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Found 251 results

  1. Guest

    Leaving children's dad in the uk

    We are looking to emigrate to Melbourne within the next year ( have started the process already) and are really excited about it but have a problem, we would be taking the kids away from their dad. We have had a holiday in Oz this year and had a good look around and loved it. The kids loved it too. They are 13 and 11. They see their dad once a week at weekends and a couple of hours during the week and were wondering how they will be with actually living in Oz and not seeing him on a regular basis. Is there anyone out there in a similar situation? I feel that we are the only people in this situation as I dont know anyone else who has done anything like this. It would be great to hear from you.:unsure:
  2. clickettuk

    OMG - Leaving Party - How Difficult

    OMG - Just finished our leaving party - lets just say it was emotional - also did our Civil Partnership the same day - we cried so much and we thought we were so strong - but at the same time it was a fantastic day - lots of friends and photos and memories. Michael and Mark. :biggrin::biggrin::wink::wink:
  3. clickettuk

    Leaving Party

    Having a big leaving party tomorrow with over 100 people there. Seemed like a good idea at the time to have one big party with everyone there. But now I'm having second thoughts - all those teary goodbyes in one evening - its going to be so hard. :cry: Still can't wait though to step foot on that plane and say goodbye to the UK. Michael.
  4. Not really sure if this is the right section for this qu but i'll go for it.....who do you need to tell that you are leaving the country?! ie, we get child benefit, working tax credits etc. do we tell these guys and when? also what did everyone do about uk bank accounts/credit cards? do u keep them open? Is there anyone else we need to notify "authority" wise that we are going? We have a house that comes with our job here and all bills paid so all that is fine - thank goodness - have enough to do without all that!
  5. Oh my god, its this week I'm leaving, can't bloody believe it. Went out with friends last night and they are all saying such lovely stuff about us, not sure maybe it was the drink talking. Found out this morning that my hubby's boss has sorted out accommodation for us for a month, so panic over for the short term. It doesn't feel real though. When does it hit that I'm actually going on Sunday? Good bye Ireland and essex and hello Sydney :wub::wubclub:
  6. Guest

    Penalised For Leaving The UK!

    I'm starting work next week at long last, although as stints of unemployment go, it was more like a holiday that I couldn't afford than Bleak House. Naturally in these uncertain times I'm going through an agency. That's all that seems to be on offer these days. Nick Clegg got the last proper job going (Wanted: Person to make David Cameron seem plausible by comparison) so there's F-all else. In my line of work, as a 'Vile Kiddy-Snatcher' (Copyright Daily Mail) or Social Worker as I'd prefer to be called, there's normally always been loads of jobs. We're talking the misery business here and traditionally no b^gger ever wanted to work in it. But now, even after the tragedies of the past decade, jobs are drying up as the 'Broke-Back Coalition' (copyright David Davis MP 2010) are cutting back quicker than Cyril Smith's favourite pie-shop. I had to laugh the other day when the spotty twenty-something at my agency asked me to provide a character-reference to cover the 6 weeks (count 'em!) that I've been back in the UK. The agency have got a Criminal Records Bureau Check that's only three weeks old and a heap of references that go back to when I was being breast-fed, but that still wasn't enough. I tried to explain that during those weeks my time had been spent job-seeking, eating chocolate Hob-Nobs and watching The Ryder Cup (often simultaneously), but he told me "Look, I know it's a bit of a pain, but we have to comply with anti-terrorist legislation...we need to know what you've been up to." Now I can tell you, I don't fit the classic terrorist profile. I have a long-standing affection for London Transport, I've never wondered about Pakistan as a possible holiday destination and I'm allergic to khaki. Nor have I ever been radicalised, although, if I hear one more surly jobsworth tell me "Well, you can't expect us to contact Australia to verify that can you?," then I may instigate a Jihad of my own! Anyone else experienced cr@p like this upon returning?!
  7. Hi, Talking with various recruitment agencies it seems increasingly difficult to secure work before leaving the UK. The response we have had so far seems to be 'great experience, there will be no problem, call us when you get here'. With three kids and not a massive budget we feel the risks are too high to just go and hope for the best. Has anyone secured work through Skype interviews etc. before leaving or has everyone applied 'on location'? Thank you!
  8. Rodfan

    Leaving Son Homeless!!!!!

    Hi, There may be a potential move back home for us next year (OH relenting finally) we are definitely going back (UK) to visit our family and our youngest Son (22yrs) is also coming, if we stay (he is definitely returning to OZ) he will have nowhere to live, bittersweet move in the end for us. Our eldest Son has also recently returned to OZ (lives in sydney we are in Melb.) once again wish I had a crystal ball to see how it will all work out, I really wish I could just settle here as would make life easy for everyone...but I yearn for home..yet know I will feel really guilty leaving Son to return with nowhere to live:confused: anyone else had this dilemma??
  9. Hi all Well, the time is almost here for me and my two boys to fly back to England. We leave on Saturday 27th! One thing I need to know, what do you put on the "leaving Australia" card? I don't know whether to put leaving permanently or temporarily? We have permanent visas so I don't want to loose this. If things don't work out in uk, I may decide to come back to Oz (yes I know, a possible ping pong pom in the making!) Any advice would be very welcome. Karen :-)
  10. Just got back from dropping my eldest off at her boyfriends and a report on the radio was discussing where we 'may' be in around 100 - 200 years time. There are reports that robots will do most of our domestic chores, a flight to New York could take as little as 15 minutes, (that would make Australia around 40 minutes, but I bet your luggage still gets lost, :biglaugh::mad:.) You will be able to transport yourself to any where in history, in a 3D type of way, and it will feel as if you are really there, you will be able to programme super dooper cookers that will get your meal ready before you arrive home from work, (if robots haven't already got your job.) The list was truly endless, really was. Whilst I realise that a lot of these inventions 'could' make our lives a lot easier aren't they taking away what it means to be a 'Human Being' you know interaction, meeting other people, adventure, mistakes, in fact many positives and indeed negatives that make us what we are today. I'm not old fashioned, but I fear the world we 'may' inhabit will become a little too 'easy', and take away a lot of what makes us 'people'. I'm now 47, if it continues in this vein you will find me and the better half sitting in our little seaside bungalow in Palm Cove with the batons well and truly nailed down refusing to acknowledge that the world I once new had changed so radically. I may venture out now and again to do a spot of fishing, (if a bloody robot isn't already doing it for me, :mad:) but I will for all intents and purposes 'hide' myself away.:chatterbox::wink:
  11. Hi All, I really need some quick tips and advice....as it is very urgent ! First my 457 visa got refused, I appealed the case in MRT, MRT affirmed to dismiss the case. What options I have got left now ? I know appealing in federal court is not a good option. I want to know few things : 1. How much time I have left in australia after MRT's decision (MRT's decision came on 4th September, 2010). I have'nt recieved anything from any department that I have to leave soon, its when I requested my Tribunal officer, he sent me an email of the decision two days prior to the decision was made....thats all nothing has come from immigrtion ?? 2. What are possibilities to come back, if I have a sponsor ? 3. Being on a bridging visa until now...do I need to get some clearence before leaving australia > Do "they" stop people leaving permanently at the airport ? Or should I just walk away, just like that ? Waiting for some valuable feedback... :em4600: Regards, Vivian
  12. Guest

    Leaving Savings In The UK

    Hi all Having been an avid fan of the site for approx 3 years which has helped greatly with our impending move to Australia, I now need to ask a question!!! As the exchange rate is not too favourable at the moment, we have decided to leave our savings (house equity) in the Uk for now, only problem is, two of the the banks that we are using at the moment (ING and Northern Rock) will not allow us to keep it here as we will not be resident in the UK, does anyone know of any banks/building societies that will allow us to keep it here and live in Australia??? Any advice greatfully received.... Lisa:wink:
  13. we are planning on going back to the uk we have a 121 visa PR but we want to leave our options open to come back to oz do we need to get a return resident visa? juliep
  14. Just opening this up to see what suggestions come forward from those of you who have learnt the hard way or along the way.. i.e. Opening bank accounts, Medicare, Looking for employment, Documents you wish you had taken with you?
  15. markandmichelle

    help with tax and ni after leaving uk

    hi all just hoping some1 out there can help?????? we moved over here in may this year, we both had full time jobs in the uk, have been looking on the HM Revenue & Customs: Home Page site 2 c about getting a refund on the tax and ni we have paid in the uk....but the site (i found:arghh:) not of much help... maybe i was looking in the wrong place.. but was hoping some1 here could help with what i need 2 be looking 4???? we are not looking at going back 2 uk. many thanks 4 u help. michelle
  16. abz123

    What's stopping you leaving?

    Threads pop up quite regularly from people who are unhappy or unsettled in Oz and want to go back to the UK, but for those that have made the decision, what's keeping you here? Is it partners / family / children's schooling / property to sell, something else? Obviously it's not a decision taken lightly but why are you still here?
  17. Guest

    Leaving Today!!??!!

