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Found 1,008 results

  1. Guest

    How long from "met" to "grant"

    Hi everyone, I was wondering about how long it takes to get the magical grant after everything is met and finalised? I know that there have been some differences, from weeks to hours, but I thought if people wouldn't mind commenting it would be cool to see - especially as this is the most freaked out I have been, seeing everything "met", now where's my visa? haha! I think I had a secret hope that as soon as meds were finalised, the grant would be immediate, but I have also noticed that there have been quite a lot of COs allocated but not many actual visas... Everything met and meds finalised March 1st, so let the wait begin!
  2. The Bridge Family

    457 to PR... Easy?? How Long...?

    :cute:Hi there, everyone... Long time, no speak! I used to be on here all the time, in preparation for our move from sleepy ole Suffolk, UK to the sunshine of the Gold Coast. Well, we have now been here for more than 2.5 years... and, although we love it here dearly, we have been to Hell and back ~ several times! Steve, 41 (hubby) works for Coles. He had been with Tesco for 23 years in the UK. I worked in sales in the UK, for a radio station... but had long-since given up, to raise our boys. I am Andrea, 45, and am now having to face the prospect of returning to full-time work, tomorrow actually!! This is not a prospect all of us face with any sort of enthusiasm... not least of all the little 6 year old. We have Jack (11 next week) and Callum (6). They love it here ~ although they miss their older brother and sister, from my first marriage, heaps. We are now in the process of chaging from a 457 Visa, over to PR, having been here long enough. Has anyone done this fairly recently? Has it been an easy transition? How long did it all take? Coles currently has the paperwork underway... we will then be dealt with by Fragomens, before being passed to the Dept. of Immigraation. Any advice, thoughts, assistance would be gratefully received by us all. Thanks so much, everyone. Love to anyone who remembers me/us. Take care, and enjo your Sunday x x x :cute:
  3. How long roughly has it taken for the paasports to be returned once sent off for stamps? We are cuting it fine we have flights booked for 30th March and our furniture has already been sent, but still not got passports sent back. We provided special delivery return also didnt know if it helped but was a small price to pay. thanks sharon xx
  4. Can you open an australian bank account ifyou are only going on a long holiday
  5. From Hansard, Senate meeting for updated budget estimates, February 2011. OK, so DIAC have 848 FTEs involved in sea borne (non)refugee arrivals. How many staff work for DIAC around the world? 7,924. So almost 1/10th of DIAC manpower is tied up in handling the anticipated 6,000 unauthorised maritime arrivals for this year. That's about 7 arrivals per DIAC person to be handled over a 12 month period, involved in all aspects of that situation. For the 180,000 other skilled family visas granted, DIAC have 7,000 people, or 26 visas per staff member. But wait, those 7,000 people also handle 70,000 457 work permits and employer sponsor applications 270,000 students 175,000 manually processed short stay visas and 2.5 million electronic grants (e-visitor etc) So setting aside the students which are mostly near automatic grants, that leaves 425,000 visa applications handled by 7,000 people, or 61 people per DIAC staff member. Versus just 7 people per staff member for maritime arrivals... Now that's what I call an unfair diversion of resources, all because this Government cannot admit that they got it wrong when they relaxed the stiff rules that were applied to "boat people" under the previous Government. And the good news? Medical issues for less than 100% family of applicants: Moeller is an SA doctor who was working in Australia on a 457 whose disabled child was the reason used to refuse PR, before public outcry skillfully fed by the doctor forced a reversal of decision. The message here is that migrants with "unhealthy" family members should look to regional or sponsored visas. I guess that frees up a few DIAC staff members to go help with the boat people... (oops!)
  6. Hi Just a quick question am just wondering how long you police checks took to come back from when you sent them. Thanks :biggrin:
  7. Guest

    How long is the TRA taking

    Hi I have just passed my AQF3 and our agent has now informed us that once he is in receipt of my certificate then the TRA will take approx 8 weeks before we lodge the vis. Is this right as a lot of the posts informs is that they have there's bCk in 3 to 4 weeks Please advise Many thanks John newland Wall and Floor Tiler
  8. Just wondering has anyone been asked for a australian police clearance cert from there WHV. Our CO has requested one through our agent why I dont no was there less than a year just by a few days though. Sent off the application by post in late january still waiting just getting a little stressed because our deadline is coming up.
  9. peggsgreen

    when do you know how long?

