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Found 1,008 results

  1. There seems to be alot of difference in the amount of time it takes individuals to settle in Australia after emigrating. Some settle immediately and others at the end of the scale never feel at home, so I thought a poll would be a good idea so that people can see "at a glance" how long it takes. Hope it's helpful, am looking forward to the results! Sue x
  2. how long do u have to leave oz for once CO says they are ready to grant the visa? julie
  3. Hi I wanted to start a new thread to ask those of you out there who have filled in an RPL to send to the ACS. My OH started his last Tuesday (so over aweek now) I want to bloody shake him everytime I see him doing anything else other than working on the RPL!!! So my thread is: How long did it take you to fill in yours?? THANK YOU GUYS xxx:notworthy:
  4. I haven't been on here for a while - what with Christmas and everything!! God, it is so fustrating!! We're currently awaiting references from current and previous employers. One of the companies seem to have not received our letter - so will have to send another one today!! My OH current employer seems to withholding the reference - aaahhh!!! We started the process back in September of 2008 and I'd just love to know how long it took everyone else - from start to finish.
  5. Would this New SOL speed up processing time. (For existing cases) when will DIAC start processing NON CSL / State Sponsored cases. Is this category comes under CAT 5 or not and i think that applicants who had applied before changes will not be effected by new changes and SOL.. State Sponsored (SA) Visa subclass 475 Hope i will be granted my visa soon. Fingers Crossed.. File commenced : Dec 08/ Meds : FEB 09 Finalized / PCC : Not updated... CO: NA don't know what will happen...NEXT
  6. Elliott-Family

    How long until your house sold?

    Hi Our house has now been for sale for 19 months :arghh: we have reduced the price by £30k:arghh: and still we have no sigh of a purchaser, we are so fed up and frustrated, just wondered how long it took to sell your house Claire
  7. HI I'm hoping that by posting this we will finally get some honesty and truth about the true situation here. We have been living in WA for 16 months now, OH came over as plasterer - first 6 months were great and then it all went downhill from there. The guy he worked for let him go and although there seemed (and still seems) to be heaps of building work all around us, he was unable to secure REGULAR work in his trade. This resulted in us experiencing a severe financial downturn, he is now in employment in the steel trade, but in all truth, the money is horrendous and with 3 kids to support we are barely managing to breath, let alone feed and clothe them. Of course, because we have not been resident for 2 years, there is no extra help we can get from the state either. I am also looking for work, but if and when anything comes up, I will have the age-old problem of childcare to tackle so its just not that easy. Don't know whether OH has just been unlucky with the contacts he has made in the trade or whether this is a true reflection of the situation out here. There seems to be more adverts appearing for plasterers in the papers etc, but is it going to be a short term thing again and when winter comes (thats when it all went wrong last year), is everything going to go quiet again. We now have NO savings to back us up and if we fall this time, we are finished. I'm scared for my kids and for both our sanities, but OH just needs a break with someone to get back into his trade and start living (rather than barely existing) again. I'm not here begging for a job (though if anyone wants to offer.........lol) - just a truthful, honest view of the longterm prospects for him, if he decides to return to his trade. thanks guys
  8. nicandjay

    SS 176.....how long ?

    How long have people waitied for their visa's with SS on CSL and with a 176? Have there been very few visas granted whilst waiting for the changes ?
  9. Guest

    seems like a long shot!

