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Found 666 results

  1. hi - i've been in australia since 78 and now my daughter has gone back to live in uk - i am thinking i would like to go back when i retire - still a few years away. but I just cant work out all the pension rules, does amyone know if i will be able to get my aust pension if i'm living in uk or can i get a uk pension. help:arghh:
  2. Hi, I am new here.Great forum! I am planning to work in Ballarat but would like to settle down somewhere in the middle between the Melb city itself and Ballarat. What are the best quality suburbs in the North West Melbroune? We dont want to live too far away from the Melb city but as close to Ballarat as possible to minimise the travel time If you guys can point me to the right direction, I am only looking for a quality even upscale suburbs Thank you!
  3. Guest

    Where to live? Advice? Thx

    Hi everyone or should i say g'day. Ive only just discovered this forum so apologies if this topic or something similar has already been posted before Ive recently been offered a job in Brisbane (just waiting for the visa) and am looking to base myself somewhere near a good beach. ie gold coast area. could anyone recommend a good location. ps im single so locations such as facility friendly areas for kids are not require. from online research so far i believe the commute is approx. 1hr from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. could anyone confirm if this is during normal traffic hrs or rush hr? im likely to both drive and use public transport so any advice would be grateful. thanks
  4. Hi all, I'm moving to oz in the next few months as I've landed a job in Artarmon, Sydney. I'm coming on my own and so I only need a small place, I'm just not sure the best areas to start looking. I've had a look at the trainlines and have established that until I get a car I'll need to live somewhere around the Northern line and the North Shore line, I'm just not sure where abouts my budget of around $450AU p/w is gonna take me and searching through all the different subburbs on rental sites is proving tedious. Can anyone help point me in the right direction as to where i should start looking. Thanks, Dave
  5. Just finalised our bookings for flights etc We (my wife and I, and our 4 yr old son) are coming to Aus on a 457 visa, flying in on 2 November I'll be working in Chatswood and we have a serviced apartment there through the company until we can get a rental sorted out. Looking at Wahroonga/Turramurra/St.Ives area for preference My wife's sister lives in Neutral Bay and we have a few friends in Sydney so it's nice to know we'll not be entirely on our own - but wondered if anyone else here lives in the same sort of area? Getting excited now - still a million things to do at this end, mind :biggrin:
  6. Hi all, We are planning a move from Melbourne to Perth but need to be sure that there is enough to keep the kids entertained and that there are lots of children of a similar age around. Wheres the best suburbs to live with 14 and 16 year olds who play soccer and love being able to walk round to see their friends and close to schools. Thanks Elaine
  7. Gregoz

    where to live in Central QL??

    Hello everbody!! I am Gregoz from Scotland. I have just scored a travelling sales job and my boss, who is based in WA has given me free licence to live anywhere in the Central coast of Queensland eg Mackay, Airlie Beach, Rockhampton etc. I am a country boy at heart but I am 35 years old, single so do not want to be stuck away out in the sticks by myself. I will be travelling internationaly quite often so reasonably close proximity to an airport is a must. Can anyone suggest the best locations to consider setting up home in this region? Thanks in advance, Gregoz
  8. we are hopefully moving to melboure in january. my partner has a job in laverton and we are trying to decide on where to set ourselves up...the children are 4 and 7 so it would ideally be family orientated and not too expensive in terms of rent!! any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, new to the forum and looking for some advice from you lovely people!! Sorry as I suspect this subject has been done to death We are moving to Sydney in the new year and are currently looking at ideal areas to live within decent commuting distance to Darling Park (somewhere up to an hour preferably). We are a young family; myself- 24, my partner 25 and our 2 children aged 2 and 1. Want somewhere with a nice family feel, sense of community, places for me to meet other young mums etc. The budget is up to approx $800 a week, give or take a bit.. Thankyou in advance, my mind is totally boggled with where to start really! Hayley x
  10. For the second year running, Australia has ranked second in the United Nation's 'Human Development Index'. The index measures social and economic development based on several factors: Life expectancy at birth / Health Mean & expected years of schooling / Education Gross national income per capita / Living Standards Australia ranked narrowly behind the 'winner' - Norway, the same 2 countries ranking first and second last year as well. The United Kingdom ranked 28th on the 2011 Human Development Index. http://hdr.undp.org/en/statistics/
  11. My husband is trying to find a mining job and we see a lot going on in Perth but the cost of houses has scared up off. What is the normal cost of living there? can we live on that? If not we would like to look at the greater Gympie area. What do you think?
  12. HI Everyone We have been here 2 months and are renting in box hill, its about 30 by train to the city (express). Takes about 10 mins on the bus to get to the train too and we drop our toddler off in creche on the way. (we both work in the city) We are thinking we are too far away from her when we finish work as its a mad dash to catch the train to pick her up before 6. Do you have kids in creche and work in the city? Which suburb do you live in? Having her in creche in the city isn't an option as the costs are way too expensive and we don't get help on the 475 visa. Plus I wouldn't like her having to travel on the commuter train either.
  13. Guest

    Does it matter where we live??

    This may seem like a mad question, but does it matter where we live? We have applied for a RSMS subclass 119 visa, the employer is in Canberra, but his offices are registered to Queanbeyan which is just outside the ACT border in NSW. This means we are applying to NSW not Canberra. But Queanbeyan is quite small, and apart from Jerrabomberra a little lower down I can't see where else we could live that is in NSW and a commutable distance to work! There are houses available in Queanbeyan, but we need a 4 bed as we are a family of 7 and they seem to be few and far between. So does it matter what side of the ACT/NSW border we live on?
  14. Hi there great forum and really helpfull. I have a question and hopefully someone can help me. I am scheduled to emigrate to sydney in November. The job i am going to pays 48,500 a year. which ive been told equates to around $700 a week in hand. I have a wife and baby boy and another baby on the way. Can anyone advise whether i am making a big mistake moving to sidney on this wage. Ive looked at properties and was trying to get a place for $350 a week, but really have no clue about costs of amenities and internet etc and more importantly how much nappies cost ha ha. anyway i would be really chuffed if someone could give me any pointers because my wife and i are in a real quandry over what to do. visas are through and shipping company have been to measure up. Were fearful we are going to get over nd realise we cant afford to live and have a new baby to bring up. The company im going to covers the medicare if that makes a difference. Atb and thanks Col
  15. samfarren

    help.....where to live???

    Good morning all, we are in the tentative stages of applying for skills and ielts but are looking at where might be suitable to live OH may have a job offer in broadmeadows but we would like to know where is best in relation to transport links etc for all of us I am hoping to get a job at a maternity hospital in the area but we would like to be close to a teaching university for our daughter any help would be most appreciated :hug:
  16. North Korea. Burma. Saudi Arabia. Anywhere else in The Middle East. Zimbabwe Anwhere else in Africa (except perhaps South Africa?)
  17. Hi................ We are looking at these areas, basically because i would like to be near a big hospital as i am a nurse, i would like to be close to the night life in CBD, and CBD as my partner will be driving a cab for Black & White Cabs, and we can always hop on a train to the Gold Coast when we wish, being close to Roma Street Station... We are coming over for a year, maybe longer, but we will need a fully furnished two bedroom air conditioned house for twelve months, any thoughts and opinions most welcome. Look forward to meeting any expats when we arrive......... Any thoughts on this property? http://www.rs.realestate.com.au/property-apartment-qld-spring+hill-404812940 Thanks
  18. Just about to get our visa, so we really need to get our act together and choose a place to live. Have 2 kids 9 and 11 so good schools are a must. Don't fancy Gold Coast, and don't think Brisbane is for us. A real must is some great sailing on our doorstop, but also need somewhere with enough people to provide work for a PV, renewable and heating/plumbing business. So I guess I'm looking for idea's for good sized towns, with plenty of sailing destinations nearby. Oh it also must also be pretty, and not likely to flood. I know I'm fussy, but it's a big move and I want to get it right. :jimlad:
  19. Hi All We just had our 457 visa granted and now things are moving quickly!! Guess we just need to decide on date and book flights - Wow its real now. We will be working near to Kawana Waters and looking at furnished rentals by Alex Headland or Mooloolaba. Anyone live nearby and can give some advice? Thanks Loads Karen & Scott
  20. Hello all, We are possibly moving interstate from the Central Coast NSW to Melbourne, Vic. Hubby's future (fingers crossed) office is on Collins Street, near Merchant Street so a way from Flinders Street railway station. While we love the idea of living in Mount Eliza for the space, we have three young children (4.5, 2.5 & 1) and two large dogs. We fear the commute might be too much. Hubby at the moment is commuting roughly 2hr each way. He said he doesn't mind just over an hours commute and likes the idea of the tram. He also wants the kids to go a coed school. So, which suburbs (preferably East, Bayside) are within an hour commute be near to private coed schools that have an ELC program ideally? I am also looking for somewhere with a community as being a pom married to an Aussie I haven't found it that easy in Sydney to make new friends. Cheers
  21. Hi! My name is Marta I’m from Poland and in next year me and my fiancé planned to go to university in Australia. We have some question about city, which one is the best for study and working? Agent from immigration office recommend for us Townsville. It is good city for young people (we have 22 years now)? How about night life and study there? Because we heard that in smaller city in Australia immigrants are unacceptable and is very difficult to find a job. Maybe you life in Townsville or you have friends from there than we will be very grateful for any information. Which another city in Australia you recommend? We have planned to study, me cooking and my fiancé want to be a car mechanic. Are we make a good choice? Regards Marta and Marek
  22. If you're moving to Oz from a big city overseas - i.e. London, which is the best place to start off so that you won't feel as lonely or as detached? My goal is to slowly wean off the city life and to eventually make it to a smaller town without feeling so deprived. I know the answer is rather personal, but does anyone have any experience with this?
  23. AaronS

    Live beach cams

    Kind of cool. Select the region on the left and click the beach cam you want to view. http://Www.coastalwatch.com
  24. Guest

    Already live in Oz

    Hi I already live in Oz, I am on my 2nd year visa. I am trying to get sponsorship. I am a qualified child care worker. Just seem to be hitting brick walls with sponsorship anyone got any advice. I so dont want to go back to England. Cheers
  25. Hi All! Just joined today! :tongue: Anyone on here live in Bunbury? Kay xx