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  1. Guest51810

    how lucky we really are

    This thread is probably quite pointless but i was just watching the news and a story came on about a lovely little boy who had to have his arms and legs amputated, i think it was because of meningitis. He looked so cheery and happy even after all that, then they showed him after hed been giving prosthetic hands and he was even happier, his parents looked so proud of him. The news reader said he was living life to the full. It just made me awful about moaning about what ive got and i should realise how lucky i am! There i am moaning about something stupid like a bad hair week and look at what that little boy and others go through! As long as we have our heath thats the main thing really and we should live life to the full. Anyway told you that this thread is pretty pointless but felt the need to share and hopefully ive made some other people realise how lucky they are :wubclub: Ps. If you hear me moaning again about something non important then please tell me to shutup!! Lol
  2. Hi everyone, it's around 8 weeks now before I venture back to Oz for the third time and 5 months since I have seen my dear hubby I must confess I have had some massive wobbles along the way and at times been beside myself questioning whether I am doing the right thing! (we've all been there!) but I have finally got my head around it all. After consoling the kids on leaving their friends and promising them they will make new ones, I think I have finally reassured them that it is where we are meant to be at this moment in time. They have got used to the idea and are now as eager as I am to 'try it out once more!! This has been mainly due to the support and encouragement I have received here on this forum. So I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to all my fellow POMS (you know who you are!), especially those already living, or previously having lived the adventure, you have really helped me all the way with my decision and made me feel so bloody normal. I have a bunch of girls who are organising a night out for my family to meet up with them all pretty much as soon as we touch down! It just goes to show how valuable this forum is. I am so grateful for everyone's support. After being given so much encouragement and help, I couldn't have got my head around it all without you. I really appreciate you all and as a result, I am going forth with a very positive head, knowing you will still be here if I need you! Here's to a happy future - wherever it may lead us!! Jackie XXXX:smile::hug:
  3. :jiggy::jiggy:omg omg we have our visa !!!!! Would like to say thankyou to the people who have helped us on our journey :notworthy: My children can have their daddy back now and I my hubby .......I guess he will be throwing his royal navy notice at the captain tomorrow. :swoon:i can't contact him bY phone only by email arghhhhhhlol Thankyou pio ! Brides xxx
  4. I read posts all the time claming one Country is better that the other all the time on PIO, we have debates on who has the greatest crime rate, who has the cheapest food and commodities , we are so lucky that we have countries that most people in the world would give their right are to get into. I love both Countries but admit I do retaliate when I see so many posts knocking the UK all the time with any bad news at every opportunity which I respond to saying things are just as bad in Oz which gets me negative response from a lot of members……think about it…we have the choice of two fantastic Countries that are the envy of 90% ot the world…let’s try and get on with it and celebrate 2 fantastic Countries. lets stop this tiit for tat folks.
  5. Been reading a few posts lately about peoples trouble and strife with regards to migration, goal posts changed, personal circumstances changed etc, and in truth I have been having a bit of a shi77y time lately, won't bore you, but at times I have looked at things that are going on in my life and thought, 'Bloody hell, when is it going to change'.:cry: But then I realise how bloody lucky I am to be a citizen of Australia, (Citizenship granted 2000) even though living in the UK, I DO have the opportunity to go to Australia and live a life that to me is far more satisfactory. OK, so at the minute money and health constraints do put a stop to this at the present time, but I know full well that when things get a little better I and my family WILL have the opportunity to travel to Australia and hopefully live a life that makes us all a bit happier, contented, etc. Australia is not everyones cup of tea, for many reasons, but at the end of the day I do have the opportunity to spend as little or as much time as I want in Australia. It sometimes takes a thought like this to make me realise that I am indeed fortunate to have the CHOICE to live in either country. Just a thought, though things are a bit difficult at the time, (not compared to some peoples though) I can look forward to a better time and realise that really at the drop of a hat I can choose to live in Australia, something that I often forget, just makes me feel a bit happier is all.:wink: Cheers Tony:wink:
