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  1. How long did you book your holiday rental & did it work out a good amount of time? :wideeyed: I am booking mine now & am not sure that 1 month is long enough to find a furnished rental :confused:
  2. Guest

    Not long now

    Not long til i come to oz on my whv, just abvit nervous as dont know what to expect at all. Is it easy to find work, and make friends etc probs in the hostels, anyone done it and fancyh sharing the experiences. :wink:
  3. Hi guys, Im new to the forum, and heading over to Sydney as soon as my Working holiday visa comes through, hopefully in the next 3-4 weeks, for a 12 month escape and to see how life over there differs from the UK! Ill be staying in a hotel initially, whilst looking for an apartment to rent.. my question is, how long can I expect to be staying in the hotel for, (working out estimates of cost prior to actually paying rent!) and does anybody have any tips on finding a place to rent? My wife will be staying in the uk, sorting out the rental of our house, while I sort out things oz end.. and coming out to meet me as soon as its sorted out. Appreciate any help guys Dan
  4. We're thinking of applying for an offshore 176 visa next Jan. It looks like they can sometimes be processed super fast, so there is a good chance we may be in Oz for our reccie at the point the visa is granted. I understand that you have to tell your case officer you are onshore so that they can send pre-grant notification and ask you to leave Australia so the visa can be granted, but I can't seem to find any information on how much warning you have before you have to leave or whether the notification comes to you via email or snail mail to the UK. Anyone have any tips? Thanks!
  5. Guest

    How long is a Visa valid?

    Hi guys I'm dying to emigrate to Aus but my partner isn't as keen as he is doing really well in his career and it would be detrimental for him to upsticks now. But I want to emigrate while we're still young and not having to worry about kids etc (we're both late twenties), so I'm worried that by the time he's ready to start looking at a visa with the processing times etc, it'll be nearly a decade by the time we're out there. So what I wondered is how long you have between getting your visa granted and actually emigrating? Can I get a visa (it would be a skilled or state sponsored one methinks) and not emigrate for a few years? I thought this might be a better tack with my partner if we get the visa while we've still got those precious 5 points for being under 30, and then in a few years when we are ready we'll have the visa so we can just go. I've been wading through immigration websites and trying to find this information but then I thought I'd ask the experts instead! Thanks guys!
  6. If I get state sponsorship from WA, how long do I have to apply for my Visa? I have my IELTS next week and skills are all done, but I dont want to apply for my Visa until very late in the year because I dont want it to be granted until at least April next year (because I wont be landing in OZ until March 2013) Hope that makes sense.
  7. Hi All, So after waiting nearly four years our trade came back on the skilled list in july and our application is now moving forward. My wife and I have been puting the whole process out of our minds so as not to be dissappointed , and after all this time things are happening. we got our case worker and police checks have been sent with our medicals booked for the 14th of August. Getting excited but still have a mountain to climb yet !! Andy and Family
  8. Hi, we had all our medicals finalized on 29 June but are still waiting for visa to be granted. Just wondering how long it has took other people's visas to be granted after medicals. Thanks.:jiggy:
  9. Hey, We have been offered a job and will go over on a 457 visa. How long do you have to be in OZ before you can apply for a PR visa? OH has the points for a 175 etc but not sure if thats the best way:twitcy:
  10. Hello all Just wanted to know how long people have been waiting for london to process their visa application? Just to put you in the picture we have submitted and done police checks and passed the medical. A relative has bought us flights to get back on the 13th December, wg=hat are our chances......................................Help please stressing out big time:arghh:
  11. or Hocking, Mindarie - (Unfurnished) My wife & children will be arriving from the UK on the 1st Nov (Kids aged 4 & 2) & i need to secure a quality unfurnished rental before they arrive. We are a proffesional family looking for a quality rental. We are a very houseproud couple & so would look after any rental that is offered. (details of our property in UK are attached below for your piece of mind) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-...-33301616.html Hope you can help this desperate man, as having a nightmare with the group home viewing where sometimes 40+ people are turning up!:wacko: Regards Richard
  12. Guest

    how long for RSMS nomination?

    my employer put in the nomination in July and had acknowledgement beginning August but not heard anything else since. I think it is paper based as i have to wait for approval before submitting my application. I am going to Townsville and i think it's the Prametta office that is processing it. I've heard a few people saying that here is a backlog for ENS/RSMS visas at the moment, is this true? thanks
  13. I was just wondering how long the container takes to get from the UK to Perth :unsure: We're not flying out until April next year but I'm unsure of how far in advance I need to get companies in and how long it actually takes for the container to get there. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Tracey
  14. Our agent has told us today that we are due to be allocated a case officer next month (October). On the strength of that I have booked medicals for the end of October and sent off for our penal clearance as advised. Can anyone tell us how long it should take from then on? We are on a subclass 165 visa (Investor visa) which means we also have to lodge a significant designated investment with the Govt which should (we hope ) be straight forward. We are trying to get over by the end of January for the kids school year. thanks Glenn
  15. before making its way onto a ship? My furniture left Aug 31 on the truck and so far its still 5miles down the road in South London at the warehouse. I think Im a shared container so guess that takes longer. Just curious how long others furniture sat sitting in the UK before getting on the ship (to Sydney)
  16. Hi all, Could you tell me time frames from arriving in Melbourne to finding long term accomm? We'd like to know how long we need S/T accomm for upon arrival. Our company have booked us two weeks and we'd like to know how much more we would need approximately. Thanks!
  17. pswebb38

    How long for Vic SS?

    Just wondered for this that have done it, how long it takes for Victoria state sponsorship to be processed ? --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.261254,1.031263
  18. Hi, having been here for a month now, I thought it might be useful for those of you getting ready to come over if I noted down a few tips/observations which might be helpful for you in the first few weeks. These are obviously all my own opinion, and others may disagree, but hopefully it might help a bit...here goes! Accommodation: Compared to the UK, renting and buying here is expensive. Most people seem to get a short term furnished let for a month or so and then try and secure a longer term unfurnished. That was what we did: got a furnished let in Ainslie which is inner North (about 10 mins walk from the city centre). Staying in the city was handy for banks, shops etc, especially if you don't have a car organised. However, most of the suburbs have pretty good shops and nowhere is really that far from a supermarket - so don't feel you have to stay in the city if you don't want - Canberra is not really that big a place, so if you have a car, you are 20 mins at most from anywhere unless you are right on the outskirts. Word of warning -it is cold here at the moment at night and if possible try and get somewhere with ducted heating or at least plug in radiators - you will need them. I have already posted re longer term lets - try and get on to this as soon as you get here - viewings are generally very quick (15 mins) and you will not be the only people looking. Again, I would warn you that there are some shockers out there - we saw quite a few properties with original (1950-1970s) kitchens!! At least 2 we viewed were bascially uninhabitable. Depends on what you want and what you are prepared to pay - we have ended up in Weston Creek which is about 10k west of city - nice area and nice house too - not ultramodern but good roomms and good size yard for our dog. A lot of people say that the newer developments up North (Forde, Gungahlin) are better equipped and modern as they are new builds - but they are on smaller plots and tend not to have large grassy gardens - depends on what suits you I guess. Now is a good time to rent - competition is not so fierce - we put in for this house we are in and got it, maybe lucky. If you are not working, make sure you provide agent with a bank statement with plenty cash in it if possible - they are ultimately interested in who can pay the rent! Shopping Ive read quite a lot about prices here - a lot of which isn't true. Some things are a bit more expensive whereas others are definately cheaper. For example, microwaves are for some strange reason more expensive than in the UK - bring yours if you can; whereas TVs and laptops are cheaper - I bought a pretty high spec laptop for about 400 quid - would have been more in UK. If you are buying electricals, barter with them - and try and buy as much as you can at one time as you will get a better deal if you are buying 2 or 3 items at once - the Good Guys in Belconnen or Fyshwick were very good and were prepared to do a deal. Supermarket shopping is different from UK - the two main supermarkets, Woolies and Coles tend just to sell food, not everything like Tesco or Asda. Also, the alcohol is sold in adjoining liquor stores - dont spend ages looking for the wine aisle like I did!! If you are going in to buy Heinz beans and other UK brands you will pay more, but shop around and buy bulk when you can as you get a better deal. Meat prices here are really good - steaks and chicken are very well priced - especially if you buy a lot. A kg of chicken breast cost us about 10 dollars - thats maybe 6 quid - pretty good. There is a Costco opened out at the airport - some of our new pals here have joined it and say that it has great savings on household products etc. again, if you buy in bulk - I think its about 60 dollars to join. Veggies and fruit can be bought cheaper outwith the supermarkets - most shopping centres have vegetable/fruit markets - plus there is a farmers market just north of the city at the Canberra Exhibition park every Saturday morning from 8ish - we got good prices on great frsh vegetables and meat there. For kitchen, bedding etc. i can't see past K Mart, Target and Big W: especially when you first get here because they are cheap and if you are waiting for your shipping, there is no point in spending a fortune. They are basically all like Matalan in the UK. There are also quite a lot of "pound shops" which are great for dish cloths, kitchen basics etc. - they also sell some brand toiletries and cleaning products cheaper than the supermarkets. We got a set of plates, cups, mugs and cutlery from K Mart for 19 dollars which was great. They also sell microwaves, irons etc and have pretty good prices. For furniture, Fantastic Furniture in Fyshwick was great - modern stuff but reasonably priced and really quick delivery. Cars OK - basically second hand cars are more expensive (by a lot) than in UK, but new cars are reasonably priced - I bought a second hand toyota and actually wished Id paid another 4 or 5 thousand dollars and bought a new one! Buying the car was the same as UK - haggle with them and if they don't budge - walk away - they will chase you!! The system here is that a car has to be registered in the State you live in - each state has its own numberplates! If possible, try and buy a car registered in ACT as then you don't have to change the registration and the plates (if you buy one not registered in ACT bring a screwdriver - or get one from K Mart as i did!) You have to go to 'Canberra Connect' to register a car - there is one in Dickson, inner North. You need proof of residency to register - they basically needed a passport, bank card with your name embossed on it, a medicare card (or the temporary receipt if you don't have it yet) and a lease agreement. The lease agreement has caused some people problems, particularly if it is a short term arrangement and not a formal lease - if possible try and ensure you get a formal lease if you are intending to register a car. The folks at Connect told me they will take a short term lease as long as it is for occupancy of an entire unit - e.g. a standalone house. I could go on forever about cars and drivers licences - so if anyone has any specific questions please let me know - I've just been through it all and happy to help! Misc Medicare - go into Medicare centre in city asap after you have filled out the form, which you can print off from internet - just search for 'Medicare'. They give you a temporary receipt - you can then use as a proof of ID. Medicare cards arrived a few weeks later. Insurance: get home insurance asap - renters insurance is pretty cheap here. Tax number: go online asap and apply for this - it took about 4 weeks for ours to come through. Banks - make sure you get a visa debit card asap - NAB seem to give you a basic card if you organised an account from the UK, but you can go on to their internet banking and request a visa debit - took about 10 days to come through. We are so far enjoying Canberra - its a really nice location and the folks are all friendly. Great wildlife on your doorstep and good weather to see it. The first 4 weeks or so will be hectic - ours have been, but just try and sort one thing out at once and remember that some things take time to organise. Oh, and i would recommend the PIO meet ups - we went along to the last one and met some nice people who we are now friends with. Good luck and enjoy the experience!! :wacko:
  19. scarlet mia

