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Found 15 results

  1. Just havin a little panic, now we're due to fly out on Sunday, ( one way ) We're approx 2kg per suitcase ( x5 ) overweight, and was wondering if anyone had got away with paying the charges. Not sure how much Quantas would charge us if we were pulled on it. Would be gratefull for anyones experiences regarding this. Chris x
  2. Has anybody who is a contractor or self employed managed to get a mortgage without having to wait two years?? Who was it with? Would love to hear from you if you have.
  3. Hi I wondered if anyone can help we currently are renting out our family home in the Uk and have quite some equity which we would like to release but our current mortgage lender says unless wages are being paid into a Uk account then they will not remortgage? Is this the rule for all lenders ? If not, we are in a position to change mortgage providers so can anyone recommend a company that would enable us to do this. Thank you Debs and Gaz
  4. Please can you share some info with me on this one? My other half has emailed his work history to lots of companies in Melbourne in the hope that they might get back to him with something that would allow him to get a foot in the door or even a telephone interview before we actually leave for Oz. He has either heard nothing at all or been told flat out that they are not interested in him until he arrives in Victoria and applies directly for jobs so is available for face to face interview. Same has been advised by the employment agencies etc. So, how have you been able to get work so you can start when you arrive in Oz? Thanks so much for any answers on this one as I know you probs don't want to give too much away. PS Other Half works in Construction
  5. Just wondered if anyone has managed to get extra luggage allowance over and above the 30Kg economy class allowance when emigrating? There used to be a promotion code 'UKMOVE1' or some such but its expired and all the posts on the subject are old and out of date and theres nothing on thier web site. If you did can you let me know how you went about it, we fly Wednesday and 30Kg is not enough!! 40Kg would be perfect!! Kind regards Jay
  6. Is it just me, or do others who are about to emigrate get all wistful for the places in Europe and just a little further away, that we havent visited yet (and probably wont once we live in Oz!) ? I have always wanted to go to Egypt to see the pyramids and other assorted temples etc., and we might have gone had it not been for our darling daughter moving to Oz and us having to go over there for our hols. Now we have lodged our CPV application it feels like time is ticking and we now cant afford to go swanning off to all those places we meant to go to as we have a rather expensive visa to pay for! Does anyone else feel like this and where did you always dream of visiting one day?
  7. Howdy, i was just wondering if anybody out there has managed to get more than the 20kg limit on your luggage? We're flying with Singapore Airlines & unfortunately we've already validated our visa's so we don't qualify for the 'double allowance' that you get on using an un-validated visa. we're hoping to get an extra 5kgs each but not too confident really, is there anyone whose managed to get anything out of them & if so how did you go about it? Thanks in advance Karl. P.S = flying out in two weeks to start our new life!! Woo-Hoo!!
  8. Hi I was wondering if any tradies have managed to secure a job in Australia whilst still in the UK? My hubby is a furniture Spray Painter and there are a few jobs coming up on Seek & Career One. He has phoned 2 of them and emailed his resume to 1. They have all said the same thing. They would offer him a job but its hard as he is in UK. They said to ring them when he arrives. He has explained he has a permanent visa and friends to stay with. Also how we have no ties here and he can go to Australia when ever. He would go first if he could get a job. With money being tight, we would love for him to try and secure employment before we go back. But is this impossible. If others have managed to do it, can you give us any tips. Thanks Jill:notworthy:
  9. RobandCatherine

    Finally managed to get a rental house in ACT!!!

    Well after viewing 35+ houses and applying for at least 20/25 of those we have got a place to live from Friday. We have found a fab 3 bed in Florey and the area looks fab. Been 18 years since we have rented so should be interesting!!!! Apparently the worst time to try and rent in ACT is Jan & Feb! All applications required two separate forms - one from me and one from Rob - even though we are married etc and most of the forms were identical responses. One even asked us for our parents details and asked how long we have known them!! All this was whilst dragging three kiddies around and living in a tent in apparently the worst rain Canberra has had in 10 years!! But we got there!! You dont pay to put in applications and the best advice is to put in as many as possible - in the end I was doing my applications by email/fax - at least that way you dont have to run around too much more!! Make sure you have ID/references/evidence of funds etc scanned onto your laptop!! A covering letter did seem to be handy too! Today the children started school and they have all come home with big smiles - and only four nights left in the tent!! Things are looking up!!:rolleyes:
  10. The one big thing that we must do is sell our house before the planning really starts. We haven't listed it yet, but things don't look good at the moment with the whole credit crisis. Has anyone managed to sell their house recently? If so, how did you make yours stand out from the others in your area? Did you need to drop the price a lot to get it sold? There are lots of houses on our estate for sale or to rent and they don't seem to be moving at all. Thanks KJ
  11. Hi Just was wondering how things are going for everyone is Oz espec the new arrivals regarding work. I do know from experience how very very hard it can be to get work & although things are not as bad in Oz as the uk at the mo how are you all doing ? My hubby managed to get a member on here a job where he works as the guy was having troubles, its not easy alot of the time. But thats the beauty of the site we can help one another & be supportive. Cheers stuju :-)
  12. Hi! I've been in Perth for nearly 3 months now and am feeling lost without a Credit Card to purchase off the internet etc! The bank tells me that because my visa is temporary and only lasts to the end of next year no one will give me a credit card. Is this true?! If you have a 457 or working holiday visa and have managed to get a credit card please could you let me know what company you went with. Many thanks!
  13. hi has anyone got an updated aspc email for week beg 25th march? Rachel
  14. Hi there all.. Its Trace here once again....Hope you house sellers are all well.. Has anyone managed to sell their house since I last posted the thread...on who is struggling to sell...:arghh:We are still no luck..just come back from Thailand after a surprise holiday from Mark..:jiggy:.and still o luck.Mind you I really didn't want to come back Melbourne is not far from Bangkok could of quite easily gone on.Only my grown up kids where at home so I couldn't.So here we are back this Sunday gone and now gonna lower the price once again for the last time.....cause we all want to be there so badly.anyone one else have not sold since the last thread I sent. Or do anyone know of a way of getting shot of our house....without loosing money. Let me know how your all getting on selling yours. Thanks for listening. Trace.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. :nah:Hiya, has anyone managed to get a sponsership 457 visa, via recruitment agancey, went to expo show last week York, company there said they would sponser us, would have to work for them for two years, they would sort out our visa's and after two years we could apply for P R,:wub: just wondering if anyone else has gone down this route, any info someone may have, would be very much appreciated. in process of getting O H resume done up, been in the same job for 15yrs DHL, cant be that hard !!!!, then we gonna send of to the world and his wife, DOWNUNDER, cheers guys, S T V & jaz (the dog). this time next year we gonna be in OZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.:smile: