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  1. Hi, I am currently on a 457 and will be applying for a employer sponsored PR in Feb. I would like to know how long this will take to come through? And also any tips on making it easier/quicker? Thanks!!
  2. Yes I know it’s around 24 hours etc, but is it really that long? I’ve flown to and from Australia many times, on my own, with someone, with a baby on my own, and with children and my wife, each time I have never felt “OMG let me out” You hear lots of people say I’d love to go to Australia but the flight takes to long! IMHO be time you settle into the flight have your meal, watch a few movies, have a nap (if you’re lucky) you’re half way, a couple of hours later you’re back on to do the next leg. I’d say the trip to Australia feels longer as on that little map you seem to be flying over Australia for a fair while, where on trip to the UK be time you see the UK you’re getting ready to land. So do you think the trip is a long one or do you look forward to the trip and enjoy the flight?
  3. Can anyone help? My OH and I are looking to rent in Melbourne once we arrive in January. I have been advised to find short term accommodation until we find a permenent rental property as a lot of the estate agents won't rent out without us inspecting the property first! I have looked into house sharing and nobody has emailed me back and the one who has looked promising but her communication is terrible and a I am now thinking that renting with her may be disaterous - if she isn't even able to reply to my emails! (I am talking weeks with no word!) We are now looking at renting one of these luxury short stay apartments which is quite costly and are thinking we are going to struggle to afford to stay in one for a long time, so just wondered if anyone can shed light on their experience and from landing to finding a property, how long realistically do you think we will be looking at before we can move into our own place? We have also looked at youth hostels and again we're looking at about $80 a night for a double room, well we might aswell just stay in a hotel/apartment for a little bit more! Also I am not keen in staying in a dorm share for 4 weeks or until we find somewhere to live!!!! Thanks
  4. A year ago today we arrived in Melbourne, wow! what a year it has been. We found a rental home and basically set up a new life within the first 10 days including buying cars etc. The only things we didn’t have was friends, infact we knew no one. We moved into to our rental house only to move back out again to the holiday rental 3 times in the first week due to the threat of the terrible bushfires that were going on around us. Truly awful experience and one I never hope to repeat. Then we had a minor earthquake and began to wonder what we had done! Our half container arrived in March and it was wonderful to have all of our familiar things with us. My advice if you are shipping some stuff, send it all, I have lost count of the times we needed things we had binned, given away or just been too lazy to bring, the cost soon adds up. My husband found a job within 6 weeks (he was offered 3 within that time) he enjoys his job, is well paid and has family friendly hours that mean he is home by 5 every night and is able to pick our son up from school one day a week. Don’t be fooled into thinking Australians work short hours, they don’t many work very long hours, especially those in management/senior roles. Our son started prep at the start of the school year and that was very strange for him as he had been at school for a term short of 2 years in the UK. He was in a mixed prep/grade 1 class that I think helped a little. Schools in Australia (from our experience) are very, very different and it takes a while to get used to it. It is much more I feel, a “whole” teaching system here rather than a purely academic education that my son had in the UK. He has become much more confident in himself and his ability. Our school really encourages parental involvement in the classroom so I volunteered one morning a week and it helped me meet other parents. Before this I found it very clicky and not a soul spoke to me. Our youngest child joined the local occasional care 4 mornings a week and it has been a lifesaver, this is where I have met my wonderful Australian friends and it gave me a bit of me time each day. He loves it there so much, he runs in everyday without a second glance. We decided about 6 months in that we needed our own home, so set about buying here. We looked at over 5 homes a week for about 2 /12 months. My advice is not to try and find your dream home rather buy a suitable sized home and make it your dream home. Property here in Melbourne sells fast, sometimes within just a day or two. Still we found our home and moved in November. It is fantastic to have your own space and to be able to do things you choose. Take advantage of being in a rental and get out and about every weekend that you can. It doesn’t have to cost anything other than a bit of petrol and a picnic. So now to the settling in bit, my husband joined the local footie club (soccer) and has made some great friends, I too have made a couple of friends whom I know I will be friends with for the rest of my days, they are fabulous and have supported and helped us at the drop of a hat. Does it stop me missing our family and friends in the UK, well no it doesn’t. There have been many times when I honestly thought I was going mad/depressed, both! Many times I could have packed us all up and returned to life in the UK. My husband offered to return altogether, pay for me to go alone infact do what ever I wanted so in the end we contributed to my best friend coming out for just 9 days. It was wonderful to see her; it is people I miss and not the UK itself. We have had visitors stay with us for just over 4 months out of the first 12 which is not great in helping you settle but still we were very fortunate that they were both able to and wanted to. Saying goodbye all over again is hard but I have to say got easier with each one. I am glad we are still here and feel settled and the whole family is happy. Will it be our home forever? That I wouldn’t like to say but it is for now and we are very fortunate to have made wonderful friends and have a nice life here. I know it is not easy for everyone and I admire those who battle through everything that is thrown at them. I suppose I should say how I see Australia and what I think of various things, remember they are just my opinions. The radio is crap! The TV is awful. You think BT are bad wait until you deal with Telstra They can’t drive! Houses are not cheap (ahh the deluded dream of being mortgage free!) Cars, especially 2nd hand are not cheap. Food shopping, you can get everything that you could in the UK and more; it just takes time to find what you like. Food shopping can be more expensive but I think that is because when you first arrive you do all your shopping in one place. Clothes are rubbish on the whole, thank goodness for M & S There is crime/graffiti and everything else that you get everywhere else in the world but I don’t feel it is a bad as some other countries. I never feel uncomfortable walking alone in the city. It’s very hard to begin with, slowly you make friends, I found the minute I stopped looking for everything I had with my UK friends I made some wonderful pals. So, take it easy on yourself, it is a monumental move and takes time to adjust and settle. Best of luck to everyone in the process of moving, our family at least think it has been worth it. Treat it as we have done, like an adventure rather than we must be here for 2,4…years! Michelle
  5. Guest

    How long......

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone could give me a rough indication of how long it will take to get allocated a case officer for a 175 skilled visa. My background is a Civil Project Engineer based on site. I have had my skills assesed by engineers Australia, and they have said that my qualifications class me as an Engineering Technologist (2128-11) which is not on the MODL or CSL, much to my dismay. I believe I am only on the SOL so that puts me way down on the list. My visa was registered in April 2009. I was hoping to have the visa granted by now... Everyone else I see seems to get theirs much quicker. My visa company have said it could be anything from 12 - 24 Months. Any indications or other peoples experiences similar to mine would be great to hear. Thanks Iain
  6. Guest

    PCC's....How long???

    Hi all People who have recently sent off for PCC's could you tell me how long it took for them to come back? We posted ours over 2 weeks ago using the 10 day service. I've rang today and have deen informed it is most likely to take another week as they're inundated (apparently there's that many of us leaving the country) I now wish i'd paid the extra for the faster service. I've emailed our CO to say when they were requested and that we'd forward them as soon as we could, do you think this will be ok? I can't scan them proof like we've done with the receipts of our meds as we paid for the PCC's by cheque. Many thanks.
  7. Hi, How long does it take for an offshore ENS visa application to be finalized? Thanks, Siavash
  8. Guest

    How long left???

    We have been allocated a case officer just before Christmas & they requested the poilice checks and medicals (CSL Independent). The police checks came back last week & have been forwarded to the case officer and we had the medicals done one week ago (5th January). Generally how long does it take from here onwards until we are likely to get the visa? Thanks Nic :biggrin:
  9. :confused: Hi, My husband is being transferred from his UK office to the office in Brisbane via a E457 visa, all our paperwork is now in via his companys agent - Marriage Cert, Passports, Medical Insurance ( costing alot ) Neurologists Report for my epilepsy, doctors letter to confirm i am ok to leave the UK as my condition is medically controlled, all his companys supporting documents for the his role, so we are now living with his parents awaiting approval of our visa, does anyone know how long (the company agent has received Approval of Nomination ) will it take for our visas to be approved? We have not been asked to provide any kind of X-Rays as i have read in a few forums, we are both in the I.T industry, so i am not sure if we require one?? We are aged 25 and 26, married for 6 months and no children. We are desperate to go now :arghh: and just want a date to get out of here!!! :cute: Anyone else been in the same position, who would be able to give us a timeframe? Thank you Claire and Marcus
  10. ...after do you need to be in Australia? Hi everyone, Could someone help please? Once you've had your visa granted (we'd be going for General Skilled Migration) on Paul's skills, how long after you've been given the green light do you have to get into Australia and activate it? We'd like to, in an ideal world, emigrate in 2013, so working backwards we are trying to work out best when to start the ball rolling - I know the process varies for everyone - but, if say we were granted the visa at the end of 2011, could we go over and activate it, and then come back to the UK to sort everything out before moving over there lock, stock and barrel for good? Sorry if this is a daft question! Thanks, Claire and Paul (D2DU)
  11. hi there We got our WA SS approved on 18 Dec (received on 31 Dec 09, originally submitted 20 July), we transfered our 175 already in progress using the 1100 from (via a PLE to the DIAC) to the 176 SS CSL on 1 January. Today we got notification that the 1100 has been received and the state sponsorship has been received and accepted by the DIAC :cool:. We are now waiting for a CO to be allocated. Anyone recently gone through this so they can give an idea of how long it takes to get a CO allocated? Thanks
  12. Does anyone know how long you have to be in Australia before you can become a Citizen
  13. Just a quick question. If someone has everything in place to get a visa, has had a VETASSESS assessment completed, but is just waiting for a job offer to get the final points they need to migrate....how long after the job offer would it be for them to actually get the visa? Thanks Love Rudi x
  14. Hi all, just wondered if anyone can tell us how long an employer sponsored visa is taking just now? if we get the job im not sure which visa they will offer us, temp 457 or ENS 121. Either way anyone got a time line for these? This could be a selling point for us to tell the employer Many Thanks kelly :wubclub:
  15. Hi all, Firstly I have to thank all those who have ever contributed to POI as the information on this site has allowed us to successfully apply for a 176 visa without the aid of an agent, saving a great deal of money. I am happy to say that a couple of days before Christmas we received our pre-grant letter so we are now on the home stretch! We now just need to arrange to be offshore while the visa is granted. Having done my research I was expecting to be asked to be offshore for 5 business days. However the letter states that we need to leave at least 3 business days before approaching the overseas mission and that it will then take up to another 5 business days "for the evidencing process to be finalised". I had thought that once I had my visa evidenced that the process was complete and I could re-enter Australia. But according to the letter I need to wait another 5 days, i.e. a total of 8 working days out of the country, which is more than I had heard anyone else need. So has anyone else had the same 8-day requirement and what actually happens during the 5 business days AFTER I have had my visa evidenced? What would happen if I tried to re-enter australia and the evidencing process hadn't been finalised (I would afterall already have my passport evidenced)? I should also add that I'm living/working in Australia already on a 457 so could I just re-enter on the 457 if things were not finalised and then fly out and back later in the year to complete things? I know this would be moot if I just took a 2 week break but I'm trying to limit the trip to 1 week if possible. Many thanks in advance Paul
  16. Hi all, My HR has informed me that there was an inquiry from DIAC about the job description. Afterwards, they informed me that they have replied with the response to DIAC's inquiry on 30/12/2009. Now I'm awaiting for any response from my CO. Can anyone have any idea how long does it take after the Job has been verified? Thanks, Rubab
  17. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can advise how long after medicals received it took for the DIAC to process them?? This is the final piece of outstanding information in relation to my visa application. I have checked tracking online and they were received today. I have had countless obstacles to overcome throughout my application, I am now on a very tight time-frame for my visa to be processed as I am due to start my job 1st Feb, my agent cant stress enough that the job start date is inflexible, therefore no visa, no job. I am hoping to be in Perth in the next couple of weeks!! Cant book flights until visa granted, cant set up accomodation until I know I am definately going to be able to start work, and I havent even started packing ... I could scream. Anyone?? Nats x x x
  18. Guest

    Not long left on childs passport

    Hi there, Does anyone know the rules with passport control to go back to the UK to live from oz, We are now moving back to the UK and just noticed on my son's passport that it expires in May so that is less than 6 months on it. Someone told me that you cannot travel on this as the UK which we are british and it is a british passport that they won't allow him in as its due to expire??? What are the rules. Of course you only find these things out when everywhere is closed for the long christmas break?? Any comments would be grateful. Thanks
  19. i just got WA SS and applied for 1100 form .. does anyone have any idea on how long it takes to get the approval of the visa.. so that i can prepare for migration to Aussie.
  20. z&p

    How long now??

    How long does it take now to get the golden ticket?? I have a CO, the medicals have finalised but we are still waiting for her to give a decision. The website says everything is met except the police checks and the question of dependency for my 23 year old son who is at university. All of this information had to be submitted by the 22 November, but she hasn't looked at it yet according to my latest telephone call last week. I think the trouble is she works part time, and the christmas holiday season is looming. I just wonder whether they have deadlines to meet? Sorry for venting my ramblings but it is sooooo fustrating!!!:arghh:
  21. kellyjamie

    How long for employer visas?

    Hi all, Can anyone tell us how long it takes for an employer sponsored visa to come thru? many thanks K&J
  22. Guest

    ENS 785 - How Long?

    I'm sure this has been asked lots of times before, but can anyone give any guidane as to how long the visa process takes with ENS 785? My prospective employer is about to submit their form, and I'll follow on shortly after. Any clues as to when a result might be expected?
  23. I am struggling to decide how many nights to book when we go offshore for our visa grant. I know DIAC specify 8 nights but I'm sure I've seen that people have left for much less. Can anyone help or advise me please?:wubclub:
  24. Just a thought for us on the Family sponsored route Our visa was submitted in feb 2009, so now things appear to be moving abit, just wondered if anyone had any idea on time scales for us, at the bottom of the pile that are not on CSL, but on the old MODL and being sponsored by a relative?
  25. Guest

    Visa 856 nomination, how long?

    Hi, My company applied for an ENS nomination to sponsor me on a Visa 856. I came to work for them on a Visa 457, and are ready to do my PR. It is the first time for the company to apply for an ENS nomination. The nomination was applied for on 26 August 2009 at Adelaide office, we are still waiting for a decision. I am a jeweller and my occupation it is not on the MODL or CSL lists. We do get emails from time to time, asking questions about the company etc., so there is still correspondence from immigration. My question; Is it normal to wait such a long time for the nomination to be approved?