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Found 1,008 results

  1. Hi Everyone, My husband is eligable to appy for citizenship in June next year. We were just wondering how long it takes from application to being issued with citizenship.We live in WA. Not sure if different areas have different time frames. Any advise would be great. Thanks x
  2. Guest

    ENS from 457.. how long?

    Hi Guys, Long time no speak - been busy Two quick questions - - How long do i need to be on a 457 before i'm eligible for ENS. I've got a positive skills assessment. So can i apply after 1 day? - How long does it take to process ENS? - Do i need police checks & all the giberish from back home? Thanks again PIO, you rock my world, dave mc
  3. Hi all, I thought i'd put something on here as it can't come to anything less that my proper searches done to date. I work for BAE Systems (Defence Contractor) as a Senior Commercial Officer (started 5.5 years ago as an Estimator) with very extensive knowledge of the function (Estimating, Procurement and Contracting). I am looking for roles within a similar field (incl. Construction) for short term work (as only on a WHV) in Melbourne. I've applied for literally 100s of jobs but nothing has come of it - not even an interview (I assume it's the visa thing!). Do you guys know of anything around or am I "urinating in to gale force winds" as it were? Cheers, Stuart
  4. Hi PIO, thought I would post an update since spending our first week in Sydney. After travelling what felt like forever (in reality it was only 22 hours including a quick turnaround in Bangkok) we landed at 8 am in Sydney and got through both immi and customs without a second glance. The customs lady did ask us if we had any sausages (???) but we were let through once she was satisfied nothing was hiding in our pockets... my husband has been laughing about this since, of all the things we could have been carrying they were concerned about a few bangers! Unfortunately our hotel wouldn't let us check in until the afternoon so we decided to drive into Sydney centre to have a look around. Seeing the city, opera house etc was quite surreal at that time of the morning and with all that jet lag! Took advantage of being in town to collect our bank cards from NAB having already opened the account online and just wandered round in awe. After spending a lot of dollars on parking we vowed solemnly to always take the train from here on... Husband popped into work to say hello and they have been very good and let him off all afternoons so we can find a house. This has been an interesting experience. All I can say is that if you want somewhere half decent it is going to be expensive. My husband is based in Yagoona but we didn't want to live here and have looked at the Hills area finally settling on Winston Hills. Most places we saw at the $500 mark I wouldn't have let a dog sleep there, and in England I believe squatters may even have turned their noses up. I am not kidding when I say this. We saw cupboards hanging off hinges, peeling wood, manky carpets and bathrooms from museum era, the lot. Luckily finally found a house yesterday that is clean and has modern kitchen and bathroom and since none of the other viewers seemed interested we placed the application there and then and got a call 10 minutes later to say we had been approved. Although it is not the house of our dreams, it will be a decent stopping point until we have got our bearings and understood exactly where we would like to live. Yesterday we drove out to Coogee to see the beach and signed up with the local diving club, we are both experienced divers and this is one of our main priorities! Tony who met us was so friendly and we have already been invited to a club BBQ on the 14th Sept which will be good to make some friends. Coogee and Bondi are really pretty and it seemed like a good place to escape too to get out of town. Also drove out to Eastern Creek to see the 3 fat cats. One recognised us as we were walking down the path and meowed his little head off! the other two played hard to get and basically let us know they were not amused, but they are all well and we will look forward to collecting them on 9th Sept. The attendants at quarantine are fantastic, so patient, and this really does make a difference. So far it all still seems quite surreal, we have had a fairly balanced week with ups and downs, a few stressy moments but all in all we are coping well. It will be good to move into the house and start to establish a routine again and of course get the cats home. This weekend we are shopping for a sofa bed (thank goodness for Ikea) and some other bits and pieces, then having dinner in Sydney with husband's boss and Sunday we hope to book a whale watching trip from the harbour. Sorry it is a bit long but after all the support I have received on here I wanted to give something back! Will update more as the adventure continues. xxx
  5. Hi all, Quick q - does anyone know how long to remove a 175 Visa from the DIAC system (once the request has been received)? Also, for an online 'saved' application (176 Visa) - if you've forgotten the id number/password, how long does the Adelaide Centre take to clear that from the system (so you can start again)? I've been a complete wally, need to get this sorted asap. Thanks for any thoughts. K
  6. Hi there I'm a newby to the forums here and I also want to say thanks for everyone who adds their tuppenceworth - I've found it very helpful, but can't find an answer to this question anywhere. My background is that I and my sibling are Oz citizens having migrated from the UK, and we sponsored our parents for an onshore aged parent 804 visa. They applied for the visa 2.5 years ago and were given a bridging visa type A within 4 weeks, but they still don't have a queue date. I've called and emailed immmigration several times over the last year and they often say that the queue date/case officer allocation is "imminent", or "they won't have to wait long" but nothing every happens. The last couple of times that I've emailed them they either misinterpret my request (I don't know how - they don't seem to take the time to read the whole email) and answer a question I haven't asked, or simply don't respond. Can anyone provide me with feedback as to how long it takes to get a queue date? Immigration's voicemail still says 15 months, which is patently wrong based upon my/my parent's experience. Thanks heaps!
  7. Guest

    How long for cat 5

    Just curious that how long we have to wait ?? Some says they will start processing cat5 from dec 2011or Jan 2012 . But no expert advice. I asked my agent and she said, she dont know even DIAC don't know about it . I am oct 2009 885 applicant waiting from around two years !
  8. hi everyone just wondered what current processing time of victoria ss is? Anyone had any recent experience, be great to hear from you x
  9. Hi all I have been living in Australia for over 5 years. After a long batte with migration I finally got my permanent visa in 2009. I would like to apply for Australian citizenship now, I see myself living here long term, however, I will move back to Switzerland for one year or longer, from 2012 onwards. Family issues affected this decision. I just moved up to Darwin, I used to live in Sydney. I have ordered my book now for the test. How long will it take from lodging the application to becoming a citizen and getting a passport? The faster the better as I would like to move back in January.... Is that possible? I heard the process can take longer than 6 months? My permanent visa will run out in 2014. What if I just move back and come back before it runs out, without becoming a citizen? Are there any risks? Thank you for your help, much appreicated :-) And yes, I am not from England, but I love this forum :biggrin: Cheers, Karin
  10. Guest

    -how long has it taken you!?

    I HAVE STARTED THIS THREAD SO WE CAN ALL FEEL MORE POSOTIVE AND FEEL LIKE OUR VISAS ARE GETTING SOMEWHERE! THANKYOUUUU! <3 Hi im Ellouise, Im still in waiting for my visa (last remaining relitive visa) it has only been yr & a half since we put in the application but it feel like FOREVERR! People say that a yr & a half isnt long but its taking ages! Please feel free to comment how long it took your visa to come through as it would be great to knoww! :biggrin: Thankyouuu! P.s -If anyone that is going on the last remaining relitive visa like me, please can you say how long it took you/ or taking you! as not many people on here seem to be going on that visa, we have had problems with it as they have CAPPED! it before letting 200 now to 20 per yr! ARE YOU HAVING THOSE PROBLEMS!? xxx
  11. simonwilliams

    long term rentals

    hi were moving down to rockingham perth in december just got a couple of questions to ask if anyone can help.... we decided to rent our house out in wales as we knew we wouldnt get a good sale on it so when we get there were renting long term does anyone know do they do long term rentals or do we have to renew every six months ....2nd question can i hang my own pictures up if any one can help that would be great. regards suzanne
  12. foy465

    ENS 856..roughly how long?

    Can anyone please tell me, how long roughly did it take from the beginning to actually getting your 856 visa awarded?... Thanks in advance :biggrin:
  13. Hi, We only lodged our application for a 176 last week, and have done our medicals today to speed up the process. I am worried that we did them too early. Does anyone know how long they are vlid for? Also, anyone that has applied since 1 July 2011, preferably for 176, how long did it take to get a CO? We are sending off for police clearance certificates next week. One last question regarding docs reqd within 28 days of lodging. I have attached everything I thought was needed, but e mail sent to me goes on about form 80 and form 1221 (to do with character). The website states form 1071i is needed too (to dowith health). Anyone bother with these or did you just go with your document checklist? Sorry, off the topic majorly! Thanks for any help Popy
  14. How long do you commute in the mornings to get to work The reason i ask this is........ the place we will be renting for a little while( holiday let ) will be quite a drive /train journey to OH's new workplace . Just wondering if he is the only nutter who will be driving more than a hour + to get to work . Thanks Brides x
  15. We're thinking of emigrating next year after Crimbo next year, and I'm wondering how long in general it took everyone to get theirs. Also, my OH (the Aussie) said we can apply for it whilst in Australia? If so, does one get the visitor visa first? It would just save us about $1000 so would like to do this if we can.
  16. 176 eVisa has been lodged. Case Officer has been assigned. Supporting docs have been uploaded. Had an email from CO confirming that everything we have sent to date is sufficient and that our application will be put on hold until after our baby is born at the end of Sept. If anyone else has been through a similar process, could you share with me roughly how long afterwards did the process take. We plan to register her birth asap. Does a birth cert alone suffice or will we need to get her a passport as well. Once we've notified our CO of her birth, I will then be able to go for my medicals & we'll submit our police checks at the same time. How long should it take after that to get an answer. Cheers
  17. Hi, I'm going to Australia from 1st October on a year long working holiday with Real Gap, sort of like a gap year but three years after graduating! Has anyone here done the same programme? I'm hoping to see as much of Australia as I can and just experience the whole place, meet new people etc... They guarantee job offers, mostly fruit picking and factory work My only concerns are where to stay after the first week and getting enough money together. Has anyone got experiences of Real Gap or are you about to go on a working holiday?
  18. brideycollette

