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Found 252 results

  1. ScottieandDani

    Leaving my young 2 boyz in the UK!

    Hi Guys, We (My new wife & I) are moving to Oz in the next 3 years and I have 2 boyz from a previous. I have told the Mum we are going but not the boyz yet, and have asked her not to say owt yet, My question is when do I tell them? sooner than later? one is 12 and the other is 6. This is so hard, anyone been here before and what did you do. Thanks Scottie Help!!!
  2. Guest

    Leaving debt in the UK

    Hi Guys, I'm an Ozzie who has been living in the UK for 11 years and am now moving back. Basically I'm leaving because I had an accident 7 months ago which meant I haven't been able to work and have built up debt and cannot go on. I owe around £20k in total and am considering either pleading bankruptcy or just leaving without doing anything. I have no property in either country either. I do have a Greek wife who is about to apply for a visa as well. I have been lead to believe that the debt will not follow me to Oz, or if it does it will not be enforceable or affect my credit it Australia. I am also concerned about whether this will affect my wife gaining entry as well. Does anyone know the ramifications or can anyone offer me a little advice. I'd be very grateful. Cheers, Dave
  3. Guest

    Im leaving PIO

    By the time you guys all read this I will have left PIO. I am no longer going to be a moderator or member. I have my reasons for leaving which will remain private between admin and myself. Good Luck to all of you still waiting and those of you here.....enjoy life! You only get one go at it!!! Thank you for all your support!!!!! Most `friends` have my email.
  4. janine the party queen

    Favourite leaving presents

    Off all the gifts we were given I have 2 favourites. A solid silver clock,presented to me by the Colonel of 1 Scots .Who made me promise to keep it on UK time. A framed print of Edinburgh Castle to remind me of the view we had from our front room window. Just wondering what other peoples favourite gifts were.:yes:
  5. Guest

    Leaving tomorrow!

