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  1. Guest

    been here to long

    Hi All My husband and i came here in 2000 married in Sydney have had 3 kids in the last 11 years have lived in Sydney for 7 and the Gold Coast for 4 but the time has come to move back to the homeland at last! Its a hard life here so far from family for one thing but the constant trying to be happy making friends and keeping busy doing the same lonely things has taken its toll. I am writing on here as yes some people do think we are mad but we have been here for 11 years and have both had the highs and lows of loving it! hating it! but we are tired really of TRYING so hard to be happy here. So on a good note should be home for Xmas and our kids cannot wait! Good Luck to anyone coming or going its all good fun :biggrin:
  2. I'm competing for Tony's crown here. Now I'm not a techie but Im not thick either(although some would disagree), so bear with me on this one. It's great to have a facility to back up your whole system if your computer crashes, or is it? Whole systems backups are great in case your computer crashes and you want to get it up and running again, but what if your computer dies completely and you've had it running on an older version of windows? Mine died on friday morning, aged 7 yrs, after a long struggle with illness. I knew the' video card was on it's way out, but to find the motherboard had carked it too was a shock to say the least. Looking on the bright side, I had an excuse to buy something with more ram, a bigger hard drive, faster processor, and all the other things that boys with toys look for. Researching via Jake's laptop I find a HP tower at Hardly Normal for the price I want at 980 bucks, so off I go after wrting down the model number. Driving en route the following day, I thought that I would look in at the Good Guys as it was on my way, despite their web site showing no comparison to my chosen puter. Sat on display was the very same model and I was shocked to see it priced at 1200.......... or so I thought till I checked the number and specs. It was a faster processor, more ram, more vid ram, and a bigger hard drive. A salesman approached on seeing me with my bit of paper in hand and he asked if I was comparing models. I simply said that I had seen the same model online for 900 and although it was what i wanted I wasn't going to stretch to that price. He told me to wait a mo whilst he checked with his manager, returned, and said that I could have it for 900 as it was being replaced by a newer model. I walked out the store grinning like a cheshire cat. Got home, set it up, plugged in my back up drive and bugger! XP won't overwrite windows 7! :arghh: What do I do? I love my XP, don't like change, and all my progs and docs are stuck on the backup! After racking my brains, :idea: I decided to partition the hard drive into two and load xp and then my backup on there, recovering all my docs and programmes. A few hours later, there she was, my beloved XP, and a couple of hours later, there were all my programmes and docs from the backup. Deciding to check PIO I opened up Firefox to be told that I was offline? Strange I thought, as jake's laptop, which was routed through mine, had access? So too had windows 7 on the other half of the drive? Investigating, I found that true, I had no netwok connection as xp now didn't recognise my network adaptor?..................the fault being the new one incorporated into my new purchase? After more hours of googling on the laptop I couldn't find a solution, so was resigned to using XP to access my old progs and docs, and windows 7 to access the internet......at least for now. I'd downloaded (via the laptop) Dbc, a programme that gives you the option to boot into which system you want at startup and had set it to boot into windows 7. Rebooting, I was horrified to see no option at start up and the system went straight to XP!................Back to the laptop, more googling, and yes, I had dbc set right, but why oh why was it still booting into XP? No solution found despite resetting to sata, then hdic, then ide on boot.............no menu offering an option, so I was stuck with XP and no internet connection on my new toy.":arghh: :idea:"Never mind"" I thought................actually I didn't................I thought "bollox! I'll just have to reformat all over again, reload 7 only, and just recover my docs from the backup and have to lose the progs on XP and reload ém all again from their discs, all over again. So I reformatted and used the recovery discs to set the puter back to it's factory condition and commenced to read my old backup...........more problems...........all the files were stored under an extension pdb which 7 couldn't read and could only be read by a palm instrument or the programme that had created it! The programme that created it was on XP, So I now couldn't access all my old photos. music, address book etc.............nothing!:arghh: Going online, I downloaded the programme (Easus Todo) and downloaded it on to 7............more problems.........the licence number was on XP! I downloaded the free version and that couldn't read it so had to contact the vendor for my licence. By now I was ready for bed.:SLEEP: The following morning, there was my licence in my mail and I heaved a sigh of relief.............too soon!.......................back to square one! The programme told me that it could only install the backup as a sytem backup and the XP (once again) couldn't overwrite 7!.............next step! My backup hard drive was a fairly new one (3 months old) and I still had the old one that had been backed up by windows. I plugged it in and to my relief, I'd only backed up files. I managed to access these and downloaded them. I'd got most docs back which included my music and photos but lost 3 months work. Some of the newer photos I recovered by doing a recovery scan of my camera, even though they'd been deleted, some weren't overwritten. Four days later, I am up now and running after reloading all my programmes from discs, some of which had received their serial numbers by mail which were now lost in the old outlook express and couldn't be recovered, despite it being a simple matter (microsoft stated) of imprting OE's wab file to live mail, it simply wouldn't import. So a warning/s. If you're going to do a backup, do a separate one of your docs and one of your system. If your computer dies and you don't simply crash, and you are on an older version of windows, you won't be able to recover your programmes from your backup anyway as a new computer will have 7 installed. If you have software that you downloaded, along with the licence, back up the licence as a hard copy...........write the serial numbers somewhere and don't simply store them on your computer. Use windows to backup, not 3rd party software, at least that way newer versions of windows will recognise the backup. If a programme tells you that it has the ability to dual boot, don't be so sure, as it depends on your bios settings (I think?) I am probably preaching to the converted here and it's only me who has these problems :goofy: Also, just because you see a price, don't thinks that's it...............I didn't even have to haggle for this one................they know they're competing with on-line sales. On the brighter side, my computer has grown from 100gig to 1000. My ram from 2 to 6, my vid ram is now 6 also and my processor is faster making work in photoshop much, much faster.:spinny: As with vista on the laptop, I hate windows 7............too much going on, but I suppose this old fart will have to get used to it. Techies.............................you can stop laughing now :embarrassed:
  3. Hi guys, this is my first post around here, but looks like a very helpful forum! With all the questions I have, I'm sure I will get much more direct answers than I will surfing around on the 'net. Basically, I am British and my boyfriend is an Indonesian citizen, but living in Australia with Permanent Residency (has applied and been approved of Aussie citizenship, just waiting for what could be months for his ceremony to make it all official and final). So a bit of background on us.. We're pretty young to be getting into all this I suppose, but needs must and all. I am 19 and he is 21. We met online in 2008. Obviously not much we could do about the distance, being so young and jobless, but kept in touch and very 'close' until we were in a position to do anything about it. We knew we were serious and wanted to be together, and so I applied for a working holiday visa and arrived here in Aus in September last year, both to meet and move in with my boyfriend (and his family). Everything has been going perfect for the past 8 months or so since I arrived, and obviously the time is passing by quickly and so we are needing to do something about staying together long-term. Honestly, we aren't bothered about which country we end up in, our main concern is to stay together. Aus is looking much more practical for settling down in, mostly because he is still doing studies, plus the work/pay is much more appealing over here. -OUR PLAN- Obviously I will have to return to UK by September, as my 12 month WHV will be expiring. So basically we're hoping to bring him back with me until we can both return to Aus permanently with some kind of partner visa for myself. As mentioned, my boyfriend is in the process of applying for his Australian citizenship. We're told that the processing time could mean his ceremony (which will make it all final) could be as far away as September or October. Whilst he could travel on his Indonesian citizenship in the meantime, that would give him much more hassle entering UK re. visas etc, so we're hoping his Australian citizenship will be complete before September. Okay, now the real questions. 1). I understand there are several different partner visas. We were looking at De Facto (offshore) application, but thought I'd get some advice first. We will eventually marry, however obviously we're young and want to wait until we're ready, and not just marrying for the sake of making the visas simpler (though we are prepared to do this if it's our only option). We will have been living together for exactly one year by the time I/we go to the UK. We have been living with his parents/family and so won't have much 'evidence' as far as shared bills/rent goes, but we do have personal things (xmas cards etc) addressed to us both, I've kept travel tickets etc in both our names, plus tons of photos, and we plan to open a joint bank account asap. Given all of the above, what would be our best bet, partner visa-wise? I know there are options to apply whilst I am still here, but obviously we will have been 'together' for less than a year, so I'm assuming that would go against us. Any tips on what to do (also COSTS. We're young remember! ) would be greatly appreciated. 2). I've come across the term 'bridging visa' here and there, but only just pondered today whether this could be an option. We are really hoping to travel to UK for a few months together. We definitely don't want to be apart for the 5-6 month processing time that it seems a partner visa takes, but if his ceremony isn't out of the way by September, obviously I may have to go home a month or two before he joins me. Is there ANY type of bridging visa or similar that I could apply for just on the grounds that I want him to be with me when we go to UK? I.e., just until his citizenship is out of the way? I'm sure there's other things I need to ask/work out, but those are my main concerns right now, as obviously we are increasingly pressing for time. I'm sure more things will come to me as I'm reading your responses. :wink: Anyway, thanks for reading my post, and thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Sorry about the lengthy post! Cheers, Sophie.
  4. Hi everyone We have our house on the market at the moment and have PR visas for the last few years so hope to make the big move by December this year. We are taking our two dogs with us and I was wondering how long it takes to get the dogs tested/paperwork completed etc ? We arent sure when to get them tested and the paperwork done as i have heard once completed the tests are only valid for a few months and then they have to be done all over again? Those of you who have brought your dogs over or are in the process when do you decide to get them done? We arent sure whether to leave it until the house is sold but then if it takes a few months to complete we dont want to delay ourselves either. I have also heard there can be a waiting list in Perth quarantine kennels so we havent a clue how to get the timing right! Any advice welcome - thanks :wacko:
  5. This is going to be a difficult one I think, but here goes anyway. Do long term migrants and/or Aussies see Australia as I and some others do? OK, I have had a relationship with Australia for over thirty years, and I still look upon it as a truly wonderful country, I'd better explain that one. Whenever I walk into a shopping mall the smells, shops, people, still amaze me, so different to the UK, and each time I do so I am amazed at what I see, sense , etc. When I am fishing or sitting on a beach I still look out at the ocean and often pinch myself that this was a childhood dream, wonder at what is beneath the waves, and again the sights and smells fill me up with a great feeling. Even when in a supermarket, the food stuffs, atmosphere is so different to that of the UK that I often have to wake from my daydreaming and tell myself that I am actually there. Even just walking down the street I look around me and look at the buildings, people and tell myself how lucky I am to be here. I can NEVER really explain how I feel and what Australia does for me, to go into too much detail would be futile and I guess a little self indulgent to a degree, but I honestly don't think I can EVER convey what Australia means to me. So do you long term migrants or indeed born and bred Aussies still appreciate what the country is all about, and does it in strange way still excite you when you just get up in the morning and realise what is around you? So even after thirty odd years I still arrive, settle, stay in Australia and thank my lucky stars that I am able to do so. I am NOT ignoring Australia's many negatives, they are there, but the pros far outweigh the cons, for me anyway and whilst not immune to Australia's little idiosyncrasies I do try for all my might to look for the positives rather than the negatives. I hope this thread doesn't turn into a UK versus Australia thread, but hey ho. Edited To Add: I guess I feel like some do about the UK, though I love this country Australia does at the moment have more for me than here. Some people in the UK still wake up I imagine and love the scenery, sights, smells, and are genuinely excited at the prospect of another day spent here in a truly great country, so that is all I am saying, not trying to pick a fight and so on, but would like to hear others views on this subject. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  6. We are still waiting a week later and no response
  7. Hi everyone, My husband and I are trying to find the best way of contacting DIAC to get an update on our visa application. The short story is: We are using a visa agency who, unfortunately haven't been very professional or reliable, and we just want to check with DIAC that the agency has sent all our docs/paperwork that they SAY they have! (We chose this agency as we HAD previously used them for holiday visas, and they had been fine) We got our State Spons to WA in 2010, had a case officer allocated in Feb 2011, did medicals and UK police certs in March 2011 and sent all this off to the agent. Because we had to get police certs from South Africa as well, these took a bit longer and only arrived on 15 April 2011. I duly scanned and sent off the final certs to our agent on the same day. So....DIAC now have everything they need (as far as we know) but we have yet to hear anything regarding the visa!! Assuming our final paperwork was sent to DIAC on 15/04 or possibly 18/04 (a Monday) it has now been over a month that we've been waiting. I know some people have had to wait about 10 weeks, but from what I've read in these forums, that is quite unusual. Am I being unrealistic - moaning about waiting for a month, or should we have heard by now?:confused: We have the TRN number for our application, but don't know whether to ring up DIAC or email them to basically "check up" on our visa agent!! We don't want to rub anyone up the wrong way and get pushed to the bottom of the pile either. Another thing our agent told , is DIAC does not update their online document checklist. Is that correct? Because every time we've looked at the online progress of an application, nothing has been updated, except the dates that our medicals were finalised. It's still showing that our birth certificates, passport copies, evidence of qualifications etc etc is still outstanding. Any advice will be most appreciated. Thanks for reading all of this - it feels like I've typed a novel. :cute: Catherine
  8. Please could anyone help . We have had our 475 family sponsored application lodged since February 2010 , following a sucsessful vetases approval late 2009. Our Question is this. Have we moved on to cat 3 or are we still cat 4. Whether 3 or 4 could anyone provide an indication as to the current timelines with regard to processing of 475 visas , is anything moving ?
  9. Just received confirmation that OH passed VETASSESS, fingers crossed he passes the IELTS booked in for end of June....then we'll have just over the 120 pass mark and can apply for the 175! How long are people finding 175's are taking to process at mo? Guidance on Immi website says 18-24mths but wondered how realistic this is? Also we're already living in Australia, so am I right in thinking we can apply for a 175 but just need to go offshore when its ready to be approved??? Do we put our Australia or UK address on the application? Is there anything else we need to do or fill in differently?
  10. Dear All We sent our AITSL two weeks ago and was wondering when we should expect a confirmation of receipt of our application. Also how long after receipt can you expect to wait to hear from them to see if your skills test passes? I know 8 weeks is the round about time, has anyone had theres back any quicker? Thanks Carlie, Dan and Helena
  11. Hi all, Well, I think the waiting game is "almost" over!! We have sent off our meds and final pcc's in the last couple days - these were the last few outstanding documents that DIAC was waiting for. So, my quesion is: Providing there are no major queries at this stage in the game, HOW LONG 'TIL WE KNOW WHETHER IT'S A YAY OR NAY FOR THE VISA???? (We have applied for State Spons 176 visa) I'm going to be wearing down my finger pads, to keep checking the DIAC website!! :biggrin: Cx
  12. Hi Guys, Sure this must have been posted but can't find it....Does anybody know roughly how long it is taking to get a CO for a 176? We lodged our visa over a month ago now (11th March 2011) trying to b patient!! :wideeyed:
  13. TraxFM

    How long do I wait???

    Hello there! Just registered on this site to try and get some decent info as the official websites are doing my head in with all of their changes lately!:arghh: My husband is a fitter and we applied for a subclass 175 visa (i think!) in July 2009 when a 'fitter' was on the MODL. We were advised by our migration agents ASA that this process would take 12-18 months. last year 'fitter' was taken off the list and we were informed that because we lodged our app before they changed the list it would still be processed but could take 1 possibly 2 more years. Its coming up to 2 years in July and I really am getting fed up as my husband is now 43 and we are getting nervous as to whether it will come through in time or we were thinking could we try to go down the sponsored visa route as time is ticking!! :unsure: Any advice would be greatly appreciated from anyone who has been through this or just anyone that knows anything about the timescales.
  14. Hi, This is not really a migration issue (as I'm not migrating) and I'm not really a Pom, so first of all sorry for "hijacking" the forum, but I'm hoping someone might be well-versed in this visa business to offer some advice or help.... I have a bit of a complicated situation... I am a Canadian who has been in Australia for about 3 and a half years. For the first year and a half, I was here on 2 working holiday visas. Since the end of August 2009, I have been on a 457 visa which is valid for 2 years. Obviously that visa, and the associated work contract expire in a few months. I have recently (last month) married my Australian husband. I know you're now thinking, great, just apply for spousal sponsorship. Our issue is that we don't plan to stay in Australia. We would like to move to Canada for personal reasons. We don't feel that us spending $2500 for apply for spousal sponsorship is worth it when we plan to move away anyway. He is currently on a work contract until the end of this year. He is a teacher, and cannot leave in the middle of the year. Initially, we had planned for me to head back to Canada at the end of August and start getting us settled, and he would join me in December. However, it seems like such a long time to be seperated from my husband, and besides that, it leaves him to pack up all our stuff and organise getting it shipped over all on his own (and we have a 3 bdrm house worth of stuff to sort through - so not an easy task). Now I'm wondering if there's anyway I'd be able to be granted a tourist visa at the end of my 457 visa. I know that I would not be able to work, but since it would only be a for a couple of months (I'd probably want to leave in November due to some things going on in Canada) we would be fine on one income, and it would allow me time to get all our things organised. Can anyone give me some advise with this? Would I have to leave (to New Zealand) and gamble on being able to get a tourist visa granted from there to come back? Or is there any way to apply from onshore? What would my chances be of being approved? Obviously, I'm not applying for "tourist" reasons, but one of the reasons listed for granting a tourist visa says "to visit family or friends" and technically I want to be able to visit with my husband until he moves. I know my other option is to try to get my company to renew my contract and 457 visa... but I'm not sure if they would be willing (or able?) to do this for such a short period (3 months?) or if I'd have to lie to them that I planned to stay, and then quit after a few months, which I don't feel very comfortable with. I'd appreciate any advice that anyone can give me... I may contact an immigration attorney at some point but I thought I'd test the waters here first. I really want to make sure I don't overstay or do anything against my visa conditions as obviously, with my husband being Australian, we do plan to be back here visiting quite often, so I can't afford to become subject to an exclusion order. Thanks for any guidance that anyone can give... and thanks for reading my long question!!!
  15. just a quicky, Do you think I could travel from perth to Melbourne via Darwin, ayres rock, Queensland, Sydney in 6 months in a camper van? thanks Alan
  16. the raes

    SA sponsorship, how long

    hi can anyone tell me how long it is taking to ge sponsorship from SA, they have had our doc since 18th april. thanks pauline,david,callum
  17. Guest

    How long after medicals ???

    Hi We had our medicals last month and they have been received by Sydney on Friday. Now we are waiting for news - how long does this take???
  18. cluster13

    It's been a very long road !!!

    But after approaching migration from a difficult angle. Spending what seems like a huge amount of money and getting RSI from all the forms we have filled in......... We have it !!! As of today we are perm residents I know I have not contributed as much as I should have in recent months ( life does take over abit once you start living in this beautiful country) and I promos to try a bit harder from here on. We would have found it a damn site harder getting this far without the help and support of some of the users of this site. Especially during the early years ! The last 9 months have seen so much change but we are settled in a wonderful part of Sydney. Both working in jobs we enjoy and Maddie settled into school and doing well. Today's news means that we are free to stay and can realy start to think of OZ as home I hope you all get to live your dreams like I have.
  19. australia94

    Start of the long journey

    After 20 years of dreaming, I have finally started the long road towards migration. I have been reading the soap opera that is PIO for a while and have now decided that I can wait no longer and had to jump in with both feet. I have sent off my IELTS application today and tomorrow I'm going to speak to my head teacher and ask if she can sign my forms for trade recognition with AITSL (Not going to be a nice meeting). Going to wait until the changes happen in July (gives me extra points) before I apply for the visa. Had years of waiting and studying, working. I've spoken to my future Mother in law, who is in denial that I may be taking her child and only grandchildren to the other side of the world. I'm less popular than usual. Other half is excited but still concerned about her mum. I know its a long road but suddenly seems real. Weird feeling that I have taken the first step, instead of just talking and dreaming about it. I have no doubt that there will be ups and downs, laughter and tears. So be prepared for lots of questions (I'll try to search the forum first). Good Luck to all of you that are on the same journey whether at the start like me, stuck in limbo, just got your visa (lucky sods) or already in the land of Oz.
  20. Guest

    how long do you give it

    HI long time lurker first time poster, i was wondering what time piriod people were giving it b4 heading back? km
  21. Saqibqu

    How long it will take more 457?

    Hi all I submitted my application on 20th feb and nomination was approved on 11th march and fraud done on 14th march since then no response. My status updated to application being processed further on 29th April what does it mean? And when shud I expect a decision? I have also heard that flood applicants are getting priority like those who are related to building side is that true ? Thanks
  22. Guest

    How long wait for 487

    I applied for 487 got ss from new south wales off list cat 3 applied on 5 th November 2010 my medicals and Pcc submitted too I am in there current process date too but have not got co yet can anyone say how long would it be? I got mail frm them in march to submit my Pcc and medical that was not co though anyone please answer
  23. Hi everyone, Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone that has posted on here, although i feel like i'm eavesdropping some of the discussions have greatly helped me in my migration process. Anyway a little more about me and my situation - I am a registered mental health nurse that qualified in August 2010, got my first position in November 2011 and started to apply to move to Australia in the November. After some initial enquiries we found that it could take up to or over 12 months to get everything ready to move, but as I was so newly qualified this was not such a bad thing as the longer it took the more experience I would have and the more likely I was to gain employment. (On the employment side, I had already lived in Australia on a working holiday visa a few years back therefore I needed to find a hospital to sponsor me.) Anyway it is now April and I have a firm job offer and all I am waiting is for my registration to go through and my Visa to be sorted then I should be off to Melbourne in September! I can not wait! I thought I would let myself be known on the forums and as I have been through quite a bit of the process if any other newbies have any questions feel free to message me.
  24. paulswin

    How long once you've validated

    Does anyone know once you've validated your visa how long do you get before you have to go back? Is it 1 year then you have to do 4 yearsin Oz??
  25. Guest

    How long????

    Hi guys new to the site, could anybody please tell me the processing times for nursing registration is currently taking. Granted i have only just sent the forms off but just would like to have some idea. Ta