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Found 1,008 results

  2. we are hoping to go to australia in october 2011. looking to fly with either United Emirates or Singapore Airlines. We have a 3 year old girl, so want an airline good with kids, good flight times. also want to have a stop over for a couple of days. has anyone done this and if so, where did you fly to and where did you stay. My OH wants somewhere our little girl will enjoy. so what is there to do for a few days break. any advice would be great cheers nicola
  3. Guest

    Hire Car, how long?

    Just a quickie for you people that have done it, how long would you reckon to hire a car for? a few days or a week or more? We're flying into Perth at 3pm on a Monday, would a few days be enough to find a car and buy it/insure? or would it be better keeping the hire car over till the following monday? theres only a coupla hundred $$ difference in price. Ta
  4. Hello folks, this is my first thread, so please be gentle with me. Was wondering roughly how long it takes to get a yey/ney after getting medicals and police checks done/:jiggy:
  5. Hello, After coming back from our reccie a few weeks ago, we think we are going to live in one of these 3 areas. 1. Kingsley http://reiwa.com.au/Buy/Pages/More-info.aspx?SearchType=RESRENT&prop_no=1&listingid=10067505&listingno=3067674&puid=0 2. Joondalup http://reiwa.com.au/Buy/Pages/More-info.aspx?SearchType=RESRENT&prop_no=9&listingid=1189051&listingno=2810602&puid=0 3. Aveley http://reiwa.com.au/Buy/Pages/More-info.aspx?SearchType=RESRENT&prop_no=1&listingid=10066904&listingno=3067072&puid=0 above, I have put links to rental houses under $500 per week, each area has has it's pros and cons 1. kingley - pros - nice wide green street, central location, safe area.close to the beach cons - don't get as much property for money, older houses 2. Joondalup - pros - central, lots going on in the area, close to the beach, good vibe in the area cons - don't get as much property for your money, older houses, more populated 3. Aveley - pros - new houses, lots of parks, clean cons - slightly cut off, half hour drive to the beach, no public transport there, limited activities all locations are roughly the same distance to the airport. I am drawn to living in Aveley because I love the idea of the nice new houses with the nice alfresco areas, and the theatre rooms. I also believe this is where you will spend most of your time as you are not going to go the beach/ out everyday. My wife, although she like the new houses, is drawn to Joondalup for the location, the fact that everything is there for there for you and it is not too far from th beach. We both quite like kingsley. I know everyone is different, but if you live in one of these areas, or are thinking of living in or know these areas, please can we have your views. thanks, Alan
  6. Hi me and my partner have just recently really started thinking of migrating to Oz we have talked about it for years but now my partner is studying engineering the dream can become a reality in about 5/6years. Just wondered how long from deciding to go till you got your visas it has taken?
  7. Guest

    how long after medicals

    I recently completed my medicals in australia for an offshore application 175 as requested by my caseofficer. I completed my medicals on 22 of june, but it still says on the immi website 'requested' does anyone know how long it takes for them to update this status to recieved, met, or reffered????? The wait is killing me!!!
  8. Hi, just wondering from people that have already made the move how long it took for their shipping containers to get from a to b? I was thinking it would be about 6 weeks but if anyone has any information they can give me it would be greatly appreciated :jiggy:
  9. Guest

    its a long road to perth!

    hi all, i'm new to the site and thought i would add a post to see if i could gain any advise. i have wanted to move to perth years ago! i'm a single parent to 2 boys, 4 and 5 years. i have been studying accounting for the last 3 years, my final exams are within weeks! then i am 1 years work experience away from applying for visa. in that year i will be applying to courts for permission to take the boys as well as saving, saving, saving. is there much more i can do at this time?? I have visited perth and seen my best friend and her family so i have visited schools and areas i would love to live, my mum knows people in her company to help with job interviews when there. how much will i need to save for when i get out there? is it very hard to apply for a visa without an agent? any advise would b grateful thank you!!:smile:
  10. How long is it to realistically find a long tem house rental in Canberra in Beginning of October this year? Not sure how long to book a short term furnished place. Would 4 weeks be enough? Arrive October 11th.
  11. Hi, I got my CO in Apr2011 due some relationship issue, i was allow to change my sponsor. All document was submitted oto CO n 20 May, but until today i still yet to receive any news. Anyone have an idea normally how long it take to finalise my visa. Big thanks :hug:
  12. Guest

    How Long do I have to Wait?

    Hi guys, Got requested meds in the beginning of Feb, but was unable to do them as the wife was 6 months pregnant. So i informed my CO and she said that was fine to have them done after the baby was born. Baby was born at the end of April, got birth certificate and passport done fairly quickly and got meds booked for the 1st June, during this time i asked the CO to add the newborn to the application and on e-health system. We done the meds for the whole family but the baby wasnt on the e-health system and the rest of the family were, so the medical center had to send the medical report off manually with a std form 26. I've checked the tracking number with DHL and the documents have arrived in Sydney on the 14th June! Sooooooooooo how much longer do i have to wait for these to be received as its still showing Meds outstanding on the my online application and all ours are FINALISED!:huh: Or can i email anyone to check progress on the babys medical report? Just very anxious as i know i'm very close to that golden ticket!:wideeyed: Sorry for the life history!
  13. I sent my skills assessment details to Engineers Australia by Royal Mail Air Sure on Saturday last week. For the last 5 days the Royal Mail website simply says "Passed to our overseas partner in Australia for delivery" How long do things normally take to get there? Its just a rigid envelop (the Do Not Bend type), slightly bigger than A4.
  14. Guest

    How long ?

    How long after medicals and police checks have been sent, do you usually hear about your visa.......do they email or send something by post ?
  15. Hi Guys We applied 176 family sponsor in Aug 10. We got a case officer on the 6th June he requested further work experince documents and more evidence of 19 year old son's dependency. I have sent all documents on the 14th June since then heard nothing check list showing documents as requested. I check everyday nothing has changed should i email case officer or just wait. Please advise wait is driving me mad. Thanks:mad:
  16. Hello All Just a bit of advice for you lot coming home. Its bloody hard, I've been back 3 years now and still not totally got life back in order. I have never regretted coming back, just regret going in the first place. This country is not what it used to to be but it still has alot going for it. Emotionally you will have ups and downs. You just have to work at it. and remember what you did like like About Aus or being away from the mother land. What you have to remember is life has not changed that much for those you left behind. So don't let it put your nose out of joint just because they dont hold a welcome home party with banners down the motorway and a band playing as you enter town. Its just not going to happen, give it a week and it'll be that you never left to every one else. But thats not what its all about so don't get all in a differ about it. What you want to do is get back into live as quickly as possible. Aus is is an amazzing country so think long and hard about coming back. Aus has a great future and a life stlye not betterd by many country, and I could not argue with anyone who says their life is complete in Aus. but for me this country has culture, history and vibrancie Australia lacks. It has far many more walts than Aus but life is never boring (ok most of the time it's not) Good luck all Bod
  17. Hi guys. Can anyone who has been through the process advise the following. Moving to Perth and will be looking to secure a long term rental hopefully in Joondalup Area or surrounding suburbs. In your experience how quickly can a long term rental be secured. I sort of need this one answered so I know how much short term furnished accommodation i need to book:biggrin: Thanks for any advice or guidance offered:wink:
  18. I have lodged my file my in august 09 for 886 but still its not been moved i dont knw how long do i need to wait for it to open and i m confused is it worth to wait for it or shall i try to get 7 bands in ielts and go for 887 as i hav completed my master in commerce. Very confused and worried plzz plzz some give me suggestion or any1 who had gone through 886 pls share ur experience i m really worried for this.
  19. MikeW

    How long to find 6 month rental

    Hi, Our flights are booked for Sat 25th June from Manchester to Sydney to myself, wife and 2 children. We are planning on staying in Sydney for a night or two before heading to Canberra. I will start work the following Monday. I'm looking into short term furnished rental until I can secure a 6 month house rental. My question is, how long would it take for us to find a 6 month rental? Is this something we should be able to do over 2-3 weekends? Or is the rental market so competitive it may take much longer? Thanks, Mike.
  20. Guest

    Advised not long now,scarey

    Hi,just hand delivered all paper work to london office,they have said because off all the changes we might be ready to go within six months,god it has been over 2 years when we started visa but am now feeling really nervous and wondering if makeing right move,scarey,scarey,scarey :confused:
  21. Guest

    How long after Medicals ?

    Hi Guys We have been requested Medicals which we cant get any eailer than the 22nd June (Ive phoned EVERY place in the UK listed on the website) and I have a job that starts on the 11th July (Working Holiday Visa), they are unable to wait for the PR Grant.... So how long after youve been for the Medical does it take to go through ? I know they are posted via e-Health jazz.... Also when we get the 'Granted' status...what do we do then ? do we have to travel to Australia House in London to get our Passports Stamped etc... I fear well be in Oz when ours is granted and so we'll have to visit NZ and come back in, again how would we work this, visit the Australian Embassy in NZ ? Confused. :arghh: Thanks Jess and Matt
  22. Hi All We have just made the big move down under and are currenty staying with family in queensland. We intend to move to Darwin at the end of July to look for work (we got a PR visa SS from NT). Our personal belongings are due to arrive Mid to late August. We plan to rent a property for the first 12 months. I know its expensive in Darwin so we are looking at Palmerston to make it a little cheaper if possible. Can anyone recommend a good agent to use? We also think we'll need temporary accomodation when we first arrive and were thinking of a holiday rental but as its peak season its very expensive and there are few to choose from on quick searches on the net. Again, has anyone got any suggestions? We are happy to travel into the city while we are there so could live on the outskirts. cheers Jo
  23. kasper5

    Volunteering long term

    I am interested to know if there are any visas that would allow me to volunteer (with expenses) long term in Oz every year. I have given up hope of migrating but am considering setting up an NGO which would only run for the UK summer (it would be dealing with farm interns and volunteers). After that it could be set up for me to volunteer for say 4 months in Oz every year with a friendly NGO (something akin to the WWOOF scheme). Essentially this allows me to "live" in Oz for a while. The company I would set up could provide me with a health insurance package and expenses etc so I would break even. I have the experience and connections to make this work if the visa issue isnt a problem. Does anyone have any advice?
  24. hello pommy friends we have been in the process of moving from aberdeen to sydney two and a half years now.... our police checks have come back and sent off, last step is medicals in 5 weeks. Can anyone tell me how long it took for your visa to arrive AFTER your medical? and on the day of your medical ( for permanent residence visa) do you get any sort of information about how it went and results and things? were very excited our house is up for sale and our two children under 7 cannot wait!!!!! cheers , jodz x
  25. Guest

    how long is it taking you?

    Hi we are secondary school teacher and electrician and are curious as to how long its taking people from starting the process i.e IELTS test to getting the visa rubber stamped? it all seams like its so different for different occupations, we are applying for a 175 visa.