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Found 1,008 results

  1. Hi guys, I am about to make travel arrangements after my 119 visa has been approved by the case officer. I think about going to New Zealand to the Consulate in Auckland. Has anyone any timeline like how much time they really need ? Everyone tells a different story. The Consulate wrote me 2 working days. My case officer said 4-5 working days. My agent says 3 working days... Its quite an issue for me because I dont want to spend a whole week in Auckland + booking the flights if the visa is coming the next day. Has anyone any experiences to share ?
  2. Hi, I am just about to apply for my 175 (after my IELTS next week) but the processing time is 18 Months which is way too long since I am rather impatient and I'm keen to get over there. Could I apply for my 175 in August, then apply for a WHV (417) in December and go out immediately in Dec/Jan on the WHV while I wait for the 175 to be approved? Do I have to be in the UK for any of the medicals etc? I know I will have to come out of Aus just before the 175 is granted but I will just pop over to NZ for a week or so Oh and finally, could I qualify to take my car out on the 417? Probably not Im thinking! I would have to wait for the 175 to be granted and come back to get it! Luke
  3. I have flown on a few long haul flights & the thing I hate the most... is when you get off the flight after doing 12 hours on a plane, knowing that you have to wait around while you get on another plane & do another 8 hours!!! So... when I was checking out flights the other day I saw a Qantas flight that goes from LHR to Melbourne direct... 22 hours... This really appeals to me (I think it will be less hassle with 2 young children)... so... although it is a bit more expensive I was thinking about booking it today... I just wanted any thoughts on the matter, has anyone else done such a long flight??? What was it like??? Thanks Susie
  4. Hi All, I am Shrikant Tawani working in Qatar as a Process Control Engineer. I have lodged my GSM (175) Visa application on 21-06-2011. I am curious to know generally how long does it take to assign a Case officer to any application? My details in brief 1. IELST - 7.5 overall (7 + in each band) 2. Skills Assessment done - as Electronics Engineer by Engineers Australia on 13-06-2011 3. GSM 175 Visa application lodged on 21-06-2011 4. Priority Group:- 04 5. Work experience - 6.5+ years as Instrumentation and Control Engineer in Oil and Gas, Refineries and Petrochemical industries. 6Marital Status:- Married with one kid 7. Spouse Qualication :- P.G in Commerce and have worked as Primary school teacher. Looking forward to hear on this! Thank you all in advance. :smile: Regards, Shrikant
  5. How long will it take to assign CO for my Application? Time makes me crazy......................................... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  6. Hi guys, I've send my 2nd stage application about 4 weeks ago to the department and I'm wondering if it really takes 3-7 months before a Spouse PR gets granted. I've send them all the bits and pieces of proof like joint account statements, joint mortgage, pictures, Statutory Declarations, house hold bills, joint travel, etc. I would like to go and visit my family back in Europe while it's still summer over there but the department gave me the advice to stay in Australia until I hear about the visa. I don't want to apply for a bridging visa because I'm afraid they'll put my application on hold for who knows how long. Does anyone have any experience with the processing times for a Spouse PR? Thanks
  7. Hi all, so im finally on my last strech of my partner visa application! i just handed in further evidence for my visa in person at the sydney office- i was just wondering if anyone knows how long it'll roughly take for the CO to read it through and get back to me with a decision? it seems that alot of september applicants are now being processed and the wait is killing me! any sort of indication would be great thanks alot :biggrin:
  8. Guest

