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Found 1,008 results

  1. Hi folks, Im 5 months into living in WA on a employer sponsored visa.Recently i heard a whisper supposedly originating from a reputable agent that after 6 months i can apply for PR. Can anybody confirm any truth in this statement or am i still to wait a while longer!.. Many thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Hi All Does anyone know how long it takes for the state sponsorship to be assessed? This morning the OH had an email saying his application is being assessed.:biggrin: As you can imagine I was unable to contain myself but then thought we are still a very, very long way off yet. :jiggy:
  3. lazydaisy

    ACT SS..is any one else waiting?

    hi all, I'm waiting for state sponsorship with ACT and wondered how long it is taking anyone else. My application was formerly lodged 4 weeks ago now and I'm feeling worried! I don't know how many places are left or how long it will take to get a reply! :huh:
  4. OK, Guys. Been here 2 months and have realised, theres nothing for it. I NEED a haircut! I dont want to be snobbish but my wonderful friend was my hairdresser an she worked for Tony and Guy back home. I really want someone who listens, understands but is realistic and quick with the snips!!!!!!!! Can anyone give me any advise before I go an get pruned!!!! This is a huge step for me as I have had the same hair dresser for 4 years now!!!:arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  5. Guest

    Got a co, at long last

    We got our co at last who has given us 28 days to do our meds and police checks(again coz the others are now out of date) but she sent it on the 23rd of dec, and with christmas and everything being closed, we havent been able to do much....is there any chance of us getting an extention....the best bit is she is on holiday till the 24th of jan....so shes back after our 28 days are up..... We have waited 3 long years for this and feel like we are going to lose it at the last minute because of christmas
  6. Hey, i wondered if anyone has has they skills assessed by ACS and how long they take, the web site says 3 months......at this rate once 3 months is up the Aus immigraton would have change their policy!!!!
  7. Guest

    how long to get citizenship?

    hi I have now been in oz for 2 years on a spouse/residents visa (p640 sub class 100) does any one know how long I have to be here before i can apply for citizenship? thanks for any info lally
  8. Boesman

    How long to process 175?

    THere are so many posts and different answers, but if one submit a 175 e-visa say on 1 January 2011, how long can it be before you actually get that visa, medicals and police checks all included? Just an estimate would be fine as I have heard from 2-5years! :arghh: Are there any chances that they will improve their processing times in the future or is it just gonna get worse? Boesman
  9. DivingMissDaisy

    How long to update medical sent via courier?

    We all had our medical's on Monday 13th. All were sent electronically, except for our youngest daughter as I had to get her a new passport as hers was just short of the 2 years. Her medical was sent via courier on Tuesday 14th and was signed for in Sydney on Friday 17th. But it is still showing as required on the Status Enquiry page. Does anyone know how long it normally takes for them to process medical's sent manually. We were given till the 22nd Dec to send everything back to our CO. We've sent the tracking number, so know that they know it's been sent, but just curious to know how long it will take to process. Her medical is all that we are waiting on now. :arghh: Thanks:wubclub:
  10. mr luvpants

    After 3 long years....

    ...its one more sleep and then we are on our way to live in oz! JOHN
  11. I applied for Partner Visa 820 (Onshore) on march 2009, It has been 21 months now and they still haven't granted me the Temporary Visa 820. There is no problem with the application but my CO said the External Checks taking long and said she can't do anything about it. Can anyone tell me know what to do? and Am i gonna be granted Permenant 801 when 2 years have passed, or do I have to wait as well during the second stage? anyone here know anything please advise me! thanks
  12. So when will you know if its for you? do you have a figure in mind? 6 months? a year? go with the flow? If one of you DOESNT settle do you plan on coming back right away? or try to cajole your partner/kids into giving it longer? Do you need to have stayed there a good length of time before you know its for you? Have you made a pact like us,if one doesnt like itt thats it,no arguing,just come back?
  13. brideycollette

    TRA how long

    Hi just wondering how long it took for people's TRA assessments to come back , we were told 3 to 4 weeks ?? Brides x
  14. Hi, me and my partner want to move to Queensland. We both apply under the points system as were both under 25, Im a mechanical engineer/fitter, specifically working with pumps and water systems. The OH is a dental nurse My question is, If we meet the requirements how long would I have to stay in the mechanical trade until I could change career? Just weighin up my options as I do not want to be restricted to a job in engineering all my life. Is your visa dependant on your remaining in that chosen trade profession or can you change career after say X amount of years. Hope that makes sense. Thanks, Dan
  15. lsbc1976

    How long are medicals valid for?

    We got medicals done in March and front loaded our 176 application (that was in the days we thought it would be granted by xmas). We have now changed to a 119 RSMS visa and should have a case officer shortly. Today we took my newborn son for his medical and the panel doctor more or less said the March medicals would be expired, i was under the impression they lasted a year. Could do without having to pay out another £1000 to redo them.
  16. ozgooner

    how long to validate

    Hi there I am new to poms in Oz, we are March 09 applicants on a 175 so hopefully not too long for a case officer. My question is how long from when the visa is given do we have to validate it and do all menmbers of the application have to pass through custome or just the lead person, soory if this has been answered a million times befors :unsure:
  17. Hi everyone Just a quick question for you all. We sent the hard copies of all our required documents to ACT (after doing the initial application online) last Friday (19th November) via Royal Mail Internation Signed for. We've tried checking the Track and Trace code and it hasn't confirmed that it has been received by ACT yet. We were just wondering what other people's experiences have been like, and how long it took between sending the documents and ACT confirming that they have received them. Thanks in advance for your help Natalie
  18. hoorayhenry

    Citizenship Application - How Long?

    Hello again Just another quick one! Has anyone got any information about how long - from application to ceremony - the citizenship procedure takes? Thanks
  19. hi does anyone know how long the 457 visa process is taking at the moment? im trying to get my life sorted LOL!!! and some are saying 3-5 weeks others are saying approx 3 months AGGHH!H!!! so i dont know where i am ! any info would certainly help!!!! PLEASE!!!!!:wacko:
  20. Hi, Does anyone know how long its likely to take to get my visa once my medical papers arrive in Sydney? All my other items are "MET". Does Sydney notify my Case Officer automatically once they're checked? If anyone has any recent experience it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Michael. :biggrin:
  21. Linday

    Insurance -long term one way

    We are planning to travel to Australia in June on a long term visitor visa and stay there with my daughter until our visa is granted around the end of the year. I know we have to go offfshore when the visa is granted but are intending to go to Singapore and not return to the UK. Has anyone done this and what did you do about insurance? I have been trying to find some travel insurance to cover us for the period before we become residents. I . I have looked at long stay policies, but these don't offer cover for one way trips. And the one way trips don't offer cover for long enough. We are mainly concerned about any medical costs which may arise. I know there is a reciprocal agreement with Medicare, but am worried this won't be enough. Any advice appreciated.
  22. Guest

    2 minutes is a long time man

    11 hour-11 day-11 month---2 minute silence--we had ours at work today to remember the fallen heros--i offered them 2 minutes of silence for all that they give me (freedom/a safe world/and a future)--during that 2 minute reflection i remembered all that was sacrificed for the way we live today--please as you go through life never take your freedom for granted:wubclub: lots of people paid a heavy price for it:wubclub:
  23. Guest

    Its been far to long

    hi to all you new and old members like me lol well time has flown by since i was last on here i wanted to know if you have made it to oz yet or not or are struggling to like us JUST WOULD LIKE TO SAY A BIG HI TO MY DEAR FRIEND GOLLYWOBBLER TOO well as you know we didnt have a good yr what with scott suffering a stroke in feb and a few months later having another set back menwhile i have been very busy at wotk the boys are growing fast now i have been working for 8 months now and have just done my nvq 2 again oh how time flys would be nice to hear how you all getting on regards susan scott and boys x
  24. Was wondering if I am correct: Should our SA SS be approved, the SMP's be released with my occupation on the list and we lodge to DIAC for the visa. Would/should we have our visa's within 12months from lodging if we are Cat 2 then?
  25. Guest

    how long ?

    Hi everyone, My application has gone to the character assessment unit. Any idea of how long they take before I get a decision ?