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Found 666 results

  1. cornish78

    Where to live in Melbourne? Help!

    Hello Well we finally arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday and having real dilemmas about where to live...! We've seen 2 properties we really like - one in the Docklands, one in West Melbourne (near N. Melbourne train station). Docklands is brand new, near bars, but pretty small rooms and seems a bit far out from the city...W Melb is cheaper, more spacious, better outside space but the area seems a bit 'industrial'. Also seeing another house in Collingwood today which also seems nice... Anyone have any thoughts on any of the 3 areas....? Any help much appreciated - need to secure something asap as both start work on the 24th :rolleyes: - we haven't got a clue! Priorities for us are easier access to CBD for work, and places to eat/drink...but that's about it! Maddie x
  2. Hi am a 28 year old electrician who is seriously wanting to move to any part of Australia to work as a electrician and just needs some advice on what is the best way to go about it and does anybody know where the best city is for employment! Any help would be well welcomed . Cheers
  3. Hi can anyone offer any advice on where to live?? We are hoping to be moving to Sydney in October. My husband is an electican and I have to children aged 5 and 2. I have lived in Sydney about 10 years ago stayed in Manly which was lovely but very exspensive. My husband seems to think Cronulla would be a great place but that seems very exspensive as well. We have friends that live in the west who say it's very cheap to live but my husband say's it's quite far from the city and dosen't want to be out in the sticks. Can anyone shed some light on where might be good for families and afordable, not to far from the city. Many thanks Maddy.
  4. Hi, We are planning to migrate to South Australia with my family. Kids are small, age group 4 years and 5 years. Considering the job opportunities, schooling, housing and cost of living what are the best area to live in South Australia. Please reply then I can make necessary arrangement base on your reply. Thanks. Donald :biggrin:
  5. Hi, I have been looking at Madurah as place to move with my Wife and 5 year old Daughter. Is it more of a holiday destnation or is it a good place to live with lots for my Daughter to do. Jem
  6. Hi got a job offer at nambour hospital , but been told nambour not such a good area to live, has anyone got any advice on somewhere nice to live near nambour but not tooooo expensive. i have been told buderim is nice ans sippy downs but it seems quite expensive.
  7. Guest

    Where to live in Ballarat?

    Does anyone know of any good, family friendly suburbs in Ballarat, and hopefully has a pub nearby too,
  8. The weather Low immigration Goats ........... ............. er :unsure: am struggling now :cute:
  9. Guest

    Where to live in Brisbane?

    Hi All Looking for some advice on areas in South Brisbane............. Heading to Brisbane early January for some sunshine!! My other half's job will be based in Eight Mile Plains so we are looking for somewhere near there............ We have a 2 year old and would like somewhere with shops, restaurants etc about. We've heard on other threads that Eight Mile Plains isn't ideal but that Sunnybank, Runcorn and Upper Mount Gravatt are nice - do you have any thoughts? Please be as honest as you like, your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks :biggrin:
  10. pandlee

    where to live in Sydney??

    Hi there myself and my bf will be moving to Sydney in march I have been looking into renting in Manly really want to be near the beach but not sure if were just going for the obvious choice would really appreciate some input. Gonna be working at Westmeads children's don't mind travelling for work as it wont be as bad as it is here! Any input into nice areas close to beaches that are not too touristy! if that's possible would be great.
  11. Hello to all, I moved to Perth last week and I'm currently renting a room in Bayswater. I have no lease so I'm free to move out anytime or stay as long as I want (thank you Gumtree!) I obviously want my own place so I'm currently researching where to live. I'm after a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment and my budget is around $400 per week but I'm unsure of which suburb. I've narrowed it down three on the coast (Fremantle, Scarborough, Cottesloe) and three by the bars and restaurants (Subiaco, Leederville, Mount Lawley). I would obviously love to live by the beach but also enjoy going out to eat and drink. I'm on my own out here so building a social circle would be great. I've heard that Scarborough is "rough" (please forgive the phrase) and Cottesloe is more family orientated but I could be wrong. Any single people living in these areas or know anyone that is? Any information would be welcomed so I can start narrowing it down. Thank you in advance, Steve
  12. richselina

    Schooling and Places to Live in ACT

    We've just had our visas granted for ACT and are planning a visit to Canberra to look at schools and places to live and really would appreciate some guidance to help plan our trip and make the most of the time we'll have. We have a 5 year old daughter who has just started her 2nd year of infant school in the UK and we are looking for good schools for her to attend in Canberra. Also, we're trying to understand when the best time is to transition from the UK and not sure whether it's best for her to start at the start of a new school year or mid way through the school year. We are looking for good areas to live which will be in the catchment areas for the schools for our daughter. We have a budget of about $550 - $600 and are looking for a 4 bedroom house in a good family area. Thanks in advance for any guidance provided Selina & Rich
  13. Hi guys im 26 and my girlfriend is 28, we are off to perth in january!(cant wait) we are having real trouble deciding where to live or atleast an area to start in! i am going to be working in the welshpool area and my partner in the CBD, we are looking for a vibrant area, we're not really into clubbing but do enjoy bars,resturants and cafe's etc. we would like to be fairly close to the beach maybe 10 mins or so? we dont wanna be travelling much more than 30mins to work but may do for a great area, if anyone has any ideas it would be amazing, just no idea at the mo! we will be renting for a bit,not too woried bout price at the mo, tho im not wedged by any means!..just think a good area is important! any help would be really appreciated! :rolleyes::goofy:
  14. There is a show this weekend in Birmingham. As a family who is expecting our case officer any time now is there any benefit in going to these things? It worries me that on their website they dont name all the exhibitors, we don't need an agent or career help so is there anything else that could be beneficial? cheers Glenn
  15. CGregory

    Down Under Live

    Hi, Heading to the 'Down Under Live' in London this weekend after reading an advert in Australia & New Zealand magazine I've started to buy. Anyone been to anything like this before, not sure what to expect or whether it will be any good? Cheers
  16. Janie101

    Down Under Live Expo

    Hi there Has anyone been to the London Expo this weekend? We are contemplating going to the Birmingham one next weekend but don't need visa, removals, bank account advice etc. Only reason we would be going to see employers about work (OH is a Mechanical Fitter). Any thoughts/experiences would be much appreciated Thanks Jane :biggrin:
  17. Just trying to make up my mind whether to play 'Let It Bleed' or 'Exile on Main Street' although my favourite LP is probably 'Through The Past Darkly, Big Hits Volume Two. even if it is a 'best of'. I really must go and buy 'Between The Buttons' as I rather like their 1967 period although it's not to others' tastes. I've already got 'Satanic Majesties Request'.
  18. hi all we are here in oz at the moment and dh has a potential job offer in brisbane cbd. any ideas in nice suburbs for young families at least 30 minutes commute away, then we can research this weekend? preferably coastal or close to coast ! thanks!
  19. Hi All, We are an Irish couple who have 2 young kids ,4.5 & 2.5 who will be looking to rent for a year or so (while we decide what to do with our hse at home). We would like the following....but not sure at what area to be looking at? 1 - Commutable to city for work - will prob only have 1 car to start with so need to be near public transport and within an hour 2 - An area that has good Kindergarden,pre-primary and primary schools as from reading other posts, if you are not in the right area you may not get into certain schools 3 - Would like a stand alone house with a back garden in a green area but yet still not too far away from neighbours and other family so as to get to know them (we currently live in the country on 1 acre but know that this will not be quite yet achievable ) Would probably be able to pay $500-700 pw rent. it all depends if I get a job as well as Hubby though I prob won't until I get the boys settled in their schools. 4 - As we're Irish I would like to be able to get to know some other Irish families (but not be stuck knee deep in them either!!) that would have their kids in the boys schools 5 - I'm a catholic (Hub isn't so not relevant for him) but I would like the boys to go to a catholic primary though it wouldn't be a must, he would rather they don't but it would be great to have that option when that time comes for that one!! 6 - Be nice if we weren't too far from the beach - am I pushing the boat out to far here!! I think thats a long enough list for ye to work on for now... Thanks again for all your help AM:biggrin:
  20. once in a blue moon

    Can we afford to live in Sydney??

    My husband has been offered a job in Sydney as an ICT manager. Salary hasn't been discussed yet. I have done lots of research to work out what salary my husband should negotiate. I think that a salary of around $150,000 is acceptable to sustain a decent lifestyle in Sydney as it seems to be very expensive over there. Is this amount of money going to make living and working in Sydney possible?? All comments gratefully received, thank you.
  21. Hi All, This is something I should have sorted by now but even though we are going in Jan and begining to pack up etc we still have not finalised a location. We currently live in a small village with my kids 10 and 12 (almost 13) going to the local primary school. Primarily I want to be in a nice area with nice schools and close to amenities. I don't mind if I am 30/40min drive from the beach it's the schools that I am more worried about. i don't want a huge culture shock for them with huge schools. I am doing so much research but am at the stage where I know so much I actually know nothing :sad: Any help and information would be so greatfully welcomed. Thanks in advance, D
  22. Hiya, We moved to West Footscray 3 weeks ago and are looking to catch up with fellow ex- pats in or around the area. We are in our late 30's and have a 2 year old daughter (don't let that put you off!) Anyone interested in meeting up?
  23. Hi, My hubby (48) is looking for somehwere to live from 13th September for approx 1 month or maybe slightly longer/less. He is a prfessional guy but he working in Perth and we in Melbourne so doesnt want the long term cost of a hotel, nor does he want to go down the route of a bagpackers or house share with a load of 18 year old students. Does anyone either have a room/flat or need someone to house sit for a few weeks ... Happy to pay bond/security or anything that is needed.!!! Thanks. Elaine.
  24. Guest

    Downunder Live

    Hi Everyone We are going to Downunder live on 24th September 2011, has anybody been to this seminar before, Is it a good place to go to get all the information we need to emigrate to Oz, or is it just all hard sell thanks:hug:
  25. Hi, I've secured a job in Brisbane and will be making the move out in January. I'm 26 and single, so will be moving on my own. I am looking for any advice on which areas may be best for me to look at for living? The CBD seems an obvious choice but renting looks pretty expensive compared to the suburbs...can anyone recommend any nearby suburbs? Cheers.