    Hi all, ok we have now sorted the flippin engish test so do that next month, And filled out visa application so ready to go when get result........ just wonderd when are you told how long the visa will take for residency ? ? ? is it from 1st application or 2nd? We are goin on a 175 visa. thankyou , you fantastic people you :biggrin:
  10. Hi I have been assigned CO last week. in the email CO mentioned, he don't need any further documents from me. he also added my application is undergoing internal and external check. which is likely to be finished with in 6-12 months. Can anyone tell me how long it may take on an average for applicant from Bangladesh(HR) any kind of info will be appreciable... Thanks in anticipations. Aujdin:radar:
  11. kateNollie

    Visa Granted - How long have I got

    Once I get accepted as a spouse and granted permission to emigrate, what is the time limit before the Visa expires.
  12. I did my medicals on the 20th of December 2010 and was told by my case officer that it was sent to the Health Operations Centre on the 4th of January 2011. How long does it take for them to process it? My case Officer says that it has not been processed yet. Can I check the status of the processing? If yes does anyone know how I could do that? Thanks.
  13. Hi All, First post so bear with me ! Hoping to move over towards the end of this year, but ideally send furniture,belongings etc on some months ahead of us. Does anyone have experience of charges for storage of say a 20ft container, any figures would be a start !.
  14. Bradburns

    457 to pr, how long???

    How long approx. would it take for a nurse on a 457 visa to gain pr?......... The reason I ask is, when qualified I hope to move to Qld as a graduate nurse...How long after entering Aus as a grad. nurse, could i apply for pr??..any info would be great, Thanks x
  15. Guest

    how long for CO? Cat 2

    Hi. I have just lodged my application(475) with DIAC .I am in cat2 as I got SS. Can anyone tell me how long will it take to allocate CO for my case?:jiggy:
  16. Hi All, I know its been asked many times over, but currently are there anybody out there like me whose meds is about 25 days and still not yet finalized?:arghh:
  17. Guest

    how long for PCcs?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know how long will it take for a Pakistan Pccs to come to me? I applied through the High Commission in Canberra. I think thats all my application needs then it be granting time i suppose. thanks alot. Leed
  18. Or do they not come back to us and go directly to Oz? Thanks inadvance Nik
  19. Hi All, A little bit anxious now and would appreciate any help/advise i can get. Meds been referred and hasn't been finalized till now - a full 5 weeks:mad:. Anybody out there in the same boat? Hadn't heard anything from MOC (will they contact by email if there's a problem?). Panel doctor assured everything was ok when the meds were sent, so don't know why it's taking so awfully long to have it cleared. Wanted to believe it's all due to some backlog, but I haven't read from PIO anyone who's waiting as long as I am. Thanks.
  20. Hi all, My partner and I are in a bit of a time war and need to lodge our visa before 1st July if the new proposed points system comes into place. My partner is currently just on stage one of vetassess and waiting for the result. Does anyone know how long recent ss is taking to be granted for SA. Really worried about lodging on time:frown: Thanks, Lucy.
  21. Hello, We are excited at the prospect of moving to Perth. As we haven't started the process yet we have to get a move on as we need to get everything done and lodged by the time the new changes come in in July. We have found out Hubby probably won't need an RPL which is great but have been told that WA SS could take 6 to 7 months to come through! Have been told we could apply for SA SS which has a history of only taking two months. Now we don't know what to do! How long did you WA SS take if you had one? A very disappointed and confused Nicky
  22. Does anyone know how long before a dog flies he should be fed? Looked on net some say 4-6 hours before flight and sure i read somewhere else it should be 24 hours before. Buster flies on thurs so any quick replies much appreciated. Don't want him starving! Thanks
  23. jonneeb

    CO appointed, how long now??

    Hi all, I'm new to this site but have found loads of interesting information which is great. We've just been allocated a case officer and I was wondering if there's a common time from this date to when (or if) the visa is granted? Does anyone know? Also, our agents, 1st Contact, have been brilliant up to now. My agent is now based in Melbourne, not London and I've been trying to contact her since Feb 8th with no joy, also tried the London Office, no joy, and was then given a number for a senior case worker in South Africa, can't get hold of him either????? Anyone else having similar problems? After having parted with quite a bit of hard earned cash this is NOT the service I expect!! :mad: Skilled State Sponsored (SA) 176 visa Lodged May '10, CO 08/02/11......
  24. april.will

    Sa ss - how long?

    Hi I have just applied for SA SS and wondered if anyone knew how long it took? When I applied to WA it took about 3 months, is it the same or longer? Thanks for any help in advance april:jiggy:
  25. Hi I just obtained my PCC from Kuwait. It's been mentioned that the certificate is valid for 3 months. Does it mean that if I do not obtain my PR then I have to submit another PCC after 3 months or it is valid for 1 year? Regards:cute::notworthy::wubclub: