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Found 59 results

  1. Guest

    tools in luggage

    Hi all, Does anyone know if its ok for peter to take a small bag of tools in our luggage, emailed singapore air but they havnt got back to me. Tracey
  2. Hi, Can anyone give us an idea of what is important to pack in our luggage. Our container leaves in about a month, so we're still at that sorting out stage. And we leave in Sept for Melbourne. Obviously clothes, shoes, documents, laptop etc. but I am wondering if there are any vital bits and bobs that would be good to include in the luggage? I read on here once that an extension cable is a good idea, and that is now on the list - any other ideas? We've got a 160kg luggage allowance with Singapore Airlines which is loads (not that I am complaining!). We went away for a week last month and only took 22kg for 4 of us, I want to make the most of the 160kg and pack wisely. thanks, Sam :wubclub:
  3. Having accepted an offer on our house, our thoughts are turning to what we will take with us. Im getting a bit stressed about all the bits we will need at different stages of our move. So, my question for all those of you who have moved, or are in the process of moving is: a) What did you pack (or are planning on packing) in your luggage and carry on? b) What did you air freight over (if anything) to tide you over until your shipment of goods arrived. Or what did you wish you had air freighted because you found that you could not wait for it to arrive in your container c) What did you ship or wished you had shipped over but didn't? At the moment i'm thinking of: a)packing some clothing, laptop and electricals, jewellery, booster car seats for the kids (I have a tendency to over pack and we will only have the standard luggage allowance) b)Husband's guitar (he insists on it), duvets and bedding (for when we finally manage to get a long term rental), plastic cutlery and plates (?!), blow up beds. c)Everything else! But not sure abour shipping over my wardrobes.... Your thoughts and experience will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi I was granted PR onshore so have not entered Oz on this visa so was hoping that this would still allow me to get extra allowance for my luggage when we do make the move. Can anyone help? Emma :hug:
  5. Just a 'heads up" for anyone travelling with Qantas in the near future,whilst I was away on business I heard a rumour from a Qantas contact that they are going to start being very strict about hand luggage,my contact tells me that they will be weighing EVERY piece of hand luggage and anything over 7 kg's will be charged excess baggage rates on. I urge anyone travelling with them to ensure that you keep your hand luggage under 7 kg's and ensure that it meets the size limitations as stated on the QF website. Fly - Baggage - Carry-on Baggage - General
  6. Hi Just in the midst of sorting things out for removals and can't decide what to do with my jewellery. Do i ship it or put in in hand luggage?? I thought if i wear my most expensive items that be fine, other items which are of value to go in hand luggage and the rest shipping container - any one else had the same thoughts?:wacko:
  7. Help - I have been told by Emirates that if i book using Moving Planet i can get additional luggage allowance as we have visas which state 'indefinate stay' - the only thing is i can't access the website- can't find it and would really appreciate some help from onyone who has used them - I believe you have to enter a promo code and be registered with Moving Planet??? Any help would be appreciated Many thanks Carol:arghh:
  8. Just a quick silly question but can I take chocolate and a set of kitchen knives in my main suitcase/luggage? Was given a lot of chocolate and a new knife set for xmas and just want to check that there will be no major issues with this? Thanks, Lou
  9. Hi We fly out on the 2nd January with Emirates. We have a one year old and a 3 year old so need to take a pushchair and 2 car seats. Emirates have told us that we may be charged excess baggage for the 2 car seats as we already have a pushchair, which will be much more than actually replacing the car seats when we arrive! Has anyone been in a similar position or can give me any advice?:unsure: Many thanks
  11. Guest

    luggage weight help

    Hi my Girlfriend is flying back to Auss on Thursday.She flew over with one case and is allowed 20kg but going back she will be over that limit.Does anyone know what the excess per kg price is or what a 2nd checked bag would cost..thanks
  12. Hi Guy's, Us Welsh are not the best of travellers, being home loving and tied to our lovely land. However you have to have some sympathy with this poor guy who travelled to Australia only to have his entire luggage lost and from what he says he got very little sympathy or help off the Aussies. :skeptical: Maybe Mum and Dad were right when they told us, stay home don't go back (Yea Right, NO CHANCE :arghh:) So be warned, watch your luggage on your journey down under. REDS
  13. Les Avalook

    Singapore Airline Luggage

    Hi, Has anyone flown this year with Singapore Airlines and what did they find they were allowing as luggage allowance. Last year when we went out to see our son we took 20kgs each but was told that they do not charge up to 25kg, but they do not publicise the fact. We go in August for another visit and have both got 20kg plus. Just wanted to know if they still have a flexable rule on normal flights. When our son and wife emigrated last year they went with Singapore Airlines as they do the double allowance, but they went 10kg over that:shocked: and it cost them over £200 extra. Singapore Airlines said the double allowance is the one weight (40kg each) that they do not allow extra on, even on a half full flight! Be careful on that one.
  14. Hy all Well finally booked flights for 28th June with Singapore Airlines, 2 adults & 2 kids under 12. Manchester to Brisbane via Singapore £1850, a Whopping £700 + cheaper than Qantas for the same date ??????????? Say hello if your on the same flight. :biggrin: Anyway what i am asking is this, Singapore Airlines told me over the phone that even if i check in online 48 hours before i can still turn up at the desk and load the scales up with 40 kilos luggage per passenger as we are emigrating family. She did say i had to have the correct visa " mine is a Sub Class 175 " and it has to be the first time it's used, however knowing my luck i will do as she says and get told differently at the desk and end up paying excess ? Has anyone flown Singapore to Oz and presented them at the desk with 40 kilos each and shown them the visa in the passport and had no problems what so ever ? Yours in anticipation.
  15. emmaroo

    Luggage Allowance

    Hi I know that if you are entering Oz on a PR visa you get more allowance but does anyone know if there is any way you can applyfor more if you are going in on a temp visa that could become permanent? I am going on student visa but hope that afterwards I will be successfull in applying for PR and only have the basic allowance for travelling- not much when you are taking most if your wordly goods! Thanks Emma:cute:
  16. Hello All Does anybody know how tough or lenient Cathay Pacific are with their luggage weight limits for long haul flights from the UK? I’m planning on flying to Australia with 26kg of checked-in luggage (allowance is 20kg). My hand luggage is likely to weigh about 12kgs though. There won’t be too much margin for safety on my part i.e. there won’t be much that I could throw away at the airport if I’m told to shed weight. I know that check-in staff occasionally allow excess weight at their discretion, but I don’t know how stringent Cathay are. Can any advise? Also, my trip is not a holiday – it’s emigration, therefore I’m going to ask them beforehand for a bit of leniency (it’s not as if I’m trying to take 40kg). They may oblige, or they may not! Worst case scenario is that I ditch all non-essential toiletries & clothes at the airport and pay excess on the rest. Many thanks
  17. Hi, We are taking full advantage of our double baggage allowance, which means we will have 12 full size suitcases and 6 small hand luggage ones.:embarrassed: There are six of us, so we need to hire a people carrier for a few weeks. Obviously all the luggage is not going to fit, so I'm wondering should I also hire a small van for one day, or just get a minibus from the airport for the luggage. Which would work out cheaper? If I need a minibus, do I need to book one or can I just get one from outside with the taxis? Thanks Sheena:wacko:
  18. wattswalkaboutgang

    luggage lockers in Hong Kong airport

    Hi Guys, Question: has anyone ever used the luggage lockers at Hong kong airport? Going over on our one way ticket Dec 30th but have a 3 night stop over in Hong kong and didnt want to lug a load of luggage with us on the train to kowloon. Found out the price but it didnt say anything about booking in advance, do you just turn up and hope for the best or what! Anyone who has experienced the luggage lockers your knowelege would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance Alison
  19. Hi All We are booked onto Singapore Airlines 17th November, stopping in Singapore for 3 nights, then on to Perth. I have rung them to see what my baggae allowance will be. They say it is 20kg normally, this will be doubled for anyone who shows an "unused migrant visa" intending to stay in Australia indefinetly. Is the 457 acceptable for this? Does anyone know? Thanks, Carrie :wacko::unsure:
  20. Obvioulsy the airlines would have this answer but thought id ask away here first. As a Carpenter i need my tools in Aus and replacing them is not cost effective. Now does anyone know of a way to get them over ASAP which isnt that expensive, if unboxed i could get them in parcel the size of a couple of microwaves to give you an example. the way ive looked into before would take 3 months transit by sea, can that be right?? and obvioulsy i cant ship till i have the VISA granted, waiting months for my tools isnt an option. can i pack cordless tools in suitcase and declare them and pay the extra allowance charge then take a small tool chest on the aircraft as a parcel and pay frieght...is this an option? could be a bit of a dilema and i may need to buy the whole lot again- not cheap in the slightest many thanks
  21. Guest

    Luggage overload!

    I've been visiting back in the UK and have had a bit of a spending spree and now I can't fit everything into my 2 suitcases to get back to Aus. Can anyone tell me if they've sent a single box/carton to Australia and how much it cost and who they sent it with. I estimate a book box size (2 cu ft) of no more thabn 10kg. The few estimates I have got online range from £45 (from Vooit - bit worried about 'extra' costs to £128 (with PSS) I leave on Monday morning and will have to get my sister to send anything so I need a realistic idea of costs. Any help gratefully received. Rebecca
  22. I seem to remember months ago reading on another forum that if you are emigrating and getting a one way flight to Aus then the baggage weight limit you have is slightly more, I think it was 5kg. Is this true? Do Qantas offer this? How do you go about getting the extra weight limit? Thanks
  23. Guest

    The cost of Luggage

    How much :wideeyed:I decided to make a start on luggage for the move. Bear in mind there are 6 of us we decided 6 24 " cases and 4 26" cases... So off I totter into town to make a start. I need a sit down and a glass of something strong. Ok so its been a good 5 years since I had to buy a suitcase but good grief I could have a holiday on what its gonna cost for luggage that will be used once.. Someone pass me the whisky dh might just need it when he gets in tonight:biglaugh:
  24. We are leaving the UK on Monday 28th July to start our new lives in Brisbane. We have booked our flights with Singapore Airlines and are travelling Economy on the new Airbus A380 (We can't afford Business Class). Anyway, our original enquiries with Singapore Airlines led us to believe that we were entitled to a Luggage Allowance of 40KG per person. However, they have now advised us that if our Visa's have been stamped, then we are only entitled to the standard 20kgs. As we visited Oz last year to validate our Visa's, they have, of course, been stamped. Has anyone else had this trouble as even I (as a typical bloke) cannot get all my remaining clothes,shoes, Paperwork, Laptop etc. into a suitcase at under 20kgs, yet alone my Wife, who is naturally in a deep state of despair over this !!! We have spoken at length with Singapore Airlines trying to explain this to them but all they have offered is an excess baggage cost of £30 per kilo !
  25. Hi all just wondering how many suitcases you are allowed to take on the plane when you move to Oz. Are you allowed to take more luggage as you are moving.