    how long for a 457 visa

    Hi all, I submitted my sponsored visa on 30th June, and my status has not changed online. In your experiance's how long should it take? cheers Wayneo
  9. We are paying for a 'holiday rental' when we first arrive.... But how long should we stay in it?....Bearing in mind, they are more expensive than 'rentals' :yes:
  10. Hi....we got our case officer on the 14/6/11 requesting further info...(for my non migrating daughter to have full med & police clearance) this info has now been sent. roughly how long do we expect to wait for our visa......as we are ready to go and want to book flights and ship our stuff?:wacko: Thanks for any replies........
  11. Can anyone give me an idea of timeframe of getti visa after medicals and police checks have been compete, we are applying SASS 176, DIAC have all requested docs including meds etc and just wondered how ling process takes from this point? Thanks
  12. Hello Everyone, Well we have been here for just over 6 weeks and overall are loving it here in Sunny Sydney. Here is my arrival report, sorry its long winded! After a frantic last 48 hours in the UK which was nothing like we planned (due to my partner breaking her foot!), we finally got the ok for Claire to fly and left heathrow with Singapore airlines. The airline were fantastic with seating, special assistance etc, and the A380 was really comfortable, it made the whole experience go much quicker I thought (may have been due to multiple singapore slings mind you!). We chose to fly with a short stopover only and it was by far the best flight I have had to Oz. Sydney weather was pretty grey when we arrived, I then had to start work with an induction in Melbourne the next day - and was delayed due to fog in melbourne and storms coming back to Sydney...not what I was hoping for but at least the Sun came out eventually and has been amazing an sunny if a little cool for the last few weeks. For reference we stayed in the Travelodge in Wentworth - not a bad hotel and location for the price. We then had a months rental in Bondi, which was nice but not really worth the money....even though the location was wonderful. Rentals are available here but tend to be a bit pricey so realestate.com.au is a must, we were pretty prepared with employers letter and bank statements etc, but be warned if you have no rental history (we own in the UK), this does seem to make a difference. Also we planned for a month in the short term let but 3/4 weeks would be enough if you know the area you want to live in. In the end we stumped for Dee Why and are loving our nearly new apartment, its almost on top of coles and really close to loads of express routes to the city (taking around 35-40 mins), and about 10 mins walk to the beach :biggrin: We have bought most furniture here which was expensive, but used the sales (freedom furniture for sofas, 2nds world for fridge and washing machine), so its not been as bad as we thought. One word of advice for Ikea, if you arrange a delivery as we found they will not enter inside a building of more than 25 metres, what this meant for us is they dumped everything inside the apartment complex ground floor but would not use the lift to the apartment - made worse by the fact they were 4 hours late and claire had to hobble with a broken foot and move things inside (I had to go back to work), luckily some nice chaps helped otherwise we would have been stuck. I did live in Australia a few years ago so cost wise it does seem more expensive (but all places have price rises), I know its said multiple times elsewhere but if you shop around, try and spend in dollars rather than pounds (hard I know if your waiting on salary for the 1st month). Some things are cheaper e.g Steak, Cauliflower (hugh one for 99 cents), and petrol, some electrical stuff etc... We also shipped a lot of kitchen stuff, clothes etc via seven seas, its due to us in about 2 weeks - I would advise if you are coming over its worth shipping at least some things due to the prices and the exchange rate - seven seas were very efficient (hoping our stuff will arrive soon and I am still saying that):wink: Work wise I am in the city and my partner started her new job today after a week of temping, there are plenty of jobs but in my opinion you need to really chase up the agencies when you get here as they can be bad at keeping in touch. In the UK we were big fans of Groupon, well here they have loads of similar sites, Stardeals, Scoopon, Spreetz etc - great deals on eating out, hair cuts, holidays etc, we have had some lovely meals, whale watching and other deals so far - be warned this can be very addictive! So much more to say but I will leave it there, if anyone needs any advice I will try and assist where I can. Have a great week Tracy x
  13. Hi my husband has just started the process of applying for Skilled Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175)? I will be joining him as his wife of course! Has anyone else followed this route and could advise on how long it took from start to grant of visa? Our agent say around 18mths as they receive 100,000 applications per year. We were hoping the process would take no longer than 12mths.
  14. fourcorners

    How long before applying for PR?

    We are looking at moving out to Kalgoorlie in October on 457 visas, having previously spent 18 months living and working in Australia. We intend to apply for PR as soon as possible and with my partners job we will be asking for PR sponsorship to be part of the employment package (we know they have done this in the past with friends). The question is, I know usually you have to be living/working for 2 years before applying, but will our previous 18 months count towards that? Or does it have to be a continuous 2 year period? It would be nice if we could start applying in 6 months time.... I think if we had to wait another two years we would go down the independent PR route.
  15. Guest

    Long Lost Aussie Paperwork

    As some of you will know I have had a love affair with Australia since I was a kid, and to some degree my granddads relationship with the country had a huge bearing on me as well. It was in actual fact with my nan and granddad that I found the mystical 'Boomerang' on a cold Norfolk beach many moons ago. My granddad (now departed,:cry:) was in the Merchant Navy for a time and at looonnnggggg last my mum has managed to get hold from a relative his log book from his time in the merchant navy, to say I am over the moon would be an understatement of massive proportions. To cut a long story short I have included several photos of the pages in the log book where it clearly shows that he went to Australia many years ago on several occasions.:notworthy::notworthy:. To hold this in my hand is indeed and honour and a privilege, and as if I still have that connection between pop, Australia and me. I remember when I first went out there my pop was the first to ask how I found it and we would talk g=for hours about Australia. There are also has several pictures of the Harbour Bridge only half BUILT, but a blooming relative reckons they have 'lost' those,:mad:. So this thread is nothing more than a bit of sentimentality, won't mean a lot to most, but sitting here looking at his log book has bought a tear to my eye, and only reinforced the notion that I have that Australia was meant to be (for me) on so many levels. Edited to add. If anyone has any memorabilia (particular the older stuff) to do with Australia that they no longer want I would willing pay for any items, in particular any part of The Endeavour,:yes::yes::cool: Cheers Tony.
  16. When you get successful state sponsorship how long do you have to submit your visa application with DIAC? I think I may have read that you get 30 days but not sure if I'm imagining it! I'm applying for a 176 with South Australia sponsorship.
  17. Hi, sorry this would of been asked before but I need some up to date info please. How long is the waiting time if you apply for a spouse visa off shore (whist in UK)? Has anyone gone to Australia on a temp visa and then applied for spouse visa on shore (whilst in Australia). Would it be best to fill in visa application including the police check and then wait for the medicals to be requested? Thanks x Just remembered forgot to ask. My children have citizenship via descent as I was born in Australia. On my husbands visa application form it asks for the childrens australian passport numbers. I havent got the passports yet (as they expire within 5 years), but I do have the citizenship papers. Is it necessary to get the passports yet, I was going to get them when my husbands visa is granted.
  18. Hi we are young family re-locating to melbourne from brisbane and need a month long 2 bed furnished let within a half hour drive from cheltenham. Don't mind if it's flat/villa/house so long as it is clean/comfortable and quiet - not on or near a busy main road or highway or near/overlooking a train/tram track and in a reasonably safe area with on street parking if no spaces. We need somewhere from 24 April for 28 days and our budget is 700-1000$ a week but we would like to see photos before booking. The property will of course be left spotless. We need to sort somewhere asap and will consider most areas if they're within driving distance and on a quiet street. many thanks Rebecca
  19. Guest

