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Found 215 results

  1. Removed this after found it available on WWW
  2. Hi everyone, We're planning to go to the Australia expo mid-April in London. Hopefully it'll help us to find out more about the real opportunities for us to get sponsored..so fingers crossed. Plus, it'll be a nice way to spend a week end in an English speaking environment :cute: I'm trying to get some data about the company who could have a stand but nothing yet.
  3. Guest

    London Expo

    Hi all :notworthy:, Has anyone been to the London Expo today or visited previously? I am due to go tomorrow to look for work (in Sales), No Aussie recruitment co's want to entertain me until I arrive in Oz so they can validate visas etc. We have our Visas but dont really want to up sticks and go for good, until I have some work lined up. We are holidaying in August in Perth but obviously dont want to wait til then! Can anyone help with advice on the Expo? Is it worth a day out to visit? The Davidsons.
  4. Just been watching the London Marathon and wondered if there are any marathons in Oz, as I'd really like to do one next year. Any ideas?
  5. littlelegz

    ARTC signal interview in london

    Can anyone help ! I have an interview with an agency for a signal engineer post, I have been told that they will ask 20 odd question. does anyone have any idear what! if sucessful i will have another interview with ARTC itself. Any advise would be great.
  6. Guest

    Had our day out in London!

    I seem to be the only one in the house exicted by the fact that we got our visas put in our passports today - although they weren't as impressive as I thought they might be. Also booked our validation visit flights today - we're off in August to Sydney (via a few days with in-laws in Singapore) for 10 days then Perth for a week. I would have loved to have spent New Year in Sydney, but it was leaving a little late as we need to validate by Jan 7 2009. Now just need to work on the rest of family for making plans for the biggest move of all. Zoë
  7. littlelegz

    London expo

    Can any one tell me if its worth going to the london expo this april. i have an interview for the rail in Australia in april and then to go out on a 457 visa but wondering if its still worth going as i can ask a lot of questions at my interview. Thanks.
  8. is anyone going to the expo in london this weekend (12,13)
  9. Guest

    London Expo

    Hello everyone after so much deliberation we decided that the next step forward was to go to the London Expo next week. we are wondering if this is the right place to take our kids, we have read that the Leeds Expo had lots of queues? we wanted to get the kids involved as much as possible, and are asking for any advice to anyone who has been to previous Expo's, will the kids appreciate it, and get anything out of it? "Golden Grahams"
  10. Guest

    Workforce Solution Stand London

    Is it just me or was the guy at the Workforce solutions stand a bit dodgey? I spoke to him and told him what i did and he took my C.V and put it away and said i can offer you a sponsorship and get you there in 12 weeks. He even said for me to come to an interview in York in 5 weeks. But as i was at another stand he said the same thing to about 12 other people. Can this stand be trusted??
  11. hi all, my partner is about to take his practical trade test at the North London College, does anyone know a hotel close to the College? ps, does anyone know when to apply for the ARTC? thanks:goofy::goofy:
  12. we have no qualifications on demand list, wehave relatives in qld, looking for sponsorship or buying into a franchise/ or buisness, would a visit to aprils london expo be of any help or use to us, advice please :twitcy:
  13. Guest

    LONDON EXPO 15th-16th march

    hi there, i was at the London expo last weekend and gave my C.V to Engineering Australia (stand 39) The guy at the stand offered me a job, but would need to have a further interview in 4-5 weeks in either Edinburgh or Glasgow, has anyone else had any offers from them??? regards CC
  14. Guest

    london expo

    well OH just home from the Expo - think he was a bit disappointed...think he was expecting to be knocking the sponsors back...:daydreaming: Never mind, we have loads of useful info to be getting on with whilst waiting for VETASSESS....
  15. WHY !! OH WHY!!! DID NO ONE TELL ME HALF OF LONDON WAS CLOSED TODAY:arghh:. Thought we wud drive up to london, and go to History museum whilst waiting for Mark at the Expo!! Well we left 30mins later than planned which is fairly typical of us,,,, kids dressed themselves in unpractical outfits i spend an hour convincing them other wise, all in car before they've had a wee, ya know usual stuff but we should be ok still.....Well that was til we get to the Embankment, (where we were gonna park and jump on tube to museum) at 10:15 only to find its all barriered off and we cant bloody turn right at westminster to drive round to parliament square!!!!:arghh: No bloody warnings you cant turn right... oh no!! we all sat in a que to be forced across the bridge...only to throw a u-turn, narrowly missin some toff in his bentley doin the same thing, ...only to spot Mr :policeman: stopping the car behind us trying to do the same thing...Sorry Officer Sir! By this time its 10:45..(mark due at expo at 11/ 11:15). We managed to get round to museum but cos emankment has no parking it took 20 mins to find a space, as all the other rich sods have parked there bentley etcs every where else (previous exp, parking in london on sundays is fairly easy) so now its 11.10!!, and Mark and i are completely desperate for pee, ...yes i know we didnt go b4 we left!! So now trying not to do the 'i'm gonna wet my pants dance' down the road! Er ok 0 mins to...well... 'relieve ones self'...get on tube back to strand for expo, or forget the whole bloody thing and have a coffee and enjoy the museum. The Latter won!! So no Expo for Mark..Did have a fantastic day at museum though. arrived home at 7pm!!! (2hrs to get out of London:swoon:, 50 mins to get to Herne Bay) with some very tired and Hungry kiddies. Chinese takr away was yummy though!!! lol
  16. Guest

    in a pickle after london expo

    Hi all i went to the expo on saturday at 2pm, really wanted to check out about SA but they only had a couple of stands but one stand really imressed me and that was the Canberra stand, As i am in I.T i was going round and not many people knew a lot about I.T but Simon Kinsmore had a big list of skills for in Canberra and after i had told him what different skills i have in I.T he said straight away that they will sponsor me. He gave me his bussiness card and some information, then when i went back at the end of my 2 hours to say thankyou a women called Jandy from the Canberra stand spoke to me and offered to rewite my C.V in OZ format and pass it on to Canberra uni as they have a position in I.T coming up. So when i got home i email her my C.V and she replied at 05-15am sunday saying she is sorting it oput and will let me know what is happening this week. All sounds good BUT!! a skilled sponsored visa takes 12 weeks and the DIAC told me yesterday that my online applicatiopn will only take 12 weeks too so what should i do wait for a job/sponsor fron Canberra or carry on with my 175 visa and go out in september( I hope)??????? Any Advise?
  17. Hi there, hubby has been invited to the skills exp on 15/16 March at Australia House but I cannot join him. I am the brains (well, brain cell (singular)), and he is the brawn (brickie) and I have done everything regarding the visa process, researching areas, potential jobs etc and Steve is shy and has the 'memory of a goldfish' - his words not mine - and doesn't want to go without me. Does anyone know what the expo entails, would it be worth a couple of hours of unease for him to collect information, leaflets etc for me to look at afterwards or is it basically 'sell yourself' and give out CV's, ask about states, tax issues etc etc. Is it very formal and what do you gain from attending these particularly expos. Hope someone can help. He really does not want to go, said it will be a waste of time him going alone but I dont want to pass up on being invited and lose out on a good opportunity. Many thanks in advance. Amanda:smile:
  18. Hi Everyone My hubby is going to the London expo tomorrow. Can any of you give any feedback or comments about how you got on today? Or have any of you got any general comments about how it went today? Thanks Karen :cute:
  19. Hi I am not sure what to do tomorrow. I have looked on the net. There really isnt much to do around the area really. I was going to take my three children with me. After hubby has been in there we thought we might take them to Natural History Museum. I am starting to wonder if its worth us coming up. Is anyone going and know what they are doing? Or any ideas what we could do? How far is Trafalgar Square?
  20. Hi all Has anyone who has been invited to the London Expo on Saturday been able to find out who will be exhibating there. On our invitation it said a list of exhibitors would be avaliable for view one week before but we have been able to find it. Can anyone help out here!!!
  21. Guest

    London Expo

    Hi everyone I am so excited my husband has just been invited to the expo in London this weekend. Can anyone give us any tips/advice on what to do or expect. Is there a skills assessment he has to do and if so what does it entail? many thanks Jackie & Ian
  22. Guest

    London Expo

    Hi all we - or should I say he - has been invited to the Australian Expo in London, cant believe that the invite doesnt include partners, o well im still going for a weekend away. As anyone else got their invite yet? didnt expect to hear anything untill after tomorrow.
  23. Hi I am trying to type my husbands CV. I thought it would be a good idea to get an Australian CV template. Apparently its all about the CV. My husband is off to Expo. I thought I would have a few English ones and a few Australians one? Or am I making extra work for myself?
  24. Just wondering if anybody has been invited to attend the Skills Expo in London on 15th and 16th March? My wife filled in her application form weeks ago, and with her being a nurse and on the skills in demand list we'd assumed that she would have been invited to go along but we haven't heard a thing back from them :huh: Does anybody know what the score is? How long in advance they let you know? Or have any contact details for the event so that we can chase things up? Thanks, Tony
  25. Hi All, I just wondered if anyone is going to the opportunities Australia Expo in London on 12/13 April. Has anyone been to one before? What should I expect? Thanks Kylee