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Found 1,008 results

  1. Guest

    How long before confirmation ?

    I lodge 175 application on 7/4/2010 , but have not received confirmation and receipt from immi until today. how long usually it takes to get the confirmation and receipt ? regards
  2. Guest

    Long Term Rental

    Hi just wondering if anyone would know if we can secure a long term rental on the SunShine Coast before leaving England.I know that there is Gold Coast Realocations but we would like to move to the Sunshine Coast as that is were our son is.Thank you Rowena
  3. 2skint2party

    How long have you been on a 175

    Hi all, my wife and I lodged our 175 independant pr (on the MODL list) back in dec 08, and since then have just been waiting like a lot of other people. Just wondered if anyone has been successful with a visa or are you still hanging on like us?
  4. We've finally decided to study on the sunshine coast, Nambour Tafe. Anyone have any helpful tips on securing long term rentals, suitable for a family, in the Sunshine before we get to Oz?? thanks!
  5. Guest

    How long before visa grant?

    Hi Cutting a long story short, hubby is IT proffessional and we applied to ACS Jan 2009 for skills assessment. Got successful letter in April 2009. We knew some changes were going to be made as had been advised by our agents, so sent in application for SS Queensland beginning of May and received SS end of November. Lodged our 176 visa application 4th December and received case officer feb 10th 2010. Case officer asked for meds etc which had already been sent ( had these done Oct 2009 ), but our daughters meds had got mislaid, so we are guessing they had to go back to the UK panel doc. We had confirmation in March that they had received her meds. On 7th April we checked our visa status and now all paperwork says met. So the sweep stake is on for guesses as to when we will get our visa grant . Who is going to get it right?? Ali & David.
  6. Dear Gill!! How long it will take to my Case Officer Appointed?... Name: Gagandeep Country: India Occopation: First Class Welder Visa Type:175 Applied date: 25/02/2008 State Sponsorship: STATE NOMINATED MIGRATION - VICTORA (Sep-02-2009) Sub class 176 Case Officer:NO Medical PCC:NO How long it will take to my Case Officer Appointed?...HELP ME PLZZ!! Regards Gilbert
  7. nicandjay

    How long to activate visa ?

    Hi all When you are informed you have your visa how long do you have to activate it ??:wideeyed:
  8. If anyone can help me with this question I’d really appreciate it as you’d save me the ridiculous fee of 1GBP per minute calling the UK Visa Line! I am a UK (and also Canadian) citizen, living in Dublin. My partner of 2 years is Australian and I am going to apply for the Off-Shore De-Facto Visa. We are going travelling this October 2010 for 8-12 months (depending on finances) and will then be going to Australia. This puts me in Australia June-Oct 2011. I’d like to apply for my De-Facto Visa now, but want to know this: Once the Off-Shore De-Facto Visa is granted, how much time do I have to enter the country? Is it matter of months? If so, can you postpone date of entry? I’m concerned that the Visa will be approved even before we leave for travelling or perhaps while we are travelling and we will have to cut our trip short or not go at all. Should I wait until we are already travelling to apply? If so, can I go for an interview/health check abroad? Sorry! So many questions! I’d really appreciate any advise on this!! THX
  9. I recently got citizenship (my father was an Aussie), but have to get a Child Migration Visa for my daughter. Does anyone know how long this is likely to take? I (stupidly) put down deposits for our flights which leave on 1 August because I thought I could take her on an evisitor visa and apply in-country, but the High Commission say 'no'. I must apply for the full visa and wait in UK until I get it. I am now waiting to lodge the visa application as some documents have not arrived yet, so I could lose the deposit and the flights if two months is not sufficient processing time. Would really appreciate any thoughts... Cheers :confused:LondonGirl
  10. Does anyone know how long a Child Migration Visa is likely to take? Having been told I could take my child on an evisitor visa and apply in-country, High Commission now say I must apply for the full visa and wait in UK until I get it. I could lose deposit and flights if does not come through. Would really appreciate any thoughts... Cheers :confused:LondonGirl
  11. Juliep

    how long do we leave oz for?

    we are apply for off shore PR but we live in qld, my daughter is studying in the uk still, how long do we have to leave oz for while the visa is issued ? please help thanks julie p x
  12. natmark

    How long for Vetassess?

    Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone knows how long Vetassess are taking to process applications at the moment? I know their website says 8 weeks but is this accurate? How long have people been waiting? My skills assessment doesn't require a practical so does that make a difference? Any help gratefully received Natalie
  13. april.will

    How long to change from 175 to 176?

    Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone knew how long you have to change from 175 to 176, is there a time limit to change visas? The reason I want to know is I am waiting for WA SS 176 and if I get it soon and the new migration list isnt out until end of July, I am afraid I might not be on the list( hairdresser ) and I go and change visa and it is the wrong thing to do. Any help would be really helpful as I am fretting like mad and my brain is aching waiting for the decisiion, like everyone else. Thanks in advance April & Will:confused:
  14. Applied to WA for state sponsorship for one of the 500 places that they had on offer and got a positive reply this week !!:biggrin: Just filling out the forms to move it forward but what are the processing times from here?
  15. How long did it take for you, from getting a case officer, to recieving that fantastic visa grant?.....:unsure:
  16. Guest

    Taking so long

    Hi I was wondering if any one knows how long it normaly takes to get an answer from the medical officer.I spoke to our case officer beging of last week she said it was with them at the moment and we will hear soon we are still waiting.This is the third time we have had to send more information to them.Thank Rowena
  17. Guest

    One Hell Of A Long Shot

    Hi All. Firstly I know this thread is going to be one hell of a long shot, but thought I would give it a go. In 1998/99 I was in Palm Cove, Cairns for several months. I was staying at a backpackers by the name of 'The Retreat', it was situated up a dirt track, opposite a restaurant by the name of the 'Wagon'. Anyway to cut a long story short I met a lady there who went by the name of 'Frankie' a South African lady who would now be in her mid/late fifties. She had a son by the name of 'Jean', pronounced John. Whilst I was at the Retreat me and Frankie became very good friends, nothing you know what, just bloody good friends that's all. To tell you truth my time at the Retreat is somewhat of a blur to a degree, I was going through a ****ty time and my alcohol consumption was immense:shocked:. But Frankie got me through it and was always there for me. I cannot thank her enough. Anyway long story short, I eventually moved on again and backpacked around the rest of Australia. I kept in touch with Frankie for ages, but then for many reasons we lost touch. I had her mobile phone number, but cannot get through on this. I also had her email address, but each message I send keeps coming back 'void'. I know she had some personal issues of her own, and I fear they may have got the better of her, I truly hope not. I just reckon she is somewhere out there, maybe now more settled , etc. No excuse, the majority is my fault, as I said the dreaded booze and all that. Anyway around a year ago heard through a friend of a friend of a friend that Frankie was back in Cairns. I was out there again in August of last year and went back to all my old haunts, The Retreat, (not there anymore) nearly made me weep, bars, dives, etc, but no one knew anything of Frankie. The information I had was very vague and too date I have not been able to track her down. I know she had a sister in the Whitsunday's and she often spoke to her. I have since being back in the UK been on several sites that are used by ex pat South Africans, to no avail, I even placed an ad in the Cairns Advertiser. As I said I know this is a loooonnnnnggggggg shot but by chance can anyone help out. She was a bit of a nomad like me, so she could be anywhere, but I have a feeling she will be in either Cairns/Palm Cove/Whitsundays as she loved these areas of Australia. I realise that if anyone knows anything they may be a little reticent to let me know, after all I could be a stalker/freak:chatterbox:, but would appreciate any help. The areas I have outlined are at the end of the day fairly close, community wise. If it was Perth, Brisbane etc, I wouldn't even ask this question, needle and haystack and all that. Does anyone know of any other links I may be able to use to help me find Frankie. Its nothing drastic, but I would love to speak to her again, and thank her properly for what she did. I probably did this at the time, but it was probably through mutterings spilt out between drinks. I know PIO members are really helpful and would appreciate any help afforded me. As I said, no names, no pack drill, but suggestions on websites etc, or maybe someone knows where South Africans may hang out in the areas outlined and I could go from there. I have exhausted the avenues I know of, so maybe someone knows something I don't, I hope so anyway. Thanks very much for your time.:wink: Cheers Tony
  18. graham  and trudy

    how long does paperwork to take dog

    just wondering how long it takes to sort out paperwork and jabs etc to take a dog to oz :spinny:
  19. Guest

    How Long after Case Officer??

    Hi Guys How long did you have to wait for Visa after being allocated a Case Officer? Or how long have you been waiting so far?? it's not been that long since CO but the whole process has been awhile & its driving me mad now:wacko: Thanks Lou xx
  20. april.will

    175 to 176 - how long to change?

    Hi, wondered if anyone knew how long you have to change your 175 visa to a 176? i am waiting for wa ss, and the new migration list, i am a hairdresser and hoping i will still be on their demand list in july. thank alot april:err:
  21. Hi All, Just wondering how soon before we leave for Australia I should contact shippers and get them round to quote? Days, weeks, months? I would be interested in finding out what others did in the same position, thanks. Also, same question regarding opening an Australian bank account. Thanks in advance, :biggrin:
  22. Guest

    Reccie Update! LONG POST!

    Hi Everyone, I have been back a week now and thought it was time to post about our validation trip! We were primarily there for a friend's wedding so spent most of our time in Sydney but visited Melbourne too. I have to say I was having niggling doubts about our move but after the reccie trip I have been re-inspired and it has reminded me of all the reasons why we chose to emigrate in the first place. We flew with Singapore and as always I would highly recommend them, the flight home wasn't so good as there was a lot of turbulence so they didn't serve food for 7 hours! Other than that it was brilliant. We arrived in Sydney in a thuderstrom and it rained for 2 days, but it was very warm so still in summer clothes so you don't mind the rain! Sydney is very expensive, especially clothes, so stock up before you go! Food is expensive apart from fruit and veg which is cheaper and so much nicer than the UK. Australian wine is very cheap and a bottle of Jacob's creak sparkling rose was only $7! Brill! There was a lot of graffiti which is a shame really, I think it really stands out compared to the UK as everywhere is so clean and litter free so you notice it more. One other thing I noticed were toilets in restaurants and bars were horrible! Even in nice places. Also cockraoches everywhere at night which is disgusting but expected really. The things I loved was the different lifetstyle, going to the beach for a swim or a walk, having bbq's at the weekend and walking around the clean streets where you feel so much safer. We went out on a girls night the same evening as the good vibrations music festival and there were no taxi's so I had to walk back on my own, something I would never do in the UK, I felt very safe. How beautiful it is never ceases to amaze me, surrounded by water and beaches everywhere. People are really friendly and happy to speak to you and also much more laid back than London where people won't even look you in the eye! Even though property is very expensive in Sydney, it is cheaper than in London. As an example, Paddington and Woolhara are similar to Kensington and Notting Hill and you can buy a two bed unit for around $600k-700k, in Kensington you are looking at a couple of million pounds for an apartment, even though it is expensive in these areas it could be possible to buy. The people are proud of their city, something that unfortunately lacks in London. I absolutley love London, but it is overpopulated and can seem miserable and everyone always in a rush (this is my experience!) but it is still a fantastic city and I will miss it terribly when we leave. I watched the news daily and there are the same problems in Australia as there is in the UK. Whilst we were there an 11 year boy was stabbed and killed in a nice school in Brisbane and a mother stabbed another mother outiside a primary school in Sydney. We even watched the "Oz gangs" programme! I would say the difference is they pretty much report everything in Australia as the population is smaller, whereas in London they choose what to report and if they reported all the stabbings and murders, you would be terrified and never leave the house! This is just my opinion though! I think its more of a population thing, more population in UK equals more crime etc. Melbourne was a lovely city and so much more laid back than Sydney! I have never felt more relaxed than I did in Melbourne! Melbourne has a real European feel and reminded me of Amsterdam with the buildings and tram network. What I really liked was that trop fest festival was on and they had big screens up and everyone was sitting and watching it. I really loved St Kilda too, lovely beach, cafes and really relaxed. The beaches in Melbourne are more picturesque, white sand and more swim friendly than in Sydney which are mainly surfer beaches. My favourite thing about Australia is the outdoor lifestyle, there was so much activity going on which is more suited to Josh and I at this moment. There was a lot more to do and more relaxed and fun and cheaper! My friend kindly did me a cost breakdown for me. This is based on her living in Woolhara which is a very posh suburb of Sydney. When you rent you do not pay council tax and water bills. Here goes. Her salary is $65,000 and she takes home $3900 per month, her husband is a bit less and they have no kids. They have a really nice lifestyle and more money left over than in the UK. Rent- $400-$600 per week (2 bed) Gym- $100 per month (premium gym) Mobile phone bill- $70 per month Internet- $30 per month Foxtel- Max $90 per month for all packages Electricity- $200 max per quarter Car Permit- $45 pr year Car Insurance (no garage)- $500 per year Food- $400 per month Content insurance- $40 per month Travel- $60 per month We did a cost comparison and worked we were better off at £150 per month in Australia than the UK. This was mostly because of no council tax (£130 per month) no water and TV license (£40 per month) and my travel (£160 month). We have similar income and no kids either. Sorry for the long! I hope this has been helpful! Please PM me if anyone has any further questions on Sydney or Melbourne! Shreen
  23. Hello everyone We applied for 175 visa back in March 09 with my partner being the main applicant. He is an accountant and sat the IELTS in December 09 to gain CSL status, which he achieved. On 11th January 2010 we receive letter from case officer asking for further information which we subsequently provided and medicals were finalised on the 23rd February 2010. After 3 weeks past the date our meds were finalised, I voiced my concern to our agent who queried with the case officer, the response from DIAC was that all documents requested were confirmed as received and that the file had been noted for further processing. Its now been 4 weeks since the meds were finalised and the other documents requested were sent way before the 28 day deadline. We still have had no decision. Does anybody know how this stage of the process works and how long it usually takes DIAC to inform you of their decision? Surely it can't take 4 weeks to finalise, especially when they have confirmed that all docs requested have been received. As alot of you are too well aware, its very tough to build yourself up every night, to be let down the following morning with yet no response. Many Thanks, and best wishes to everyone.
  24. Guest

    how long for a skilled visa

    hi all i am posting this for a friend still in england and the question is, how long roughly does it take to get a skilled visa ( not sponsored )as a hairdresser. she sent in her application in october 09 and is wondering if anyone has any idea. many thanks
  25. Hi, I'm 23 years old, currently in the UK and would really appreciate any advice... After returning from a working holiday in Sydney last year, I have never settled here and really want to go back. For the record, I didn't do the whole backpacker thing, I wanted to spend a year in Sydney like a citizen and lived/worked there for most of the whole year.. I have the awful problem of not having a job on the skilled list - I have worked in TV the past few years as a researcher and even got to work at channel 9 in sydney with my experience while on my working holiday visa - but as TV is freelance they were not going to sponsoer me for a 3 month contract.. Basically, I'm desperate to have a life back in Australia and more than happy to give up my career to retrain/study.. I'm I right in saying that the current skilled job list is now useless and will be replaced by a brand new list next month? I wonder what skilled job would be the best one to pick for someone with my background, to go and train/study for it.. I have an aunt/uncle who live in Brisbane (perm residents) and I understand that takes 20 points off the required total... due to my age and that i'm fluent in english - does that mean I have a total of 55 points - with 45 to left to get? I just wondered if anyone else is in this situation where they are prepared to give up their career and retrain/study in something completely different for the sole reason of going to australia.. I suppose I also want to know if this is my only option and is it a practical option, as if i spend the next few years getting a degree/experience in a job that seen as skilled now, it might not be on the list once I've got everything they asked? A lot of people say to me "sure, just marry an australian".. I am desprate to go back but something tells me thats not the way to go about it - unless anyone here has?! Any help would be appreciated John )