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Found 666 results

  1. Hey all, we fly to melbourne tmw eve (omg!!!) and are going to be staying in temp accommodation in parkdale! After that we hope to move to Berwick area as my husband is working in hallam. Be great to meet up if anyone is in the area! I am 29, two children of 3 and 4.5 and loves socialising! Let me know x
  2. Not sure who or why, will let you know when I hear something else
  3. Family of 5, young children, we want to be near to the beach but also not far from Brisbane for work. I have heard about high crime rates which worries me with 3 children. Good schools and lots to do. Any advice? Husband is very keen on going to Perth, but I also want us to look at Queensland.
  4. Hi, I have to write a statement, as part of my application for sponsorship for Canberra and im finding it really difficult, has anyone done this, got any tips? Thanks Steph
  5. We are considering applying for state sponsorship but have just found out we will be allocated an area to live and work in. I'm a bit worried well get an awful area so just thought I'd ask where everybody else was allocated
  6. lebourvellec

    Best Citys in the world to live in

    BEST CITIES TO LIVE IN 1. Melbourne, Australia 97.5 2. Vienna, Austria 97.4 3. Vancouver, Canada 97.3 4. Toronto, Canada 97.2 5. Calgary, Canada 96.6 6. Sydney, Australia 96.1 7. Helsinki, Finland 96 8. Perth, Australia 95.9 9. Adelaide, Australia 95.9 10. Auckland, New Zealand 95.7 Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2032497/Melbourne-ousts-Vancouver-Best-Place-To-Live-survey.html#ixzz1WiBmaUUd
  7. Guest

    Can't decide where to live

    Hi all, We need to decide which state to emigrate to. We are moving from Ireland so good weather is a major factor for us. We thought Sydney orginally but we heard that renting or buying property was very expensive. Then we thought of Melbourne but we were told that the weather is very mixed. Brisbane is nice but very quiet. As you can see we are totally unsure where we should move to. Our priorities are good weather (generally) availabilty of jobs and reasonable commute to work. Can anyone advise. Many thanks :unsure:
  8. A friend of mine posted this on another site, makes great reading.:wink: Melbourne has trumped Vancouver to become the best city in the world in which to live, according to the latest Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Liveability Survey. In a ranking of 140 cities around the world, Melbourne was given a score of 97.5 per cent. Other Australian cities in the top 10 are Sydney (96.1 per cent), which ranked sixth best, up from seventh a year ago, and Perth and Adelaide (95.9 per cent), which were unchanged in joint eighth position "Australia, with a low population density and relatively low crime rates, continues to supply some of the world's most liveable cities," said Jon Copestake, editor of the survey. Vancouver's score slipped after a lower rating for infrastructure. Residents of Perth boasted the strongest purchasing power in Australia, aided by the fattest pay packets in the land. On the skids Not surprisingly, the debt-ridden eurozone countries ranked poorly in the liveability rankings. Greece's capital Athens dropped from 62 to 67th. That ranking put it below Uruguay's capital, Montevideo. Civil unrest in the Middle East has also contributed to a low score in cities of that region, with Tripoli in Libya diving to 135. The Economist Intelligence Unit surveys 140 locations around the world to assess the best or the worst living conditions. In a statement accompanying today's release, the unit said the survey's original purpose had been to supply guidelines to human resources departments worldwide as to when they should provide hardship allowances as part of expatriate relocation packages. "It has since evolved as a broad benchmarking tool used by city councils, organisations or corporate entities looking to test locations against one another," it said in a statement.
  9. mwilliamson

    Live the dream Aus

    Hi all Is there anyone out there that used a employment / migration company called Live the dream Australia. The thing is I'm about to use them to help find me sponsorship & sort my visa, but before I go any further I just wondered if anyone else out there had used them & if you have could you advise me of your experiences with them. Thank you Martin
  10. Kathie

    Where to live in Sydney?

    Hi, does anyone on here have any suggestions or recommendations about where to live in Sydney?? My husband's job would be in the Chatswood area. We don't have school age children, but may well have our dog with us. Any thoughts would be appreciated x
  11. Guest

    Help - where to live

    Please help :cry:, we recently moved from Adelaide to Melbourne and have 3 weeks left of our temporary accommodation to find our dream rental. With 2 young kids, no car I am finding it really difficult to look around for houses esp as viewings all seem to be at rush hour time! Have been to several which all seem great on Domain but tatty and not right when we get there. Can anyone suggest some places. OH works in Docklands and wants no more than an hour door to door (pref. by public transport but will drive) Mordiallac seems nice and is within the hour (by train) The East seems nice but not very good value for money. St Kilda was good but expensive as was Williamstown. Eltham was just a bit too isolated.I don't drive so want a place with reasonable facilities, good transport links, good schools, family friendly, big garden and not too cityish but not isolated either.. :biggrin:Preferably near the beach as we like the sea but green is nice too. Oh and Is it me or is the transport system really UN family friendly here. All the trams I have seen are not suitable for pushchairs and drop people off in the middle of the road so they have to dodge their way through cars at traffic lights, though have not yet been on a bus or train yet!
  12. Hi all, im looking at the possibility at being accepted into a Uni in St Leonards, Sydney. Can anyone offer any advice as to where would be nice to live that is good for children ie.teenagers for good, state schools and babies for childcare etc.... also any knowledge on where are nice areas but not too expensive.... I was looking at rental properties with 3/4 bedrooms and they were going for nothing under $850 a week!! Is that correct? soooooo expensive! Please guys give me some good news! Thanks xx
  13. Hi, looking at properties to rent in Rockingham. Prices seem OK. Would you / have you lived there. Me my wife and two kids are looking at three bedroom rentals here and would appreciate the heads up on the area. Thanks.
  14. hi all, i posted my first post earlier about my situation and debating whether to move back to my hometown Blackpool in the Uk to be nearer family. Just wanted to know if anyone else has been in my situation and taken the plunge, moving their family and aussie OH back to england and how did the OH cope on British soil with regard to culture, making freinds etc etc My OH is a keen surfer and has been all his life, surfing is a big part of his life and although he is willing to move to the UK if thats what i want im worried he will miss australia more than he imagines. Also with regard top work, he's a concreter/steelfixer and jobs here are both well paid and plentiful however I havent got a clue whether such jobs exist in england at the moment, any advice would be apprciated, thanks! if there are any aussies that have moved to england with their english partner i would love to hear from you!
  15. Hubby has had a job offer of $70k on a 457 visa. Is this enough for a family of 4 to live off if paying approx $320 per week on a rental property? Or would I need to secure a part time job to add to this? All advice appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Guest

    where to live near mackay?

    Hi Guys, we're moving back to Oz next year, hubby has secured a job in Mackay but i have no idea what its like( previously lived in Adelaide?) We will be moving with 3 kids and a horse any ideas where should be looking? many thanks
  17. Guest

    places to live

    hi people some advice please. I am moving to melbourne working for bmw In south Yarra. Where would you recommend to live thats reasonably priced and a good area. close to all shops as possible. Thanks very much
  18. Guest

    Down under live expo

    Anyone going or been before? I'm in Glasgow and expo in London wonder if it's worth my while???
  19. Hi guys any help would be gratefully appreciated.. Looking to relocate to Victoria and have earmarked Ringwood as an option.. We are hopefully moving with family.. My Husband is a joiner and we have 2 little girls aged 6 years and 18 months..My sister in law and husband are also looking to move with us she is a primary school teacher and they also have 2 children.. Just wondering what the job situation is like and amenities and how far the nearest beach in ??? Thanks again in advance just a little bit excited xx:jiggy:
  20. We are a young family and wondering what Bilambi Heights is like to live Thanks in advance for any help you can offer us :wubclub: xxx
  21. Guest

    Where to live

    Hi guys quick question.. Hubby is a joiner and would probably be working in Brisbane but I really want to live in NSW is this possible do u think ??? and if so where is best to look at.. Have been looking at nelsons bay and fell in love but obviously need to be quite close to Brisbane too.. Sorry for the rambling just so confusing.. Also have 2 young girls and would need good schools and clubs for them too.. Any help and ideas would be gratefully appreciated :confused: Also would this mean we were unable to go for state sponsorship ????? Thanks again looking forward to hearing all your advice:wubclub: xx
  22. Thinking of moving there.
  23. Its on the news that if you were a female born in 1930 you had a 2% chance of living untill you are 100, but if you are born today a female has a 30% chance of living until you are 100. Who wants to live so long?:shocked: me for one.:wink::laugh:
  24. Hi, My husband and I are planning to go to OZ end of September for a few years. We have both been offered jobs at which we thought we initially a good salary around $150,000 between us. However having done so much research into cost of living etc etc, we have worked out that taking off food, rent, transport, medicare, broadband( essential to speak to loved ones) we are left with around $450 a week for the two of us ($225 each):err: So is this enough to live on? We have worked out that it is roughly similair to what we have here maybe slightly less as I teach classes at night for some extra cash and we have two cars essential for our jobs. In Oz we would only have one. We want to be able to live and do things at weekends ( not every weekend) but my hubbie is now worried that we are giving up too much here and is worried that this may not be enough( emergencies etc) for us to have?? I know the dollar dosen't go as far as the pound, but really need some help? The only things I can think that we would use some of the money for is: paying into swimming pools, weekend( beach or meals).... Any advice or help would be appreciated. I think we would be ok and that hubbie is stressing out as he tends to worry about finianical things. Also we have to pay all or relocation fees of around $8000, as the company don't pay this, so it seems money money money at the moment!:wacko: I am so excited about the move, however I feel he is swaying on it now and need to find out this so we can rest assure! Thanks Mar 29
  25. Hi All New to this site but have been told it is the bible to moving to Oz!! My family and I want to move down under but seem to be hitting brick walls with visa types and don't know what to do - can anyone help? My husband is a Instramentation Service Engineer now - 3 years time served - and a Mechanical Pipework Engineer before that - 20+ years time served. We thought we could get a Skilled Migration Visa but, because my husband has no formal qulifications, we were told this is not an option. Then we were advised he could go for an Australian Qualifiaction (AQFIII certificate) and apply to TRA under their pathway E instead - but there is no company in the UK who can assess his trade!! Any ideas what we could do next? Has he got to find an Employer to sponser him? And how do we go about that?!! Can anyone recommend any Job Search Agencies? Much appreciate any help. Thanks guys.