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Found 252 results

  1. Does anyone know what paperwork would need to be done after leaving oz due to change of circumstances, i did a tax return for the part of the year i was there before i left & have claimed back my super, as my visa is no longer valid is there anything else that needs to done or does anyone else need to be informed such as medicare or the tax office??
  2. We are due to emigrate within the next two months as hubby has hopefully got a job but we cant sell our house and have loans that will therefore not be repaid - where do we stand and what should we do. Plenty of people are just saying lock up the house and just go - let the banks etc sort it after we have gone but i am worried about taking this drastic step. Any advice is welcome.:wacko:
  3. Hi I hope someone can help. We are leaving Aus in the next 2 weeks to go back home. What happens about lodging your tax return before end of financial year, (end of June)? I really dont understand the tax system or anything you have to do so any help would be appreciated. :confused: Thanks Jill xxx
  4. Hi Everyone I'm relatively new to PIO, though have been following threads for a while. Let me introduce myself. I am a GP in a partnership, and have been at my current practice for 6 years. I enjoy my job and get on well with my colleagues... But they are not aware that... I am in the early stages of emigrating with OH and our 3 lovely children. I have a job offer from a practice on the Gold Coast (which I am very excited about!), but am only just applying for registration with the Australian Medical Council (I understand this process can take 3 months or more). I have also not applied for my visa yet (though I will be going on a 457 sponsored visa, and have been informed that this shouldn't take too long). My dilemma is... Our partnership is about to embark on a project which is likely to cost a considerable amount of money. We're talking several £100,000s. I do not want to be part of this project, for obvious reasons, but I feel that it is too early to tell them that I'm emigrating (until I know it's definitely on the cards). We are a very close partnership and I worry that if I confide in one of the partners, they will feel obliged to share the news. I am dreading telling them I'm leaving anyway, but this complication means I may have to do it much sooner than I wanted to. Help!! This is keeping me awake at night!!! :unsure: Thank you in anticipation to anyone who has any ideas...
  5. Hey everyone were due to move december from scotland to castle hill sydney, really looking to meet other families in that area we have two kids , also anyone in castle hill know of gymnastic girlguide and football clubs for our kids, whats everyones views on this area and schools etc ?? i cant wait, my husband will be working away a month on a month off , we have been in the moving precess 2 years, looking forward to getting there jodie stott
  6. leaving aberdeen for castle hill sydney Hey everyone were due to move december from scotland to castle hill sydney, really looking to meet other families in that area we have two kids , also anyone in castle hill know of gymnastic girlguide and football clubs for our kids, whats everyones views on this area and schools etc ?? i cant wait, my husband will be working away a month on a month off , we have been in the moving precess 2 years, looking forward to getting there jodie stott
  7. My 10 YO daughter has recently decided to live with her father so will not be emigrating with me, my husband and two young sons...we are currently looking to hire a migration agent to start the process to move us to Australia but first need to know if my daughter remaining in the uk will hinder us at all or would I need my ex husbands permission to leave the country? any advise would be most appreciated.
  8. Hey guys, What a dilemma. My parents moved to Perth two and a half years ago and they short story is that in this time my dad, a bricklayer, hasn’t managed to find enough work, my 22 brother could not secure employment sponsorship to stay with them and had to come home and my little sister, now 4 suffered an accident which has left her brain damaged (now classed as cerebral palsy) in Nov 2009. My partner and I are just starting the process to get out and join them, and my brother is in talks with a possible sponsor (he is a chef) to get back over there but now, unsurprisingly after all that’s happened my parents (with my little sister and two other little brothers) are thinking of coming home. They just haven’t had a break. Anything that could go wrong has and they have used basically all their savings since moving out! I worry about them all the time and just wish that they had a run of good luck!!!! I am keen to get out there as I do still want to believe in the dream and I think I stand a good chance of getting a job (they are as short of hospital pharmacists over there as they are here from what I can tell) but more than that I just want to be close to my family and for them to be happy. Their last option is to look at trying somewhere else in Oz where they might have more of a chance of finding enough work, maybe Adelaide as that’s where I was looking at given their SMP. However, the feedback on PomsInAdelaide isn’t positive when we have asked about job prospects as the work is dry there. I guess im not asking any questions here, rather just wanting to talk about this massive predicament we are in :sad:
  9. Guest

    leaving 17yr old

    This is my dillema I have 3 childeren 9, 13and 17. I was originally offered a job 4yrs ago when I qualified as a nurse, but my 17yr old who was 13 at time did not want to go (looking back wish I dragged him kicking and screaming). Before xmas he decided he now wanted to move to Oz, after hours of reseach of seeing if it would be a problem him getting an apprenticeship over there (he is a machanical engineer apprentice here) was advised would not be a problemas he already has NVQ2 in same and would have completed his 1st year. He has now anounced he is not coming to the point has asked his gran if he can live with her (which she agreed). I am now in two minds whether to abandon the whole thing as a cannot imagine getting on a plane and leaving him, but on the other hand my other two childeren are really excited and can't wait to embark on a new life. I have tried to explain all the positives that I have read on PIO but he is having none of it. Iam i just being selfish? sorry for lenghthy thread has anyone got any advice or been through the same Lisa
  10. Guest

    Adelaide here we come!

