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Found 1,008 results

  1. just a quick question how long on average does it take to ship all household goods to melbourne??? just deciding if we need to rent furniture when were out there or hold off as we r in fully furnished apartment for the first four weeks, my friend has just informed me hers took ten weeks. any info would b thanks x
  2. Hi all, We came back from our reccie to Brisbane a few weeks ago, absolutely loved it and we can't wait to get there. We lodged our 175 on 5th August 2010 and waiting for a CO. I don't fully understand all the in's and out's of the migration process. With all the changes going on I would be really interested to hear your best guess on when we might get a case officer? Thanks, Martin
  3. The Exchange Programme Long Look (EXPLL) is a multinational, trilateral exchange between the Armed Forces of United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. The 140 exchange positions are drawn from each of the three Services and represent a wide range of employment groups; they are to be exchanged primarily on a RECIPROCAL BASIS within their respective host units. The RN contingent for this programme will be a maximum of 20 personnel to Australia. The expected duration of the exercise is 4 months, from Mid March to Mid July 2011 (formal dates will be published once known). I am a Petty Officer Caterer / Cook currently employed as an instructor in HMS Raleigh, Torpoint, Cornwall. I have submitted my application for EXPLL 11 and am looking for a suitable candidate in Australia (preferably Sydney / Queensland area). If you are interested in this, or may know someone who may be interested, please let me know
  4. Hi everyone, I just got my partner visa subclass 820 (TR) 2 months ago and the visa told that I can travel in overseas and back in AU anytime i want. But now I have a question about because I've been here for more than one year and I really miss my family so i decided to go back home soon. So i wondering how long I can go stay overseas without affect my scond stage of PR visa?! I want to back home my country spend time with family around 2 and half months is that ok? and if i can go overseas anytime then how long can I spend overthere for each time in this two years? Thank you cheers
  5. how long can i stay outside Australia once i get 485 /TR?I want to stay in Nepal/back home for 1 year once i get my TR/485.
  6. katespratt

    Long journey ahead!

    Hi everyone, Well we are trying to be organized and plan ahead. Im about to start adult nursing and once ive completed me and my husband are off to Perth! and I just cant wait! we are coming in April for 3 weeks so we can get an idea of areas and jobs. Be great to hear from people! Kate
  7. Guest

    Really Need some Info

    Hi all, With the new changes that have come into effect and all the stuff going on with the election does anyone have a rough estimate when my visa could be granted? I applied for a 175 Skilled migration as a 1st class welder in May last year. I have had no contact from the departed and no word from a Case officer. Is this normal and am I panicking? Should I have heard something by now? and when should a case officer get involved? I know Welder is on the news skills list but I think I am processing level 3 does that mean that all employer sponsorship visa and state sponsorship that apply now go ahead of me even though I have already waited a year? As you can see from this me and my wife are pretty confused!!!!!! We would be extremely grateful for any info. Thanks all Sanks
  8. Guest

    The Long Road Ahead...

    Hi all, I doubt you will remember me but I posted in January regarding our desire to emigrate. Well its taken 8 months but we have finally taken the first step. We have just paid the agent and are expecting a call from a mara rep either Monday or Tuesday. This is all very scary and we have so many questions in our heads, its driving us slightly batty :wink: Still very confused as to the ins an outs of all the visa stuff, but at least hubby understands it all, he's being really proactive about it and looking up as much info as he can. Concerns: Health check, Possibilty of daughters dad trying to stop us ( I dont think he can but....), Interruption of daughters schooling ( perhaps she could follow us at a later date?), making new friends, being poor again (lol). Cost of all the paperwork, stress on family. On the bright side, my mum is going to give us £3000 towards the paperwork costs and we have a substantial sum in the bank from when we sold our house. My family thinks its a great idea, his family...not so much but hey ho. We are under no illusions that if we move all of a sudden life will be under a double rainbow:wink: but we hope that Oz is somewhere hard work is appreciated and rewarded and that we will someday be in the position to own our own home and sit on the porch on a nce day drinking a cold beer while the kids splash in the pool. We anticipate that we will probably have to live frugally for up to 4 years until we are finally able to start to treat ourselve ( Dont think the kids will like it but they will learn to deal :biglaugh:. The visa options we have are : Employer Nomination Scheme (121) or Business long stay visa (457). Not sure what one is best, Hubby will have to be skills assessed by Engineers Australia, and he has already registered and uploaded a CV and certitificates to their website. Unfortunatly I don't have many quantifiable skills, I recently completed a college course in website design, but its not a recognised qualification and everything else I've done has pretty much been odd jobs. Anyway, heres to the journey, and to one day achieving our dreams. :eek: Tori
  9. Hello, We are migrating to Sydney early DEC, and if you have one of the following option available: :cute: Prefered Location : Eastern from an axis CBD-Airport Short term option: - from 7 dec to early jan Long Term option: from 7 dec for long term stay a flat pet friendly (my small, tidy, quiet pug dog will be released out of quarantine early jan) Budget under 600dol per week o.n.o. Send me your proposals by private message :rolleyes:
  10. Guest

    How long must i wait

    Hello all, i am new to all this so please bare with me and be patient. My 176 skilled migrant visa application was lodged on the 02.04.10, i also have WA state sponsorship. Does anyone know roughly how long it will be before i get a case officer assigned to me. I track the application and it tells me that all has been received but the meds checks are outstanding, i was told that i must wait for a case officer to request the med checks from me and not just to go ahead and get them done, do you know if this is correct and if so how long does it usually take to get a case officer assigned to my application. hope to hear from someone soon thanks a lot Dave
  12. Guest

    ANMC How long for skills test?

