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  1. Guest

    Dog Walks....how long for info

    Hi Guys Anyone on here used Dog Walks to visit their pets whilst in quarantine? Just wondering how long you had to wait until you got an email and photos through from their visits? Archie had his first visit on Thursday & I was expecting to have maybe heard by now....think im maybe too impatient! Cheers Jo :unsure:
  2. Hey Folks Just wondering how long before arriving in Australia is the usual to apply for jobs or should I wait until I get there? Cheers Emma :hug:
  3. Hi Friends I am a csl NEC with co assigned in june 2009 Jan 2009 applicant and all the procedures have been completed by March 2010. but every time i ask my DIAC they reply that my application is going through external checks, i am fed up with this same reply please help me how to resolve this issue' your help will be much appreciated. thankx
  4. As many of you know, finding long term rent in Australia from abroad is almost impossible! I feel that it heavily depends on the area your are looking at as the demand and supply will be different. However, I have just managed to do it!!! This is how... 1. Extensive research on where you want to live (I mean the area) 2. Check out the best areas which suites you and your family (proximity to work and play, children's school etc) 3. Use Google maps! Zoom in the area you like. You'll get an idea how it looks! 4. Once you're happy with the area and are sure of it, go to domain.com.au and realestate.com.au and get an idea of what's available there and the rent pricing 5. Now here's the trick! Forget real estate agents! There is no way you can get an answer or even be considered for rent. I have tried....the feedback was null! 6. Now begins your extensive research on what renting house/complexes/units/apartments etc are out there which you can deal directly with land lords or complex managers. 7. If you research well, talk to people, ask on forums, you'll find some contacts. 8. Make sure that these contacts are not fake but real and if possible try to get some info on the place. Maybe you can send a friend to check? 9. Call them!!! Call many of them! I called many of them and all of them told me that its too early, need to be there or otherwise. 10. But if you get lucky, you'l get one Make sure you get photos of the house! 11. Be prepared to fill a few paper work online. You'll receive a few application forms as images or pdf, you'd need to fill them up, sign them, scan them and send them back. 12. You'd also need to send scanned copies of your passports, ID cards, utility bills, reference letters etc 13. Be prepared to transfer the bond and a few weeks rent in advance. In my case, I sent the bond and 2 weeks rent in advance. You don't need to sent them immediately, but this will depend on the landlord. 14. If possible, ask someone to go and check and speak to the landlord. If not, call them, once, twice and have a few chats. Usually you can tell if they are genuine. Downside? 1. There is small percentage of risk 2. What if you don't like the house/street? Photos lie!!!! 3. Are you dealing with a genuine landlord? If you do your homework right, you should be fine. 4. Most house are unfurnished, especially long term. So be prepared to sleep on a mattress on the floor and eat out until you buy/ship in stuff Advantages? 1. You save money on hotels/motels/short lets! 2. Less stress looking for a house! 3. You'll feel more settled on arrival, more home... NOTE: I have not arrived in OZ yet, so I still need to pass through this experience. It might end up a bad one, not sure. Maybe it will be worse. I feel it won't. I felt I should share this with you, just in case some of you prefer my approach. So, I'll let you know how it went in a few weeks time :wink: Good Luck out there! Cheers B!K3R
  5. McKlaut

    Dinosaurs' thread (long wait)

    I think maybe such thread can help those who have been waiting for their visa decisions for a long time (year and more). I mean those from cat4-5 who should be processed but stuck with impediments. We can share our situations and possible ways to move things ahead. At least just moan and cry to each other's shoulders. :wink: As for me now it's been almost 19 months since we lodged our visa application and 28 months since we applied for Australian skill assessment. So, going through our 3d year of "life on hold". Luckily we were wise enough not to postpone our second child birth. And this is the only decision that we could make with no regard for immigration. Every other steps that were taken were affected by our "sunny plans". Ok, here we now have been stuck on external checks since August 2009. Complained to DIAC about this - no results, IGIS - no results, answer "we take complaints only after 6 months from checks beginning". So, I wonder what are others' situations and reasons for delay and what you've done to try to cope with this.
  6. Guest