    Well today's the day!!! The past 10 days have been a whirlwind of goodbyes, packing, farewells, lunches, dinners, drinks, nerves, excitement, tears, laughter and fun and tonight we fly out to our new life together in Oz. We've been dreaming of this day for so long now that i still can't quite believe it's here! [raises a glass].... Adelaide here we come!
  11. warren&liz

    Leaving today

    Well just 5 1/2 hours to go until we are on the plane. Everything a bit mad at the moment. Still have to say goodbye to mum and dad. Don't like the thought of that at all. I am sure once we are on our way it will be OK. Will send a report in a few weeks time after we settle in. Hope lots of visas are granted in the meantime. Liz x
  12. Guest

    Leaving Children behind

    I know its a long way off yet before we hopefully make our move to Oz, but my daughter is determined she isnt going with us. Shes 16 this year and wants to stay on in 6th form (which is great) but its for 2 years. If we get approval in the 12-16 months, she would stay here with her dad for almost 2 years, just visiting us in the summer :cry: Shes my only daughter, ive two sons aswell. They are both more than happy to go. My question is this - i know you cant live your life around your kids, but would i really settle in OZ with Chloe back in the UK? If i stayed for her, she could up and leave in a few years time and we,d have missed the opportunity as OH is 45 this year :frown: My OH thinks if we get her to atleast come for a long holiday and secure her visa etc, theres a chance she could decide to stay with us and would atleast have her visa so she had choices. But if she doesnt come and changes her mind later, it would be a long process to get her over. Is that true? Or is there a time line on the visas? :unsure: Has anyone else been in this situation? Id be very keen to hear about your experience. Thanks Mandi :cute:
  13. I was jogging through Coogee last night (well, 'climbing' is probably a more apt word), when I passed a house with a load of quite good condition stuff outside it. I've seen a few houses with things like obviously old sofas, etc outside them, but this had a load of stuff, including a surfboard, two sidetables, a fairly modern hoover, etc. Is someone just throwing this stuff out? Can I just take what I want (the tables would be great)? Or is there some hidden convention... they've left it out for friends, they expect me to knock on their door to ask or say thanks first....? What's the protocol, if any? Thanks! D
  14. Hi there We are currently waiting to hear back from our state sponsorship application to Victoria. We applied 7 weeks ago (29th Dec 10). We are hoping to apply for a permanent skilled visa as my husband is a carpenter with his skills assessment due next week. We wanted to move to Perth, WA, however, due to the points system changing in July and my husband turning 40 in May of this year, the WA SS process would have taken too long and we'd have lost precious points. Our immigration consultant recommended that we apply for SS to Vic as they have a faster thurnaround time and then at least we would gain entry into the country, even if it isn't the state we wanted to live in. The risk we would take is not getting into Oz at all. My questions to you are: If we moved to Vic, do we have to stay there for two years or is this just a moral obligation as I've heard people say? If my husband were to be offered a job in Perth, WA, despite having looked for work in Vic, could we inform the relevant bodies that we were moving states without jeopordising our permanent visa? Could they force us to stay in Vic as this would effectively be making my husband unemployed?! Also, and the most important question, if we did move states early, would this affect the possibility of us sponsoring my parents and sister in the future? For example, would it mean we have a negative record with the immigration dept? We'd really appreciate any help or advice you can give us. Thanks!
  15. PommyPaul

    another leaving thread

    I love this forum but i'm going to have to leave for awhile, have a few personal issue with a member on here and its hard to post and see thier username. been great hearing all your stories over the years and i will be back hopefully soon when my wounds heal. signed Pommypaul... (abit of an idiot)
  16. Guest

    Leaving on a Jet Plane

    Howdy all, Just wondered if anyone had any tips for me! I fly out to start my new life in Oz in 1 week and although I am excited I am more than a little nervous. I have had a gammy tummy for over a week now! How on earth did you deal with it? Has anyone got any tips for fighting off those damn butterflies? Ian.
  17. Hi, I was wondering if any of you know about child benefit on leaving the Uk. We are due to leave beginning of march and i had heard somewhere you may still get child benefit for 8 weeks after leaving the UK. When i rang the child benefit office they said once i had told them we have left i will be assessed to see if we will get the further 8 weeks. Does anyone know how this assessment is made? and has anyone actually received the extra 8 weeks? Thanks Julie:confused:
  18. Proview220