    Hi Any nurses out there who have recently sent off for a skills assessment to ANMC ? Can anyone tell me how long they have had to wait?:unsure: It will be 9 weeks tomorrow since i sent my application and i don't want to contact them if everyone is waiting this long.:SLEEP: Mind you parcelforce had my documents going all around England before being dispatched ! Mags I know you have ben waiting 8 weeks too so any answers would put our minds at rest!! Patience not my stong point!! Thanks Brenda
  13. Hi All, wondering if anybody could help or advise... We are arriving in Perth on the 30th Aug, have secured a holiday rental for two weeks but then we need a permanent one. We are looking for a 4bed house, would not mind if it's not brand new as outside space is more essential to us. Looking to pay around $350 p/w...Close to schools, shops etc.... Excellent references can be provided too. Anyone breaking a lease maybe? Thanks a lot :hug:
  14. Hi, Was wondering whether anyone knows how long it takes to sort out rental accommodation if you're fresh from the UK? Want to minimize the amount of time in a hotel or renting a short term holiday let. We'll be able to pay 12 months deposit - does that help speed things up? Any hints or tips for getting a rental? All help greatly appreciated (escpecially in ACT)! Thanks. Michael.
  15. Hi All, I would be very happy if anyone could help me with my educational query! We are looking to go to Brisbane at the end of the summer and will at some point need a primary school for the kids (oldest is only just 6). We are not sure where we will end up exactly are are staying with friends for a month until we get a rental. How long can you keep your child out of school for before the authorities get on your case? Obviously we don't plan on it being months. Looking at the Queensland school timetable there seems to be a two week holiday the last 2 weeks in September, so say we arrive in mid August is it likely to cause any problems if my daughter started in October at the start of the new term? Thanks very much for any help you may be ale to provide, Cheers
  16. When I applied for my first WHV, it was processed in 2 hours. Now I knew that my 2nd WHV wouldn't go through as fast because obviously employment details have to be checked. But does anyone know... How long on average does a 2nd WHV take to process? Thanks in advance
  17. Hello .. Just wondering, how long do you have to live in Australia until you can get a mortgage to buy? The thought of renting a place - making it home and then having to move yet again when you find a place to buy is not a thought I am enjoying - probably cos we are going through the packing and moving etc now. any ideas?
  18. crispysince70

    How long have you avoided........

    Checking your online application ?? I've managed 7 days.......Gonna see if I can get to September without checking it :biggrin:
  19. Guest

    457 - How long did it take YOU?

    Dear All, We applied for our 457 on 23rd March 2010. The employer already has approval to sponsor people as he is currently sponsoring one other at the moment. This meant, as I was lead to believe, that we only had to apply for Nomination and our Visa. We did all of this at the same time on 23rd March and our Online thingamabob was changed to Application Received. On 16th April the DIAC requested Medical Insurance from us and details from the employer such as example contracts from other workers and justification as to why hubby might be offered any different terms to people already working for the employer. We paid for the medical insurance and got the employer to send everything to the agent. All of this was sent to the DIAC on 29th April by our agent. I suppose what I am getting at is asking you all how long the inevitable piece of string might be? I know that no-one can guess IF people might get visa's but I wonder if I can ask people how long THEIR 457 took (or is currently taking)? My parents have a 20ft container going on 29th May and I would LOVE to be able to put stuff in it as they won't be using the whole thing, but don't hold out much hope to have heard by then. Or do you think we should tell the DIAC that this is the case and see if we might hear from them??? Ta! G x x x
  20. Hi, I was a 176SS but now find myself in the 'new' group 3, as these have started to be processed now (seem to be working on Feb 2008 applications now) has anybody got an educated guestimate on how long the SMP would need to be delayed for before my application (offshore May 2009) found its way to the front of the group 3 processing queue? For those in the know this question won't (hopefully) be as ambiguous as it appears given that the applications per month are known and the previous performance of the DIAC processing is also known. I was hanging on tenterhooks for the SMP's but as the old SS applications are not sure to be automatically converted to SMP applications I could do without the admin or additional cost of reapplying for SMP sponsorship. The delay in rolling out the SMP's could prove to be a godsend for me!:chatterbox::chatterbox::chatterbox: Any best guesses are appreciated, go on have a stab at it :radar::Randy-git::shocked:
  21. Herbies

    Long term car hire?

    Just wondering if anyone has found them selves in this situation and what the best outcome was. My parents are visiting this year from early November until February, really excited about them coming, however a little concerned about getting around. We are a family of 4 so along with parents would not be able to fit in one car, also don't really want to be ferrying them around all the time, as life will still have to go on, school, work etc. Parents are in there 70s although fully well and mobile, but unable to afford a car hire for 3 months. Is anyone aware of a company that offers affordable rates for long term hire, in Melbourne or any other ideas or solutions would be most welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Trudes x :wacko:
  22. Anyone waiting on a spouse visa/partner migration? I sent mine 8th Nov a signed case officer but now nothing. I cant handle it!! HOW LONG?? :roll: :?: :?: :?:
  23. a friend of mine in the uk has asked me to find some info on regards house sitting , shes a seniors school teacher looking to make the move but as with many people money is tight and i dont think she could stretch to a rental property ...... has anyone got any thoughts on her idea or could point me in a direction where i can pass info on to her please :notworthy: cheers
  24. I left my job on 31/12/2008 and left the uk for Sunny Melbourne on 4/2/2009.I haven't yet filled in a p85 am i too late to claim tax for the 08/09 tax year.I have always been on paye and never filled in a tax return in the uk.....I've been very lazy can anyone help......thanks
  25. Hi, i fly to Melbourne on 1st August with my family. I just thought about insurance for us all incase all our suitcases are lost or stolen, so what type of insurance will we need and for how long? anyone got any good advice for me. Gillian :jiggy: