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Found 124 results

  1. Hi i am a qualified Transport Manager with over 10 years experience and would like to know if there are any haulage companies in N/S/W would be willing to sponsor me or can any one offer any advice please? Thanks in advance:chatterbox:
  2. Hi All, New to the forum so please be patient if I make any mistakes :biggrin: Myself and my husband are looking to move to SA, and I would need to complete a skills assesment for my trade. I was wondering if anyone has any experince of doing this, as it doesn't appear to be a common trade for people to migrate on (probably because it is only a few state lists!). Any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Aisling
  3. My husband and i live in Nigeria, although i have lived in London for 2 years and we have a 6 year old daughter, we have been looking at migrating to Australia in the past few months, we have even agreed on an agent and started gathering docs. My OH is an experienced IT Manager with over 10 years experience, my fear is that it will take for ever with the delays in the processing times, our agent has recommended we apply for SS from Victoria, and i have been looking around this a lot! My question - what are the chances of getting a 457 for his position? we keep sending loads of his cv out there, some agencies have come back to us that he looks good, but he will need to be in the country first to get things moving. We know that life is definately a challenge, afterall judging from where we live, we couldnt be worse off taking the 'leap'if not for anything but for the future of our young daughter! Any IT agencies in Victoria that consider overseas CV? pls let me know ur thots! Ciao
  4. DesperateinCrewe

    Regional Operations Manager

    Hi All, I have been involved in the Electricity and Gas utility industry for 17 years, at present I am a Regional Operations Manager looking after 80plus field staff, 7 Team Managers and 1 admin. I put alot of effort into trying to emigrate to Oz around 3 years ago but despite utility companies replying back to my emails, I could not find sponsorship. At this stage I was a Team Manager. My question is with my promotion to new position which I have been employed in for last 2 years, does anyone know of any companies which may be interested in sponsorship, or if I could apply straight for residency visa instead of looking for sponsorship? I have just come back from 3 weeks in Oz visiting Sydney, Gold Coast and loved it, so any help please would be great!! Thanks, The Desperates!!
  5. Please help me, I am 31, wife is 29 yrs and daughter is 3yrs. We desperately want to make a new life in Australia on a perm basis and get out of UK. We were told that the 175 visa is the best but takes time. My wife is a deputy Manager at a retail store in the UK and I work for the Home Office, I was advised by an agent that she needs to get a reference for the last 3 years she has been working as a deputy Manager. She has a bachelor degree in Business Administration which is 3yrs. The agent has said that her skills would come under 'General Manager' but I cant see it on the new list. And i dont want to be led by the agent into something that is refused and my money/time is lost. Please advise if her occupation would come under the list If there are any other visas which would benefit please let me know. Thanks Krazy79
  6. Hi guys Back visiting the site after being on he brink of giving up when public relations officer was removed from the list. Have just seen that advertising and pr manager has been added on and wondered whether anyone knew if you still needed a degree to pass the skills test for this and whether this is likely to change next year with the points test review? I haven't got a degree :-( but have got 10 years experience in journalism and pr. Any advice would be much appreciated... I've got my fingers crossed it might be good news but aren't getting my hopes up given I'm sat in a wintery Warwickshire still dreaming about moving to oz 9 years after I started looking into it... Thanks Em x:mask
  7. Hi all, I've been reading various posts on here for quite a few months and am finally posting a thread to get everyone's views/opinions/suggestions on the same. I applied for an offshore 176 - Skilled family sponsored visa in June 2008 for a Hotel manager occupation but as that falls under the current category - 4, its taking forever and a day. Needless to say, Im losing hope on that aspect. In July 2010, Ive been onshore on a student visa valid for the next two years. Recently, Hotel/Motel manager has been listed on the current VIC skills listing, which is surely exciting. I fulfill the academic, experience requirements and am lacking a job offer from regional VIC and thats something that Im applying to and interviewing for currently. My questions now being - 1 - Is anybody out there in the same boat/occupation/regional VIC area/visa category? 2 - While applying for a 487 - regional state sponsored visa, what documents do I need to have before submitting the application. Can I apply and then go through my IELTS, assessing my experience/education/qalifications etc or is all of that needed prior to applying? 3 - If I am able to secure a job offer and apply for 487 VIC visa in December, what is the approximate timeframe for approval? 4- Ive read that DIAC aims to sort out all the backlog by Dec '11, would it make sense for me to just wait for my cat 4 application to be approved sometime next year (with the possibility of it being capped and ceased as DIAC has done before to others) and continue with my studies until then OR go through with the 487 visa and move to regional VIC? Thank you all, in advance, for your opinions. Please help in any way you can. Cheers, KK
  8. Hi all, I am currently going through my skilled visa application at present, I was hoping to get to brisbane as soon as possible and was wondering how i would go about getting a skilled sponsor. I am a fully qualified carpenter to trade and have been working as a construction manager for the last 12 years. I am also currently sitting my MCIOB in construction technology. Is there any construction agents that i could contact to take on the role of finding me work. I was also thinking of coming out to Australia soon for a couple of weeks and hopefully get a sponsor /job to help as i think its easier to employ someone face to face. Any help would be a great help. stuart
  9. Hi I am looking for sponsorship by an employer looking for a Account Manager/Business Development Manager in the Mobile Comms sector. I have been working in Mobile Comms since 1996 - 6 Years @ T-Mobile My recent experinace is within the indirect Channel I am happy to send a CV - just fishing to see if there is any interest, will move quickly for the right role. Jason
  10. Hi I want to be an IT project manager but obviously need to start a bit further down the line. I have 8 years IT infrastructure and support along with project implementation and technical analysis. I simply have no interest in working in tech support any longer and want to work on becoming a project manager. I am currently working in Melbourne but don’t have a network of IT contacts to find out what opportunities are in Melbourne or how to get a purely project implementation or coordinator role other than to retrain apply for jobs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Danny
  11. We are looking at coming over quite soon and are in the process of checking out the market place to see if our skills are in demand. Vikki is a Technical Services Manager here in the UK with over ten years experience. We have been looking at a few job sites and there is not much work available in this are. We was wondering if anyone know of any agencies that we could send Vik’s CV of to, to try and get the ball rolling. We have already tried Hays, Reed and a few more of the usual ones, but was looking more for specialist recruitment agencies or addresses of any companies that may be looking to employ or talk to a qualified Technical Services Manager. Any help would be great, thanks
  12. We are seeking an experienced Property Manager Must have valid licence Looking after a portfolio of 100 properties. If this is you please contact jan[at]prestigeperthrecruitment.com.au 089301 4488
  13. Guest

    IT Project Manager

    Hi All, I am a qualified IT Project Manager and have been doing this for a few years, mainly with large banks and now with Virgin Atlantic managing a global upgrade. My question is what would b the employment prospects for OZ and which are the best area's for IT work. I am a contractor in the UK, but I have no aversion to going permy in OZ to ensure get my visa I am also studying for my CISSP exam, which is listed as a trade in demand. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Pitsy
  14. musmanasghar

    System Manager 2231-11 - ACT/SDL/SMP

    Hello Friends Just wana Know from Seniors or respected Migrations agents that is there any hope that System Manager 2231-11 will be included in Future SDL for SMP in ACT .... i Know no 1 can answer it, only guess work. but just want your opinion .... any one have got the most recent SDL for SS from ACT? if yes kindly paste it here so that we can see what was on it before the closure of SS applications acceptance...... Good luck to All Applicants ....... Regards, Us-Man
  15. Experienced Property Manager Required for Northern Suburbs in Perth. Must be licenced and have experience with either REST or GEEDEE software. Looking after portfolio of 90 properties. 2 positions available 1x Senior PM ( with ledger experience) 1x Assistant PM. Immediate start.
  16. Hi All, I'm currently looking to get sponsorship to move to Perth and continue my career in IT. I was wondering if there were any recruitment agencies / companies which have been known to sponsor people. I work as an IT BDM / Project manager and have 5 years experience. I was going to apply for a SOL Visa but with the updated list (As of May 17th) most IT has been removed, mean i now need sponsorship. Any information or advice would be most appreciated. Ive also looked at the possibility of State Sponsorship on the WAOIDL - Any experience with this? Ive worked in Perth at Little Creatures during a working holiday and i just really want to return, best city in the world. Thanks! James
  17. I am looking for State Sponsorship from any region or state of Australia which can sponsor me. Asco code assingned in the my Positive Skill Assessment by ACS is 2231-11 for System Manager. I have researched alot to find the sponsoring state but all in vain. Just NSW is sponsoring this code but they demand 7 each in each module of Ielts. Kindly suggest me any alternative to solve this problem. Is there any other state which can sponsor me either for regional area or other. Moreover, Southe Australia is sposoring code 2231-79, I want to whether I am eligle for sposorship from South Austalia or not.
  18. masketiar

    possibility of Production Manager

    Hi All, I have submitted my sponsorship Application for South Australia (475 cat) for 1222-11 Production Manager (Manufacturing) in DIAC on 27th September , 2009. Now Pls anyone help me to assure that this cat has possibility to be in next SMP of South Australia Thanks, masketiar
  19. Guest

    Office Manager - Can I Qualify?