    Hi everyone, I am leaving with my family today to make the big move to australia! we are being picked up at 5:00pm and then we are getting on the long plane journey over there! Should all be fine tho.. Harrison..
  18. mrsindecision

    leaving tomorrow

    Well here we are in the final countdown to leaving for the UK tomorrow. Feel really sad about it to be honest and exhausted - scared about how I am going to feel when I get there and worried about kids settling. I haven't had to pack up yet as my son is staying for five months in our house with our furniture - going to miss him so much. But still lots to do. Thanks to everyone on here for their support while we struggled with our decision. My husband is already back in is job and sounds like he is loving it. Bets wishes to everyone will let you know how we go x
  19. Guest

    Leaving house empty

    Hi All Looks like we wont have sold our house before we leave the uk So will have to leave it empty until it sells. Our estate agent has recomended that we leave the utilities turned on and set the boiler to a frost setting (if it has one, not checked yet). anyone have any advise on this and anything else i should do? thanks Ness
  20. I even fill silly as I type it and selfish as really I should be scared about leaving my friends and family, of course I know I am going to miss them a lot, but thats a given. I love my job and have worked so hard to get where I am, I'm doing really well at work too. Everytime I think about telling them, I feel phsyically sick and don't want to do it. No one has any idea so its going to be a shocker. The worse thing we need to decide on a date which we are leaving, its either end of August beg of Sept or after Christmas, it all depends on my other half's work situation. He has work for the next 2 months but nothing after that (he is self employed plumber), if his work picks up we will wait to Jan, if not we are going to go. There also maybe a job opportunity for me, still doing what I love, but this not guranteed and I won't know until end of June which isn't helping. I am not sure what I am scared about, because there is no way I won't go, and with the job market as it is, anyone can get made redundant and what then? arrgh! feel so much better getting it off my chest. Is anyone in the same situation, or left a job they loved? If they did, did they find another great job or regret leaving? Does your new lifestyle outweigh the negtaives of leaving a good job? Help please! Thanks
  21. Absolutely fuming so need to get this off my chest. We have lived in our rental property for 18 months since arriving in Oz - was brand new when we moved in. Have paid rent regularly, never missed, had excellent 3 monthly inspections. We recently bought our own home, so handed in our notice and gave the keys back on 3 June. The real estate agent, Remax, came out to do the final inspection on 8 June and pointed out a few marks on the walls, either where we had wiped marks away or had touched the paint up slightly to cover a chip here and there. They told us that they required a painter to come and quote for the work - he quoted $1300!!! On top of this, they then tried to tell us that we were behind with one weeks rent - this has since been "found" on their computer system. We told Remax we were not prepared to accept this quote and went and bought the paint ourselves, and spent the good part of 2 days repainting the walls that they had pointed out needed re-painting. The rental manager came and checked the walls, asked us to do a few more walls on top of the ones we had already done. All this while the poor new tenants were moving all their belongings into the property. I called into their office first thing this morning to give them back the keys (again) and the receptionist went into the back office to talk to the rental manager, we confirmed that everything was over and, other than a small amount owing for water useage, the bond paperwork could now be processed. I then received a phone call from the rental manager at 4.50pm to say that the painting we had done was still not acceptable and they would be asking a painter to come in and give a quote to "rectify" the issues. They acknowledge that we have kept the property in an immaculate condition, that the rent has always been paid on time etc etc, but we have to return the house to the condition it was in when we moved in - brand new?!?! I cannot believe that this can be normal practice - does this seem unreasonable to anyone else? Does anyone have any experience of this, either with Remax or any other agent? They have said to us, "if you dont like it, you can go to court"......does anyone have any experience of this procedure - is it worth digging your heels in from principle or do we just give in to their demands?? Please, someone, can you give us some legal or hands-on advice on this????
  22. I can't believe it! Really excited, but did have a moment earlier of "what the hell am I doing?!". Its a weird, I don't think it will sink in until the plane lands. Still need to tell my place of work too, need to get cracking with that! Can't believe its 10 weeks!
  23. Now that "its official news" that we have booked our flights to go to Oz, people are asking when is the party. We are not having one!! Not because we dont have any friends lol but we are not fussy or showy people and would just like to say "see you soon" over dinner etc. I have been to 2 leaving parties (close friends off to Spain) and the emotion of it was terrible but now we see them often on their trips back and have skype parties lol and its easier to say "see you later/chat later". My Mum and Dad were £10 poms so understand but think we are too scared (emotionally) to have one and I think they are probably right. Will we regret not having one? Did you regret it? Mandy
  24. markandtraceyessex

    whos leaving this month?

    so who's getting on that 1 way flight before the end of June? i know about 4 of us from essex are. how are your preparations going? where are you going to? who are you flying with? etc we fly out on 29th, getting gatwick flyer to airport, fly emirates (stopping at dubai) land at sydney 6am (ish) 1st July and drive to rental nr maitland in nsw via pre-booked hire car. good luck to thos going in june and beyond.
  25. mandy1970

    Leaving gifts for friends?

    My 2 girls would like to give their close/best friends a gift when they leave for Oz. They are 7 and 12. Any suggestions?