    :0 How long to connect me shheessh

    Well i am moving out of my house 31st August to a rental till March . So decided to sort tv/broadband.phone out to make sure they transfer over that day for me . :mad: they can't connect any of my services till the 6th Sept !:mad: Loooking at canceling now and trying to find another company but with us leaving March won't be able to do a 12month contract with them . :biglaugh:Not even the phone :wideeyed:i will have to do smoke signals
  19. Hi all just looking for some general info for time frames experienced by people applying for their Tax File Number and receiving it , registering with Medicare and receiving their card, and opening a Bank account and receiving the ATM card. The reason im asking is im planning a Reccie trip just before Christmas and want to sort all this out before i return to the UK in the New year, I have Vic SS so i will be staying and applying for all the above items in Melbourne, just staying in a cheap hostel for a maxim of 2 weeks as i want to head to Sydney and Brisbane to visit friends before flying back here. I plan to apply for the above items the day i land, jetlaged or not :biggrin: which will be the first thing on a Monday morning 19th of Dec I would love to hear other peoples experiences and timeframes, Cheers :biggrin:
  20. Hey guys, i wasnt follow my visa "process" ;-) up for a longer time now. Today morning i was thingink about Australia and checked the forum but i understand.....................nothing anymore ;-) 1. im september 2008 175 applicant 2. received Wa ss end of 2010 for cabinetmaker here are my questions 1. where i am now? 2. in germany the translation from Schreiner to english is cabinetmaker. But "schreiner" is from the describtion and the australian understanding Joiner. Is it possible to change the Job "Name"? thx in advance! Tanjev
  21. Hello everyone. I'm Italian and my husband is South African. We live in UK but in December we are going to emigrate to Perth for good. Our removal is booked with PSS for the 5th October as before going to Perth we are going to spend 2 months in South Africa. Here is my doubt... I was reading the conditions of the removal and they say that we MUST be in the country (Australia) before the good arrives and we are also shipping the car. Does the shipment usually takes at least 2 months or could be less? Anyone experienced with PSS? How long did they take to get to Perth from UK? And what can happen to the good if we are not there yet? Thanks
  22. I've heard that new PR's are offered a lump sum payment as an incentive when buying their first home. Is this correct? And if so how much (WA) is the incentive and how soon after you arrive do you have to buy to qualify for the payment? Thanks for reading!
  23. Does anyone know how long the processing time is for a 475 family sponsor, don't think we are on the CSL 'Building Associate'?:unsure:
  24. Now it's not a regular occurrence where a realestate agent will work with someone who is still overseas, especially if it's a nice property. However, I have been chatting with an agent today who has a gorgeous 4 bed home available in Sandhurst, Melbourne (lovely area), now as you all know there is still a legal obligation for you to view a property, however, she is more than happy to do all the paperwork over the internet and then when you arrive show you the house and then sign you up the same day. This is a great opportunity and although I don't usually post properties on here this is not connected to me in any way just a very nice agent. The property info is: When you walk inside this beautiful home you will be delighted! With only 1 previous occupant it is still brand new. Features Include: * Master bedroom with ensuite and walk in robe * A further 3 spacious bedrooms with built in robes * Open plan kitchen with gas cooking and dishwasher * Gas ducted heating * Additional living space, perfect for formal dining or theatre room * Outdoor alfresco entertaining space * Double remote garage * Landscaped gardens This magnificent home is only a short drive to local shops, schools & Sandhurst Golf Club. A truly stunning property that wont last long
  25. Just a quick one We are being quoted 12-16 weeks including customs clearance which from research on here and elsewhere seems very "top endy" I suspect they are allowing themselves 6-8 weeks for consolidation and mucking about in the UK, which I have told them (it is a company arranged move) is unacceptable - have asked for an 8 week maximum timescale (excluding any customs issues). This is particularly important to us because it looks like we are arranging an uplift date of 3-7 October, so we'd really quite like our stuff to get to us before Christmas pretty please! Am I being unreasonable?