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Found 666 results

  1. http://www.coastalwatch.com you can see all the beaches in oz, on live cam look at them tonight great
  2. Guest

    Where to Live in Brisbane

    I have got the chance to get employers sponsorship visa in order to relocate. My place of work was going to be a place called Geebung, but we felt it to be close to the CBD. we have been offered a new position at wynnum which is bayside. Any advice on places to live and schools. I currently live in Devon so I am not used to to much hectic city life Thanks
  3. Hi............ Dont know if any one can help............. We are half way through this long & painful but very worth while process, and we stated on the application form we wanted to settle in Melboure (still do!) But as a big treat for us all, we were thinking about landing in Gold Coast first , to visit all the attractions, Sea Life, Warner world and Wet n Wild etc. etc., before we have to get serious and look for property, schools & jobs etc. Can you do this, or do you have to land where you stated on visa application......??????? Thanks for any advice/clarification..........
  4. Hi there, I would like to ask if there is anyone out there who is over 45. My partner and I would like to live in australia but we have been told that if you are over 45 you cannot apply for permanent residency, and on most of the forums and vias bureau sites they say that you cannot even work there if you are over this age limit. However, we were on holiday in Brisbane earlier this year, and I had an interview at a hospital and they have just made me a formal offer of work for a year (but they have said that they will carry on giving me a 12 month contract for as long as I want one) and they are sponsoring us. We were hoping that if we both spent two years in Brisbane then hopefully we would be in a position for apply for permanent residency. Is there anyone out there in a similar position? I would love to hear from you if there is.
  5. Guest

    live in australia.com

    Has any one used liveinaustralia.com as thier agent? Looked at loads but can't decide. Global Visa's were PANTS told us failed points test so send c.v then heard nothing until i contacted them and he said oh! no sorry. Well my OH hubbie job is a bit technical to find cos its called something else in oz. But its a 60 point occupation. I don't think the agent could be bothered. Leanne
  6. Just a quickie to all those people that have already moved to Australia - we are hoping to move to Oz primarily for the sake of our little one, Chlo. Can you honestly tell us if it really is the better option for them, we are hoping that it will offer her an outdoorsy lifestyle, lots of excercise, happy days in the sun and a chance to live in a safe and beautiful environment. we just feel this country is getting more and more unsafe, expensive, kids dont get the opportunity to excercise as much as they should, a government offering empty promises, a youth culture of drinking and drugs...and so on. Are we being unrealistic and ever hopeful? Any views would be appreciated................................. THANKS!!! X
  7. Hi merry xmas everyone,how much would you need to keep a family of 5 going,paying a mortgage of around 40,000 pounds and all the other bills we have to pay?im a mason paviour by trade and as my wife has to look after the childern we will only have one wage coming in for a while.i;ve heard you can earn good money working in the minning industry,but would that be an option to someone with no experienec? many thanks Mike.
  8. Hey, My partner and I are moving to Melbourne in March 07 and are wanting to rent property in either South yara or St Kilda area's. Can anyone advise us if these are nice areas or if there are any other areas you would recommend? We want to be near to the city and have a good social life but also be safe and in a nice area. I have heard St Kilda can be a bit crazy?? Thanks Lynzi & Pete
  9. motherof2

    Radio Five Live

    On now (9.48) - very good phone in about why people are migrating. The two most popular places are Oz and Spain
  10. restfamily

    Anyone live in / off to Canberra?

    We are planning on moving to Canberra – are we mad? I cannot find anyone else going? Why is this? My husband is in quite a specialist line of work and most of the jobs seem to with the government in Canberra. Ta
  11. Try this for a bit of fun, I noticed it on another site and thought it was good http://www.youthink.com/quiz.asp?action=take&quiz_id=1435 Mine came out Australia.
  12. Guest

    where to live?

    hi, i was wondering where people are planning to stay when they arrive in oz. We are planning to move to brisbane, we will rent to start with but will have to start looking when we get there. Are there any short term rentals available, there are only the two of us so we would only need an apartment type place any info would be great Claire and bob xx
  13. Guest

    money to live on

    hi all, i was wondering if you can answer me this question first what it is i am getting my visa and leaving on june and i have my dough, but i know someone who is also going, they payed his agent fees the lot. the both of them him and his wife have only got £5000 grand could you tell me is this enough till he gets on his feet while he's over there jocky boy..
  14. Guest

    money to live on

    well i am getting my visa this month. i have the money to get away but my friend will have £5000 is there anyone there in perth could tell me if this is enough to start with till there gets on his feet
  15. Hello all...being somewhat of a virgin to this forum and to the whole emigrating thing too..can anyone shed any light on the most ideal area to live in..Having never been to Oz (but partner lived in coogee for 2 years but thats looking quite pricey) we are thinking of moving over there permanantly with our 5 year old daughter. We kinda think somewhere between brisbane and sydney, neither of us are city dwellers nor total out in the sticks country bumkins types... I guess my wish list is somewhat challanging...so here goes... a) 4 bed house for under $400K in area suitable for families (ie..not a rough dodgy area) b) has excellent primary/secondary school c) local amenties within short drive/walk away d) beach not to far either e) easy train ride or 1-2 hr drive to nearest city f) oh and a local vet would be good...as need to find work as a VN. well if anyone can advise on an area that fills my probably unreachable list...you would be a complete saint and it would at least give me somewhere to start aiming for when we go on our recky visit next year. cheers HCC
  16. Guest

    A good place to live?

    Hi my hubby has asked me to find out the best place to live. We live in a rural area in UK. We would love to live somewhere similiar. The ideal place for us would be rural. have mountains ( maybe not too near as the spiders may win) and want everyone would love to have is be near the sea. can anyone tell us which part of OZ is similair to this? ALSO we are motorbike riders can anyone recommend anything sites/information etc so we can see the prices of second hand bikes over there, or would it be best to ship out a bike as the second hand may not be very good. Can seem to find any information about types of bikes, prices, road conditions etc. many thanks val