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Found 215 results

  1. hi guys i would like to go up to london office to get my visa label put in passport but in email says you may not been seen at the counter, yet have herd many a story where this is fine? also which address is it, there are two for london office. :eek:
  2. Hi there Just wondering if anyone would have any information on average costs for laser surgery in Australia in comparison to UK. Initial research suggest UK might be cheaper? Anyone done it? Cheers Sin
  3. Ok, this will be a tad long however hope some of you can understand my situation.... im 31, moved to sydney in mid 2003 with my GF. she is an aussie who i meet in london. after 2.5yrs with me in london (4.5 for her althogether) she fancied a move back to syd where her family are, well i wanted to go more; prob 60/40! anyway, got my defacto visa very easily, moved there, ending up getting good jobs, good money, owned property, got a cat, got a car, made some friends etc etc.... thing is that after being there 12mths my GF wanted to go back to London whereas i really liked it in syd/oz. perhaps cos it was so far away from where im from helped too. her parents are from europe and she spent a fair bit of time on holiday in europe as a kid and has never felt that close to australia apart from the fact most of her family live there. im not close to family at all; before we came back to london 4mths ago i had only spoken to my parents twice in 2yrs and have only seen them once since i got back. not one of my family came over to see me in 6 yrs (btw - im now an aussie citizen)..... so my GF stuck it out in syd with my for 6 long yrs which considering she didn't like it there after 1yr was v.v.good off her! she wanted me to get my aussie citizenship (as did i as im sure we will retire there one day) as i said i would always return the favour and get her, her uk citizenship (she has another 2.9 yrs to go to get it) as she cant get a euro visa thru her parents, long story! in other words, im stuck here until 2012. fingers crossed we will move on in 2012 to somewhere else, perhaps asia or middle east to work. my GF thinks london is ok (we do have good friends here, some aussie, some british however most of the aussie's are all moving back therhome after bagging a brit bloke!! ironic as we have mobed in the other direction) and would happily move in 2012 however has also hinted that she may move back to sydney sooner and waive her right to get uk citizenship if im really that unhappy however i couldn't ever do that as i know if we go back to oz then there will be heaps of problems as she will get fed up there within 3mths and we would have spend a fortune on yet another move not to mention losing her uk visa, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! so, basically i have to stick it out until mid-2012. thing is that i really miss my life in sydney even though i didn't really do much, i still miss what i had, e.g. - nice house, nice car, good well paid job that i knew back to front and best of all, not being in scumy london. prob was that my GF didn't work for the last few years we were there as i earnt good money so she didn't have to where as now back in the uk, she works and i dont. i now find myself locked in the house all day not wanting to leave it whilst my GF is at work........... i hate waking up and hate my boring day trapped in london. sounds good not having to work (we have some savings etc) but im so depressed being here. have started to drink more (with awful hangovers!) and even put on weight etc however dont know what to do..... i cant place my finger on it however i think that the uk has gone down hill SOOOOO much since i left 6yrs ago. the kids, the lack of respect, the crime, the filth, the gov - all just awful. i cant see why anyone would want to come here unless they had money and could live in a lovely village in cornwall or devon etc!! i dont care abt things like weather etc, doesnt bother me if its 5c or 30c wet or dry (30c today in london!). i totally understand there is more to live than beaches, sun and barbies however just wanna be back in oz, or perhaps i just wanna be anyway but the uk/london - really very confused however perhaps i should make the most of the next 2.5 yrs and get over it.....??!!
  4. Hi all Not trying to pimp myself or sell but I am moving home @ the beginning of decemeber and heading to oz in March. I am in Croydon and have a 1 bed flat full of furniture that has to go....let me know if anyone is interested. Jen
  5. Guest

    Off To London Today

    Just a quick note that I will be offline from today till the 30th of July. I'm heading to London to see my GF,if anyone needs airfare quotes or advice between now and then send me an email and I will try and get back to you a.s.a.p. See Ya's
  6. scottntina

    Vetassess cancelled london !!

    Hi Guys, So annoyed, just heard from agent that all electricians vetassess assessments in July in London have been cancelled. We have now been booked on an assessment two weeks earlier in Blackburn... This will mean an overnight stay loads of travelling, and of course more money and time off work. ARGHHHH....:arghh:
  7. Guest

    on the plinth London

    so what would you have done on there? http://www.oneandother.co.uk/ I would have had my laptop and browsed the web
  8. We've just got our invitation to the Australia Needs Skills Expo in London's Excel centre, 27-28 June. It seems all the States will be there along with various potential employers. Has anyone been to one of these Department of Immigration events? Do you have any tips? Any one else going to this one? Just seen another post on this - perhaps mods can add combine the two posts?
  9. Hi guys, Just wondering if anybody is going to this Expo, by invitation only, and wondering what they think they will get from it.:unsure: Shonz xx
  10. bloomersthebear

    Aussie house London????

    Hi guys, Back to blighty in June to get the 457's morphed to the Perm residents visas. Very Quick and somewhat basic qustion (yeah those ones):swoon: In London at the Aussie house do we need an appointment or do you simplhy turn up??? I appreciate the Immi have transfered our details to Aussie house (or thats how I understand it) but, and Im sure others have had the same jitters of turning up and they know nothing about you and you should have called first!!!!!!!:mad: All in all first time back in 2.5 years and wondering what its goona be like??? Gotta say Im a trifle disconcerted by it all. Its like how I felt coming here! thanks in advance to anyone who can enlighten me Bloomers
  11. I am originally from Whitton near Twickenham Middlesex and have been in Australia for 20 years now. I was one of the original Pommie Backpackers!
  12. Guest

    Flying FROM Auss To London

    Hi all my girlfriend is Aussie and lives in Mildura.I flew over to see her in 2007 and boy i love the place.She is now flying here to see me and is hoping to fly From Melbourne sometime in sept/oct .She is looking at flights and prices.It will be her first ever flight so not easy for her.Do any of you good people know of any good deals and any advice on airlines would be fantastic.Many thanks if you can give any advice.
  13. Hi there I am back again with another question. I am applying for a cpv can I pay the visa charges at Austrialia House in London, or does it have to be to the Perth office. I am a UK citizen. Thanks Wilma (clubby67):smile:
  14. My husband is Brazilian and I am Australian, we are just about to submit our 309 visa to Australia House. I was wondering if anyone can tell us, a) is it better to submit in person b) how long does it take to come back? How long have people waited? Any experiences would be useful! c) can you call the office to ask questions etc. once you have submitted the application? ANY OTHER ADVICE? FYI – we have submitted with evidence and the health checks, we are still waiting for the police check from Brazil but we have the police check from UK. :jimlad: Thanks so much Bec & Tarso
  15. Guest

    Newbies from London

    Hi there, been following this forum for a while now and thought I'd say Hello. I'm Emma 26 originally from Edinburgh, Scotland but currently living in London where I work in IT. My hubby and I (Paul 27 from Blackpool, also works in IT - but we're not *complete* geeks - honest :wink:) are coming moving to Sydney in October '09. We just got our Visas through yesterday - very excited. We're coming over on a working holiday visa for 12 months to see how we like it with a view to settling more permanently. No jobs or anything lined up yet - beginning to feel slightly crazy but so excited too as we've been talking about doing this for years so it's great to actually be doing something about it! I'm sure I'll have loads of questions over the next few months but this post is just to say Hi really. 5 months and counting!! :arghh:
  16. paul1977

    down under live show london..

    just wanted to know if anyone had been over the weekend and was it worth going too.... ?:goofy:
  17. G'day everyone, Is anyone planning on going to The Down Under Live next Saturday and want all meet up??? :smile:
  18. Please could you let me know if you applied for a defacto visa offshore from the London office, how long it took to come through? The more recent the info the better... My app will be front loaded for meds and police but we're *still* waiting on 888's from a couple of friends - one an all important Aussie who has had the dratted thing since Jan 8th :arghh:..!!! I'm starting to get worried as they say that it can take up to 6 months... and we fly in 5.5!
  19. Hi too all...... just wondering if any one is going the London EXPO next week end ??? We are traveling from Birmingham... think were going by train.... does any one know about parking..??? will you be able to park in Chelsea Football Club car park....?? we going with two little ones in tow.... would like to hear from any one else going... thanks :yes:
  20. tisme

    Fire in London

    Blaze engulfs London March 20, 2009, 3:27 am Flames and smoke rise from the roof of the Immigration and Appeals Commission building in London, England. At least 40 firefighters are involved in tackling the blaze at the central London building.
  21. Guest

    expo london

    Hi just wondering if anyone is going to the London expo March 21st - 22nd? Dawn xx:smile:
  22. martincburgess

    Oz Expo's / Fairs in London - March 2009

    Hi all, Aiming to visit two Expo's in London in March - the Australian Expo and Down Under Live. Visited one a couple of years ago when first thinking about heading to Oz. We are still here in the UK, but now with visa in hand. Many of the State Governments attend as well as prospective employers. Has anyone else visited such events and if so is there any advice / feedback that would be useful to know beforehand. Indeed are they worthwhile for the cost of attending? Thanks in advance, Martin
  23. Hi. Just trying to get in contact with any Panel Beaters that are going to the Expo's in London this year. Love to hear from you all :smile: Claire
  24. Hello all, Just wondering how everyone on the Carpentry vetassess got along last week, I am due to do mine in April, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Tony (new member)
  25. Hi All I'm booked onto the carpentry vetassess for April at North West London College and was just wondering the best way to get there for 7.30 start with tools. Is there parking available round there - last thing I want is to be late trying to get the van parked up somewhere for the day. Any other info much appreciated Tony