    Alright. Flying from heathrow with singapore air tomorrow. Bags are about all packed and just tying up the last few bits. Will be on scarborough beach, brisbane on thursday. Good times
  6. Poms in Oz has been great for us as we have worked through our migrant application and now we are on our way i thought i would pass on our story so far - not sure if it will help anyone but hope it does. We began our via application in Jan 2007 we got our visa's (skilled sponsor with my partners profession- communications) in our passports in June 2009. We used Montford and they are great. We could not have done it on our own as we would never have been organised enough! In August i saw a job advertised (i am a special needs teacher) which i fancied, so i applied. Two day's later I was emailed and last monday I did a SKYPE interview at 6.30am. I have been offered the job subject to my police and working with children checks. I fly out in half- term to spend a couple of day's shadowing one of my collegues. I realise that I am very lucky as we had planned to go out in april without jobs. I am a bit scared because myself and the children are leaving in Dec but my partner will not come out until April because of his work commitments. Still, i think we will muddle through. I am sure i will rent the wrong house and buy the wrong car etc :laugh: The children are not little: girl (16) and boy (13) so they will help! Can anyone tell me what year groups they will be in? My daughter got her GCSE's in July so is in year 11 here and Henry has just started year 9. I found a really intersting web site that gives a bit of info about areas, i found it quite useful even if it does compare areas to shoes :wacko: Moving to Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide? Find where to live cityhobo.com - Home My job is based in the Inner west of the city and i am aware of the social issues in parts this area (that's part of my job) - all local info would be great! What an adventure !
  7. I very much would like to bugger off from the UK for a few years, just fancy a total change. I've spent alot of time researching and making enquiries..I had a possible sponsorship 2 years ago but didn't progress due to getting a new role in the UK. I don't regret that, I love my current job - but it's time to move on. Anyway - I work in IT, i'm 25 and got lots of experience and qualifications under my belt. I am aware of the rules surrounding the working holiday visa; but I was curious about getting work in IT while I am there (hardware/sysadmin/networking side, as opposed to software development) - I would like to benefit my career as well as great life experience. Any experiences to share about doing this? What about companies offering sponsorships to people employed at first on a working holiday visa? Appreciate any info you can share!! Cheers
  8. Our MIL and FIL arranged a leaving party for us last night for friends and family. We were not looking forward to it at all; just don't like being centre of attention etc. And to be honest it was a fantastic night and we really enjoyed ourselves!!:spinny: Here are some tips: 1). NO mascara under any circumstances! I did a lot of crying..... 2). Make everyone leave at the same time otherwise you will be crying from 7.30pm onwards.... 3). Because it was not arranged by us there are always people who you don't really know They will all wish you well just shake their hand and thank them for coming! 4). A relative bought us a filofax and it was passed around for everyone to put their addresses and emails in. They also wrote personal notes which is lovely. Just the house to sort out now!:wideeyed:
  9. Hi All Hoping someone can shed some light on a query i have. My husband and i have been here for 3 years on a 457 visa. Have decided to head back to the UK, we leave in two weeks!! I am wondering if anyone knows whether i can claim all my tax for the 08/09 year as i am permanently departing? Appreciate any help that can be offered. Also does anyone know a good and quick agent in Sydney who i can claim refund through? Thanks
  10. We just wanted to say Thanks to everyone we have met via this website,we have made some fab friends and definatly will stay in touch, hopefully you will come to us for a visit some time soon. thanks to Olly (RUTH) FOR taking us under your wing and we have enjoyed all those trips out for coffee and lunch.Also LESLEY (Alimay68) for organising the wonderfull meaL with everyone down aT the shopping town hotel, a great night it was and especially THE SCOUSERS( JOY AND FAMILY) FOR ALL the get togethers we have had, enjoy your holiday in england.Good luck Jaq4chop (jaqci in your new home )hope to see you one day at our house in qld. Im looking forward to meeting all the new people on the sun shine coast , we are all packed up and ready for our flight on sunday, im excited , nervous and looking forward to life in QLD.Thank you everyone for your your support and friendlyness speak soon RIKKI MARK ASHLEY AND NIAMH XXXXX:jiggy::hug:
  11. Hi Everyone Our departure to Perth is getting closer! 17th April, I am very nervous. Due to my husband managing to secure a job, we have own container at the cost of 2,000 pounds. This is half empty so if anyone is leaving around the same time or needs anything taken over, please get in touch. I'd also love to hear from anyone who had settled in Perth, how things have gone and is it all worth it? Take care all!
  12. Hiya what items do you regret leaving behind at home - is there anything you wish you had bought before you went that you kicked yourself for when you got to Oz:unsure:
  13. Hi all Its our leaving do tonight and we are so nervous... Been to the function room today with the flowers, cakes, banners and balloons etc... Its also a my daughters 13th and the wifes dads 60th so luckily not all the focus will be on us...Less tears! Whats going to be hard is that our daughter who is 21 is not coming with us so we have bought her a lovely locket with encrusted diamonds with our pictures inside which we will give her during the speech... Hope the speech goes well, im going to be tough and not cry! I bet! We leave for brisbane in 1 week and 4 days not that we're counting and cant wait...! I will fill you in tomoz has to how it goes... Wish us luck!:goofy: Chris
  14. Guest

    I,m leaving on a jet plane!

    Just arranged doree bonner and john mason to come and quote. Should be leavin end of august. Good times:biglaugh: Bris here we go!
  15. Guest

    Leaving do Speech.. "Help"

    Hi all We have booked our leaving do for the 18 July and i would like to say a few words to all our families and friends. Has anyone knocked up a decent speech who could help me... I know what i want to say in my head but when it comes down to putting it on paper it never reads the same!:frown: Usual things about leaving, new life, thanks, wit, humour etc.. Hope you can help! Chris :wacko:
  16. Finally we have our flights booked, we are flying from Gatwick to Perth on the 7th August with Emerates. :jiggy: Anyone else on the same flight? (from here I mean, I know the'll be a few hundred other people) So as you can imagine, we are running around in a blind panic tring to get all those loose ends tied up. We've managed to rent out our house, shipping company have been round to see how much we are taking. We've resigned from our jobs. It's all GO GO GO!!! Cant wait to get there and for all of this headache to be over. Only for another one to occur when we'll be searching for schools and accomodation! :yes:
  17. Just wondering if any returnees managed to secure jobs from Oz. OH is worried about going home jobless. I would imagine that the agencies don't take you that seriously until you are in the country but I would be interested to know if anyone managed it and how they went about it. Cheers.:smile:
  18. ali

    Leaving after one week

    A girl at work who visits another site said there was someone who posted that they arrived in Adelaide on 30th August and was heading back home on the 11th September. They knew within one hour they didn't like it. (Tied to Adelaide due to sponsored state Visa). She'd done loads of reasearch prior to going but never visited - she advised people to do a rekki. Ali
  19. Hi Guys, My family and I have just received our State Sponsorship for Adelaide. We are totally over the moon but trying to look at the negatives as well as the positives. Please could you anyone tell me reasons why they were not happy in South Australia so we take all the good and bad into account. I really appreciate any advice you can give and thank you for your time. SamSam
  20. My partner and I are applying for the De Facto/Spouse Visa (Subclass 820), which we know takes two years to process, at which time, if successful, we will be granted the Permanent De Facto/Spouse Visa (Subclass 801). However, we would also like to go to Canada for a year while it is processing. Does anyone know if this will be frowned upon and affect the success of our permanent visa application? I'm aware this sounds like a ridiculous question but this is something we really want to do. Cheers, artful
  21. Myself and OH were heading home after selling some of our stuff. OH was driving, on a duel carraige way, out of no where a car drives by us, we hear a bang - someone in the car had thrown an egg at us! We followed behind (into an estate) to get the reg number, they swung around and headed straight for us, only swerving at the last minute and throwing another egg.:shocked: We called the Garda but my guess is they'll never be caught. We got home to find that they had broken an indicator light and cracked part of the body work on the front of the car - the car that's supposed to be going up for sale next week:no: Just two and a half weeks left...
  22. For some its family, for others its not settling. What’s yours in order. 1.Lower earnings with longer hours. 2.Lack of culture and history in Australia for me. 3. Australians, I found the ones I worked with shallow and materialistic. 4.Crime and anti-social behaviour in Australia 5.Missed the UK and my quality of life was better for me back home.
  23. Hi all, I am in the slow process of negotiating with an employer over in Oz as to whether they can offer me sponsorship to go out there and work and, having been back in the UK since December (my working holiday visa in Oz had come to its expiration date) and not yet 100% sure if my dream of moving back out asap is going to come to fruition, I am beginning to despair a little and get rather down! :sad: Am also starting to question whether making such a life changing move is the best decision to make? I am only 24 years old and although I realise that I should grab the chance to emigrate if it arises, it is still difficult, even at my age, to leave friends and family behind. I am lucky in the sense that my brother and his family (with whom I was living with last year whilst in Oz) are out there, but nevertheless, I am still anxious and fearful of relocating my life. I have had the experience of living in Newcastle, NSW for a year (which is where I would be returning to) and therefore will not be going into the move totally blind, but, I wonder if things will feel different when knowing that you are there permanently? Is a life in Australia going to be of better quality than it is in the UK? I suppose, what the purpose of me sharing all of this for, is to hear any words of guidance that people have, whether it be from those who have already made the move out to Oz or are in the process themselves. Sometimes it is difficult to talk to the people closest to me, as I know that despite them being supportive, they are sad that I may leave, and so I don't wish to keep discussing the possibility with them and in a sense, rubbing salt into their wounds! If you can relate to the emotions I am experiencing and have come out the other side, would be wonderful to hear from you, just to know I am not going completely mad feeling the way I do! It just feels so awful when you are living in your 'home' country, yet feel so unattached and unhappy in it! Many thanks, GG
  24. HI Again!! Just looking for general thoughts on above please. We had a rather romantic thought that we would arrive with 4 suitcases and start all over again. Are we being naive (particularly with 2 kids who say they only want to take their nintendo's and a couple of teddies each) Is there anything that you wish you had taken / left behind Will our furniture look silly or too small in comparison Is there any point in taking our plasma tv and other electricals ???????? Taking into consideration that I am a bit of an ebay queen we wondered if we should sell off everything here (though I doubt we would get much for it??) or stock up on lots of cheap goodies in the uk and ship them over, including new push bikes for all of us? ALL ADVICE IS VERY VERY WELCOME!!!:unsure: Thanks Debs x
  25. Guest

    Leaving children in the uk

    Hi Well we have a week to go and the guilt at leaving my 17year old is getting worse and worse. He is currently living with his father but doesnt like it so is now getting a house share. Iam worried he will struggle not be ableto afford it oh and all the other usual guilt feelings. My exhusband is giving me grief saying iam being selfish leaving him and that have i every wondered why he wont come with me. My exhusband has never given up anything for the kids he has provided for them but not his time he has always put his self first so now trying to lay the guilt on me because my son is moving out and getting a flat. I feel sick with worry. We have asked him to come over for a look round offered to pay his flight there and back but he is not interested and says he will come when he is ready. Kids at this age think they know if all. As anyone left there kids in UK and gone to aus without them have they been ok have they followed over Thanks Lorraine