    how long a little help

    hi a little help please can any one tell me how long it takes from job offer to visa throw employment sponsorship fingers crossed alan
  7. We applied for our CPV-143 in june, acknowledged on the 15th 2010. Naturally we were keen to get out to Oz as soon as we could and were intent on doing anything and everything that came our way (medicals, police checks etc) ASAP. However, while we still want to move to Oz on this visa application, we wonder if later might be better than sooner and would like to know how long (and by what means) we might 'string it out for'? It's a long story really but the money might be commited elsewhere in the short term. Any ideas anyone? Thanks FB
  8. Hi, We're contemplating heading over to Oz before our visa arrives. We want to travel around for a few months before we settle down and get jobs. My OH is worried that we won't get a long stay tourist visa if we're in the queue for a 176. Will this be an issue?! I know that once our visa arrives we'll have to leave the country and reenter in order to activate our visas. Cheers, Nicky :biggrin:
  9. Now I am in the process of withdrawing my old application for 175 visa in order to lodge a new one with another ANZSCO code. My agent sent request for withdrawing 10 days ago, and the application is still exists in DIAC's system. Could someone, who also withdrew an application before, tell me how long does the process usually takes? I want to lodge my new application as soon as possible. All documents are ready. Thanks in advance for your replies!
  10. Guest

    Long Stay Tourist Visa Granted

    Hi - for many months I have been planning a further visit to Australia for time out from my career. I have my long stay visa for 12 months (12 month multiple entry) granted - conditions on this being the normal (i.e. no work and max 3 months study). I have official career break from my job and will be staying with my fella for the majority of my time over there - but will be visiting friends and other members of his family whilst I am over there. I have named him with home address of where I will be staying on my approved application. Our question is I have not been asked for evidence of funds prior to my application being approved - and wonder what I will need to show at arrival in Australia. I am not intending to take wads of cash with me - more cash card with a minimal amount of dollars in cash. In total am thinking £8K - £10K spending money - as again don't have any accommodation to pay for). What do I need to take with me to prove this? He will be picking me up from the airport and I have a return ticket paid for - will he need to bring anything with him when he picks me up? Sorry guys I like to have all my boxes ticked. Best wishes and thanks for any input
  11. How long does it take before someone’s feelings and thoughts on a place are valued and worth listening too? It seems that the people that don’t like Australia from day one are told to give it at least 2 years before heading back! (This advice normally comes from the pro Australian group (Also known as the “sun, sea and surf gang” or “the deluded ones” by the other side of the camp)) Where as “the none delusional group” (also known as “whinging POMS” by the SSS) would say that those feelings will never go away so you’re best to go home! Personally I think that anyone who has put so much time and effort into a move should give themselves time to settle in but hey I’m part of the SSS group! OK the next lot are the most interesting...... The ones that hop off that plane and fall in love with the place; they are always bound to get loads of thanks. :jiggy: But if they dare stray onto the MBTTUK forum :realmad: they get eaten alive by the “what would you know you’ve only been here 5 minutes gang” (very sharp teeth) It seems that at some point, one day these people will wake up and hate Australia, maybe they will but hey while they love it what’s wrong with that? These people give hope to the rest of PIO waiting for a visa, and remember we all have our own reasons for wanting to go...... The next group are the most hated by the “what would you know you don’t even live here” group. That’s right, “The RECCI” group the people that have been on holiday and fallen in love with the place and Australia is their utopia...... These people shouldn’t get an opinion; their time on PIO should be limited to asking questions about Australia not giving advice....... Well that’s what some people feel anyway!!!! Now there are loads of other groups and I have done one of PIO’s biggest cardinal sins and that is to generalise and group people together but the simple fact is that if you stick around long enough you will see people change sides, some that love the place to start off with end up leaving with a bitter taste while others that hate it, wake up one day and realise Australia is their home, etc, etc, etc...... Everyone’s opinions should count whether they have been on holiday, been there for 5 minutes or a lifetime, you can only talk about how you feel on the day. For all the new members wondering what should I do, take the time to read some peoples journeys, they are amazing some that have hated it, but gave it a chance and moved and then started to see what others can, others that have hated it and moved back to the UK only to realise they had made a mistake and moved back to Australia, while others that have hated Australia moved back to the UK and have finally found their piece of Utopia, then there are those that have felt at home straight away. The one thing that bonds us all is we are taking the same journey, we may take different paths and end up in different places but it seems most find happiness in the end and I think that’s what we all wanted at the start. So to me everyone’s advice is valid no matter where you are in your journey, and remember there will be someone reading your post that can identify with your thoughts and feelings. :wubclub:
  12. Hi guys, you`ve already helped me while ago. However, now me (Czech) and my wife (Aus) lodged application (801/820) on 28.june 2010. We still haven`t been allocated to case officer, despite the fact our application was flawless (made by immigration lawyer). I know that it takes time and that this is being discussed over and over again, but I still wonder, how long did it take for you to get case officer since lodging? Cheers
  13. Hi everyone, Finally, after long wait of 2 years and 1 month. yesterday got my PR. Thank God and all the members here on this forum to guide me whenever I had questions in mind. Its been a tough ride for me and my wife and now looking to get my wife here as soon as possible. I fought hard for this day and I can say that it was worthwhile, 2 months back I had no hope as I had no CO assigned but before election I wrote few letters to Chris Evans, Ombudsman, Melbourne Mayor and other opposition leaders about my situation. And it worked out really well. Got the reply from Chris Evan office and they wrote that they looked into my long pending 885 application and assigned me a CO. After that CO asked me to do all the formalities again such as medical, ACS skill assessment, police clearance. Yesterday got my positive ACS skill assessment, and yesterday only CO finalised my case. Woohooooooo........ I can't express my feeling here in words but definitely it was lifetime experience for me and i can say last 2 years since I lodged my 885 application, was the toughest of my life. I would also like to say to all the ICT 885 applicants who are waiting for long about more than 1or 2 years due to stoopid ACS and DIAC mess, be there and keep fighting. Hopefully all pending cases will be cleared soon. Here is my quick time line. Application type: 885 ICT - Recent graduate NEC - non CSL Lodgment date: 1st Sept 2008 Skills: ICT recent graduate CO assigned: 17 Aug 2010 New ACS Skill assessment applied on: 21st Aug 2010 (2613-11 Analyst Programmer) Redone my Medical, AFP and overseas police clearance During Sept 2010 ACS Approval: 8th Oct 2010 PR Approval: 8th Oct 2010 Good Luck to all!
  14. I'm currently 17 and studying in year 11, but plans are already being made for gap years. I have been in the country for a year already, and it will be 2 by the time I leave on any trips. I was hoping to take a year off and travel all the european countries I never got to see before I left with a few friends. But I am unsure as to whether my visa will allow me to. So I hoped maybe the people here would have some idea of the time scales. Thanks. Ah I forgot to mention that, my visa will actually have run out by the time I wish to leave. Am I still able to leave after it expires?
  15. Hi Pomsinoz! This is my first post here. I was referred to this website by a person answering some of my questions on YahooAnswers. He said someone would be able to advise me (including offical migration agents) regarding the best visa option for my girlfriend coming to Oz. I will start by giving some background: My girlfriend is Spanish (I know this website is for British citizens but I thought someone could help me anyway, as the policies are probably fairly similar) and she is planning on coming here to visit me for roughly 6 months from Dec 2010 to mid 2011. From all the research I have done on the immi.gov.au website it seems that her best option is to apply for a 6 month long stay tourist visa (subclass 676). We cannot apply for defacto status as we have only been together for approximately 8 months. She will be living at my house (in Melbourne) for free. I know from research that she must prove she has enough funds to support herself for 6 months in Oz. She will have in her bank account the equivalent of about $3,000 - $3,500 AUD. Also i was told that I can sponsor her. I am happy to do this of course. I am working part time but I have about $8000 AUD in my bank. Now that you have the background i have a few questions: Do you think that is enough money between the two of us to prove she will not be tempted to work for her 6 months in OZ? Also what should I be doing on my end as a supporter/sponsor for her? What i mean by that is in her application does she have to say i will be sponsering her and SHE has to provide MY bank statements? What other documents should she/I provide to increase our chances? Is it possible to extend her 6 month 676 visa for another 6 months while she is here in Oz? What are the chances of this happening? Thank you so much in advance! Regards Ray
  16. wishfulthinking

    How Long did........

    How long did it take you to get things organised once you had arrived in oz. Like choosing an area, putting kids into schools and starting a new job. Just wondering? Natalie.:cool:
  17. Hi Everyone, my name’s Jay. Me, wife Paula & our 3 boys are on holiday in Queensland (Sunshine Coast-Fraser Coast-Brisbane) over Christmas & New Year. It’s more than a holiday, as we’re looking to emigrate after our holiday if we can find a possible place to settle, find jobs, a rental property and schools for our boys. I’m a Diesel Fitter who works on Earthmovers. I’d like to ask if any of you knows of anyone who would be able to help us in looking for contacts who I could meet in regards to finding a job and working in Qld . We would also really like to contact other families who we could possibly meet and share their experiences of settling a family into Aussie Life.……. Kind Regards! Jay, Paula & the boys :cool:
  18. hia ll, hade interview this morning and they asked how long the visa would take i said about 2-3mths can anyone give me a timescale for an 457 employer sponsored visa please? i need to email them tonite let them know huge thanks kelly:wubclub:
  19. Hi everybody, Has anyone got a clue how long after you got your visa granted that you can sponsor your parents and brothers and sisters. And most importantly how long would it take roughly? cheers Lee
  20. Guest

    TRA - how long??

    Hi there, Does anyone know how long it will take to get an assessment back from the TRA? My application has been with them for nearly 2 1/2wks and the online status is still "awaiting assessment" I know I am being impatient but I can already apply for SS and just wishes things will speed up a bit..:smile:
  21. Has anyone who has shared a container to Brisbane tell me how long it took to get there .the packers are coming on 11th October and the wife is starting to fret and I want to bin the Christmas tree ! Cheers Micky
  22. I will be leaving my UK job on the 8th October and relocating to Sydney, I am trying to work out realistically how long I will need to pack up the house, rent it out, see friends and family and have a little bit of down time while not be manically being stressed out in the process. As a rough idea I thought 6/7 weeks from resigning should give me enough time before I fly out and then two weeks in Sydney before I start my new job. Any thoughts? However at the moment 6 months doesn't feel long enough to get everything sorted!!:arghh: Thanks
  23. Hi I've just joined this evening, sitting in bed with tears dripping off my chin! I'm English and married my lovely husband 3 weeks ago. Our story is like something off the TV - we've known each other for 30 years, were like best friends but married other people and our lives went different ways although we neve lost touch. He emigrated to Australia 15 years ago with his first wife and although they seperated 6 years ago Oz remained his home. I divorced 10 years ago, we sort of rekindled our relationship via e-mail etc for years, and also met up once a year when he came home to see his family. At long last during his visit to the UK in 2009 we decided we'd wasted enough time, he asked me to marry him and I said yes. I went for a long visit, loved everything about the place and I applied for a spouse visa back in March, and we planned our wedding in the UK for July, for all our families to be there. All my documents apart from the wedding certificate were submitted (via a migration agent in the UK) to the commission, and at the end of June I received confirmation from DIAC that I had been approved, pending the marriage certificate. I was told by my agent that as everything had been processed, I would have my visa swiftly after the marriage certificate had been sent. We sent that on 2 August and the agent estimated I would be on my way by the end of September - we were over the moon. After a blissful few days honeymoon in the lake district, I tearfully waved my husband goodbye, as he left for Oz leaving me here waiting for my permission to join him and begin our new life, with only the fact that the end of September is in sight keeping me sane. Today my migration agent has dealt the blow that because of the delays announced last week, I could realistically still be sitting here at Christmas. We'd made lots of plans, we've got relations booked to come and spend Christmas with us. On the advice of my agent I've organised my shipping, I've handed my notice in at work, agreed a sale on my car, signed a tenancy agreement to start at the beginning of October on my house............ Please - does anyone know if there's anything I can do, I'm honestly distraught and I'm in danger of needing a straightjacket if I have to sit here much longer - how can this be right, all I want is to be with my husband, we're now both 50 and I've worked so hard over the last 9 months to tick all the boxes and provide everything they've asked for, not to mention spending a shed load of money..........I'm absolutely no risk, I'm going to work, I'm just going to live with my husband.......how can they now say I have to wait, and why? Surely there's a way to get round this?
  24. I will be leaving my UK job on the 8th October and relocating to Sydney, I am trying to work out realistically how long I will need to pack up the house, rent it out, see friends and family and have a little bit of down time while not be manically being stressed out in the process. As a rough idea I thought 6/7 weeks from resigning should give me enough time before I fly out and then two weeks in Sydney before I start my new job. Any thoughts? However at the moment 6 months doesn't feel long enough to get everything sorted!!:arghh: Thanks Lisa
  25. I was interested to know for a long term rental the weekly price of say $600, are the rates included into this price or do we still have to fork out more money each month for the council tax etc bills?