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Found 216 results

  1. Hi All, PIO (Poms in Oz) has been very useful for me so far. I thought I would share my own experience thus far, so I could perhaps help someone else. So here is our story... (so far.. ½ way there) The first step we took was to settle on a date to fly out to Australia. This was one of the hardest decisions in the early stages, but in deciding a date, we would give ourselves a time to work everything else around. Once we decided on a date, it was time to find flights. We were flexible +/- 1 week of the decided date, and then spent some time on the travel booking sites looking at flights. A key thing to note is, one way flights are not ½ the price of return flights. One way flights are probably close to 75% the price or return flights. If you book one way flights directly with the airline (ba.com singaporeairlines.com etc), then you can expect to pay close to double the price of a return ticket. Why? Who knows, but basically as a general rule of thumb you have to book via a travel site to get a cheap flight. So we used expedia, opodo and skyscanner with an end price of £785 each LHR -> SIN -> MEL http://www.expedia.co.uk/ http://www.skyscanner.com/ http://www.opodo.co.uk/ We looked at excess baggage policy of all of the airlines, and took this into account when booking the ticket. We eventually decided on flying with BA and Qantas as (at the time of booking) they had a price per bag excess, as opposed to a per kilo excess policy. Meaning we can check an extra bag for around £100, instead of £300+ Make sure you take into account journey times when looking at flights. LHR -> SIN -> MEL we decided was the best option as it gives us a long flight in the first instance, followed by a shorter flight. Once the flight was booked, that was one less thing we could worry about. Next (and this should really be organised first due to lead times) was the organising the transportation for our family pets (1 cat). Australia has very strict import laws and they are particular about rabies. Because of this we needed to prepare our animal well in advance with shots / blood checks etc. You should start investigating this 9-12 months out from your planned departure date. The blood work needs to be done 150 days before the animal lands in Australia, and then there is a compulsory 30 days quarantine. We decided to engage a company that is recommended all over this forum called petair UK to ship our cat to Australia. The costs vary, but we opted for their Gold Class treatment. This basically covers everything from picking up your cat, to getting it to Australia. What it doesn’t cover is vet fees, blood work fees and Australian Quarantine fees. All in, shipping the cat to Australia will cost close to $2400 - $2600 AUD http://www.petairuk.com/ Next up..... the preparation for moving everything! After the flight is booked, and the animal preparation is underway, that leaves the inanimate objects. What to should we take from the house? Should I take my car? Should I take my bike? Should I take my golf clubs etc? I found it was best to create a spreadsheet (we used google docs so we could share it amongst computers) with everything in the house. It takes some time, but we walked through each room listing everything in every room. Once we had done this, we then decided on what to keep and what to discard/sell. For the items we decided we didn’t want to take, we then decided what to sell and what to freecycle. For anyone not familiar with freecycle.org, it basically is a way to donate items to people who need them. We found it was best to search for people wanting items, rather than post things. This prevents people taking our items we’re donating, and then posting them on ebay. Or at least limits it a little. http://www.freecycle.org/ AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) has very strict rules, so seriously consider the value in taking anything that has contact with soil in the outdoor environment. Everything has to be cleaned with Dettol and all soil removed. Even then, there is a chance AQIS will want to charge cleaning and inspection fees. I believe its $80 per item, so this can quickly run up a bill. http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/travel/entering-australia/moving-emigrating So after making a list, with dimensions, we came up with an estimate for cubic feet requirement for shipping. We came up with around 300 cubic feet estimate without including any excess or the odd items. So next step was to engage the shipping companies. I read the entirety of this thread: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/transport-shipping/112260-shipping-cost-top-8-companies-hope-helps-4.html Which took a few hours, but it was very helpful. We eventually decided on engaging 5 companies: PSS International - http://www.pssremovals.com/ White & Company - http://www.whiteandcompany.co.uk/ Excess International - http://www.excess-international.com/ John Mason - http://www.johnmason.com/ Doree Boner - http://www.doreebonner.co.uk/ So after a couple of quick calls, we had our appointments arranged. We opted to have the agents visit outside of hours when they required parking permits. Saved the hassle of organising parking permits for them The first agent estimated 650 cubic feet, and the next three were within 10 cubic feet of each other (one remaining), two estimated 585 and one estimated 575. So the first may have been taking me for a ride As for pricing, it varies a lot and I’m still working on getting their price down. One thing I have learnt from the forums is, when getting quotes, ask for quotes above and below the quoted cubic footage. This way, if when our boxes are packed, we’re 30 cubic ft over what was estimated, they won’t be able to excessively increase the price. So next step is to decide on which company to use. The 4 companies we’ve had in so far, all seem personable and have good customer service. So we will probably go with the company that seems the most honest in their quoting and shipping time estimates. Right, I’ve got to get back to cleaning my golf clubs with a toothbrush and Dettol, they made the cut, unlike the bbq... more to come...
  2. Hi everyone, As the giant thread can be a bit hard to keep up with, I thought it might be best to set up our own one...? I also thought it might be nice to keep up to date with everyone that's submitted in March 2012 so we can share our visa woes/timelines/queries etc? With that in mind, my info is below... Submitted 16/03/2012 Rec'd 19/03/2012 Money debited 19/03/2012 Co Assigned: 20/03/2012 Email rec'd saying no further docs required: 21/03/2012 Temp Visa due to be granted : Mid August Good luck to all of us Marchers! :wink:
  3. We are a family of 7 - all adults but five at University. We are coming out to Sydney and then up to the Great Barrier Reef in December 2012. If you would be interested in a house swop over Christmas we are living in Gerrards Cross, near London. We have a 7 bedroom house but we don't need one that size. Ideally we would like to swop with a family who have a place in Sydney and another in Queensland - but that isnt essential:biggrin:!
  4. Hi all, We're a family of 5 from Balmain, just 2-3kms west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.. See map for details.. Ideally looking to swap homes with a SE London / Kent based family for 3-4 weeks between June and September 2012. We offer a very nice 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom family home with the use of a 7 seater 4WD for the duration (and the love of a friendly, cute black cat called Tesco..) In a perfect world, we'd like to find a home in the Chislehurst / Bromley / Beckenham area or the Blackheath / Greenwich area, but are very flexible and open to most surrounding suburbs. Looking forward to hearing from like-minded people that would like to spend time in Sydney later this year.. Thanks Jon
  5. hi fellas hope everyones doing ok just wondered if any body is doing the practical in london end of march, or anybody has any tips and tricks advice they would like to share as I'm really nervous about the whole day !!! going back to the science formula is driving me up the wall please help !!!!!!!!! cheers joe
  6. Hi all we are new to this forum, my husband is doing his electrical test today in London. Really hope he passes as will be so disappointed if doesnt but i have faith. :biggrin: We are then nearly ready to put in for our visa, we are using an agent who so far has been great. Hopefully we are moving to Perth in the near future, we are aware how long the process can take which is a bit of a downer but that we cant change. Does anyone know any reason they may refuse your visa as want to get it right first time? My husband has family in Perth which is one of the reasons we decided to go there, we have two boys aged 3 and 10. We are saving like mad to hopefully go over in Jan 2012 if not sooner, look at areas meet family members and hopefully make friends on here so we kind of know people to meet up with when we visit. Anyway fingers crossed for today on passing hubbys test. :wink:
  7. Fully furnished 3 bed + study house in North Ryde, Sydney, Australia available for SWAP from January 2012 - January 2013. Professional couple in 30s with 2yo daughter looking to live in London for 12 months (ideally close to Guys Hospital but flexible) in 2+ bedroom home. Please reply to this thread if interested.
  8. hi all just been researching this and seems to be a waste of time??? i am a hgv mechanic looking for deisel fitter work in the mines in w.a has anyone been to one etc etc mal
  9. golgo13