  6. Australia the Lucky Country without Meaningful Debate Lucky Country a land of myths. THE policy debate is dominated by some monster lies and old-fashioned bogeymen. IT is a cathartic experience announcing your looming retirement, as I did this month. Having spent 21 of my 44 years as a dreaded lobbyist for the tourism, transport, property and infrastructure sectors, I decided it was time to step off the stage for a while. Declaring your innings temporarily over brings with it a liberated perspective. This is lubricated by the experience the nation has been through in our federal election and its aftermath. I want now to reflect on some pressing issues facing the nation and tackle some of the myths that dominate economic and social public policy debate. ► We can’t afford a big Australia. Wrong. The most depressing, and dishonest, argument permeating politics is that Australia is unable to cope with population growth, and it’s one that has forged a coalition of the far-Left and far-Right. We are a smart nation, blessed with a magnificent natural and human capacity and, with investment in urban and regional infrastructure, we can sustain a bigger population. Young, migrant nations such as ours are growing or they are shrinking. There is no in-between status. Traffic congestion and social division are genuine considerations and we do need some limits on growth, but we cannot allow poor planning in Sydney and southeast Queensland, or bigotry, to dominate the debate……
  7. My admiration to Mark Webber, during todays grand prix he had a massive crash, not sure who's fault it was, but thankfully both drivers were unhurt. YouTube - F1 (movie 05) - Mark Webber CRASH & FLIGHT- GP EUROPA 2010. There was even reports that he sat down in the pit lane and said, 'Throw another prawn on the barbie mate'.:biglaugh: Amazing that after a crash like this he managed to walk away from the car and still give an interview and remain upright.:notworthy: Cheers Tony:cool:
  8. The Sydney Morning Herald Blogs: Travel What are your thoughts on the above article?
  9. I've been reading peoples experiences on pomsinoz for about 12 months now but never contributed to the forum. So here's our story so far :- My wife and I backpacked arround Australia in 1999/2000. We arrived in Perth and did all the touristy stuff, which took us from WA, all the way through SA and up the east coast to Cairns, but the cash ran out and after 6 months we had to return to the UK. We got married and have two girls who are 4 and 8. We decided we would like to live in Australia and in 2007 via an agent, we started the process of applying for emigration, and in December 2008 we were granted a sub class 176 permanent residence visa. So in October 2009 we landed in Queensland for a 3 week research holiday. We stayed in an area called Redcliffe which is about 30 mins drive from Brisbane. We found it hard work mixing a holiday with a research trip. We realised everything was a lot more expensive than when we were there the first time, but to be honest I think the exchange rate killed it more than anything. When we first applied for the visa the exchange rate was about 2.2 but when we went in October last year the rate was 1.65, and if you take into account the crash in the housing market it's a lot of money lost in equity. So we came back and after a 3 month cooling off period we have decided to emigrate to Perth in December this year. This will give us time to settle and rent some where and get the girls into school as the school term starts in February. For what it's worth there would be 3 things I would mention. 1. I'm a plumber and there's not a lot of work at the moment so instead of holding back and not going untill the work picks up I'll diversify and look for something else. So be willing to flexible. 2. Do your research. We realised that our youngest couldn't start school untill February 2011 when she is 5. This would meen my wife would of have to look after her and not able to go to work where she could make friends and earn money etc. 3. I know it's more expensive because of the exchange rate and the strong dollar but if you wait for that to change you might not get there. Whilst I was in Oz last year I got talking to an Aussie guy and he said to me :- " I was in the UK back in May and everyone looked really unhappy but I suppose when you start loosing your banks you're having a bad day " So go for it and enjoy Australia for what it is. cheers, Barry.
  10. Hi Has anyone had any luck securing a job offer under the ENS(121)scheme. Oh has sent off CVs but havent heard anything. This seems like the only option after having lodged a 175 and a 176! Jodie
  11. Guest

