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Found 215 results

  1. So we just booked flights from Brisbane to London because England score 517 runs at the Ashes, BA took 517 runs off my ticket price, he he he check it, they are doing it for each test British Airways AU Special Offers | Facebook PC x
  2. Just a reminder that BA have a special offer on to coincide with the Ashes where they deduct the highest England Innings score (in Aussie $) off their normal price of a return flight to the UK from the host city. Therefore as England scored a massive 644 in Sydney they will be deducting this off their usual price of around $2000. The offer says that it's only available for the first 250 bookings (but I am led to believe they may allow a lot more). Tickets go on sale on the 8th January for 1 day only. I was lucky enough to get $620 off my flight next month from Adelaide due to the score there (ended up paying a tad over $1400) Further details can be found here : Spice News: Special Events, Product Launches, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibition - Qantas and British Airways heat up The Ashes Daniel
  3. Guest

    Australia House in London

    Hi all, When we eventually get our visa grant i was wondering whether i could go to oz house and get the visa labels in the passports or whether my OH who is the main applicant has to do it?
  4. I am British, living in the UK with my Australian husband and my spouse visa application is underway as we plan to move to Melbourne next year. My husband has bought a house there - I couldn't easily get on the NAB mortgage or the title deeds but I will do so once I have the visa and I'm over there. In the mean time we are renting the flat where we live in the UK and on top of that we are paying the Australian mortgage by renting out the Melbourne house and contributing the rest half each. I also made a substantial contribution to the deposit we paid on the Melbourne house. I want to protect my interests in case anything happens to my husband (God forbid) and I've consulted my friend who is an English property lawyer and she has advised that we should get a declaration of trust legally drawn up. At least that's what it's called in the UK. She says that if the property was in Britain we would have to involve the bank and register it at the land registry. Now I need to figure out how to do this. Does anyone know of any law firms in the UK (probably London) with the expertise to do this, or any law firms in Melbourne who would deal with overseas clients? Any leads or suitable contacts gratefully accepted! Cheers Kate
  5. Hello, We have just sold our house and must be out by the end of January and we wont be taking much of our furniture. I have started researching on how to most profitably be rid of it but I would be really grateful to hear other people’s experiences both good and bad. Thanks so much.
  6. lookingtoleave

    Jobs Expo London Oct 2010

    Did anyone attend the jobs expo in London a few weekends ago? If so was it useful ? Any big employers for construction jobs ??:biggrin:
  7. Guest

    Partner Visa Offshore London

    Hello Any advice welcome. I have been living in Australia with my Australian partner for 20 months, just returned to England to close everything down in England and do my partner visa for Australia so I can stay forever in Australia. Can anyone advice me on the following Do you have to have a medical to get a partner visa? What can I do to help my partner visa be processed quicker? (For example front load my visa application with my UK Police Check, Australian Police Check and medical) I would love to hear from other people who have done a partner visa who are in the process of doing their partner visa. Thank you Dawn :Randy-git:
  8. Hi All I am attempting to obtain a CD that was on the Qantas flights. It was The Beatles in Classical mode. It was by different artists. I cannot remembet the name of the CD and I have looked everywhere. There appears to be lots around. I would really appreciate it somebody can get this info for me. Thanks in advance! Karen
  9. Hi All, I've booked a ticket to the Live Australia and New Zealand Expo in west London Sat 09 & Sun 10 Oct 10. Is anyone else from PIO going? I already have my visa, flights booked and a house in Australia so I'm only going there to meet employers. My plan is to turn up in a suit with a folder containing all my qualifications and a shed load of copies of my CV and business cards and get round as many employers as I can and then leave. My question is, having never been to one of these Expos before, when is the best time to turn up? Is it stands and you just go to where you want or are there set times for visas, states, flights, removals, jobs etc. and you have to be there at the right time for the right seminar? Any help or tips would be gratefully received. Thaks in advance
  10. Robarts Family

    Works Expo London Is it worth it?

    Hi, There is an exhibition in London this weekend. It says there will be employers there looking for sponsors. Is it worth going? As we were invited to Austalia House where you needed an invite, which you do not need on this one and that was a bit of a waste of time so not sure if this would be as well. Any thoughts would be appreicated. Thanks Jo
  11. Hi everyone I am a Brit Down Under(since January 2009) who has been through it all – house that won’t sell then can’t let; trying to work out what I should or shouldn’t take with me; leaving my friends and family behind (especially my brand new niece – very hard!) Whilst in the UK, and from time to time over here in Australia, I have been an avid reader of people’s experiences as they give up their UK life for a brighter one (hopefully) on the other side of the world. Well, after a couple of false starts, I have got a job I really love, working as a Migration Lawyer in Sydney. I see people go through the hard times and then the absolute best of times on a daily basis :biggrin:! Although there have been many ups and downs, I definitely made the right decision to come and live here and I absolutely love living in Sydney and working in the field of Migration. I am back in the UK for a wedding at the end of October and thought I would like to offer my help, answer questions, etc to those of you who would be interested. I have been through what you are about to go through and I also have the professional knowledge to be able to give you some decent legal advice as well as possible ways around the restrictions (legal ways, of course!) that the Australian government keep heaping onto the Migration System, should you need it. I am therefore combining a work and family trip (great for me!) and will be mainly in Manchester from 16 – 19 October (that’s where my baby niece is!), South Yorkshire 20 – 21 October (I left a house and friends and a life in Doncaster to come to Sydney!) and London 21-23 October (where the wedding will be). I know (from my reading this brilliant forum) that you all meet up for socials and to chat about your experiences and I would be happy to come along to one of your meetings. Please let me know if any of those locations and times suit. Alternatively, I am happy to meet you for a coffee. I look forward to hearing from you to see if I can help at all. Joanne
  12. did anyone else apply to attend the Expo on 11 & 12 Sept in London hosted by Skills Australia? I remember there was a post on here a while ago but can't find it (well gave up searching after a few pages :err:) anyway we applied and were told by e-mail that we would find out the outcome late August...well i may seem impatient but it is now the last day in August and still no news - good or bad but the Expo is only 11 days away. has anyone else heard anything? would be interested to know... cheers Jo
  13. Hi All I learned late last night that DIAC are planning to hold an Expo in London next month - September 2010. It would seem that Australia now (suddenly) claims that it needs to attract immigrants with certain skills. The official information about it is here: DIAC Newsroom Information for Australia Needs Skills Expos held overseas DIAC have even put an advert for their show on YouTube, it seems: YouTube - ‪ImmiTV's Channel‬‎ It seems like quite a hard sell. I learned about it from a Registered Migration Agent called Sheelagh Blanckenburg, who looks after the Migration Help forum. The thread is below: UK Skilled workers in hot demand down under - Migration Help Cheers Gill
  14. gilliantay

    Accomodation in London

    Need some help/advice regarding accomodation in London...............Not sure if this is the correct forum to put this question on ? We are going back to the UK at the end of October for 4 weeks. We are taking our son's friend (Australian) with us. Normally we would just fly straight into Glasgow/Edinburgh but thought that it would be nice to show the boys the sights of London before we head up to Scotland. Not really wanting to spend too much money on accomodation but do not want to end up in some dive where we end up with unwelcome visitors (previous visit to London resulting in an infestation of bed bugs)..........I know one hotel that we will not be going to !!!! I have found Travelodge in Covent Garden which is quite reasonable but I have cheated slightly and just put down for a family room (double bed and pull down couch)......we will only be sleeping there for 3 nights ! - the boys will be 15 and 16 so are really young men. OR do I go out further to the likes of Earl's court and just Tube it into the city............ Only been to London once so really want to be quite central (whatever central is) as we will have limited time to see everything. Son's friend wants to go to Stonehenge ! - never been there myself - poor soul is so excited and wants to see and do everything but money will be quite tight.......ish. Any suggestions would be much appreciated Gill
  15. Guest

    Help! London Expo!

    OH has been invited to expo in London next week- they have sent an email confirmation and asked him to book his place by logging in to website. Problem- won't let him log in! won't even let him put email address and then say forgotten password!! Just says no record of his details!! But they sent an email to him!! So sent an email to them yesterday afternoon but had no reply and still cant book his place. Anyone any ideas who to contact or what to do??? Very worried!
  16. Guest

    London expo

    Ive been invited to the London Expo 11th 12th September. In the next 24 hours a formal invitation will be forwarded with more info. Yeppee. Good luck to all who applied to go
  17. Guest

    expo in london

    any one going next month i would of loved to go as i am thinking of making the move and would of cleared a lot of things up for me but of coruse when you want to do these things you are never about and i am in france that week so cant go just wondering if any one else is going even better if you are a mechanic
  18. Hi there, Just joined moments ago... would be grateful for some answers about the visa process. Im an australian living in london with my partner who is british. We've been living together for 5 years. We are packing up in November this year to move to my hometown Melbourne for a few years (hoorah!). I believe there are two visa application forms to complete but just need confirmation as to which forms? Ive emailed the embassy but its been weeks and no reply. Secondly, once we send off the application forms, do we need to send our passports with the application? What has been the response time in coming back with a decision to grant/not grant? thanks for taking the time to read my request. Happy New Year Helen
  19. Hi all, I am going back home for a trip and we are leaving Sydney with Eithad Airlines and travelling through Abu Dhabi airport on the way to London. I am going to be travelling with my young son (13 months old) he can not walk yet and is TOO HEAVY (13kg) for me to carry during the transfer period. Does anyone have any experience flying with these guys? Did you manage to get pushchair onto plane ( i have a reasonably small umbrella pushchair)? Did anyone gain access to a stroller at the Abu Dhabi airport? Were the staff nice? I'm very nervous (understandably) I don't even know how i'm supposed to go to the toilet?? Any experience Good or Bad (I can prepare if it's bad) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Donna. Ps i have no idea how to change my ticker at the bottem here. I've been in Sydney for 2 years and now have a baby too. It's slightly outdated!
  20. Guest

    Medical in London Advice..

    Hi everyone I have my medical in a weeks time at knightsbridge and my application is on route from our agent in Australia so I am not sure if we are going to have a reference number for our medical. The clinic said they need a reference. Could anyone help on this one?? Thanks, Thamby
  21. Hi Friends, State Victoria organize a free meeting (2 August) for "accountants who are looking to migrate to Australia" . Free Event for Accountants in the UK - Live in Victoria Is anybody going to be there?
  22. Wishful

    Hotels near london ???

    Can anyone please give me names of places in or near london that they have stayed at that they would recommend. Have two kids ages 13 and 11 ??? thank you x
  23. Hi All, I am in a very sticky situation that i just cannot keep to myself anymore... i am truely torn as i have fallen in love with being in London but feel that i may still have my rose coloured glasses on when it comes to making a decision like staying here and trying for permanent residency. I have been living in Greenwich, London for about a year now and it has been both wonderful and extremely difficult... I have been floating around between hospitality work, 50 hour weeks and low pay, kicking out horrible flat mates, and racking up huge amounts of debt, but, through all this, I get the feeling i want to stay. Originally, im from Sydney (but i dread it now that i have travelled so much because it is so monotonous, boring, dull and unartistic). I am a professional singer, my WIFE is a voice coach (yes im a married lesbian), and we have just sold our place in sydney thanks to cutting some family ties that unfortunately had to go. We don't have anything left in sydney for us but my side of the family, and a feeling that our lives will be truely limited for career opportunities if we were to go back... but is it the safety of a familiar place thats drawing me back to oz? if we were to go back, we were both thinking Melbourne because its similiar to London but at home in Oz. If i leave london now, i will be going for good. Has to be a final decision. I have had my 3 bedroom house imported to the uk and i have not gotten it out of storage yet thanks to not being able to make a decision on where it is we finally want to rest our heads. I also have a dog to consider in all this who has travelled with me here, LOTS of money to invest in real estate after the sale proceeds are transferred (and not sure where to put it!) and the fact we are a legally recognised, MARRIED lesbian couple in the UK. Sorry if im all over the place but i need someone to give me their opinions or advice... Is Melbourne what i am hoping it will be? Artistically thriving to live in and for my wifes business? Does it possess the same European, educated influences and similiar sorts of people? will it be a great place to invest money into an office space in the city for my wife? is it more gay friendly in its general populace? or would it be better for me to stay here in london. my wife is 34 and we need to consider having a family soon thanks to our 9 year age gap and worry we will leave it till its too late should we not make up our minds as to where we want to settle... any generalised advice would also be helpful too and again, thanks for reading this long, drawn out plea for help. please write to me! Jayne xx
  24. Hi, I've been a London copper for almost 8 years and am desperately seeking a permanent move to Australia with my wife to be, who is a scientist... Are there any police officers out there with experience of a direct transfer from a British force to an Australain Force? Is this even possible? I'd ideally be looking for either NSW or Queensland but any advice would be greatly received! Ta
  25. I'm looking at booking flights to Ireland from Brisbane and as im travelling with a small child would like to avoid heathrow this time if i can. Can anyone help me, as to which airline i should try and book with? thanks!