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Found 1,008 results

  1. Guest

    How long to send 1100 to DIAC

    Ok, so I got my State Sponsorship approved on April 19th, and on the same day I lodged my 176 application and returned the Sponsorship agreement with my TRN number to WA. I still haven't had the email that says the form has been forwarded to the DIAC. Is this an unusually long time, or does it sound about right? Surely it doesn't take that long to forward a form via email?
  2. We are all booked for November 2011 (Hooray, can't come soon enough!!!!) to move to Melbourne but are unsure as to how long we should have a temp rent before finding our proper rental. We have 2 small children but no pets and would ideally like a 4 bedroom house in the Point Cook area. We won't have jobs (at first) but would be able to supply good bank statements and could pay extra bond etc if req'd, to secure a property. We were thinking along the lines of 3 weeks in a holiday rental, would this be long enough or too long? I've read on a few forums and renting sites that there are lots of houses to rent in our chosen area... Many thanks to anyone who advises.
  3. Hi to everyone on here! my question is my husband recieved his certificate lll in bricklaying from vetassess back in 2009 but we had to put our plans on hold for family reasons, now all sorted my hubby has a job offer and offering sponsorship we now need to know if he has to do his skill assessment again! He did actually ring vetassess a few months ago asking this question and they told him that it doesn't run out but i have been reading some threads on here and they hint that they are only valid for certain amount of time, quite confused would really appreciate some info :confused:! thanx!:hug:
  4. hi all from landing how long has it taken to get a long term rental and did you have a info pack to give the agent and what was in it thanks alan
  5. Long term accomodation at Lygon Street, next to Swanston St. and intersection Carlton. Owner already moved out but still paying the rent, and is looking for replacement to take over the lease. Contract until 21/2/2012 Rental $290 per week plus one month bonds. Water and electricity not included but gas is. Fully furnished, 24/7 security, swimming pool, gym, sauna, Foxtel,24/7 security and coin slotted washing machine. The studio name College Sqaure at Lygon Street, '560, Lygon St. Carlton VIC 3053. 15 mintues walk away from Melb Uni, and right infront of tram station. Available for inspection during weekend before 5pm. URGENT! Must out before May. PM me for details
  6. Hi OH done his skype interview last tuesday and i emailed vic uni on the wednesday to see how long it would take to get results. they wrote back straight away and said he had passed and would send confirmation email with letter by the end of the week. its now tuesday and still nothing. I emailed again on Friday and she said she would check it out on monday. Just wondering how long others took to get the letter needed to apply for state sponsorship? Just hope they have not forgotten about us.
  7. Hi, for the life of me I cant find on the vetassess website anywhere where it says how long it will take for a result to come through once we have completed the practical assessment can anyone help me out??
  8. Hi All, My girlfriend is currently in Oz on a 457 visa. We have been going out for 3 years but never lived together so have been unable to get a Defacto visa (we have been travelling back at forth to see each other!) Anyway I finally asked her to marry me and was just wondering how long it would take for me to get my Visa through? also if there is anything worth getting ready before hand as the wedding isn't for 6 months. Thanks....
  9. Hi everyone, I am waiting to work in NSW and awaiting for a number to apply for 457 visa. How long should it take for a number to come through from my employer to apply for 457 visa because online application asks for a number? My employer applied for the 457 visa one week ago. Kind Regards cyclone22
  10. Guest

    457 Visa - How Long?!

    Hey everyone, I'm in Australia at the minute on a working holiday visa, but I've recently been offered a job by a really big company over here who say they are willing to sponsor me on a 457 visa to stay (they have experience of doing this before). Does anyone have any idea how long this will take to process? They want me to start at the beginning of July and I need to look into relocating etc. Argh! Any help would be much appreciated! X
  11. We got tired of waiting for our 175 visa to come through (lodged 2 years ago), so we came out on a working holiday visa as it was our last chance (I'm now 31). We kept hearing it was taking people 3-5 years to even get their case officer and were told that we could change to a sponsored visa when we were out here. We just got word that we should have a case officer within 3 months. We have our meds booked and should have them done before we get a co and have sent off for our police reports to the UK and USA. Hoping it will be all back in time. So here's our question: if we have all the bits and bobs, how long will it take to actually be granted our visas? We can stay on our working holidays till Feb, but hoping it comes quick. Also, do we actually meet with an officer? We are now in Perth, WA and haven't told the immigration dept yet. Not really sure how to go about doing that either. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  12. gaz n family

    Medicals - How long

    For those who have recently had medical, or have booked them but yet to attend. How long did they take to come through? Did you get to choose the date (son has some exams and college interviews over the next few weeks so his availability is pretty limited) can you request a specific date? How did you arrange it, did you ring them direct, did you have to complete an application or something? We do not live anywhere near any of the med centres that carry this out so it will be an all day job for us.
  13. Can anyone please tell me how much time I need to spend in Oz after my two year defacto visa is up in order to become a permanent resident. Is two years correct? If so do you have to spend all of the two years here. If anyone has been in a similiar situation I would like to hear how you got on. Thanks :biggrin:
  14. Hi everyone, We heard last Monday that our ACS skills assessment is in the post. I am going crazy watching the door waiting for the postman. Has anyone had their's back recently and do you recall how long it took to have it in your hands? Thanks Keglin:wub:
  15. Guest

    mortgage how long

    hi all just wondering how long do you have to be in oz b4 you can ask for a mortgage say on a $400000 with $40000 deposit thanks alan
  16. Hi, How long does a family assistance claim take to process. The clerk at the centrelink centre where i took my passports said it was 3 weeks. It has now been 4 weeks. How long did yours take to process??:notworthy:
  17. Hi everyone, Skills uploaded and certs all sent on 28th march. Anyone got any timescales on how long it took for your app status to change from 'active'? Thanks!
  18. Well, its been a while since we last posted! We've now been in oz for 6months and we're all loving it. I came out 2weeks ahead of my wife (Claire) and son (Jack 12yrs) at the end of sept 2010 while they finalised our UK house sale. It was tough being away from them but i was offered a good job (I'm a psychiatric nurse), in the area we had decided to settle, on a good wage and didnt want to miss out. So I landed in Melbourne and headed down the Peninsula, initially i stayed with Claire's cousin until the Mrs and boy came over. After landing i had 5days to get over jetlag and find my bearings before starting work. We had lost so much money with our house sale that i didnt really have a choice in the matter but to work soon after arriving. Yes we could of stayed in the UK waiting for the exchange rate to improve or even waiting for the housing market to improve but we had waited 2yrs already and just wanted to crack on and get to Oz. Personally i couldn't say goodbye to friends and family, i had to say "see ya", that was just the hardest thing i've ever done. :cry: As i sat in the departure lounge by myself i was serious contemplating calling the wife and asking her to come get me thinking i just couldnt do this by myself even tho i knew claire and jack would be following on soon. :err:We all flew on the A380 with singapore which was good, no complaints with them. Work was a bit of a shock :wacko: to the system as the Oz way of treating mental health is so different to that in the UK. I'm 20yrs qualified but felt so out of my comfort zone and still do really. On the day of collecting claire and jack at the airport I was so happy, i even made a 'Welcome to OZ' banner :jiggy:By the time the family had arrived i was earing good money, had managed to secure a yr lease on a 3bed house with outside spa, big garden in a quiet cul de sac 10mins from the beach and bought a car. We were working to a very tight budget. By the time we had paid for our flights, costs of bringing 2 dogs over and send wot little of our belongings over we only about £12k left. We only had a third of a container n didnt bring that much with us. With that money left we paid our house bond plus rent upfront. We bought things like a washer, fridge freezer, tv's, sofa plus other bits for kitchen, we bought 2 cars both old but fair condition and reliable (in the uk we could only afford 1 car even with 2 of us working) AND we have a boat!!:biggrin: Again old, but it floats which is always a bonus and has a decent engine so we can go fishing and out on the donut. The dogs seemed to cope very well with the flights n their time in qaurrentine- we visitted them twice weekly. I work hard, sometimes unsocial hours with overtime but i expected to work hard and actually recently i was offered a decent job with better hrs..................however thats a whole other story that i wont bore you with now! Claire is still looking for work. Since arriving we've tried to really enjoy ourselfs, we've been surfing (i lost my wedding ring!!), horse trekking on Gunamatta beach, seen U2, been out on the boat fishing and playing on the donut and we regularly go to the beach. Jack has settled great into school life and is so busy always out n about, always doing something with his friends and he's recently joined the local football team. Myself especially, and claire to a degree are probably still a little short of friends and not too much of an active social life but we are aware that we need to sort this. Of course we miss family and friends but skype is good at keeping in contact. Christmas was hard for all of us being the first yr away from our family/ friends but hey, this was our choice to move so we've got 2 choices.................!! Personally i dont think you need 10's of thousands of pounds to make the move, yes it'd be great to have that sort of money but we weren't loaded in the UK. Now, our house is bigger, we've bought some nice furniture and it feels like home. We've proved that you can do this on a budget, we've got a good standard of living and are enjoying life:biggrin: We've got family visiting in Oct, some friends coming over next April and other family planning their visit. Claire is job hunting and once thats sorted that's probably the missing piece for us You might say...........WE'RE LIVING THE DREAM and its all good!!!
  19. Losing on long-term skilled migration. CITING a backlog of more than 140,000 applications for skilled migration, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship released amendments to the system of awarding points for applications last year. The result is it is more difficult and less attractive for international graduates of Australian universities to become skilled residents of this country. Key to this was the raising of the English proficiency requirement by more than 20 per cent, from competent to very good, so that successful applicants have "fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriacies. Misunderstandings may occur in unfamiliar situations. Handles complex detailed argumentation well." Native speakers may be feeling a little discomforted here. In addition to the second language hurdle, the immigration department maintains the slowest and most expensive skilled migration application process in the English-speaking world. Rule changes, delays and the expense of processing applications have combined to severely damage one of Australia's largest export industries with increasing numbers of overseas students choosing an easier and cheaper Canada, British or US destination......
  20. Hiya Does anyone know how long it takes when you are on a temp spouse 309 to get the perm visa, i understand i can apply 2 years after my application was first lodged (so june applied, granted oct) so techincally i can apply in june 2012 for perm, how long does it then take for them to grant perm ? Was wondering if it takes a further 6 months to be granted perm so looking at 2.5 years then im permy ? Then once perm you go on for 2 years then become a citizen etc Lots of questions, sorry :biggrin:
  21. Well after 1st applying in April 2009 on a 175 then trying for SS in 2010, rejected in Feb 2011 we have now been given a CO for our original 175. We have been on a major rollercoaster. All police checks are in clean and Medicals were done monday presuming all is clear on them does anyone know how long it is taking at the mo. to get your final answer? Our life has been on hold for so long so am now so anxious will it actually be a reality? :unsure:
  22. Guest

    How long it takes for decision

    Hi All I applied for paper application 175 I have had my medicals and police checks done and sent to DIAC on 15th March,2011. How long does it take for processing from here. Does anyone know what date is being processed by Health operations centre
  23. JonathanD

    How long to obtain visa?

    Hi all How long roughly will it take to get visa following medicals? We have been lodged since autumn 2009 and have just been called for Mede. Yippee
  24. How long, on average, does it take for medicals to be finalised? My friend has completed her medicals today at Medibank Health Services Melbourne, and is a bit anxious to find out the time-frame. Cheers!
  25. Guest

    How long for a co?

    Hi , we recived vic state sponsor a few days back and was wondering what the waiting time is to get a co now we are cat 2. We applied 175 in Dec 09....