    So Much For the Lucky Country

    Well I was warned! My wife is 12 yrs younger than me so I should've seen it coming! Oz has been the lucky country for her.........she's nursing like she never could've nursed in the UK. Me? I'm at home with the daily grind of running the kids to school and picking 'em up. Perhaps I should've dusted and hoovered more but that's irrelevant, I'm now redundant...............she wants us to seperate.....graudually.....over a period of time of course, so that she can get her life (and shifts) in order. <sarcasm> Feck you mate, never trust a woman with an agenda, no matter how "vocational" it may be. I've supported her through her nursing training, her Uni Grad Dip, and now I "can't be lived with" because I have "anger issues". feckin' right I do! I'm sick to death of being alone (and I'm sure the kids feel the same). Why this "declaration to the world"?...............Because a lot of migrants are nurses and quite simply because I have seen it all before in other couples who had a partner nursing. Admitted, my age may be a contributory factor, but despite that, folk in nursing, who suffer the shifts, trauma, pressurised to upskill etc, need to be aware of the imapct that it may cause..................Of course, if you love each other to death, and you can't be impacted by everday drudgeries. then my post is irrelevant. She's gone off to work nights overtime, 'cause they're short staffed", and I'm left to reflect on our life.............I'm alone again and why my anger? Cause the job comes first? Perhaps I'm not commited enoguh to be married to a nurse or perhaps a younger nurse wouldn't be so fecked when she came home?..........chicken or the egg........what more can I say?..................don't lose sight of those who are near and dear to you simply to survive or advance. Yeah...............Oz is great...............pretty sad that I have to talk here instead of to a RL friend or partner.........but trust me.........that's my baggage not the fault of Oz good folk................or the nursing profession.................I may be gone a while................not waving but drowning..............those who I have met here know who I respect and love........and those who are in the nursing profession, hopefully, will see where I'm coming from when I say, "charity begins at home" kev
  12. The Lucky Country? Why is Australia the most successful and most peaceful multiculture in the developed world? How did an Anglo nation responsible for Aboriginal land theft, anti-Chinese riots and the White Australia Policy mutate into the country with arguably the least interracial violence in the developed world? It is an informative article, but I find it a bit patronising still that we have Australian media (and lobbyists) dictating to the public whether immigration is good or not...... fear of the Aussie stereotypes being challenged? Even PM Rudd quoted recently saying Australia could not go without Indians in Oz because of their food...if you follow the media that is logical as ALL Indians are rorting the immigration system by studying cookery for PR..... (of course no other nationalities use this pathway ) Rudd could have mentioned that many middle class doctors from India and other countries such as Iraq, Iran, etc. save the Australian regional health systems from collapse, and the Indian security issues in Melbourne do not exist in country towns where they are mostly appreciated as community members (though the "white" welfare ferals or trailer park trash from big cities moved to country towns can be a real problem). Australia suffers from relatively little ethnic violence, and when it has emerged it was encouraged by shock jock radio djs e.g. Cronulla. As someone said some years ago, Australians can give others a lot of verbal stick, but are really to lazy to hate that much....
  13. Just got back from Coles to find my wallet missing. I was wearing cargo pants with a small back pocket so I put my wallet in the leg pocket...........I remember clearly leaving the last shop with my wallet so I knew it must've dropped onto the car park..........turns out it must've fell outta my pocket when I raised my leg to climb into the fourby. Dashed back to the shopping centre looked at where I was parked..........no wallet. Fearing the worst I asked at Coles if anyone had handed it in. Imagine my surprise when the girl reached under the counter and handed it me, complete with credit cards and 500 bucks cash that I'd just drawn from the ATM. :hug: Turns out the young trolley boy had found it and taken it straight into his superior. What a job trying to get him to take 50 bucks reward! Made my day knowing that there are still honest folk around and even more so him being so young and working for peanuts. :notworthy: kev
  14. Guest

    We are so bloody lucky!

    Just looking at some members pics and after reading Neilo, Dawny and KP Nuts posts...we are so lucky to have this opportunity and we should thank our lucky stars it's possible! Forget moaning and whinging..what about those poor souls who try and fail to get here or those without a cat in hells chance of even applying! At least we have the choice, the opportunity and the guts to try it out! Viva Australia! It's all good! :laugh:
  15. Well... persistence pays off as usual. Finally passed the IELTS requirement to achieve CSL status as an Accountant. This is a tricky exam that can vary tremendously depending on the topics and questions asked... so keep trying it until you get the score you need people! Our latest result was 8,8,8,7 (8 overall)... we had some pesky 6.5 scores previously! We're so happy that they have lifted the old requirement of waiting 3 months between exams. So we submitted the results yesterday, and today we received a notice to submit further documentation and references, so officially we have a case officer, alright!! Just for your info, we have to provide the following within 28 days: Evidence of Defacto Relationship Evidence of Employment We will submit these right away, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes from CO request to visa. Got a bottle of Yellow Tail to celebrate this milestone (...planning this whole thing since Jan 08) Keep up the good posts people Cheers, Scott & Dina
  16. Guest

    TRA second time lucky.

    Hi everyone Just checked our online status and it says SUCCESSFUL. Absolutely over the moon failed first time so have had an agonising month waiting this time. Onwards and upwards. All the best to everyone still waiting. Even sweeter did it all ourselves!:biggrin:
  17. As alot of us need to meet some new friends, guna hav a get together at the lucky shag bar this thursday 16th at 2 o'clock have a few beers or cocktails ladies n chill out and get to know each other details on how to get there cos i dnt no are below http://www.luckyshagbar.com.au/location.asp hopefully see u there (i'l try and get there b4 u all) Gav
  18. Guest

    Lucky friday the 13th

    WE'VE GOT OUR VISAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At long last our visas were approved today, what a relief! I have screamed, allelujahed (spelt that wrong, but I don't care!), danced around the house and burst into tears! My son was born on a friday the 13th and so I've been wondering seeing as I consider it to be a lucky day for me now if the visas would come today and they did!
  19. TaniaColin

    Lucky 7 !!!!! Maybe !!!!!!

    Well we have viewer number 7 coming on Wednesday, apparantly he is already renting on our estate, but wants a 3 bedroom property. We accepted an offer on our house on Friday, then after much thinking about it over the weekend, we decided that it was not going to be enough money. We sat and thought about the cost of estate agents and solicitors, flights and shipping and then how much we would need approx to keep a family of 6 in Oz until we find jobs. I just hope we have done the right thing, but like we have said we can't give our house away, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that Wednesday will be a gud day for us Tania X:confused:
  20. What great news from the Rudd government (I like this guy already !!! :biglaugh:) For us lovely "first time buyers!" in aus (that is very odd that I will be a first time buyer again lol.) they are upping the grant from the original $7000 to $14000 for standard houses and a whopping $21000 for new homes. see this news article PM unveils package to stimulate economy - Yahoo!7 News Yay, some good out of the banking problems then (for me at least)
  21. emmaroo

    How lucky are we??

    Hi Guys I am not trying to take the shine of anything or dampen anyones mood but after watching Gerry Springer's episode of " Who do you think you are" it has really put into perspective just how lucky I am to have this opportunity to make a better life for me & my family. I never really had a lot of understanding or knoweledge of just how evil Hitler & his regime were and i was appaled by what i learnt having watched this programme and i know that never even scratched the surface! I will never take for granted the 2 minutes silence on Rememberance Day again as i now understand just how much the soldiers from around the world risked to liberate us and in turn allows us to endevour on our dream to a better way of life!. Sorry if i have offended or upset anyone but this was something i just had to get out my system!!! Emma x
  22. Today i am feeling like one very lucky lady,after last nights disaster the only part of my hubby that is injured is his ego. Not really sure what happened it all happened so quick,but we have a very very steep driveway & last night it was very wet from all the rain. Hubby was bringing the car down & the next thing he knows my lovely mazda 6 has a mangeled front end in colision with hubbys work ute. After we had both stopped panicking from the shock, hubby rang his boss - yep an aussie, who all he could do was laugh his socks off !!!! :wacko: At 5am this morning hubby tries to set off for work but his ute is still in the garage with my poor car stuck up its arse, so we call the tow men & by 6.15am they are here with us waking up the street. Oh what joy life gives us, still it could of been alot worse & as it wasnt for that i am thankful for - Guess the long short of it all is live in a property with a decent flat driveway & take extra care when its wet. Thankfully for hubby, its our wedd aniversary tomorrow so i wont shoot him this time !!! Take care Guys & Gals you never know whats round the corner. Ju x (stuju)
  23. marknhelen

    Second time lucky i hope............

    Hi guys just thought i would let you know that we just sent the application off tonight for the second time and 16months down the line, but hey hopefuly all good things comes to those who wait ( Patiently i might add hhmmmm ) . Let see what happens next will keep you all informed of the results and those who know what we have been going through ( you know who you are ) will understand this . Regards marknhelen :mask: :wubclub:
  24. Guest

    Second time lucky, I hope!

    So OH and I finally got round to buying our tickets to Melbourne (see my transport thread about the migrant fares on Qantas - bargain!:jiggy:), and I think it's finally hitting home that we are going. I can't believe that we've been in Singapore for almost 4 years - it's seems like it was only yesterday that we arrived with 2 bags of clothes and personal belongings to our name. Our time in Singapore has been 'challenging' (see my first blog if you are interested to know the ins and outs) but as we embark on this new adventure I'm starting to feel like I did when we were first about to leave England: trepidation, excitiment, a little bit crazy(!), nostalgic, wistful, a mix of fear and thrill of the unknown...but bundled up with the experiences of Singapore, I also feel a bit more emotionally ready for the roller coaster ride that we're buckling into (give me a few weeks and I may be eating my words - hope not though). I just wanted to say thanks to Pioers for keeping me sane throughout the visa process. I hope to be able to 'pay it forward' by helping out with questions whenever I can (those of you who are coming thorough Singapore PM anytime and I'll answer any questions I can) and I can't wait to meet some fellow Poms who live nearby. See ya on the flipside, or should I say, Ausside!
  25. Guest

    getting lucky

    Hi, I was just wondering whether anybody knows of people going on a working holiday maker visa and hitting lucky with getting an employer to sponsor them. There must be someone out there who's done it!!!