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Found 105 results

  1. Hi All I've had an e-mail from some friends who are lurkers rather then posters on here. Flights haven't been booked yet but the need is for a 4X2 house rental in the Mandurah/Pinjarra area or thereabouts, from about the end of September to the end of December definitely and possibly for longer thereafter. I would be very grateful for any tips or advice about this, please. How do we set about it? Many thanks Gill
  2. hi, does anyone know of new developments in mandurah or as far up as port kennedy? The first time home buyers grant reduces to $14k after 30th sept and i would like to take advantage of the extra $7k. If i spot a nice new build in an area i like could the deal be done from this end or do i have to be there in oz? Im flying out in febuary you see as we know have our visa. Also i notice there is alot of good deals with the new builds and some are offering guaranteed rental yield, finance and just the whole package seems quite easy. Also some builders are stating you do not need a deposit as they can use the home buyers grant to offset it, not sure how this works though as there is stamp duty too to pay, maybe someone can advise. anyway if you in mandurah, port kennedy, secret habour please let me know any good developments going on, many thanks
  3. Hi there we are hoping to be moving out wa in october this year and would like to hear of other peoples experience of mandurah. I have 2 teens our son will be looking to go to college and my daughter is very much into drama, dancing and singing. Is madurah a big enougth place to accomadate here interest's. thanks for any info you may have cheers
  4. Hi my name is Emma and im 29 years old. My partner Iain and I have been living in Mandurah for 8 months now and looking to meet up with anyone in the local area. We met a lovely couple same age as us on here who we reguarly meet up with and if anyone is interested to meet up sometime we would love to here from you. Thanks Emma and Iain
  5. Can ayone advise on any good soccer clubs around Perth our son is 10 and is frustrated with training on offer at his local club not getting the same standard as he was receiving in the UK current club run by parents and although they do their best it's not the same standard. We are looking for clubs with qualified coaches? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  6. were hopeing to move to mandurah,oh is a brickie we heard mandurah is not doin as bad as the rest of perth is this true???
  7. Hi guys Just thought I would let you know that there is a free pool day at Miss Q's in Mandurah on Saturday 2nd May, free pool games from 1pm to 6pm free giveaways & the venue is licensed. So if you are a pro player or a newbie just pop down & see Ryan... you will make new friends & may even like to join one of the regular pool leagues. Saturday 2nd May Miss Q's 85 Reserve Drive Mandurah Eve:smile:
  8. Hi all After a very long wait finally have visa.:cute:Me, husband Rusell, and Ellie & Molly 8 & 4 are all looking forward to moving to Mandurah, South of Perth in September. There is loads to do, selling the house is 1st priority and the rest will be one big adventure. If anyone is already in Mandurah and can advise on schools, jobs, costs of living etc.. would be greatly appreciated. We were looking at Halls Head as an area to settle and can't wait...:jiggy:Look forward to hearing from you ! Debs
  9. Guest

    Mandurah Socialising!

    Hi my partner Iain and I have recently moved to Mandurah and are looking to meet new people. We are 28 years old and have no children. Would love to hear from you if you fancy meeting up.
  10. lynnmarsh52

    Need friends in Mandurah, Perth

    Hi, my name is Tate and I am 10 years old. I have been in Mandurah, south of Perth for a month and am desperate to make some friends x I don't mind what age or whether you are girls or boys - I get on with everyone! x
  11. Guest


    Hi, anybody out there who has recently moved to mandurah. How you finding it and what is it like for teenagers and families. tracy
  12. lynnmarsh52

    Mandurah meet up

    Hi, we moved to Mandurah 4 weeks ago, and would love to meet up with any others in the Mandurah area. Thought that the foreshore would be a great place to meet for a picnic or barbie. Heard soooo many british accents from people when I walk past them, but felt it was a bit rude to just grab hold of them and give them a hug!!!! :cute: Hubbie is 35, I'm 38 and my son Tate is 10 - although he's more like 16!!!!! Hope something can be arranged in the coming weeks - although not this weekend coming as I'm not sure we'd find anybody in the crowds at the Crab Fest!! Look forward to making loads of new friends :hug: Lynn xxxx
  13. Hi, My boyfriend and I are thinking of emigrating to Mandurah. He's a painter and decorator so we were wondering what he could expect to earn. Ideally he would first like to be employed by a company while he gets used to the areas etc. He'd then like to go self employed. He's got over 18 years experience and is fully qualified. Also, i don't suppose anyone reading this works for (or knows someone else who works for) the Australian Government? i work for the Welsh Government so was just wondering what the salary scales are. If someone could help, i'd be really grateful.:hug: Thanks Beth
  14. Hi, Just joined up, thinking of applying for a visa and ideally would love to go to Perth. However we have been told our best option is to be state sponsored but that would mean living and working in Mandurah as this is a designated area. This is fine but we have no idea what it's like workwise there and wonder if anyone out there can help us with some info. Mark is a Pre Press mac operator for the print trade and has worked in all aspects of print for over 20 years. We have two children aged 8 and 5. We will probably go ahead and apply anyway, life is too short for regrets, but we are a little concerned at the job prospects out there. Perth is an easy commute but the terms of the visa would be that he has to work at least a year in Mandurah. If anyone has any info for us that would be fantastic, Thanks very much, Elly
  15. Guest