    Having looked into the required skills for Office Manager (3291-11) - the role I have been doing for the last 10+ years fills fits the skills, and I have a management qualification. However, I don't officially have a management title. ls there a possibility I will be able to satisfy the skills assessment?
  20. Hi, Please help me. I am looking for a state in australia wherein Health Information Manager could be nominated. Is there any state open for nomination for Health Info Manager? Please advise.
  21. Has anyone either applied or been granted a visa as an office manager under the general skilled workers category? My o/h as you will know by now is a sparky by trade but i am a skilled office manager (seriously lol) and have a NVQ 4 in Environmental Management and am wondering if we could apply this way, it could possibly work out cheaper, i don't know. Someone please help!!!!!!!!!
  22. Hi Guys! Please excuse me if I'm asking some silly questions but I'm new to here! I've been taking a bit of a look around and would just like to check out a few things.... Ok, I'm British (30yr old, female) Have been working in the NHS in London (admin roles) for approx 8 years, but the last 2 and a bit as a Quality Assurance Manager for a large London Hospital. I have a degree in Public Service Management and am nearing the end of a MSc in Quality and Safety in Health care. In short, I want to move to Oz! Obviously this is not on the critial skills list, but it is on the Skilled Occupation list. From what I can gather, to go down the skilled migration route can take some years, is this right?? Basically, what would be my best option? Would it work if somehow I can find an employer to sponser me and then go down that route....? Looking at the Aus Immigration website, this looks quite straight forward, is this really the case? Any idea how long this takes (from once I've found an employer obviously!) If anyone has got, or can point me in the right direction for, some idiot proof information, or just generally where to start! I'd be very grateful! Again, thanks for reading this far, and I appreichate any info you can give, and well done on such a great website! Thanks Anna :biggrin:
  23. deesydney

    Office Manager ACT Resume

    I would be glad if someone can guide me on this.... My would be wife got her skills assessed from VETASSESS and recieved Business and Information Professional certification. She had a work experience of 10 yrs corporate experience in airline and airport industry (as an Manager) but NOT govt. exp. When we applied for ACT sponsorship, they sent a letter back stating that she does not have govt exp. and there is NO international airport in Canberra. Then, I got her profession re-evaluated from VETASSESS and got her Office Manager certification which should have been in earlier case. Now,when I send the documents to ACT, how should I frame her RESUME in a manner that it is accepted by them. She fulfills all the requirements of duties and responsibilities of Office Manager trade. If someone could give me some points, sample resumes or advice, would highly appreicate. Thanks...
  24. Hello everyone, I'm desperately searching for understanding/clarification!!! Please help! On the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) form 1121i there is no listing of a Restaurant and Catering Manager. However, I have found the following links that indicate that a Restaurant and Catering Manager IS included in the Skilled Migrants list for the 457 sponsored visa. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled-workers/sbs/457occupations.pdf http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/pdf/appendices_m_o.pdf http://www.nationalvisas.com.au/empl...ccupations.htm The following link however states "This occupation is not on the Skilled Occupations List" Restaurant and Catering Manager - ASCO 3321-11 I think I need clarification on what a "gazetted subclass 457 occupations" list is. What is a gazetted list vs. the list found on immigration form 1121i?? Can I, as a restaurant and catering manager (in Ireland) be sponsored under the subclass 457 visa (assuming I have a job offer) under that catergory? ASCO code 3321-11 Restaurant and Catering Manager Or is this category for a different type of sponsorship altogether? I would greatly appreciate any assistance/guidance Thanks so much, Janey :err:
  25. Guest

    event manager

    Hi to all, This is my first message in this forum. :cute: Does any body know who is the assessing authority for this occupation? Couldn't find any of the below occupations under SOL nor ENSOL. -event manager -venue manager -meeting and conference manager -exhibitions manager -event co-ordinator -conference coordinator -functions coordinator I am a bit anxious cause I couldn't find any answers, anywhere. Please advise. Thank you very much in advance. Rrs Simten