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Found 215 results

  1. Guest

    'A' GRADE licence please help

    i have pr 176 visa to victoria, i am an electrical maintenance engineer with a BEng hounors in Electrical and Electronic engineering plus 4 years apprentice also i have 14 years of experience from UK. I will be moving to melbourne end of February 2011, i really need help on how to get 'A' GRADE licence in electrical in melbourne i dont even know where to start. i tried contacting a few government department but it didnt help.
  2. Guest

    driving licence

    hi i'm sure this has been answered before. But can anyone tell me if a full British driving licence is ok to have in Australia. Do you have to get an Oz one eventually? do insurance companies offer better quotes if you have an Oz one?
  3. Guest

    Driving Licence

    :cool:Dear friends I have an international Driving Licence Card, Will I be permitted to drive my own car when I immigrate there Or to do that, I have to get an Australian Driving Licence? Best regard Thanks alot for your time and consideration Mohammad Reza Roozbahani
  4. joemilmoss

    Driving licence

    Hi im new to pio and was wondering if anyone knows if when you arrive in australia if your driving licence is transferable? Hoping to move to perth visa application been going on for 3 years just been allocated a CO who has requested pcs and medicals so hopefully our dream will soon come true. ( Kelly 31 ,Tony 30, Joe 8,Millie 6,Harrison 1)
  5. dan1066

    driving licence

    Hi all , quick question, do I need to take a driving test of any sort to drive in oz if migrating there? Both myself and my wife have been driving for about 13 yrs each in the UK, both having full UK licences, Thanks in advance Dan.
  6. Does anyone know if penalty points are carried over when transferring to a queensland drivers licence?
  7. mr luvpants

    Uk driving licence?

    Hi all When we get to oz, will we lose our uk driving licences (ie we "swop" them for QLD ones) or can we have both? JOHN
  8. I have been told today off someone who did his SA licence in Adelaide that they wont swap it over to a queensland licence,dont know the ins and outs,,,,does anyone know about this?Ive paid 700 ish dollars and i dont want to waste more moneygoing to adelaide for 4 days if i cant convert it,,,,i have my vettassaee and my artc,the only reason i wanted to go down the peer route is that i didnt want to go to tafe for 6 months at night school,can anyone help?
  9. I have an irish drivers licence that I know I can transfer for aus one when i arrive. I have a licence to drive a minibus and a rigid truck. Will i get an equivalent licence in aus that will allow me to do same?
  10. crispysince70

    HGV licence. Is it transferable?

    Hi all, As the question above. Does anyone know? Have been trying to find out, but can't seem to come up with any info, other than that for car licences. Thanks
  11. Guest

    WA Class A Electrical Licence

    I'm sure that this has been asked before, but can someone please let me know as to the process of obtaining a WA Class A Electrical Licence. I now have my 175 visa and will be moving to Perth early next year. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi Guys Can somebody let me know how to make payment for the PEER electrical licence course, not sure what's the best thing to do ring them direct or via the web. Cheers
  13. blobby1000

    UK driving licence

    Arriving in Melbourne in two weeks and gonna buy a car but suddenly thought.....can I drive on a UK licence? And, if so, for how long? I have 3 points on it, but from 2003 so its long since off the licence, I just have not renewed it. :nah:
  14. liniloo

    Driving licence

    Hi can anyone tell me - do we need to get an international driving licence for Oz? we are going out on a 457 visa so will only be a temporary resident but hope to be permenant once out there! thanks Linda
  15. Hi I am thinking of going to queensland later this year and thinking of going into the swimming pool industry or air conditioning indusrty,but i was just wondering if I need a licence at all even if I worked under someones supervision for either of these things. I would be glad to hear of someone. Thanks Alistair

    QLD Driving Licence

    Hi, Please could anyone tell me about getting a QLD diving licence. Do you have to undergo a test of any sort or is it a straight forward swap. Websites seem to differ, but it looks like it is a very necessary form of ID and many forms etc are asking me to provide QLD licence. thanks
  17. Guest

    Driving licence

    Hiya guys, i am 18 and moving to Perth next feb, i will have had my full UK drivers licence for over 12 months by the time i move in feb, i was wondering what i have to do to change my licence to an aus one and whether i have to use the P plate system (which i am still confused about) so any info about changing licences and P plates would be great cheers
  18. Hi Guys My girlfriend is thinking of taking her Bike test in the UK before we go back to Sydney, Seems a bit easier here without the various L's and P's to go through. She would love to go for the full licence via Direct Access but maybe not quite ready for a big bike yet, so she might take the test on a 125cc and get the two year 33bhp restricted licence. So as i can't find any info regarding this on the RTA website, anyone had any experience of switching a Restricted 33bhp UK licence for a NSW Motorbike licence? Woud they recognise it at all? Thanks in Advance
  19. clusterofgeals

    pilots licence

    can anyone tell me if there is much call for anyone with a private pilots licence in australia please.
  20. If you get any speeding fines while on a UK licence you pay the fines but the authorities can't put Australian points on a UK licence. My question is once you get an Australian licence do they hold any points you may have accumulated while on a UK licence and put them straight on your Australian licence? I'm in Victoria by the way, I know different states have different rules on things. Thanks, Mike
  21. hi, we are soon migrating to Melbourne in September on a VE-175 visa and have read on the Vicroads website that; If you are in Victoria on a permanent visa issued under the Migration Act 1958, you may drive on your overseas driver licence for: six months from the date you first entered Australia (if the permanent visa was issued before you entered Australia); We went to Oz (Perth) last year for 5 days to get our initial entry visa stamped, so does the 6 months mentioned above refer to 6 months from that date last year (and now we can't use our UK licences at all) or 6 months from the time we will arrive to stay permanently in September? We have a rental car booked so really need to know urgently. Many thanks Lee
  22. Guest

    WA Electrical Trade Licence

    Hi all, I am a qualified electrician with over 10 years experience and my partner and I are planning to move over to Oz later this year and I was wondering if anyone knows if I will be able to qualify for a WA Electrical Licence without having been VET Assessed. When we applied the VET Assess had not yet been introduced, I have a TRA certificate instead. Any help you may be able to offer will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Graham & Michelle
  23. Guest

    QLD Electrical Licence

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to transfer a WA Electrical Licence over to a QLD Electrical Licence. Any help much appreciated. Many thanks, Gra & Mich
  24. Hi everyone. A question about applying for a WA driving licence .... My family and I arrive in Perth in August. I've just read that I can only use my UK driver licence for a period of 3 months from the date of my visa grant, which was back in December 09. Apparently every other state allows you to use your UK licence for 3 months from arrival. To apply for a WA licence I need to provide proof of residential address e.g. utility bill which is the tricky bit because we're in temporary accommodation for 6 weeks. Had planned to pick up a car and spend the early weeks checking out suburbs, but that's not going to be easy by public transport! I've emailed WA dept of transport - waiting on a response - but in the meantime has anyone got any ideas?! All I can think of is asking my employer to vouch for me, but no idea if that will wash. Here's the relevant page from dept of transport. Overseas drivers Cheers, Dan