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Found 86 results

  1. Hi, Do not fall into the same position as thease unfortunate people. Search on Facebook "People in Dallyellup waiting for a fence":arghh:. It tells the story of people who have purchased blocks of land and then got stung. Cheers Mike
  2. Guest

    Moving back to the mother land

  3. tonyman

    land fill/soil to get rid of

    i have about 4 traillor loads full of soil /land fill.......how can i get rid of it without it costing me anything ......i thought about the old great escape trick , keep filling our pockets up and emptying them on the neighbours lawns .........seriously tho how can i get rid of it ....and there is lots for to be rid of to follow ...........thanks
  4. Kel1

    5 weeks till we land!

    Oh my god, it's 5 weeks till we get to Melbourne! I'm so excited but also nervous eeek! We are staying at the Coffee Backpackers Hostel to start with, has anyone stayed there? Read good and bad reviews so who knows what it will be like! There seems so much to organise now, banks (any good recommendations?), money transfers, references, aaaaggh! And boxing up all our stuff in our current house...too much to do! Freaking out a little bit!!!!! :jiggy:
  5. Petals

    Buying land and houses

    Its cold and wet now in Melbourne and its a good time to look around at land and houses you may be interested in. If you like it in the winter then you will love it in the summer. We have only owned two houses here and we bought our first house in the middle of winter, and we bought our land here in Somerville in the middle of winter. Both times we bought we had had particulary wet winters so we could see the faults with the land. Also in Spring and Summer as houses dry out you cannot see those problems with the neighbour's water running on to the block etc. If anyone is interested in acreage and has a few quid there is four acres going for 450,000 in Tyabb and another couple of acre block for $650 but its right on a ridge and has great views.
  6. Hi Good day I am gonna apply for Queens land sponsorship, Studying QLD required docs I saw this Made contact with the relevant licensing or registration body for your nominated occupation and met requirements to allow you to work in Queensland – www.immi.gov.au/asri I am a civil engineer and have already obtained EA positive skills assessment as a civil engineer, How would I satisfy given condition ?:eek: Regards :wubclub::hug:
  7. Guest

    Buderim - Land

    Beautiful completely level block of land for sale at Buderim as there are no level blocks of land left in the Buderim area. Large 950m2 level land with Rainforest at the rear of the land. Delayed settlement available. Located in very quiet Cul-de-sac. Close to all Schools and shops.
  8. Hi We are looking into the posibility of emigrating on aCPV 173 or 143 (undecided as yet). I am female 57 years old so will be around pension age if/when it happens my husband is 2 years younger than me so has working life in front of him. We have a little money (not as much as we would like after paying for CPV etc etc) and I am not ready for retirement just yet, frankly would be bored to tears :cute: We would love to have a little bit of land for a hobby farm just on a small scale free range chickens and the like, but bottom line is we wouldnt have enough money for land and everything else that goes with it. In the UK a lot of farmers rent what is known as 'church land' and farm for years from them, there are certain exclusions as to what you can do. Does anyone know of anything similar in Australia...... If we were to go to Australia it would be Queensland on the Southern Gold Coast as that is where my daughter and grand daughters are, they live in a suburb about 20 minutes drive from Surfers Paradise but we dont have to be on their doorstep, even a couple of hours drive away would be good. If anyone has any knowledge of leasing land/property I would very much appreciate some info. :smile: Thanks Phoebe
  9. My partner is considering buying a house in Sydney (nearer to the city as he can get) but we can't really find anything suitable on the market for the two of us plus our dog. Having a dog means we need a garden, and there isn't really much out there it seems. We don't really want to pay a million bucks for a house, and don't mind living about an hours commute outside of the city, as he plans to work in the CBD and I plan on going to study at UNSW. His parents will be putting in some money towards to house (for investment purposes) but I was just curious to know if we would be better off getting a home and land package? I've seen prices quoted for as little as $187k for a 4 bed 2 bath house (although we probably wouldn't need a place that big!)...but there is nothing about the extra costs involved (land, and other fees). I'm completely new to this, so I was wondering if anyone could explain how it works? Of course, I am just curious as I don't even know if we can find home and land packages in Sydney! See...I'm completely clueless! Cheers :confused:
  10. We are hoping to buy a piece of land that is due to come up for sale within the next couple of weeks. Went into the land sales office and they have told us in order to get the land we have to take a $1000 deposit and a pre-approval?? How do we go about getting a pre approval, do we just walk into a bank and ask for one? Went into westpac and had a chat to finance guy who then gave us a sheet of paper it says loan entitlement on the top and then $160,000 - is this a pre approval? also does itmean then that we can only purchase a piece of land up to $160,000? we told him we needed $230,000 for land but this is what it says on the sheet and we already know from seeing various other finance advisors that our borrowing capacity for house and land is $390,000 ...so why does it say $160,000 on the sheet?? Very confused, hope someone can help!!
  11. cowgirlfromhell

    buying land and building a home

    Hey We- me and my Aussie boyfriend that is- are thinking about buying a plot of land and building a kit home on it.. Please can any experienced people, real estate agents, or builders, tell us the 'idiots guide' to buying land, the procedures and costs involved etc etc!! Has anyone built a kit home before?? Id be really interested to learn of anyones experiences. Thanks to all in advance.. Kate
  12. Hello, I have a 2003 Land Rover Freelander ES V6 for sale. Its Metallic Green 92KMS Semi Automatic CD Player Air Con Full Service History Great Condition Two Female Owners (Non Smokers) Car is in Ocean Grove Victoria. $14,000 ono (Bargain!!) Email me for pictures and any further questions
  13. Sooooooo.... at the moment i get 0.4% per month on my savings and pay $100-200 a week into it. (i haven't actually got much in there, sub 10k$) But i've been thinking instead i might get a mortgage on a 3 acre plot of land just north of Gympie Qlds, land is $85000 repayment is about $120 per week. Then over time i can clear the land alittle, fence it, build a driveway, build a lockup/workshop and eventually build a house on it as time and money allows. I should beable to do this whilst keeping renting and having the same lifestyle as all i'm doing is putting the money i'd usually save somewhere else. whats peoples views?
  14. Hi all, We emigrated from Lanark, Scotland on the 1st of July 09. To Newcastle NSW. Well it's Cameron Park, 15mins from the centre of Newcastle. We've been here for 2 weeks! So far so good!!! The weather has been really nice. The people have been friendly. The food is amazing!!! I've been home sick twice. But it passed. I know i'll get it more, but that's life. We're staying with my uncle n aunt, plus my cousin n her BF. I was really nervous about the big move and even worse when we got here?? Things are a lot different in Australia. Like the TFN, Medicare, the Banks, Driving Licence, buying a car!!! But thats all done now! So we now exist in Australia!!!!! Yep hee! Been to the Hunter Valley wine tasting, Lake MacQuarie, Nelson Bay, Sydney and Newcastle Beaches. We also got our 1st car. The food is really good here. Some things taste really different, like the cereals. But things are a lot bigger here. Like the cans and bottles of juice. You get good value for youe money. It just shows u how much the UK Gov ripped u off!!!! Petrol is a dollar 20 cent?? Thats nearly 60p?? This theard is really long??? So i'll stop rabbiting on!? Australia has a lot to offer, but u've got to work at it!! It won't come easy! U'll feel like packing it in and going home!! But just remember why u wanted to come in the 1st place?:smile:
  15. Hi, we are moving up to Queensland from adelaide early next year. We initially wanted to move to Helensvale as we like the area. Unfortunately not a lot of houses are coming up in our price range and if they do, they are selling like hot cakes. So, we thought (after first ruling it out) we might live in Pacific Pines. The house and land packages don't look bad, if that is all you have to pay. Has anyone taken on these packages and not had to pay out anymore than it states and did it run smoothly (as best as it can)? We didn't have a chance to look around the display village when we were there because by the time we decided to give Pacific Pines another thought, it was time to come home. Thank you.
  16. Hi, advise please from anybody living currently living in WA. When we land in Perth on the 1st December this will be the start of our new life. We would have cancelled all our contracts with our current phone service providers. Where can we get a cheap sim card as we will have no other way of communication? all advise welcome Kind regards Glynn and Wendy:smile:
  17. tracy123