    Lakelands, Mandurah

    We have been looking at houses in this area and it seems really nice, can anyone offer any advice on what the area and schools are like? Many thanks for any advice :wubclub:
  16. We'll be back in Mandurah in about 3 weeks and need a rental ! If anyone knows of one going or if anyone is breaking a lease please let me know-thanks !
  17. Hello all, I have been fortunate enough to get a job in Oral Health Centre in Perth city centre and have been offered couple of months use of a house rent free till rest of my family move out in June but am worried that the journey to and from work will be too much. Does anyone out there commute a similar journey and if so what is it like? I used to travel from Sunderland to Newcastle every day on Metro which took about an hour all in so am used to it,I hope! Thanks for any response. I will be in Oz from mid March
  18. lee74

    halls head / Mandurah Perth

    Hi all, Can anyone let me know of any good Primary and High Schools in this area Moving over at the end of January, was looking at South Halls Head Primary any views greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Lee
  19. Hi, I would like to give a little plug to Kellys Hot Water,Gas and Air,who have kindly let me join while im over validating my visa and gaining my Plumbers license and Gas Permit. They seem the real deal when it comes to solar and evap air con,and would like to thank them and also give you the big thumbs up if your in need of plumbing or gas fitting work done in the Madurah/peel region cheers Daz
  20. Guest

    Xmas in Mandurah

    :spinny:Hi everyone, have not been on this site for sometime and missed a few Essex meets at The Halfway House but hope to meet up on Sunday 9 November 2008. Everything has come around so quick - rented our house, paperwork and everything shipped. All that is left is a suitcase each!! We all have our one way ticket to Perth and arriving on the 6 December 2008. Hoping to settle in Halls Head/Mandurah area. We have a number of niggerling questions/queries so any help would be appreciated. We have both looked at jobs on many websites OH is a fabricator/welder and apart from a few jobs most say "Salary Awards"?? We have tried to find out if this is a standard rate of pay etc but have no real answers. Over the last few days we have contacted the schools Halls Head Community College and Halls Heas Primary to enrol our 15 yr old and 10 yr old but was told we had to live in the catchment area and they could not tell us where the catchment area was until we are there!!! I did not find them very helpful. Has anyone else found this? We would also like to find out about school buses and where they run to etc?:arghh: Apart from this we are all excited and apprehensive all at the same time and not looking forward to saying final goodbyes to parents and friends. What is xmas and new year like in Mandurah, whats on and whats open etc? Is there any other families living or heading to Mandurah area wanting to meet up for a chat and a few beers over New Year time? Best wishes to youj all and thanks to PIO for such an informative site. Debbie, Gary, Hannah and Aaron.
  21. Hi this is a loaded question - how do you go about this if you have no family and no one to provide a reference? Also i can see from various web sites that open days are held do you have to go to these and make a bid or can you just deal with the estate agent? The thing is we will be giving ourselves a two week window to find some where before I start work so am wondering how much of task this is actually going to prove to be we are not looking for a castle! hope someone can advise me:spinny:
  22. Does anyone have any suggestions please for accommodation in the Mandurah area when we first arrive? We will need furnished accom for up to 3 months depending on when our container arrives. We will then rent for a while in unfurnished. We have done 2 recce trips to Mandurah, so we know the area reasonably well and are aware that it is very touristy. It is going to be near the height of the summer season when we eventually get there - we had hoped to be there by now but Case Officer has a serious case of narcolepsy. All this waiting about has given me a serious case of Tourettes. Anyway, ****, ****, ****, I can only find holiday accommodation on the net and that will be really pricey - any suggestions please? Tracy
  23. manchester lass

    where to stay in Mandurah... Mullaloo ...

    Oh my god I am so excited!!!! We finally decided to get the ball rolling and now it's just happening hee hee!!!!! Anyway now I have got that off my chest we are booking a 'discovery holiday' for around April next year in Mandurah we found some good flights and have looked at homes to rent for a couple of weeks. I have found one in Mullaloo ... does anyone live there / visited there? Is it a good base for myself, hubby and 3 kids?
  24. twinsmom65

    Mandurah and area

    Hello, Well just received WA state nomination and have just finished our 176 Visa online application. The WA government gave us 3 areas, one of them being Peel. This appeals to us as it is still close to Perth, is now on the rail link and from looking on REIWA the house prices look a little cheaper. Does anyone know much about this area, I really did not do too much research as we did have our heart set on Perth Metro (I guess we could always contact WA and ask if we could locate to Perth Metro), but just from looking on the web, it does seem that Mandurah is nice and it seems like an up and coming town, with lots of opportunities for my OH who is in HVAC. We will be moving with twin girls who are 14 now but will be closer to 15 once we actually move. They are both outdoorsy types who love to swim, love dolphins and horseriding. I really don't mind where we live, as long as it is a nice neighbourhood and safe. We live in a nice neighbourhood in Canada right now, we even leave our house unlocked all day and we have lots of wildlife (deer, ducks etc) around us, so we would want something comparable in Oz. Hopefully something near a beach would be good. Any ideas from someone living in Mandurah or the surronding area would be great. I will still continue to research on the web, however, it is always nice to hear from someone with first hand knowledge. Cheers Karen :jiggy:
  25. Guest

    mandurah area, yes or no?

    hi everyone, was just looking at the areas around mandurah on a real estate website, does anyone suggest any places i should look at? silver sands, meadow springs and greenfields look nice, but also rockingham and it's surrounding area looks cool too. also can anyone tell me why there are lots of houses for sale in greenfields? is it because of the hospital? please help? regards, jane. xx :idea: