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Found 1,008 results

  1. Hi all, I was wondering if someone would be able to answer my question regarding Pakistan PCs. I filled out an application form for Pakistan Pcs and sent it to High Commission here in Australia but i dont know how long its going to take before i get them. Hopefully someone will come up with something. Cheers Asad
  2. Guest

    Medicals - how long?

    Hi all... I'm having my medical done in UK on Wednesday for my partner visa . How long does it normally take after I have done the medical for the Aus House to receive it and will I get any confirmation from my C.O to say he has got it? Just wondering what the time frame might be... Thanks :v_SPIN:
  3. Hi Guys How long does it take from applying for visas to leaving (hopefully) to OZ does it actually take?
  4. Guest

    How long is to long?

    Hi all, Cant wait to move to Aus, as a family we have so much to offer but really need the first break, Both my partner and i have both worked since we left school and still cannot get a morgage in england, i understand it is difficult and think are best bet would be a sponsership.... So if anyone would like a level 5 childcare and education worker (in july 11 would be level 6 ) and my parnter who works currently at CARDOX INTERNATIONAL, three children and a dog to enhance your companies we lwould love to be that person...:chatterbox: Thanks Louise
  5. Guest

    How long is a 176 WA SS taking

    does anyone have any ideas , just wondering if I should do my medicals or not before CO Tar very much in advance
  6. Ali&Paul

    How long to validate 457

    Hi, Does anyone know how long we would have to enter Australia if my husband was sponsored on a 457 temporary visa? Also will I be under any restrictions regarding employment or could I work full time if we were out there on his visa? Many Thanks, Alison
  7. Hiya, how ling should we book our travel insurance for?? Should it be for the duration of the one way trip or until Medicare is sorted??
  8. I have been watching the situation in Egypt with great interest, as some know I am fascinated in government, and how people react to movements, so it is only natural that I would be glued to the present situation in this part of the world. Lets hope the tense atmosphere over there is resolved peacefully, BUT. I have often said that people should stand up for what they believe in and good luck to them, no matter your political views we all have the right to protest if we believe something is wrong. And I 'was' of the mind that us Brits 'may' one day be of the mindset that we as a people can change something we see as wrong. However, my bubble has well and truly been burst,:mad::biglaugh:. Just been watching several passengers arrive back in the UK from Egypt that were aboard several planes chartered by the government. All well and good you would think, and whilst one or two complained about the time it took and cost to a degree the biggest complaint was, (I will quote it as exactly as possible): 'We had no meal on the aircraft, just a 'Snack Pack', absolutely disgusting'.:goofy: I immediately want this woman (Brit) to be put in charge of any revolution we have in the UK in the future. I am sure she would ensure hot tea and coffee, biccys and maybe the occasional hot shower for any protesters that took part in the 'revolution'. If I wasn't laughing I would cry. I know, I know, this was a very small snapshot of what some thought, but she was very SERIOUS in her comments. Does she not realise that people have died in the name of 'Freedom' in Egypt,:wacko:. Hey ho, Ok, so she may have been a bit 'peckish' but please give me a break. She could still be in Egypt, wondering what the hell was going to happen to her family, but no, her major concern was that she 'only' received a snack pack on board the flight. God, it must have been hell on earth for her to have to sit through a six or seven hour flight without sufficient sustenance. I was surprised that she didn't complain about the in flight entertainment. I am sure the cabin staff could have done better and maybe shown 'Cuba, The True Story',:biglaugh::biglaugh:. Lets hope she is not representative of all Brits, if she is the next demonstration in the capital many involve a fine selection of pastries, sandwiches and a selection of hot and cold beverages. As I said, I realise this was a very small snapshot, but I will stand by my morals and demand the lady in question be elected to high office immediately and given the post of, 'Leader Of The Free, And Keeper Of The Faith During The Revolution'. I am sure her efforts on the 'catering' front would be appreciated by the die hard revolutionaries whose work and effort has led to this situation.:policeman: Cheers Tony.
  9. Guest

    how long for 121 visa??

    hi we have applied for a 121 visa and have been told 3-4 months .........how true is this? .....:confused:
  10. as the title says peeps? just wondered how long we should expect to wait? thanks kelly
  11. Please could someone just answer this simple question I hope, how long do the police checks take generally. Many thanks whoever are the lucky people to answer my question!!!:cool:
  12. Guest

    Help, please, long wait

    Hi, Please help, I know this sound like a question with a possible answer of "how long`s a piece of string," but I have been looking on these forum & note people getting their visas quickly & Iam wondering why our visa is taking sooo long. We got QLD SS back in July 2009, then due to the skill list stoppage & skills list change (Sept 2009 to July 2010). We didn`t submit out main apllication to the DIAC until July 2010, but to our pleasure my husband`s skill (electrician) is on the new list :biggrin:. So hopefully quicker. Wrong. We have been checking weekly but it is now February 2011 & STILL no CO. :arghh: Taking so long we are :SLEEP: We have had out lives on hold for so many years now, this is really not funny anymore. Thank you for any advise Crystal
  13. G'day, Some of you may know me/us as Stuju but for long timers on pomsinoz would know us better as Gizmo Just thought i would pop a quick post on here to say hello & hope all is going well for you all new & long time members. Been in Oz almost 5 years now & this Australia Day (last week) Nikki my youngest daughter & i got our citizenship, have also now applied for aussie passport so i can enter & leave Oz without any hassles. Going home for another holiday again this year on my own this time, which i can't wait for as i so enjoyed my trip back last year. Okies thats about all for now......... but big news coming up nearer the end of the year, so catch you all then maybe lol :biggrin:
  14. Dunwa

    The start of a long road.

    Hi there, just a quick introduction before the questions start flying. My wife and I are just getting stared in the planning and info gathering stage for our application. We’re currently looking at the 175 and 475 routes right now. With regards to background we’re both 37, for myself: Senior Systems Analyst 16 Years experience Prince 2 Practitioner BA (Hons) Business Studies. ..and my wife Management Accountant 16 Years Experience CIMA qualified BA (Hons) Business Studies. We also have 2 kids, 6 & 1 to throw into the mix. We’re going to a couple of trade fairs with companies that are sponsoring and recruiting so fingers crossed as hopefully that will be the easiest & quickest route in. If that fails then we’re going down the 175 Skilled Migrant route. Any advice, pointers or words of support would be greatly appreciated. We’re both very positive right now but realise that it’s a long slog ahead of us. :notworthy:
  15. peggsgreen

    175 - how long?

    Hi all again , dont want to be a pain but i know alot of you guys have gone down the 175 visa route ........ just wondered how long it takes - from english test etc to visa ? And to getting out there !!! We are not going to use an agent as want to keep costs down, and if you dont know us , Well I am a cardiac nurse and my hubby a bricklayer ........ desperate to move to Bunbury to live with our old and new friends ...... ..... thankyou :cute:
  16. Hello, I’ve been reading this forum for some time now as we’ve started the long process of the family sponsored 176 visa in August (Ielts passed and Vetassess still pending :mad:). Thanks to all of you for this wonderful source of information. In the meantime, we have changed our plan. Because my brother who lives on the Gold Coast is going to have his second baby, because he misses family and also because it is now the right time for us to take a career break and not in 2 years, we have decided to go to Australia already as from July this year (flights are booked :cool:) . Therefore, we decided to enroll our older child in a local primary school for a year and request a student visa for him. For the rest of us (my partner and my second child), we have some doubts about which visa to request. We are not sure that both parents and a child can be on a student guardian visa (580) and we are also a little bit uncomfortable about the "no further stay" condition that seems always attached to it. The other option would be to request a long term tourist visa for the rest of us. It seems pretty straight trough to obtain if we can show that we have enough funds to support ourselves for one year and may not come with a no further stay condition (again if I understood it well). I know that every situation is different but what would be your choice? Keeping in mind that we may want to try to find a company to sponsor us in order to be able to stay longer (we cannot indefinitely live without working). Are there any pitfalls we've overlooked in this project? Any other options to be considered? Thank you for your help.
  17. Dear friends i am applyed for ve175 at march 2009. later i have applied and got state sponsership from WA. recently on 20-12-2010 i got email from case officer and he ask me medicals and police clearence. i am very happy and i completed within 10 days. medical was sumbmited by doctor online. but till now i have no mail from case officer. how long i have to wait?. i check my online application progress at DIAC website. at my document check list police clearence colum shoowing MET. but my medicals showing still required. why? once again i confirmed in the hospital where my medicals was completed they clearly says that they allready send medicals to australia hicom. then why my document checklist still showing Required?. please tell me if you have idea about this. thanks.:SLEEP:
  18. Hi, I have a couple of twited qustions :biggrin:. First of all how much time do I have to get the visa stamped on my passport, once I get the visa grant from DIAC? Secondly Can I get the visa stamped from any country which has an Australian consulate or do I have to get it stamped from the home country, from where I applied PR? The reason I am asking these questions is that the country I am working in now (Angola), does not have an Australian Consulate/embassy. Suppose I get the visa grant in March this year then how much time do I have to get it stamped on my passport? I may go to Hungary for a month in April (I have Residence visa of Hungary also) can I get my visa stamped on my passport from there? or Do I have to go back to Pakistan to get it stamped (Pakistan being my home country & the country from where I originated the OZ PR process). Will be grateful for the enlightening comments of the forum members. Regards, Ezy
  19. laurab1987

    176 Visa - How long do they take?

    Hi everyone, My partner and I are visiting Perth in March and if we like it we will be starting our visa application in April. Anyone got any ideas how long they normally take and is a pretty straight forward process? Thanks in advance :biggrin:
  21. Guest

    how long is a piece of string

    hi all just a quick question we got our SS last week and put in our 176 visa in may 2010 we have been told we are cat 2 does anyone no how long it might take to get a CO thanks alan
  22. Hi I have a new job - and they are sponsoring me to enter oz on the 457 visa. I am currently working in Singapore - and my new company is going to submit the 457 tomorrow hopefully. Any ideas of how long it will take to be granted so i can enter Oz? bdobson
  23. SHANO7

    How long for ens !!!!!

    :arghh:After finding my family unceremoniously stuffed in Cat 4 we decided to seek ENS through my uncle as this is Cat 1. He has received an email after lodging in December 2010 to advise that these applications take 5-7 months to be allocated a CO. How is this possible or is it just a typical automated DIAc response. We see people in Cat 2 who have not long lodged being allocated CO's. Can anyone advise of their timelines for ENS from experience please as I cant see why it would take so long. Any answers welcome Shane
  24. dthomp123

    Roughly how long for visa ?

    Hi there, I know this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question but can anyone give me a very rough idea i.e best vs worst case scenario as to when to start the ball rolling to apply for a visa to move to Aus. I am trying to see how long we have got left to make a final decision about emigration as due to the ages of the kids / finishing off the DIY etc would really need to move in 2012. (Still deciding about Melbourne v Brisbane v Stay in London) Situation: Family of 4: 2 adults, 2 children. Ages 42, 40, 8, 7 Would use my skill as controls engineer/bms/HVAC to obtain work. We came back from a 10 week reccie in the summer where I attended 4 interviews in Melbourne and found employment positive ( 2 employers said they had vacancies with right visa, one other hinted at possible sponsorship). Didn't take it further at the time as we weren't 100% sure about emigration and didn't want to mess people around. This mainly due to high Aus property prices, think we would have gone for it last summer if they werent so high. I have a feeling my work would be on the skills shortage list somewhere as the employers seem to need people but as its a small niche category somewhere under electrician/computer engineer its not actually listed by title. Was given a category by Engineers Australia but may not be the best / fastest one (Computer Engineer) I know I have to consult a migration agent so if anyone knows of a good one please post back, this will be the next step after this post ! Just wanted some idea before spending money ! Many thanks Dominic Thompson
  25. kellyjamie

    how long for ielts results?

    hi can someone tell us once youve sat your test how long they take to give you your results?