    we were wondering if there was any way around our dilema.my oh is a first class bricklayer with an aqf cert 111.given the current climate he has now not worked 12 out of the last 24 months.is there any other way apart from looking for a job and waiting another 12 months?
  10. Hi all - I am thinking of getting my skills assessed while I am waiting to get the relevant work experience to apply for a 176 visa. However I am also considering going to oz on a student visa if the 176 doesn't work out (my occupation may come off the list as is subject to quota). If I do get my skills assessed but end up not having to use them for the next few years, will the certificate last indefinitely, until I actually do need to use it? Hope that makes sense!! :smile:
  11. Hi, I lodged my 886 visa application on 24/04 without a receipt and AFP check; however, at the time of the lodgement, i received suitable skill assessment in Aerospace engineering. Would my application still be valid? I applied my AFP check today, does anyone know how long it would normally take? I'm a bit worried cuz all other documents have been prepared and uploaded except for the AFP check. I've been give a 28 day time frame to upload all additional documents, or otherwise......if anyone know, please advise Will If I lodged my visa application for 886 visa, which SOL will my application be assessed against?
  12. ok, a question for those of you who have applied for a defacto visa - how long were your statements regarding the history of your relationship? mine is currently 3 1/2 -4 pages long , of what i feel is quality writting!!:wink: however, my other half seems too think this is too short to document our 3 year relationship. i feel i have included everything the department requires ie how, when and where we met, how we support each other etc etc. ( i just followed everything they ask for in that online booklet - part 7, 'evidence to provide'). i figured they just want a succinct outline of the details of our relationship... surely they dont want some 20 page essay describing very little detail of our relationship... do they???:confused: also ' how you support each other financially, physically, and emotionally' - financially and emotionally i get, but physically???? if one of us was sick sure, but we're not, so what do we write?... how did you guys 'support each other physically'???? thanks in advance
  13. Hi everyone Im trying to get my head around the employee requirements on the subclass 457 Temporary Business visa:- As an employee, you must meet all the following requirements: be sponsored by an employer to fill a nominated position have skills, qualifications, experience and an employment background which match those required for the position demonstrated English language proficiency be eligible for any relevant licences or registration required for the nominated position See: Nomination Eligibility you can apply for this visa while you are in Australia, only if the last visa you held is not a Transit visa (Subclass 771) or a Special Purpose visa. As I read it - the nominated position has to be on the SOL but does your work experience have to be recent (in the last 24 months) and at least 12 months after qualification like the permanent visa routes? If your previous skills and qualifications matched a job specification and an Aussie employer met all of the requirements to able to sponsor you. Would this be satisfactory or does the work experience have to be recent? I know there are changes afoot and certain positions may not be included on the new occupation lists and understand the risks involved in the temporary route but just trying to gauge the differences between the temp and permanent routes Many thanks xx
  14. This is way off, I'm studying to be a nurse next year, but interested in moving to Aus after. What type of visa did you apply for, and how long did the process take? (not the ideas, just from the first application to the visa being granted) . Thanks
  15. RoseBrown1972

    How long to rent short term rental for

    Hi Me, hubby and dog are planning on coming out in Nov and are not sure how long to get a short term furnished rental for. Our problem is that we have the dog in tow. We will probably be coming over without jobs so relying on savings so need to keep costs down, we have found some accomodation that will take the dog but its expensive partly I assume because they allow pets but also because they are bigger than we need. We had intended to rent this for about 3 months and hopefully find work then when we know finances and the areas find a long term rental. So we thought that with quarantine she would be joining us a month later anyway so we could give our selves more short term options but just rent for a month and then use the month to find a long term rental that allows dogs. If we need to she could stay in UK kennels for a bit, but too long and the cost creeps up again. What I'm needing to know - would a month be sufficient to find ourselves a long term rental? Thanks
  16. hi there I went to oz last year on a working holiday visa for a year and wish to return to visit my friends my friend has a 18 year old daughter ,who lives in england and he has asked me to bring her over and look after her while he works away on the mines two weeks at a time, in return for this he will keep me in food etc does anyone know if this would be accepted as i am hoping to apply for the long stay visitor visa so i can stay there for a year i was a little concerned about proof of funds etc I also have crohns disease but im guessing with health insurrance i could sort that out any advice greatly appreciated thanks dougie
  17. Hi I was wondering if anyone knew how long it takes for the completed medical exam result to get to Australia? Just wondering if we have enough time. We got our request letter on the 16th and our medicals are on the 30th, meaning they need to get to our case officer by the 12th of May to fit in the 28 day time frame.....panicking we don't have enough time?? POlice checks will be just cutting it fine and our South African ones - well they take ages but I think DIAC are fully aware of that - what happens if you miss the 28 days?? Thanks
  18. Well - I know this might sound like a VERY bizarre thread but here goes. Me, my husband and 16 month old son will be moving to Geelong in the next couple of months and I for one am finding the idea of being in a whole new part of the world (without knowing a soul) quite daunting. Although I know it wont be too hard to socialise and get to know people, we will have no family in Australia (and we have very little family in England to keep in touch with). Therefore, I am seeking anyone who would be able to act somewhat like parents to me and my husband and a grandparent to my son. By this, I do not mean do our washing; give us hand outs and so on :cute:. I just mean someone to trust, to turn to for advice, to enjoy spending time with and so on. I am 25, my husband is 26 and my son is 16 months (he is fabulous, cheeky and energetic - forever cracking a smile on our faces). To many this may seem crazy - but I am sure there are people out there who have no family and long for that kind of connection - or people who are just a long way away from their family...just like we will be. If anyone out there understands I would be happy to hear from you. xxx
  19. After being here over 2 years the other haft wants a job (:shocked:) There seems to be very little work for her ( Administrative assistant ) Any other women out there finding it hard to get work . Other haft has applied for countless amounts of jobs ,in all sectors . Other haft tells me there is no work around.
  20. Hi All We landed in Brisbane on Monday and loving it so far from what we have seen! We have been to have a look at various suburbs around the Bayside area and so far liked the look of Cleveland the best so picked up the latest rental listings whilst we were there. We did discuss renting with on the of the real estate agents and she explained that it is up to the owner who they decided to rent to and we could end up being turned down if we dont meet their criteria, they prefer other people etc... So, after discussing with my hubby, we are wondering if it is going to be better buying straightaway rather than renting? We have been told by the bank we should get the new home starter boost which would help, but the only thing that worries me if we are rushing in too fast? Is it the norm to rent long term first for about 6 months and then buy after? Or do people pretty much buy straightaway? We have a 2 year old son which we are worried may put renters off, and also, we dont want to move him around too much etc... We are currently in rented accomodation in Eight Mile Plains until 10.05.10 but we cant extend if we wanted, so we are in no great rush, but my hubby starts work on Monday, so we wanted to use this weekend wisely. We are going to pop along to an auction on Saturday in Cleveland just to get an idea of what happens.... We would be really greatful of any advice:wubclub: Thank you in advance Rachy x
  21. Guest

    Tra how long

    just want to ask is anyone else waiting for there TRA we sent ours in the end jan thay got it 2nd feb . how long is it taking now need it back before june 1 st or we are stuffed alan
  22. Hey everyone, Something just clicked with me today and I remember seeing it somewhere on here before about there being a certain amount of time to being in or transfer money over from the sale of our family home in Ireland, at the time I didn't pay much heed thinking our house would be sold before we came but unfortunetly that is not the case we are here 5 months and house still has not sold. Anyway all of you PIO'S may or may not be able to shed some light on this for me. Thanks Hazel
  23. Guest

    TRA-how long?

    We submitted our TRA skills assessment on 16/2/10, has anyone submitted around the same time and have got it back yet, or any ideas how long they are taking to process? Thanks Sam
  24. Guest

    How long between DIAC requests?

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has any experience of DIAC requests (not Meds and PC), and how long between giving them the info and the next request (hopefully Meds and PC)?? We have just handed them the job reference info they requested...just wondering if we need to wait another month til they look at the next thing?:dull: Thanks Nix
  25. I have been looking on the Ashmore Palms website and they have a bunch of cabins that they let out cheaper if you stay longer than 28 days. Has anyone stayed in one of these recently and can recommend it? JOHN