    How long from medicals to visa ?

    Hi We had our medicals done last Friday and was just wondering how long it would be before we hear something about the visa. Thanks for any replies. Karen
  20. Help folks, We're coming to Perth in Mid Jan and are wondering if anyone can recommend a cheap car rental company? We're thinking of renting for a month or two before we buy a car to give us time to choose the right car. thanks J & B
  21. http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-vic-mornington-405458531 Link to agents page above Hi guys We have just left our rental property in mornington vic as we have bought a house. The rental we were living in is now available we have 4months Left on our lease. It would be available for a 4month lease from September 5th or A shorter lease after this date till January 5th. The landlord would extend the lease for up to 1year beyond this. The house is fully furnished with everything from tv's to bed linnen towels kitchen utensil pots pans ect and would really suite people comming over and waiting for their container to arrive. It,s a lovely clean 3bedroom house 2 doubles and one room with 2single beds. Master on suite and family bathroom. It's right in the centre of mornington 5mins walk from shops and 2 mins to the beach. It's in the catchment for mornington primary (state school) and is only ten minutes walk from there. We loved living there and have only moved as we got a lovely house of our own but had to move into it quickly. Rent is 880 dollars per week, but as I say it's fully furnished and it really made settling in easier for us being in a beautiful house for our first few months while finding our feet. You can contact me on site mail for more details
  22. Hi Everyone We are due to leave the UK early Jan 2012 as need to be in OZ before Febuary 18th. Can anyone please shed some light regarding Holiday let / Rent. We are led to belive that prior to us arriving we have to sort out a holiday let which is far more expensive than renting a long term rental. Are there any rules that stop us renting straight away, or is it the credit rating thing that perhaps puts a hold on this? Any advise would be great as we dont want to throw money away.Thanks. Richard and Jo
  23. hi all just wondered anyone had recent experience of applying for victoria ss? Just wondered how long it takes as just applied. Seems it takes up to 12 weeks!! Can we begin online 176 visa whilst waiting or do we need this through first?? I'm just so inpatient LOL!!
  24. ozgooner

    Confirmation on how long to move

    HI we have just validated our visa on a three week trip to Ox had a great time. Just need confirmation that now we have validated we have 5 years to move but must be living at least 2 out of this, so if we move in 2013 this will be fine, stressing out as don't want to lose visa.:eek:
  25. Hello, how long did people on here on average stay in short term accommodation before securing a long term rental? We are trying to at least make an attempt at keeping our finances under control and looking at the prices for short term rentals we would like to keep that stay as short as possible. We are hoping to get out early next year on an employer sponsored Visa and would love to move to the Robina/ Varsity Lake area. Also we are a bit undecided on what type of short term accommodation to go for. We have three children (who will be 2,5 and 7 when we get there) and were looking at holiday parks as well as rental houses/apartments. We thought that a holiday park would be a nice opportunity to start the move off with a holiday feel which will hopefully help the children to get over the first shock, but we're wondering how comfortable that might be as a family of five over several weeks - which brings me back to the "how long" bit of my question :biggrin: Would love to hear other people's experiences on this! Thank you! Mel