK) or is there any way of returning to Australia with him and then applying onshore? Which is easiest? How long does it roughly take to be approved? And could anybody recommend any agencies to use to help with my application, and of course which ones are cheaper. 3) Can I get my medical done via my doctor? Or would he know who to put me in touch with? How do I apply for my own police check?Can anybody tell me how much these will cost. As I have read that if i have these prepared in advance for my visa, it would be granted alot quicker. 4)Also are there any hidden fees to pay anywhere along the line??? I know theres alot of questions but its alot to take in lol and immi dont really make sense on their website!! Id be greatful for all the infomation you could give! and would love to hear your own experiences! Thank you :v_SPIN: Lora x
  12. Hi - hoping someone might have been in a similar situation. I am scottish, my partner is australian, we applied and were granted a prospective marraige visa (pmv)- then sadly due to family illness and complications we could not get married and so after 9 months it expired and i had to leave the country. We travelled for two years through other countries together, and are now about to submit our defacto visa application, with the plan to marry in the coming years when it is possible for everyone to get here. Sooooooo - how much should we be paying for this visa, the website ranges from $825 for someone who has a pmv and got married, to the steep $2525 :eek: for 'any other visa' or the inbetween $1040 for a fiancee (which i am) ANY ADVISE much appriciated Thank you :biggrin:
  13. Hi all, myself (australian citizen) and my partner (UK citizen) are going through our paperwork (evidence etc) and about to apply for a 300 prospective marriage visa. We met in aus, lived there and in the UK and Ireland together for 1 total of 19 months. In december of 2009 my partner left australia as we could not get the visa we wanted (de-facto - as we hadnt quite made the 2 years. ...and so we decided for me to stay in aus and attend university, and for her to go home to england also for university. In April we decided this was a bad idea and we definately did want to be together, so 2 weeks ago i flew here (UK) -- however am quite worried that this 5 months of us being techically seperated will hinder our chances of the visa being granted. ~ might it be smarter to simply get married now while im in the UK and then apply for the onshore partner visa? Ideally not but I'd hate to lose the AUD$1705 application charge due to this technicality. We genuinely do love and want to be with eachother and time is of the essence as im sure many of you can apprciate. any advice would be greatly appreciated as we are now quite apprehensive! Thanks in advance, Damo
  14. hey all currently on prospective marriage visa, about to apply for spouse visa on basis of marrge got married in Decemeber, but am confused as to which bit i tick on the check list, i clicon basis of marriage or holder or prsospective marrage visa, if i click holder of pmv i suppoly evidence of the visa grant, that is insane as i am in Aus with it and already married. but i am legally still on the pmv going for the spouse visa, any ideas? : )
  15. Hello all, I am waiting for my prospective marriage visa subclass 300 application to be processed Off Shore in London. I traveled down to London 18th March 2010 with my Fiancee who's Australian to submit our application at the Australia House (mission center) We gave them a fully loaded application including police checks, form 80 and medicals, and paid the £1000 in full there and then. We were granted a case officer on the 24th of March and we've still not heard anything, When we applied the kind lady at the mission center did say it takes up to 4 months....... Anybody in the same situation........any idea how long it will take peps?????? :biggrin:
  16. I am an Australia Citizen, my Partner is on a student visa (exp 2011) but hasn't studied for over a year, he stopped studying at the beginning of 2009 due to depression but never went to the doctors to prove. We went to a migration lady and told her the story, she advised the only way for him to stay was to get married and that they wouldn't kick him out of the country. and she would do the application for us. I have a few questions I would like to ask and appreciate your soonest replies.... - We want to get married but I want to know if we do get married will he be able to stay without goin back to his country or will he have to go? - If he goes how long will he be away for and can he come back? - If he comes back what type of visa can we apply for? - Is he illegal because he hasn't studied? - What if I still marry him if hes illegal? Will immigration come looking for him as soon as we get married to deport him straight away? - If government support isnt needed (example govt pays for his flight back to his country etc) and he returns independently paying for his own ticket etc back to his country whats the fastest way to re-claim and what visa? - would it be easier and faster if we both go back to his country and get married there then apply for him to come back to Australia? Will he have restrictions or problems? We live together but with my mum we have nothing under both our names but I have been saving money it isn't much and most likely will go towards the wedding + rings etc.... do i need to have alot of money also?? we do have alot references that can prove and say we are a couple nothing is fake all is legit just hoping we have good news..... coz i realy dont want him to gooo... just thinking about really kills me :cry: Ive been told that he shouldve gone back already....... and ive been refferred to this site to seek better advice.............. pls if some one can help and give their best advice.... we have been together 8 months but knew eachother about 4 months before
  17. How long does a prospective marriage visa take to process?
  18. Guest

    1st marriage children

    hi does any 1 know what i need from to get my childs dad in order to get him to aussie i hav remarried he will be 13 when we are due to leave.
  19. I'm in need of some advice of what options there are for my girlfriend in the UK moving to be with me in OZ. As she is only qualified with childcare work, i don't know if her work background would fit in for a work based visa at all?? I am aware that there is a prospective marriage option but i feel it would be innapropriate to abuse the rights... I am hoping to make the move a smooth transition for her so any ideas would be greatly appreciated???
  20. I don't know if this will be useful to anyone but, our Agent has asked that we get signed declarations for my step son from his mother also from my daughters father to enable them to be put on Visa. Step son is 14 his mother has signed. My daughter is 16 and my ex has been for the last 4 months doing everything not to sign has caused no oend of arguments. He spoke to a lawyer who said as she is 16 then parental permission is not required she can decide for herself where she live. I phone our agent who looked into this and has confirmed this is the case. So our visa application could of been lodeged months ago had we been given the correct info. below is the extract I found on internet. And here is the advice he received from our Leagle Experts over at the Childrens Legal Centre If your daughter will be 16 when your ex-wife intends to emigrate from England to Australia then it will be your daughter's decision whether or not she follows. A 16 year old is considered old enough to make their own decisions in relation to where they want to live including whether or not they want to move abroad. It is a criminal offence under the Child Abduction Act 1984 for a person connected with a child under the age of 16 to take or send that child out of the UK without the appropriate consent. Therefore your ex-wife would only be committing an offence if your daughter is under 16 at the time of departure. Relate offer a family counselling service that may assist in the facilitation of communication between you, your ex-wife and your daughter (http://www.relate.org.uk/familylife <http://www.relate.org.uk/familylife> ). If you have any further queries relating to an issue of child law please do not hesitate to contact the Child Law Advice Line on 08088 020 008 I hope this helps some people. Good luck everyone. our ss lodged 20/5/09 waiting..... waiting.... waiting....:hug:
  21. Hi Guys We were granted our PR visas in January this year and are due to get married in May this year, obviously i will need to change my name on my current passport (which is valid until the end of 2013), my visa is also issued in my maiden name - would they transfer this into a new passport with my married name and change the name on the visa.....???? :confused: I like to make things complicated - Not!!! Please help really confused!!!!
  22. Appoximately how long does a prospective marriage visa take once it's been lodged?
  23. Hi everyone, I am an Australian who is sponsoring my British fiancee on a Prospective Marriage Visa. We lodged it 2 months ago and still have not had any progress. Our intended date to marry is for November 2010. I would like to know if there is anyone out there who has gotten married while waiting for their PMV to be granted? My fiancee and I are going through hell being apart and would like some advice if we choose to take this path. Any help or feedback would be much appreciated!! Thanks!
  24. can anyone answer this question, after filling in forms 40sp and 47sp in the uk and being granted a 300 prospective spouse visa, when the marriage has taken place in austraiia and applying for a partner visa (800) do you have to fill out those forms agaiin and pay another load of money or can you just fill in the relevant parts and add the mariage cert many thanks
  25. HI all PIOs I am looking for a bit of advise. I am just getting to the end of my 2nd WHV visa and have met the most amazing gitl (girl of my dreams). I know we have only been together 2 months but everything is going so well and we dont want to be apart from each other. I have already booked my ticket back to England in the hope of coming back for a holiday and then going straight into a 6 month course as a international student and then depends where we are in our relationship we will apply for a defcto or Prospective Marriage visa. Is this possible???? Will I be able to stay the whole time without having to exit the country????? Your help is much appreciated!!!!!:chatterbox: