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Found 252 results

  1. Guest

    Leaving gifts for friends?

    My 2 girls would like to give their close/best friends a gift when they leave for Oz. They are 7 and 12. Any suggestions?
  2. Jems30

    Leaving family

    Is it really very difficult to leave family and then live without them around? We have 3 young children, and I do worry about leaving their grandparents and cousins. I am also very close to my mum, she has already told me she would never visit as she has a fear of flying that far. We are hoping to emigrate to Perth.
  3. Guest

    Leaving Monday...

    Just had a perfect evening. Sat in the garden drinking wine and saying goodbye to the neighbours. Just finished. Rain even held off ; Just stated now. Been nice to enjoy the company of good friends, but now looking forward to spending time with new friends. Can't wait to go, but still leaving with a heavy heart. Monday one way flight to Perth.
  4. Hi im new to posting threads on here but have been reading for a while and hoped you could give some advice. My partner of one year applyed for his australian visa before i met him, and has recently been granted 175 Skilled- Independent Visa, which states he needs to be in the country by November this year to activate it. We were already engaged and as myself and my daughter from a previous relationship will be joining him (we're planning on leaving in July) we have decided to marry in June (so our family's can be there). In the first instance i will be on a tourist visa, as i cant get a working holiday visa as i have a dependant child, and will be applying for a Partner Visa shortly after we arrive in Oz. However, ive just found out im pregnant and although were very happy were also concerned that this could be detrimental to his visa and my potential partner visa. We plan on informing immigration of our intention to marry, but were not sure if we should tell them that i am pregnant; and were not sure if either/both of those things could be detrimental to his visa. The visa letter states he needs to inform them of any changes in circumstances which occur before he leaves, but we're worried that as he applied for his visa as a single man and he will now be going to Oz with a wife, dependent child and unborn baby - they may revoke his granted visa? Can they do this? Also, if all is ok, would i be entitled to medi-care whilst in Oz on a tourist visa and waiting for a partner visa? Thanks!
  5. janine the party queen

    We are leaving Sydney !!!!!!!!!!!..........

    to move to Townsville. Im so excited.Sydney has been OK just not for us.Most people seem to enjoy living in the "Shire" but for us it has been a pain in the butt !!! It seems to take forever just to get out of Sydney the traffic over the last 13 months has become horrendous.I work 20 kms away in Illawong,by car it takes approx 40 mins by train/bus 45 mins.Hubby's commute has become a real issue some days it takes him over an hour to get home and he only works out by the airport. Having had the luxury of being able to travel and explore quite a bit we have found that there is more to life than city living.So fingers crossed QLD will tick more of our boxes than Sydney has and we will actually buy a house.
  6. Hi, I am in the process of applying for RSMS 857 visa onshore. Should be lodging with RCB end this week. I am currently on a 2nd work holiday visa which expires end of July. If the RCB is approved hoping application (both mine and employer) lodged with DIAC third week of june. (through agent). I just wanted to know if it is possible to leave australia for two weeks before applications lodged to DIAC, while it is with the RCB. Also does anyone know times for RCB approval (new south wales)) MANY THANKS
  7. Guest

    Are we leaving it too late?

    I would like to know if it possible to up and move my family and my belongings to Melbourne in 26 days? I know this sounds extreme, but we have had problems with the completion of our house sale and our visa's run out on 17th June. I havent got any flights booked, any removals companies booked, although I do have somewhere for us to stay when we get there (thank goodness). Has anyone else done it in such a short time, or am I being unrealistic? Any advise or tips to save my time would really be appreciated as I think I am beginning to go ever so slightly mad! Thanks Tara:goofy:
  8. Guest

    Leaving family Behind...

    Hi I thought i would see if anyone could make me feel better- hoping for a bit of positivity! My wife and I have just been approved for a state sponsored 475 Visa to South Australia, and my Mum and Dad have reacted very badly. Whilst we talked about it before applying (well, i suppose i said we were applying!?!?) they seemed reasonably on board with it, although my Dad's reaction surprised me and surprised him i think! He has always been supportive of these things and now it is like he is grieving. To put things into perspective, he lost his Dad 6 months ago and is still cut up about it- this happened in the middle of our application- I think it has made him think of how old he is and that i may not be here when he gets too old to travel- he's only 61!? It's only that there is enough worry without having to worry about my parents well being and our relationship more than I naturally do. I feel sick to the core all day, every day, yet our selfish reasons for wanting to go to Australia have not gone away and i feel torn! Does anyone have any advice, who has been through this or who is going through it? Thanks
  9. Hi Everyone, My day is VERY near, we leave for Sydney on June 2nd!!! woot. One thing that I am confused about is medical insurance. I have my 175GSM which entitles me to opt into medicare but I have read I cannot register until I have been in country for 10 days. Does that mean my family and I will not have health coverage? obviously that is not an option so I may need to see about travel insurance I suppose. Does anyone have any info on this? Cheers, Grant
  10. A report today states that the 100 year old Prudential is looking to sell up and leave. Pru in shock exit from UK and US - Times Online
  11. 20yrspommie

    Leaving six weeks today

    We have finally sold our house and are leaving sydney after 20 years to go back to the UK , main reason being to spend time with the family , have found a school for son and got quotes for shippers and golden retreiver, anyone had any experience with Grace removals or Movements International both who have quoted me for a 40foot container as we going to take car as well also have a good quote from Dogtainers Feels exciting and scary now that its finally happening so I will make sure I come back and tell you how its going , I havent posted much at all but I have read and learnt a lot from reading everyones stories. I am sure we will have our ups and downs but I know that this is what we want so feel really keen to make this work
  12. Hi All, Just wondering how soon before we leave for Australia I should contact shippers and get them round to quote? Days, weeks, months? I would be interested in finding out what others did in the same position, thanks. Also, same question regarding opening an Australian bank account. Thanks in advance, :biggrin:
  13. My family and i are leaving for perth in 3 weeks once your container has left you are commited to the move we are all aware off the recession and i certainly do not own any rose coloured glasses. as a family of 5 we know it will be tough but i am hoping whilst being self employed for 20 years we have already had a taste of the highs and lows of life. we are taking a modest amount of money to overcome time to find employment. i would like to hear from any other diesel fitters whom are in the process of emigrating and / or who have moved to WA recently. i have always found that when the uk goes into recession our trade seems to get an uplift in work as many companies looking to cut transport costs move around the service / repair sector, which if you can offer an attractive package you secure the contract. it would be good to hear of any repair operatives in wa for there opinion finally if any one can help with information whether mechanics in wa can immediately go self employed with or without any wa licences apart from an accountant many thanks ian and paula
  14. Hi, Looking at opening a bank account before we leave the UK. Does anyone know if it's possible to get a mortgage approval before arriving in Australia? This assumes selling UK property and getting an Australian job before leaving the UK.
  15. Has anyone heard of a charge when exporting goods 'home' if they have been in the country less than 12 months. We know of people who are considering going home having only been here a few months and were told by a shipping company that they'd have to pay taxes and charges because the goods had been in Oz less than 12 months? This sounded nonsense to me but I'm not an expert? Any thoughts?
  16. Hi Ive been employed for 2 years, 11 months on a 457 visa, 13 Months on ENS 856 with the Same firm. I now want to leave and start my own Business. Can they revoke my Visa? I had to sign a letter stating I would stay with the company for 2 years when they proceeded with the 856. This wasnt an imigration form Just there own little letter. Im not sure if they can enforce this or not any ideas folks? Thanks
  17. Over the past few months, I've found PIO really useful when planning our move out to Oz (I'm moving on a 457 visa with my work for 2ish years with my boyfriend), and as our departure date gets closer and closer (9th Feb), I seem to have a few last minute questions that I hope you friendly peeps can help with? Shipping We sending a few boxes with Seven Seas (air shipment, door-to-door). OH is a carpenter and is sending his tools in these boxes. We plan on cleaning all the stuff with Jeyes (good tip from PIO), but I'm still wondering what happens if customs opens our stuff? Do we need to go to the airport to deal with it? Or will it just delay Seven Seas delivering? Will there be inspection fees? Or will SS take the hit on this given that we're paying d-t-d?? Private Healthcover I took out the IMAN Austhealth briding cover for $50 (another good tip from PIO) and have today received an email from them (see below). I know it sounds stupid but I don't know what I need to do.... We now arrive in Sydney on 11 Feb, so do I just update this? Do I need to take out a policy? If so, can I take it out for the first month until we get medicare sorted, or are we then tied in for a year? Please be advised that your Interim Certificate is due to expire on 12/02/2010, as per your Interim Membership application. Your details are as follows: Member ID: xxx Member Name: xxx Would you please: - advise a revised start date if your 457 visa is still pending, so that we can update your Interim Certificate. OR - activate your IMAN Australian Health Plans membership by going to IMAN Australian Health Plans - Health Plans for Temporary Residents Working in Australia and completing the online application. Please remember that, if you are granted a visa, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), will use information provided by us to monitor compliance of visa condition 8501, which requires all visa holders to maintain adequate arrangements for health cover for the duration of their stay in Australia. Dentists & Opticians Do we need insurance for dentists and opticians? Or do we just take the hit on the cost as and when we need them. I have a contact lens prescription here in the UK but have enough lenses to last me about 6 months, so won't urgently need to go to an optician... Also my teeth are pretty much ok, but OH's have been a bit more iffy over the past couple of years, so not sure what to do about this. Mobile Phones Without a credit history in Aus, will we be able to get contract phones? Or will we be stuck with PAYG? Internet We'll be in short-term accomodation for the first 4/5 weeks, so will we be able to get internet? Or will we need to wait until we've got a more permanent address? Thinking of a dongle, but not sure if that works out cheaper or not? Thanks in advance for any replies - and sorry if my questions are a bit, erm, thick!
  18. Hi all PIOs I was wondering if you could offer me some advice. I recently had a break up with my girlfriend and even thought it was heartbreaking I have just met probably the most awesome girl ever :biggrin: the problem now is that I have to leave Oz in 5 weeks, what options do we have, thought it might be worth mentioning that she feels the same way about me :biglaugh: Thanks Wes
  19. Hi, just about to migrate to Australia and we were wondering if you actually have to stay in Australia for the full 2 years without leaving the country? What if we have to come back for a family emergency (our parents are old) within the 2 years will we loose our right to a RRV/citizenship because we have left the country within the 2 yrs? We were granted the Visas nearly 3 yrs ago. Thanks
  20. HI Guys, your help and advice is much needed. I am due to move to Perth in May and am shipping everything over. I have heard bedding is extremely expensive so am buying some new sets here before hand. The problem is, are aussie doubles the same size as UK? I only have 2 double beds but will be renting a 3/4 bed house so will be buying more beds eventually, but would like to buy a large bed for me and hubby. What size is this? Are they the equivilent to UK superking size? (just so i know to buy larger throws and sheets?) Also, we have mail order catalogues here do you have those in aussie? Also... off the subject of bedding, we have just bought a Nintendo Wii.... I am presuming it will work in aus? Is it the CD games that make it work? I'm thinking I'll have to bring UK games as games bought in aus wont play in the console? AHHHH:arghh: there is so much to think about!!!!!!! xxxx
  21. kellyjamie

    Did/are you have a leaving party?

    Hi, Just sitting here wondering who had leaving parties, or whose having one? If you didnt what did you do instead? kel:wubclub:
  22. For those still waiting the Big Wait, I would like to ask: What are you really looking forward to in your new life? And what are you looking forward to leaving behind in your old life? Sue x
  23. i am currently a defacto on my partners 457 and our ENS sponsorship application is currently being processed. I am going to be out the country for a couple of weeks over xmas. My question is will i have any trouble getting back in through immigration. My 457 is still valid and i dont expect the ENS to come back until at least the end of jan. thanks, NE
  24. Hi, I'm looking to move out to Oz early next year and wondered how easy it is to find and secure employment in Australia before leaving the UK. From the threads that I have seen it seems to be pretty difficult. I have been on Australian jobsites but I'm assuming they advertise jobs that you would apply for once there as opposed to applying with a view to moving out in a few months time...? Any advice would be appreciated.