    How long for Queensland ss?

    Hi everyone, I can't find any other posts on this topic and was wondering if anyone could tell me how long it takes to process an application for ss for Queensland? My husband got his IELTS results today (yipee!) so we can now move on to the ss application. We are thinking about applying to WA and to Queensland. Has anyone applied to more than one state? We are having difficulty deciding between the two. My husband is a civil engineer with 12 years experience (mostly in in large road projects) and I'm a solicitor with 8 years experience in commercial law. Thanks very much for any help you can give us! KAte.
  20. april.will

    Paper based medicals - how long?

    Hi we had our medicals last week, on line application, except we had to do our sons as a paper application because I couldnt download his form. Now the medical arrived in sydney on monday and wondered if anyone knew how long it takes to get to your CO or anyone been in similar situation? Any help would be very grateful as we are desperate to know the outcome, been on the visa laddder for nearly 3 years and just want to know move to OZ or move on. thanks in advance april :huh:
  21. Hi everyone I have just sent off my application for a determination of qualification to AEI-NOOSR. I have applied for a determination on a uk BA (hons) degree. I need this assessment for a company to start sponsorship for me and my family. They wont start the procedure until it has been approved. has anyone sent an application into these people that can give me a clue on how long approx it will take. i understand every case is different but some kind of clue would be good so im not watching the post for the next 6 months :biggrin:. i have asked AEI-NOOSR but they wouldnt give any answers. some indication would be good and would settle me for a while :biglaugh:. Thank you xx
  22. londonengineer

    457 Nomination - How long?

    Hi all, I'm changing jobs with a valid 457 and my new employer has lodged an nomination application for me. I'm a straightforward case with no dependents and will be working as a structural engineer for a company with it's head office in Brisbane. How long are people finding nominations take to approve at the moment? My last one was approved overnight! It's been 2 1/2 weeks now and things in my current job aren't good.. I'm going nuts!!! Thanks
  23. Hi, am in rather a unique situation and would appreciate any info. Husband and I came out with baby son on 457 in 01/08. Had son no.2 here 01/09. Hubby's company sponsored us for permanent residency - hurrah! Mum died 06/09 - back to UK for 3 months, hubby stayed in Oz. Younger sister dies of breast cancer 01/10. 05/10 - we get PR - yay good news finally. A week later I am diagnosed with breast cancer. Nightmare really begins. Father gets special visa and comes out to look after kids while I undergo surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. I tell Hubby I cannot cope if the cancer comes back again and we need to go back to UK. He understands and agrees. I am in a mess because I wouldn't have considered going back if the cancer hadn't happened but am now worried what will happen if it comes back. I used the online tool and found that we would be eligible to apply for citizenship 01/12. How long would it take? Because my sister's cancer metastasised in 12 months and I am terrified I will be here and alone, whereas I have friends and family in the UK. I also need to think about my husband and 2 small sons and whilst there is a brighter future here for them, it would be hard for them if the worst happens. I am not being negative, just pragmatic. I do have a high risk of metastasis. I am prepared to hang out a little longer for their sakes but I need to know how long it all takes. Thanks.
  24. Hello All, I am seeking flat share / house share with other easy going professionals. From the people i have spoken with so far east sydney seems to be ideal but am interested in any area, i have a flexible budget within reason and need to move asap. If you have heard of any vacancies it would be great to hear from you. Thanks, Paul 26
  25. janice1uk

    Long wait finally over

    :biglaugh: Visa Granted after a very long journey. First appointed agent in Feb 2008 and all the changes effecting us and changing from a 175 to a ss 176, medicals were referred for just under 4 months. Today we got or visa they have granted a 175 in the end. So SA here we come. Thanks for all the support without Poms in oz and poms in adelaide i think i would have gone insane. Good luck to all still waiting.:biggrin: