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Found 30 results

  1. Guest

    Lucky White Heather !!

    We had a lovely day at the PIO meet yesterday in Hilary's Perth. Then went to our friends for a barbie. I recieved a call from my son (Marc 17) about 9pm to tell me that he was in a car crash but was ok. After the sad story about the people we bought the house from losing their daughter in a crash. I today am considering my son a very lucky boy. Thankfully he was wearing his seatbelt but he took the impact of the crash on his side. His friend was driving not him & the crash was her fault. I really can't believe how lucky he has been. Thankfully all 3 of them in the car are ok just a bit of whiplash. One very grateful mother Janette
  2. Guest

    Hello to all you lucky PIO

    Hello just joined your site looks very informative and interesting, looking to emigrate (all been well) in around 4 years time:jiggy: Nice to know there are so many friendly members to answer any questions. Keep up the good work, i will certainly have a few questions once we get going:daydreaming: :chatterbox::nah:
  3. Guest

    Third time lucky!

    My flight is booked and I leave the UK on 2nd Nov with Air New Zealand via USA and a quick sidetrip to Las Vegas (and Walmart!).:jiggy: This is my third attempt to leave and this time I'm staying there no matter what! I have to say that this has possibly been the worse year I have ever had. My initial attempt to leave in Feb resulted in a damaged back and horrendous stay in Dubai (which is a lovely place and far superior medically to here - but not much fun if all you're doing is lying down and popping as many pain pills as possible). In April /May I staggered all the way to Oz (business class as back was still crap and visa had to be validated), but soon realised that staying was going to be impossible as I was having difficulting moving, no lifting and no driving. No way could I get a job that would pay for somewhere to live there and the mortgage here, so I came back. The government kindly gave me £60 incapacity benefit a week to live on, including paying the mortgage and other bills, which I'm sure you will agree is plenty after paying them non stop for 18 years. The house has been on the market for 11 months and I have had no offers. It has been redecorated inside and out, refurnished (as all my stuff is in storage on a dockside somewhere in Brisbane) and reduced in price. Apparently its just a lack of people wanting to buy - that's a professional estate agent phrase! The monster who had been my boss for 12 years decided to retire soon after I left, even though I had been praying for her demise for some considerable time and was replaced with someone who had a genuine smile and more that a clue of how to do the job. After fifteen years in the house, I had my first leak, which brought the ceiling down, causing enough damage to put off potential buyers and a chance for the insurers to drag their feet before I could have the hole fixed, the place repainted and a new floor, but not enough for a swanky new kitchen. The washing machine gave up the ghost mid cycle, the shower decided cold was preferable over warm one morning when I needed to be out in a hurry and the guttering broke near the front door! My Dad bought my car back in Feb and has been great about letting me use it and even put me on his car insurance. Two weeks ago I was pulled over by the police for the first time in my life. Dad had forgotten to renew the insurance. I told the two police officers that since the day I turned 17 I had never been without insurance. They acknowledged that it was probably an oversight and Dad swore that is the first time he had ever forgotten and he's a paper work diva! They took the car and left me by the side of the road 2 1/2 miles from home. That's at least six points off my license and a summons and a fine and £120 to collect the car from the middle of nowhere. :policeman: My friends don't know whether to avoid me and my bad luck cloud or stick near as I am obviously draining dark matter from the general populace. As the darker nights start to draw in and there's often a nip in the air I was desperate to get away and once again my Dad came through. He has cashed in his savings and shares and is lending me the money to payoff the rest of the mortgage until the dratted house sells. He and Mum are taking their hols and coming with me, visiting the rellies and helping me find a car and somewhere to live. They have also said that they will be confiscating my passport! They return home a few days before my birthday and Christmas and about the same time the rellies leave for Christmas in Tasmania!! BUT!!!! I'll be in the place I've been planning to go to for three years. I won't be somewhere where you get up in the dark, you go to work in the dark after sitting and defrosting the car for ten minutes, leaving work in the dark, huddling next to a radiator at home and going to bed wondering if the sun had actually appeared that day. I'll be in the sun! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Keep everything crossed for me. Say prayers, light candles, offer sacrifices, sing spells and incantations, wave incense sticks to dispel negative energy and bad luck, dance and chant in forest clearings. Oh yeah and wish me lots of luck!!! :cool: Rebecca

    Those Of You Lucky Enought

    :notworthy: hi i thought i would try to get some idea of a time scale for a case officer to be appointed those of you lucky enought to have one was wondering if you could just reply with : date of visa ack date co appointed austrailian destination or how many weeks you where waiting THANKS IAN
  5. Hi everyone I would be grateful for a little help as I will soon be moving to oz (from scotland) for a min 12 month period and have the choice of which city to be based in (all australia). I will be spending a lot of time driving from site to site all over my chosen area and possibly working through the nightime in residential areas. My main priorities when deciding which city/state will be quality of life, property rental prices, personal safety (nightime mainly) traffic congestion and the usual other concerns of being somewhere for the first time. I'm more of a local pub type than a night clubber and wouldn't really consider the night life a priority, Please help me decide which city / state thanks for your comments in advance neil