    London & SE England

    Hi Guys, First time poster long time reader here. Today makes 5 years for us in Australia. Im British & OH is a Melbourne girl. We will be returning to the UK in 2012 and we are wanting your thoughts on a few places to look into moving to. We have been living in Melbourne for the last two years and then in Sydney for two years prior to that. We have both lived in London in the past (I lived in sunny Whitechapel whilst at uni and my partner lived in Battersea). We are both in our late 20s and early 30s with no kids, we both really like Brighton however we are both keeping in mind that we will need to move to where the work is, we both work in Online Media. Now not having lived in the UK for almost 6 years is London or the SE still be best place to base yourself for media type roles? I noticed that the BBC are moving some of their operations to Salford Quays, is this a sign of the times? Have any recent returnees steered clear of the capital for a quieter or less expensive location? Or have most of the moves been down to where the work has been?
  10. Guest

    Tracking at AHC London

    I really apologise if this question has been posed a thousand times BUT..... Is there anyway I can track my subclass 309 Spouse visa application onlive (via AHC London). Submitted in Sept front loaded and nothing has been requested except an address for 2nd stage processing, but just want to actually see that things are progressing without giving my CO a headache. I know its early days, and i dont expect anything particularly, its just reassuring to know there is some way of tracking progress however slow....!!!! Thanks in advance
  11. The Pom Queen

    Child Beggars in London aged 4

    Did anyone watch Panorama last night, here is a quick clip of the episode for those that missed it: http://news.bbc.co.uk/panorama/hi/front_page/newsid_9618000/9618848.stm Child beggars as young as four earn up to £100,000 each for gypsy gangs, a shocking investigation has revealed. The children work in teams on London's streets, wheedling money out of tourists in snow and rain. Some of the children make £500 a day - and hand it all over to their Romany 'minders', the BBC's Panorama programme found. These minders live in huge houses and have BMW's parked in their driveway:no:
  12. Hey All, I'm new here *waves* am am looking to relocate from London to Sydney. I have had a quick look online and have come across quite a few companies who offer this service, but am looking for some help from members here. I've done a quick search, but my n00b skillz aren't showing too much up - so if I'm going back over something that has been done over and over - I'M SORRY!! (if someone can point me in the right direction i'll stop re-inventing the wheel!) I have found the following companies (some of whom advertise on the forums) and am going to be asking them if they subscribe to any industry forums etc. but is this of any relevance? I want to make sure that when we book it we end up with the people who are going to ship the goods, not the people who farm it out to others - this way we can hopefully keep control over timelines and if anything were to break along the way and not end up in a war of finger pointing... although this may still happen... :confused: I don't have too much to ship, but there are some bulky items (piano keyboard, guitar, TV, lounge chair etc) - and then clothes, crockery, kitchen tools and a heap of cooking books (and my birthday present of a new Miele oven!)... weird choice I know, but hey - why not! All up I would think it's about 30m2 - maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less... haven't really gotten it down to a fine art as yet! I have read a short post on some people who used Pickfords (here) but it seems to sort of end with no suggestions etc. I have also found these companies: PSS Removals (http://www.pssremovals.com/about-pss-international-removals.php) Kelly's International (http://www.kellysmovingabroad.co.uk/overseas-moving/) Sterling Relocation (http://www.sterlingrelocation.com/movinghome/additional_services/index.html) and Pickfords (http://www.pickfords.co.uk/) We moved with Allied Pickfords when we moved out here, however this was managed by a relocation team from the office I was going to work in - and as such I never got to deal with them directly... has anyone used the above? Any advice? Any ball-park ideas on what this exercise will cost - and did you have the teams turn up, pack the boxes and take them or did you pack the boxes yourselves? If you pack the boxes yourselves how do you cover for breakages (as they are unsure if the items were broken before they were packed etc). Thanks!!! n00dlez
  13. Hello all Just wanted to know how long people have been waiting for london to process their visa application? Just to put you in the picture we have submitted and done police checks and passed the medical. A relative has bought us flights to get back on the 13th December, wg=hat are our chances......................................Help please stressing out big time:arghh:
  14. I'm sure I did and it was packed with Poms (and homesick Aussies?)
  15. Hi I have been given 3 potential dates, 24 Sept / 8 Oct / 22 Oct, to carry out my Bench Joiners practical Assessment (ANZSCO 331213) at a college in North London. Is anyone else going and if so have you any idea what we might be expected to do ?
  16. Hi There, I'm An Aussie living in London, Married to a Brit, and have a brand new baby daughter. We're heading back to Sydney to spend time with the family for 3 months from Christmas 2011 and I'm looking for someone who might be interested in a house swap for that period or any part thereof. We have a lovely 2 bedroom flat in London (zone 2) and would ideally like to swap it with someone on Sydney's northern beaches or North shore. I'm happy to provide pictures etc for anybody fancy being at home in London over Christmas. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or might be interested. Cheers, Lee
  17. Hi, My mother-in-law has just been admitted to hospital back in the UK, and my wife is considering making a trip home. Is there anywhere in particular that we should look for cheap flights? Any special websites, etc? Anything else that we should consider or take into account? This will be our first flight back, so any useful tips would be great! I had a look on webjet.com.au today and was shocked at the price ($2k-2500) for a return flight leaving in a couple of days. Is this the norm? Thanks
  18. Guest

    Earlsfield SW London

    Hi Guys,this is a very long shot ...we are going back to London mid september and are looking for a rental in Earlsfield (2 bedroom) . If you know anyone that can help please PM me.
  19. This is a long shot.... .I'm a Brit living close to the Northern Beaches. I've sponsored my mother to come and live in Aus. Rather than sell her property in London, she's been thinking that a long term house swap might be the way to go. Is there any one out there that might be interested in a swap for a 12 - 24 month period? She has nice 3 bed house outskirts of London/ Essex which is a 30 minute commute on the Central Line to City. She would like to swap for a house / appartment around the northern beaches, would be travelling alone and happy to look after any pets :biggrin:
  20. Guest

    Hello from London

    Hi, Charles an old expat from London here. 5 years in Australia, returned to UK Feb this year. Hope to get to know a few of you and share experiences. Charles
  21. Hi is there anyone from SE London looking to or going through the process of migrating.. if so would like to hear from you; perhaps meet up etc.. :cute:
  22. Guest

    Londons burning

    Tottenham in flames as riot follows protest Two police patrol cars, a passenger bus and several shops were attacked and set alight in north London as violence erupted Is the start of the summer of discontent, ?
  23. CockneyRebel

    London riots

    I wish i was back there getting stuck in!!!!!!!!
  24. Bit of a long shot but wondered if anyone is travelling back to the UK in either Sept or Oct? I will be travelling alone with my 2 year old and could do with some company/support/sanity. Dates are very flexible, preferred airport is Sydney. Just thought it might be more bearable with another adult. I'm very nice- can't say the same about Miss Tantrums
  25. Bobj

    London, the survivor

    Congratulations London, it is 70 years since the Blitz started and you weathered Hitler's mightiest attacks for 76 days and nights. You stumbled, but never fell; you were terribly hurt, but managed to show resilience that made the world wonder how you could survive that carnage...Your people responded by actions and determination, humour and compassion. Well done, London. Cheers, Bobj.