    Leaving the country

    Once you have been granted your visa and travel to oz to live, inbetween the four years it now takes to gain your PR, how many times can you come and go within that four year period and for how long can you leave for if any???? cheers proview
  19. Hi all just wanted to share our news, we leave for Melbourne next Wednesday and the shippers are coming tomorrow. Finally the dream is beginning and the start of a new life for us all. Any last minute tips would be welcome !!!!:jiggy:
  20. I'm an Aussie with a UK partner, and after many years in the UK we're heading back to Australia (home) in August My partner of 7 years was Married and has three children, who are now in their mid-late teens. He's been feeling very guilty lately as things draw nearer to August. He's always done his best for them, but due to distance in the UK and his work rota (NatHealth) he's not always been able to see them as often as he would like over the past three years. I think this has added to it. It's also not always possible for us both to see them as our rota's always seem to clash, in fact we've not even been able to get away ourselves for the past four years. With Sykpe, Ichat, email, etc keeping in touch is easier now days and he uses these in the UK, but, I think he just has a deep sense of guilt. He feels he doesn't want to make promises that they too could join him there at some later stage, in case things don't work out for him. Although I'm more than happy to have them come over as they are great kids. Has anyone had to make these choices and how did things work out? Thanks R
  21. Guest

    leaving the chaf

    I am in process of applying for skilled independant visa frustrated at the complicated process:mad: then a thought dawned on me....... this system, although harsh weeds out the wheat from the chaf in this country we encourage, house and pay for the chaf this is part of the reason the UK has gone to the dogs and Im looking to leave this country and settle my family halfway around the world in a better place.:biggrin: I am now happy however long and complicated it may be soon we will be chaf free and can watch the UK sink from a safe distance:jiggy:
  22. Hi So we need to do the skilled assessment for hubby. It says on engineers australia website that it may take 16 weeks...has anyone had their documents assessed by this body and if so, did it really take that long? Second question, regarding the police report, how exactly does it work? The reason I ask is that in the UAE, where we are currently living, having an outstanding debt - car, credit card etc... is considered illegal if you move away, even if you intend to repay the amount after you have left. We have a couple of debts here which will take 2 years to repay. I feel we'll be in a catch 22 situation as if we want to leave before the debts are repaid, my husband could be imprisoned, despite the fact that we intend to keep on paying them. Also, if I go to the police here to get a police report, the police may see the outstanding debt and decide that we are about to abscond. It's a bit tricky. The fact that my husbands job here is so unsafe (not being paid etc...) means we don't really have a choice but to try and leave as soon as possible. Any advice?
  23. Hi, Please can someone help as I can not find out the info. Hubby has been offered a very lucrative contract for work for 4 months a year in England. This means he will not need to work for the rest of the year and we can really enjoy living in Oz. Is it possible to come back for 4 months a year (all in one go) to complete this on a 176 state sponsored visa? Any advice would be greatly appreciated - thanks
  24. I'm lookg to do the whole working visa thing in SA as i hear its the easiest state to start getting my electrical licences. but what would you do in the first 24-48 hours of arriving? presumably have a hostel booked up for a week already. leave your bag there and go out for a pint? go straight out looking for a job? what hae you done in the first initial few hours of arriving to oz with no-one you know there and all you have is a suitcase (which is going to be my experience) thanks jake
  25. tricia w

    leaving people behind

    Ok, how bad is it when you get on the plane to move? We're just at the starting point again with our Visa as my little girl was bad so everything went on hold. We're going to start again and I really want to move to Australia and so does my Hubby. We've been about 5 or 6 times and the last time we went we took our 14 month old daughter to see what it would be like for her. I came back from Australia pregnant with number 2, so we sold our business and started the with the visa. It s now when we think of doing it again I wander is it really what we want. In my heart I no it is but the only thing that Im worried about is taking the kids away from the granparents. It's not us they'll miss but the kids and its not just that it's the kids will really miss them. Not that they even see them that much. CRAZY. So how hard is it when you get on the plane and whats it like when the kids ask when your going home? I no its going to be better for the kids with alot more to offer for their future, the kids are 2 and 4 but my hubby is 37 and Im 35 so for us its now or never. Just cancelled the holiday for this year so we can go to Australia in January. Cant wait as I no it'll put my mind at rest. Oh Pauls a floor finisher so any advise would be good. Thanks Tricia