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  1. Out of interest to all who have recently done the jump to oz. How long did it take from your furniture leaving your home to its arrival in your Aussi home? Also if worst case senario something was broken, did you have a leg to stand on to claim damages, or did you have to get your own insurance (that way the removal company can throw things in willy nilly) At least if they cover it then you know it will be pack correctly.
  2. stillhere

    16 months in, long story!

    Hi all, hope alls going well with eveyone decisions, visa apps, arriving & departing:spinny: not sure why its been 16 months since i posted, thought i knew day 1 we would stay but maybe something stopped me from putting it in black & white, well i'm more than happy to write it today & shouldve done it day 1, my/our minds havent changed. Maybe we were lucky, maybe it was hard work, maybe both but since arriving (nov 08) its better than we expected. (maybe we were expecting it very tough lol) weve been on hols here 4x before & this time we planned to stay, we were already looking & booking viewings for cars & houses before we left the uk, in fact the car i drive today is the one we saw on the internet 1 week before arriving, so we hit the ground running so to speak & (kept running my bloody feet are killing lol) we arrived tues night with 40kg of luggage & nothing to follow (eek) we had enough money for a half decent car 6 months rent & about $5000 more that was it! nothing more in the world, by wed evening we had done the visual id check at the bank, applied for tax file numbers, put a deposit on the said car & sorted new drivers licences (u will need a witness, real pain when u dont know any1 but lucky we kinda new a guy 30ks away so off we went lol) busy 1st day welcome to your new life lol a week later we had our 1st 6month rental had to pay inadvance but had planned for that 1 (phew) & a cheap but cheerful furniture package gave us the basics, we were pretty close to running out of cash even if we had a roof for 6 months we still had to eat lol ok so work was next, my partner (spraypainter) took his cv to every bodyshop around, by the 1st day he had 2 possibles & a will call you tomorrow (now this was luck) he started work the following monday less than 2 weeks after arriving (but what we both know was do the hard yards now then crissy holiday yay) glad we did less than 7 mins from home, no weekends:wink: hes still there today. so while he was a work i got myself 500 leaflets some business cards & hit the streets 3 weeks before xmas with a pasty uk complextion in 30oC heat i stood out a little lol but I did 3 jobs before xmas & had 3 days of regular work booked for jan & now fully booked (cleaning hey its work & pretty well paid here! n i pick my hours) but no weekends yay! so since week 2 not a great deal has changed apart from a new rental & more stuff a lot more stuff including a boat lol! so we get out when ever we can (been a bit bloody wet n windy for my liking lately lol) sounds like work, work, work eh! well it kinda is (apart from weekends yay) but its like that every where isn it? I dont remember spending entire weekends camping & fishing on the beach (with lots of aeroguard lol) sorry to go on but i not had my say for sooooo long lol it just depends on what you want from oz & what your expectations are, its not a holiday it a lifestyle change (choice) & if your prepared its not such a shock. you will miss peeps but only u know how much contact is enough (& may not find that out til your here) i speak to my family more than i ever did even the mundane crap every one talks about, Im not trying to delude anyone (i feel some do especially to those back home) you have good & bad days but our good days outway the bad stick together & try to make life as easy as possible for each other/ your family & it can work I had a great relationship & since coming to oz its even better after all you've only got each other out here BE HAPPY BUT REALISTIC X ps maybe stillhere still applies after all im still here lol:jiggy: & lovin it (now if i could just win the lotto)
  3. Guest

    How long does the process take

    Hi everyone been reading lots of useful posts on this site, can anyone give me an idea of how long a skilled visa takes? We have just started the process and joined an agency, although looking on here I don't think we need one. We would like to be out in Aus by January for the new school year as my son's are 13 & 7yrs, my husband is a qualified carpenter and site manager and I work in the banking sector. Any advice would be greatly received Thx Claire :biggrin:
  4. the coyne family

    Hi all, just begining the long journey

    Hi everyone we have been looking through the threads with great interest over the last few months, and have received some great advice without even asking for it. So we decided its time to join in. We are a family of 5 living in Dublin me Maria 37, Thomas 36, Rachel 10, Jessica 8 and Gavin 3. We are hoping to move to Perth in the not to distant future. We're just in the initial stages of the visa process. We're waiting on the trade assessment from TRA, so we can apply for state sponsorship, feels like Ive been waiting forever all ready and its only been 7 weeks. What will we be like waiting 6 months or more for state sponsorship :biglaugh: Looking forward to the journey, every day we're one step closer, talk to you all soon.
  5. just wanted to share an email i received from the WA migration office concerning our visa....we were really pleased as its come from the horses mouth so today..we applied in Oct so fingers crossed "We are currently processing applications received in September 2009. We received huge numbers of applications last June, July and August and while we have now processed these, it has increased our processing time considerably. The months since August have seen lower numbers of sponsorship applications so we are now starting to catch up, however it is a gradual process. Thank you for your patience and it should not be much longer now."
  6. from Engineers Australia? My papers were received (and stamped) on the 16th of Feb, but my credit card didnt work so I had to send them another one. when do you reckon I get the results? is it gona take longer than 16 weeks? Thanks
  7. hi all just like tio know how long spouse/partner visas are taking to be processed at the moment. im in perth but would like to know all timelines in all states to try and guess and \estimate hehe
  8. Hi All, I have a question we intend coming over to Melbourne in Oct on a Tourist Visa, at this time we are migrant parents on a 103. Which means will have at least another 2+ years before our names get anywhere near the top. Can I buy and drive a car on a UK license indefinitely? Or is there a time limit, does anyone know the answer or who should I ask? Could I have an issue with insurance as a tourist? Rgds Panman
  9. Hello I really need some help to make a good decision so please help me out~ My application is on the priority 5. (State sponsorship but not listsed on CSL) Do you think i will be able to get the visa before 2011 or by Jan 2011?? (I will be lodging the application this nearly november) I am currently holding a de-facto visa and i can apply for the (2nd stage) permanent visa some time in april or may next year. But this will take another 4 to 7 months so i am not sure if it is a better idea to apply for the 886 visa to get the visa faster. Do you think i should apply for the 886?? I seriously can not do much without PR..
  10. I have certifed copies of mine and my childrens birth certificates, my degree certificate and pages of the passports, all of which were certified in August 2007. Does anyone know if i can use these for my visa application or will they need doing again?
  11. Guest

    How long to process SS for SA?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me roughly how long the processing time is at the moment for Southern Australia - we hope to go to Adelaide. We would obviously like it to be less than 4 months before the csl is changed at beginning of July. We are currently on the csl but who knows how long that will be for!!!!!! Many thanks.:biggrin:
  12. Hello all.... I know there are alot of us out there that have been caught in the awfull visa delays since 23/09.....:frown: So what I am wondering is how are you coping with this & what changes have you made in your Family life?.....:unsure:
  13. Guest

    457 visa - how long?

    Hi - I've got an interview for a job in Perth and I know this may be counting my chickens, but I wondered if anyone could tell me roughly how long it takes to process a employer sponsored 457 visa application. Just want to be prepared if I get asked: "So when can you start.....?"
  14. Hi, My partner applied for his PMV on 21st January, got an instant response the next day from CO asking for Meds, managed to do the Meds on that monday, like 2 days later... he did his medicals just over 4 weeks ago now and we havnt heard from the CO not even to confirm he has meds..... I'm trying to plan a wedding here! so he emailed the CO 2 weeks ago and has been trying to call friday, yesterday and today, just goes to his answerphone, no "out of office reply" or anything with regards to email. Left message yesterday not sure if this is usual or if im just being inpatient? if the CO ha resigned or gone on holiday would we know about this!?
  15. I've searched for this in the forum but not turned anything up. I'm struggling to understand how Long Service Leave will effect me. So I work for a multinational in the UK. I currently get 23 days standard PTO plus 5 days extra holiday for five years of being with the company (5 is the maximum). I'm being offered an internal transfer to Australia. Will my length of service be counted as the time I have already worked for the company (5 years) or only the time from starting in Australia? Big difference. Also I have been googling this and trying to understand how much long service leave I could potentially get. According to this page 5 years would be Working out long service leave would 4.333 weeks. Is this on top of the statutory 4 weeks?
  16. Hi All, It's been a while since I posted. Mum has been backwards and forwards visiting us over the past couple of years. She is currently here in Australia and has decided to submit an onshore application for Aged Parent Non-Contributory (subclass 804). She arrived on a visitors visa in Dec 09 and is due to leave in Mar 10. My question is : if we submit the application now (early Feb), do we need to extend her current visitors visa beyond March, or will the application be recorded as being submitted and she be put on the bridging visa whilst it's being processed? Thanks in advance... Dave
  17. Hi Everyone, We are just about to submit our subclass 309/100 (frontload with PC & Meds). I think we have enough supporting documentation (4 years joint mortgage, 2.5 year old daughter etc) so fingers crossed it will be a straight forward process. I’m not sure if this is the correct place for my question as I am new to the forum but could anyone tell me if my partner can travel to Australia on an Australian Tourist Visa – Long Stay when waiting for approval? I defiantly don’t want to compromise our application but if we can’t then it will mean separation from my family for the duration PMV process. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated Brad, Kerry & Ellie
  18. Guest

    Visa 485 How long??

    Hi all, I will be applying for Provisional skill assessment of Job Ready Test, but I was in concern that what would be the waiting period of TR Visa 485 once I get positive provisional assessment and apply for that visa. I have heard that currently students are waiting for more than a year to get TR. So at the end, is it like I have to wait for 1-2yrs to get 485 visa and then start with second step of Job Ready programme ? So eventually it will take ages to apply for PR:wacko: Any advice please...................... Thanks in advance.
  19. Guest

    Agents PLE, how long?

    Hi all, I asked my agent on 20th Jan to query my meds with DIAC, to date I haven't had a reply from the agent - is it normal for their PLE to take so long? I can't query with DIAC myself as I have the agent. Any help would be most appreciated :wubclub:
  20. Guest

    not long to lodge visa

    Hi Am fairly new posting threads on PIO although love reading the posts on here. We are awaiting TRA skills assessment to come back and visa can then be lodged. OH is a floor finisher and has passed his AQFIII. I emailed our agent for a approximate timescale and they said we are on the MODL list which could mean that our 175 visa could 18-24 months. Am hoping that some changes are made soon as dont know if I can wait this long. :arghh:
  21. Hi all, Im looking for some peoples experience with customs clearance we have a 40' container due in on the 18th, professionally packed by pickfords etc, but whilst we have the due date for the boat we are finding it hard to get much guidance n how long it will take to get customs clearance..... what were other peoples experience with this? The problem we have is that we have a furnished house with options to rent until xmas, but we want to try and avoid renting an otherwise empty house for any longer than we really need to, but on the other hand we are looking at a pretty nice property that wont be available until 3 weeks after the boat is due in, and one months storage could cost an extra $1000!!!
  22. Hello all Got a question & need a bit of reassurance. Hoping to settle in Queensland, OH is in building trade on AutoCad, project management side of things. How long do you think he should keep trying to get a job? We were working on 6 months, at this point the savings will be well & truly eaten into & morale would be at an all time low. Unfortunately manual work is hard going for him as he has athritis (under control with meds but very stiff joints, hands & feet) Any thoughts or experience would be greatly appreciated Lynda
  23. Hi PIOers Hope you can help with my small dilemma. We are heading for Canberra in a few months and we are not sure if we should fly to Sydney and travel down or fly to Canberra via Melbourne as we are not sure what the process is and how long it takes to validate the visa's. Can anyone who has already crossed the boarder give us some idea of how long it takes/what the process is as the connecting flight from Melbourne to Canberra gives us only an hour or so and i don't want to miss it Hope you can help The Booths
  24. Guest

    How long for a 457 visa

    Hi there, i was just wondering if anyone one knows how long it would take for an electrician to get a 457 visa through.Thanks
  25. Guest

    How long is expected?

    We sent our Visa Application off before Christmas and have discovered that the payment has been taken but we have still not heard anything!! We are going on a Subclass 120 Visa. Has anyone got any idea how long after the payment has been taken, to when we should get a Case Officer? We have been told that as soon as we get a Case Officer, the process is quite quick. Any feedback well accepted. We are in a tricky situation, as we are due to sign the initial contract to sell our house (we live in France so many different rules). Feeling very apprehensive about the whole thing.:huh: