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Found 216 results

  1. I'm looking at booking flights to Ireland from Brisbane and as im travelling with a small child would like to avoid heathrow this time if i can. Can anyone help me, as to which airline i should try and book with? thanks!
  2. RobDav

    London for Sydney flat swap

    We're off to Oz soon (457 visa dependent) anyone had any experience re flat swapping? We have a two bed flat in London and are wondering about possibility of swapping for same in Sydney North shore. Anyone got any advice or recommended sites etc? Cheers Rob
  3. BBC News - Kapoor designs 2012 Orbit tower That is a mess IMO ..... 25 MILLION IN TOTAL.:err:
  4. Guest

    hola from london

    hi guys, moving down under later this year and just trying to get a better feel for things, working on my defacto spousal visa at the mo - look forward to chatting! James
  5. Guest

    Medicals in London?

    Does anyone know, where in London, i can do them, when i get requested by DIAC, any ideas on how much it costs for a single person? and whats involved in the whole process? cheers:tongue:
  6. Guest

    adelaide oz buying in london

    i have been a member of PIA for a while my wife and i want to buy a 1-2 bed flat/house in london for the 'future' i will be travelling to the UK next week to start hunting thought i would see if any oz bound poms are looking to sell please pm if you are interested we will rent the property out so condition must be good prob looking at north london but remain open to options
  7. Hi I am flying into Terminal 4 at Heathrow on Wednesday but need to get to Terminal 1 to get my flight up to Edinburgh. Has anyone done this transfer and if so, how easy is it? how long does it take? I have had a look at the website bus not tell you much. Thanks in advance Emma :cute:
  8. Hi,Can anyone advise me on here, on cheaper flights back to london or uk one way? looking at going in around 2 weeks time thanks:wideeyed:
  9. Guest

    london expo result

    Hi to all Just to let you all know that i went to the london expo yesterday and that i was offered a job, I have abit of a dilemma though. We wanted to go and live in adelaide but this job is in a place called port pirie, i have looked on google earth and it is about 223km away from adelaide and that it would take around two and a half hours to drive there so would have to live in port pirie instead, looking at the place there is not that much there really, there is only 3 schools for the kids and shops and things are abit scarce. I spoke to the owner of the company at the expo and he said i am exactly what there looking for and that he could accelerate my visa, he said he could have me out there within 2 months and that he would put me up in a house 4 a week and meet and greet me at airport and help with banking and mortgages etc. He wanted to speak to my wife to convince her it is the right move to live at port pirie, so he said he will ring me this evening (sunday) and arrange to come to my house up north and speak to my wife. He wanted to sponser me but I said that we have paid for everything so there is no need. My dilemma is that should i bite the bullet and go to a place where there is not much there or forget him and go to adelaide in the distant future. The wage are not bad he will pay me $20. to start with and depending on my skills he will increase that to $28. Port pirie looks a nice place to live and that i have put a search in on the net and cant find any bad reports about the the place so just dont know. If anyone has heard anything on port pirie please please let me know. Cheers:unsure:
  10. Guest

    Medical in London?

    Hi, Just going to book my medical in, can anyone recommend somewhere good in central London, or point me the direction of a list of registered clinics? Thanks D
  11. H Hi, I am just wondering if anyone on the site who has been through the spouse visa application (309/100) could give me some advice on my situation. Here are the details: I am Irish 33 and my girlfriend is Australian 27. We met in London in 2007, started dating in March 2008. Her visa ran out for the UK in Feb 2009 so she had to return to Australia. We never lived together in our time in London. The only way we could continue the relationship was for me to get a job in Ireland and she come back again on 1 year Irish working holiday visa which is what happened. I moved to Ireland in April 2009 and found us a place to live and she came back and joined me here on June 12 2009 - we have been living together since and preparing for the de facto visa - joint bills, bank accounts etc.... So my girlfriend is going to sponsor me to come back to Australia with her this year. Her Irish working holiday visa runs out on June 12 2010 - the exact date we will have been living together for 12 months and can apply for the de facto visa at the London embassy. However – It’s what we can do during the processing time of the application is the issue. She will no longer have a working visa for Ireland but I am not sure if she can come straight back into the country again on a tourist visa while we wait for the application to process. And as she wouldn’t be able to work anyways I am not sure its such a good idea. Or we thought about doing some travelling in Asia while the application processes but then if there are any complications with the application or the London embassy ask us for any additional documentation it would make things very complicated for us. The other alternative is that my girlfriend returns to Brisbane (where she is from and where we are looking to settle) , I stay in Ireland and wait for the visa to come through and then I follow her over - but having had to spend 4 months apart last year the thought of doing the same again this year isn't something we want to have to do. But of course this is the safest option. But perhaps another option is if we both left Ireland together and apply OnShore in Australia - does anyone know if I could enter Australia on a tourist visa with my main purpose being to apply for the spouse visa? And what of the processing time for OnShore? London seems to be 4-8 weeks for the Offshore. If the OnShore application times were a lot longer then it would not be an option as I couldn’t be out of work for too long. So that's my situation - any advice greatly appreciated - apologies for such a long winded mail!! Regards, JK
  12. hi nigel,Have you any flights from sydney to london via bankok,sitting here in airport hotel ready to go !!!!!!!!!!! 3 aduts one awy not return many thanks
  13. We went to an aussie expo a few years back (pre-visa) and it was a waste of time for us then, lots of people handing out leaflets and seminars regurgitating stuff from the DIAC webby we already new. But now we have a visa and I'm wondering if it might be now more interesting and useful? Has anyone been to one recently, any views? Down Under Live - Emigration Seminars - Live
  14. Malaysia Airlines currently have a sale on one way fares from Australia to 6 cities in Europe including London. The sale is valid for travel from January to June inclusive and fares start at $889.00 including all taxes. You must hurry to book these fares as the sale closes on 31 January 2010. To book one of these fares contact my friends at Best Flights on 1300 767 757 or log on to Australian Travel Agent : Best Flights Online Travel Agency Australia. Terms and conditions apply,fares are one way economy class and may not be available on the date you wish to travel. This announcement is for the information of PIO members only and Mitta Valley Travel accepts no liability for failiures of third parties.
  15. Has any one heard from London Girl. Has she gone home?
  16. Hi I'm moving to Sydney In March next year and i have a warehouse conversion in London I would like to swap for an appartment in Sydney. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this, i have looked into it online but it looks like most people want shorter swpas than 1 year, is there a website for longer 6month - Year swaps? I could rent my place but will lose out on taxes etc, so would be great to find an Aussie wanting to move here is this possible and any ideas about where to start? Any help with this would be great Thanks
  17. Hi All I have been reading some of your comments on the radio programme feedback section. Some of them are posts which I recognise fom Poms in Oz. If enough people are interested, we could arrange a mass visit to Australia House one day sometime soon. We could let them know what date to expect us, how many to expect and in advance of the date we could give them a list of specific questions that we want answered, so that the London staff would have time to get real facts & figures - instead pf flannel - from their colleagues in Canberra. It might be possible to get the TV people to send a news team to cover the event. If you would be up for this, please add to this thread. Meanwhile, does anyone know how TV/radio networking works? Presumably if we could get the Beeb to cover the London event, Peter Mares' people could obtain and use the footage? Please could someone in Oz ask either Peter Mares or someone else who might know and if anyone has media contacts in the UK, it would be useful to ask them as well, please. It might be possible to get Sammy Naghi to go with us because he is a solicitor and RMA practising in Central London with a firm of Solicitors called Taylor Hampton: Taylor Hampton Solicitors: Sammy Naghi Taylor Hampton's address is 218 The Strand, WC2. Australia House is on the corner of the Strand and Aldwych. It is only a couple of minutes walk from Sammy's office and he is a member on here. It would be handy to have Sammy with us because he is likely to spot any flaws in their technical arguments and he is easily sharp enough to tackle the officials about those then and there. Cheers Gill
  18. Do you have to send visa applications to Perth or can you drop them into Australia House in London? Or does it depend on what type of visa your applying for? And if you can send them to London does that count as the received date? Cheers, Nick.
  19. OMG, just to give you all hope, I lodged my application on Friday 23rd in person at Australia House and I received an email today at 11.30am 27th granting my VISA. I am in complete shock..... No more info requested and no interviews. Fully front loaded....Melbourne here I come.
  20. Guest

    Defacto help offshore (London)

    Hi Me and my partner arrived in London 2 weeks ago we will have accumulated 12months living together in June 2010. Could anyway give us some helpful advise to use our time wisely to gain some substantial evidence?? We are unable to get a joint account as my partner is on on a working visa but we have one in Oz.... Once we have a CO do they look into any debt issues? Thanks for any tips!! :wink:
  21. -Hi All, just a quick question. I hope to be lodging my visa in person this week mainly due to possible posting strikes! I note that many have lodged in person from monday to friday 9-11am. I am wondering whether you made an appointment as there is a note on their website that if you are going to turn up you should contact them? Advices required. Thanks
  22. Any PIO members travelling from London Heathrow with either Qantas or BA should take note of the following. Qantas Services Moving to London Heathrow Terminal 3 Latest Qantas News Qantas Services Moving to London Heathrow Terminal 3 06 October 2009 On the 29th October 2009, London Heathrow’s Terminal 3, will become the new home for Qantas flights between Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Australia, plus British Airways flights between Singapore, Bangkok and Australia. Terminal 3 has undergone a multi-million dollar transformation which will ensure customers using Terminal 3 will enjoy an enhanced customer experience. This new terminal will provide customers with; • State-of-the-art lounge facilities, • An extensive range of shops and restaurants, and • Convenient access for customers transferring from a Heathrow Terminal 3 Qantas flight to a British Airways Heathrow Terminal 5 departing flight. If you have customers affected by this move, an SSR/RM remark will be generated to the Travel Agency queue, to ensure you are able to provide your customers with the appropriate information on the move. Please note: This terminal move will not have an impact on your customer’s onward flight connections.
  23. I have just booked two return flights between Melbourne and London (STN) via Kuala Lumpur for end of April 2010 for unter AUD 1,800. Fantastic deal. No frills - but who cares? Well worth having a look if you need to travel on a budget!
  24. hi all just wondering if any one knows how i can get to Australia house from london charing cross, what tubes etc, tried using the tube map website thing not having much luck, also hope i am going to be ok as it's been nearllya month since visa was granted and only just going to go and get it put in my passport.
  25. Guest

    London Airport Taxi

    Hi, I am regular traveller to London. So, I thaught it would be nice to pass on an information which might help any one travelliing to London. You could try Hummingbird Cars London Airport Taxi Cab Transfer Service : Your Official London Airport Minicab Car Transfer Service: Airport Cab | Airport Taxi - Heathrow, Gatwick, BAA Stansted, London City, Luton for any London airport Taxi Cab Transfer Service Highly Recommended Thank you