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Found 66 results

  1. Guest

    Good Luck

    I would like to say good luck to everyone going to Expo tomorrow and Sunday,hope your dreams come true. :spinny::v_SPIN: Luv Gwen x x x
  2. Guest

    wish us luck please

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to post the news that hubby left for Perth yesterday for a recci and to see if any chance he can get a 457 sponsor as a welder while there. He was quite nervous about going even though hhe has been three times before, I know he will come back saying we have to go there. He absolutely loves the place. I will keep updating on any progress he makes while there. Keep fingers crossed for us please. Thanks all.
  3. :v_SPIN::spinny:Hi everyone... We are now away on sorting out my Childcare Course, in order for us to get into Oz! My telephone interview is scheduled for tonight (or early tomorrow morning : ie between 10 p.m. tonight, and 2 a.m. Tuesday morning! I am soooooooooo excited, that I can hardly think straight. After this, is the fairly long road to getting Visas organised, etc. etc. But at least once this is done, we are on our way forward. Wish me luck everyone! It's great to have found some people in the same / similar boat, and it certainly keeps you strong through the 'orrible bits! I look forward to telling you, tomorrow morning, that I have been accepted! Not even thinking about how I'd feel if he does not accept me onto the Course.... as this really is our last possible way in! Fingers, toes, eyes and legs crossed! :v_SPIN: Bye for now x x x Andrea :cute:
  4. Guest

    good luck to all

    were new just starting to plan the dream, weve been reading and absorbing info all week, great site, to all that are there g'day and those waiting good luck you'll love it neil and sarah and 3 girls
  5. Guest

    Wish Me Luck Guys!!!

    Have got this meeting at the RSPCA Townsville shelter with The Mayor, his right-hand man David, our brilliant Inspector Cliff Singer , the top men from RSPCA HQ Queensland, all the shelter staff , and goodness who else, and all the press. I am soooooooooooo nervous, but please send your thoughts around lunchtime NQ time and let's see if anything can be done. Nothing to do with me, for the animals. It's a small step, but such an important one to me, as I won't be here much longer. I am bricking it - but I am doing it for my Syd, and for NQ's unwanted animals. Thanks for listening, Allie xxxxxxxxxx
  6. Guest

    Wish me luck!

    HAve decided to tell my family this weekend about Oz, we are such a close family,my mum and daughter are sooooo close it is unreal!!!! for example we go to Berwick to visit my mum (thats where she lives) every couple of weekends and when it comes to saying goodbye my mum gets all upset as does my daughter all the way down to newcastle all I get is "I miss my nanny boo hoo". Thats why im finding it so hard to tell them, but gotta do it as have had visa for a couple weeks now and feel I am taking the p***by not telling them. Will let u know how it goes!!!!!! aaarrrggghhhhhhhh:wacko:
  7. Guest

    Wish us luck

    Hey all Going away this weekend to sunny :biglaugh:poole with hubbies dad n stepmum.......hoping oh will pluck up the courage to tell them our plans. Want it over and done with but kind of dreading their reaction. :arghh: Need some courage vibes sending our way. Cheers Lolly
  8. Guest

    Good Luck For Elts Test Today

    Just wanted to wish our best friends Mark and Alex good luck for today. Mark you need those extra 5 points hun so that we can all spend more weekends like we did with yous last weekend only next time it will be in Australia. Girl dont panic it will be all ok, just have a large glass of red it makes you more chatty and giggly (as we know) haha. Em & M Ellapops and Libbyloo Xxx
  9. It feels like quite a few of the PIO peeps are ready fly out to Aus on their big adventure. I just wanted to say (and I probably won't be the only one) GOOD LUCKI hope you get through all your good byes without too many tears and that your life here will be everything you've dreamed of. Luv 'n' Stuff Ali xxx P.S. CONGRATULATIONS to all our peeps who have just got visa's too
  10. Guest

    Wish me Luck

    Hy all, Well i just got all my certified copies and stat declarations signed etc back from my solicitor, £40 not too bad for 4 stats and 60 copies. Anyway its being posted, registered on monday to our agent at Visa Bureau and hopefully thats the hardest and mind boggling part done with ? A big thanks to everyone on here who have assisted in getting me this far, so wish me luck. Cheers
  11. Guest

    Wish Me Luck POI

    Evening blessings to all! Well guys, this is it. Tomorrow evening 5.45 I am going to my beloved Kidney Stone consultant who is going to give me an "opinion" about my stone problems and how they might impact my chances of going over to Adelaide and being part of Lazy Cow's Ye Olde Mad Cow Club. For those interested in the meds side of things . I have had a thyroid test which has shown that mt thyroid is "borderline" so they have UPPED my meds. This only goes to show how negligent they have been 'cos this is the first time they have shown an interest since 2005!!!!! Don't know how this info will effect my application but I am being charged 20.00 quid for the honour !!! As for the D & C I had seven years ago. I have phoned the hospital who thought it was a real joke!!!! They have given me the name of the poor consultant who did the honours all those years ago, but as the panel doc has asked for Histology (don't know what that is????) and the hospital have told me that with a routine miscarriage you don't get a histology, unless its a medical emergency at the time, its anyones' guess what happens now!!!! All I know is that this has cost me an extra 550 pounds not to mention all the stress! I will let you know what the Urology Boffin says, but quite frankly I've had a total guts full of the whole thing. I am the one that's having to do all the chasing around and the mediacl peeps who have obviously been caught with their pants down are raking in the money. All I can say is that these are the hoops that have to be jumped through so I will jump!!! I am determined to get that bloody visa one way or the other but I still can't believe the level of detail that I am being asked to produce..and nor can any of the medical profession except for the Panel Doctor!!!!!! I only wish it was made this difficult for all the thousands of immigrants who come to this country....but of course it isn't and thats one of the reasons we want to leave. Sorry but rant is over. Going to quaff Holy Water!!!!
  12. Guest

    Wish us luck ....

    Hi all, we would like to let everyone know that we have just sent the application to the TRA off just half an hour ago.:err: wish us luck, we will let everyone know what happens ok. thanks to everyone for the great help you all gave us. Ta ta. Sent TRA: 08/05/07.
  13. ali

    Any Luck Franny

    Franny - need to know if you placed the ad and if you've had any responce :biglaugh: Ali x
  14. Lynne2007

    Wish Me Luck !!!!!!!

    Well peeps, wish me luck, going seeing about that job in UK this morning, i know it is only in uk but god damn better than where i am now and it my career path i have been doing for 10 years. Will post later how i have done. I am still celebrating for our Jo babes, she is fab and well deserved her visa wooooooooohooooooooo for jo you little beauty :chatterbox: my little face for our Jo xxxxxxxxxxxx Lynne :wink: :twitcy:
  15. parsonsbigfamilyadventure

    Wish us luck

    We have our meds tomorrow, I really didn't think that I would be worried, I couldn't sleep last night, I found myself logging on to PIO at 2.30am, I think I should section myself, save the doc a job tomorrow. Joanne :goofy:
  16. Guest


    I've been foolowing Missiemo's with much interest the last few months and all i have to say really is ..... "GOOD LUCK" All the best ...not long now :shock: Regards, Lee