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Found 1,008 results

  1. Hi, We are shipping our items over and then going to follow later on a flight. The idea is to get there shortly before the stuff arrives, rent a house and then the kids will have all their things around them which might help them settle better. The problem is we have been told 6 weeks and everyone I have told has laughed and said more like 10 - 12. Can anyone advise us on their shipping exp. Thanks
  2. Hi there We are coming over to Pacific Pines from NZ (been here 8 years from Surrey in UK) - we have done a reccie and know what we want and where... with that in mind, how long do you think we should allow from seeing a house we want to rent until move in? Am trying to figure oout how long we might need furnished accommodation for and would love to keep it to under a week...!
  3. Guest

    Your visa - how long?

    Just interested to hear from anyone to give me an idea of how long we can expect the visa to take for non-CSL (IT), particularly 176, visa for WA. We've allocated 2 years and just wondered if this is realistic. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I've been having a look around the forums but haven't quite managed to find the answer and even if I have missed it, it might be worth having a recent update. We've submitted our medicals today and the panel doc indicated that he will be couriering them tomorrow. Question is: How do we know when they have arrived? - Does it appear online? How long is it currently taking to process the meds once they've arrived? Also, the doc referred me to a hospital to review my chest xray as there was a note from the radiographer saying that there might be a small nodule on one of the lungs. NO sign of TB at all which I've heard is the big thing. The hospital did further xrays etc and have confirmed that it it absolutely nothing and the xray is completely clear. This lettered has been included in the medical to be sent to Sydney. Is this likely to result in a referred medical? If so how long does this then take? Final question - We were given a CO on 25/2/09. All our docs have been changed to met when checking online except police check and medicals. Police check was uploaded today and medicals are discussed above. Am I being optimstic to think it might only be a few weeks away? It's a 175 visa on CSL (Pharmacist). Thanks very much for your continued help on here. I spend far too much time on here mooching about and absolutely love it! Cheers, Dean
  5. I have a CSL application, since Sep 2009, it has been under internal check, just wondering if someone went thru this, how long does it take.
  6. cazmayo

    Why ENS taking so long?

    If an ENS visa is classed as priority 1, then why is the waiting time 6-8 months!!! Unless your in Oz, what employer is going to employ you blind and then wait upto 8 months for you to be able to enter the country. I thought the minister wanted the visas to be on a demand basis and was pro ENS. Come on, I have been an employer and there is no way I would wait that long, they have a business to run. Totally disillusioned with the whole process. cheers caz
  7. bettyboo

    How long to validate visa

    Has anyone an idea off how long you get to to validate you visa ( if we are lucky enough to get it ) and whether you have to stay for a cetain time period once you arrive.:unsure:
  8. Guest

    House SOLD at Long Last!

    I have to say its been a while since I posted here. But had to post about my house sale, its literally 3 years since it went on the market and have had numerous people muck me about/dropping out and that with the recession its been a tough few old years. Thankfully today exchanged contract on the house and plan to head out to Brissy in less than 10 weeks. At last its real now and I can make plans.... first thing to book my flight! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :jiggy:
  9. emmaroo

    How long for Police Checks?

    Just waiting on police checks coming back and then we can submit spouse visa. Does anyone know what the current waiting time is for these? thanks Emma :hug:
  10. Hi Posted off my spouse visa today, so hoping itll get there tomorrow or mon, how long does it take for a CO to confirm they have the forms, im just abit scared they wont get there or something will go wrong and ill never know that they didnt get the forms ? So any advice would be good ? Cheers H :eek:
  11. HI, my patner and children had there medicals done 2 weeks ago in london. Just wondering how long it takes for the panel doctor to send them to our CO at Oz house. We have not heard anything in 2 weeks since medicals were done so just wondering what is happening??? Also when my partner lodgedher aplication, we recieved a email about 4 days later from our CO saying he was looking after our case. About 4 days later she recieved some of our docs that we sent in with her application, like evidence of our relationship (our bank statements, proof of out defactop relationship, cards that were given to us for our engagement etc) but there was no letter attached mentioning why they sent them back to her. Is this a good thing or a bad thing???? cheers
  12. kellyjamie

    how long for 457s?

    hi, just wondered what the processing times are just now for employer sponsored visas? cheers kelly
  13. Guest

    how long

    hi to all i am new on this site ,hope some of you can help with my question!! i have recently been married to a welshman .and he has and myself filled papers etc to immigration , to have a tempory visa for partner visa ,has anyone out there just recently had a 309 visa approved and how long from when processing took place and to when you could come to australia , thanks if you have some advice
  14. nicandjay

    how long ??

    Do you think it is unrealistic to drive from upper coomera to Coopers Plain each morning? How long at 6am do you think it will take ? Nic x
  15. nicandjay

    how long would it take ?

    Hi All I really fancy living at upper coomera ....so was wondering how long it would take at peak time to get to coopers plain- QEII hospital. I have a friend who has drove out of peak time and it was 22mins ...now I need from about 6am......
  16. G'day to you all, well it's me im back & theres so much on here to catch up on not sure i ever will catch up on all thats been happening For those regular members will remember me Stuju previously known as gizmo I think the following was one of my last posts "Ok seeing as we are not allowed :biglaugh: to join Essex to aus thread here is one of our own QUOLL where are you ?? I will start by saying ................. been in oz almost 2 years (ok still a shortish time) but would jump on the big white bird tomorrow if i could. Why - i cant explain that its too hard to put into words but theres so much about England that i miss & long for - aussie life is so very very different and not what i expected at all. My heart got left behind in England and i need to go back to get it - but at the mo i cant, circumstances and committments keep me in oz along with a daughter & hubby who dont even wanna go back in a wooden box !!! Lets hear it from you guys who would like to go home (where ever that may be as i guess we not all from England) but for some reason cant at this moment in time (one day i will post a thread on here "gizmo's going home" cheers gizmo x" Well i said i would & yes im going back but sadly only for 3 weeks holiday i land in England exactly 4 years to the day i flew out of Heathrow, im so ready for a trip home now im bursting at the seems. Yes i still feel exactly the same & would still nove back home tomorrow for good, but my wonderful hubby is hopeing that i will change my mind once ive had a trip home, so who knows, i am keen to find out myself how i will feel after my hol & im back in oz along with my youngest daughter who is now 16 & was 11 when she first arrived in Oz. So in the last couple of years i had been working for the NRMA in rd service, great bonuses, great wage,prizes etc but crap hours & weekends,public hols etc. I quit recently as they would not let me have time off for my England trip even thou i applied in Jan giving them 8 months notice !!! Still on the Central Coast (NSW) have met some wonderful people & also some bloody idiots as you do where ever you are. Yep I still moan about Oz & im still bloody freezing & missing my radiators :biglaugh: Happy to help anybody who has any questions about spouse visas or any general questions about oz or living here in NSW Thats about it for now then All the best to you all, sure hope i see some familiar names on here Ju
  17. I've just been reading through some threads regarding rentals in Australia and how long it takes to secure something long term once youve arrived. As i understand its different depending where your based. We have booked a couple of weeks in short term holiday accomodation at the end of this month, hoping we will be able to get something long term in that time frame. After reading some threads i'm concerned it may not be as simple/quick as i thought. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to get something secured in the Sunshine Coast? we do have references and copies of bank statements etc, we will be based in the Maroochydore/Alexandra headland area. Advice appreciated! thanks
  18. Guest

    How long has it taken you?

    Hiya We were granted state sponsorship 176 for canberra last week!!! wahoo! We aim to apply for the 176 VISA on 1 July as we cant apply b4 then! I am trying to envisage how long it will take before we can move! can you tell me please, how long after did it take for you to: - request medicals? - request Police checks? - hear back if the visa has been approved? Thanks guys!!!
  19. I am currently working hard to find employer sponsorship in WA. Let's get ahead of ourselves and imagine I am successful in finding a sponsor :jiggy: What timescales would I expect to face for the visa process? Would I still need my skills assessed, and if so would you recommend I have my skills assessed up front? Thanks everyone for any advice / support.
  20. Guest

    Cats in Quarantine-how long?

    I was just wondering from the people that brought their cats over from the UK-how long were your cats in quarantine for? I know its 30 days minimum but I don't think I could bear it if mine were in there for a silly amount of months. Ive read through a few threads and it seems most of you had yours out by a month but I also saw someone say 4 months!! I just cant bear to leave my two behind
  21. Hi Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me I have found other people on a 475 visa but not family sponsored. Our visa application was recived on 4 nov 08 and there is no sign of it moving no co or anything.I have noticed other 475 being processed when they were lodged after me I take there are diffrent levels of 475 visas. My skill is on the sol list only and not ss list for queensland. My first cousin is in Townsville and hes our sponcor
  22. I'm getting really impatient now :arghh: I've been waiting 6 weeks for my enhanced one to come back!!! On their website it says it aims to get 90% of them back within 4 weeks, oh lucky me I'm in the 10%, and I've never been in trouble with the police!!! GRR. I'm just having a little rant because although it's nothing to do with visa's I want to start this new job! How long did it take for yours to come back?? And was it a normal or enhanced check?? I want some reassurance :twitcy:
  23. We are hoping to be in Oz at the end of July - we have quite a lot of equity in our house and would like to leave this money (approx £110 000) in the UK until the exchange rate rises to at least two dollars to the pound? How long can we leave it here for? Will we be penalised by taxes etc if we dont take it immediately? Jo
  24. We landed in Oz 1 week ago with our 9 month old baby. I'm wanting 'hope' stories here as we seem to be really struggling with her sleep pattern. She goes to bed at 7.30ish only to wake an hour later and be up until at least 2.30am. When she wakes she screams, we pick her up then she's wide awake and happy as Larry. I'm so sleep deprived and jet lagged too! We've tried taking out one of her two naps during the day, tried putting her to bed later, tried the controlled crying and usually as the last resort end up putting her in bed with us. It's really affecting my energy, all I want to do is sleep and feel until my fatigue dissapears I won't be able to start enjoying Australian life. Can anyone share their experiences? How long did it take for you until your baby went down at bed time and stayed down! I'm really tearing my hair out!:arghh: thanks Amy
  25. He is in UK. I am in Australia. We have not met for 1.5 years. This is because he would like to sell the old house and buy the new one before the next meeting. At the moment , the buyer has agreed to buy his house. However, the process is quite slow now. We are not sure when we can meet again. He also has fear of flying phobia. Therefore, it is harder. Have you ever had long distance relationship with the partner in UK. Do you think it is gonna work?