    Australia the foreign land

    Just a thought. When looking at Australia as a place to live do you think of it as an extension of Britain or a foreign country? When going on a recci you may get a false perception of what Australia is all about, you go to the schools - great they are broadly based on an English education system, you talk to people in the streets - great they speak English, you go looking at jobs (or read the papers to see loads of jobs in your field) great another box ticked, you go looking in the shops WOW they sell weetabix, marmite etc, etc, etc EVERYTHING seems so much like the UK I honestly think this could work (it’s the UK with warmer weather!!!!) WRONG You put in all this hard work, said your emotional good byes sold your house and are now on your way to the promised lands!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS………. You hop off the plane full of mixed emotions hopes and dreams of your new life. Your first stop your rental accommodation….. Right what first? Schools what year do your children go into where are they in the schooling (ahead, Behind etc?) what’s the best school to put my children etc…… You start looking at jobs have you got your tax file number? Have you got the right qualifications, experience required???? Food shopping what brands do I buy???? Why does this box of weetabix taste different is it not English!!!!! Cars where do I get the best deal, WHY OH WHY DID I NOT BRING ALL OF MY FURNITURE????!!!! EVERYTHING is so expensive to buy…… I can’t find the right rental property, why do I keep getting refused????? Banking…… Medicare…. Doctors……. MY HEAD IS JUST SPINNING, I WANT TO GO HOME. :arghh:This is just a small part of what lays waiting for you to get to grips with once landing in Australia. It will take time to sort out all of these things out, to find the best restaurants, cheaper places to buy things etc (remember it’s taken your whole life to get where you are in England) For months even years you may convert things back to pounds remember tastes smells etc this is all normal, Britain has been your home your whole life, things will be strange to you. I understand some will agree and others will disagree with me and that’s fine I just think if you treat Australia as a “foreign” destination full of new challenges cultures tastes etc and give yourself time to familiarize and adjust to your new surroundings things may just work out. You’re starting your life from scratch, make the most of a fresh start jump in with both feet expect the bad days and remember why you have spent all that time and money to get to Australia Most of all good luck no matter what happens All the best Geoffrey
  18. hi, does anyone know of new developments in mandurah or as far up as port kennedy? The first time home buyers grant reduces to $14k after 30th sept and i would like to take advantage of the extra $7k. If i spot a nice new build in an area i like could the deal be done from this end or do i have to be there in oz? Im flying out in febuary you see as we know have our visa. Also i notice there is alot of good deals with the new builds and some are offering guaranteed rental yield, finance and just the whole package seems quite easy. Also some builders are stating you do not need a deposit as they can use the home buyers grant to offset it, not sure how this works though as there is stamp duty too to pay, maybe someone can advise. anyway if you in mandurah, port kennedy, secret habour please let me know any good developments going on, many thanks
  19. When you see house and land packages for sale, what exactly does that mean? Is the price they advertise really the price you pay? I've been looking at some adds, and seems to me that they are very cheap compared to already existing houses - whats the catch? How long does it usually take to completion, once you've decided on one? :eek:
  20. Guest

    Land in featherbrook

    Just wanted to know if anyone had bought land in feather brook in point cook! I have and just wonderd if any one on this site has. laura:smile:
  21. Land for sale in the Gold Coast Hinterland 15 mins to the beaches. 45 mins to Brisbane. Large block with bush outlook. Need to sell urgently $185.000 aud email weston.wright@bigpond.com
  22. Hi. While on holiday here in 2006 and before we moved here to live in 2008 :rolleyes:I read of a Government incentive for the children of aged parents to provide accommodation on their land and receive a financial grant to aid them to do this, has anyone heard of this, what is it called, did it ever happen or was it just a proposal.:mask:
  23. Hi Can anyone recommend a builder? We have just purchased some land (1 acre) and need to build a house at some stage. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience locally of a building company or kit house builder etc? thanks!:smile:
  24. Hi Folks, Just an update on our status since arriving in OZ, we have been here near three weeks now and loving every min of it, We arrived and were greeted by the lovely Kate(Moving to Melbourne), who i must add as other have said on this form gave a first class service in terms of the airport pick up, the lovely house, all the knowledge and tips she has on hand for you Thanks Kate.. Once we had settled we got right to work!!, sorting out our medicare , vic roads licence etc (which is all explained with the info packs in the house), that sorted we set off to look for a house which we also sorted out fairly quickly (now living in a beach front apartment in st kilda). In terms of Jobs Angela has already stared a job (Dental Nurse), i got offered a job but turned it down, but im hopeful to get another job offer next week (near my wife so travel will be easy). We have found the shops great, the life great, pubs great The only thing Angela doesnt like are angry tram drivers, but thats another story (lol) hope all you are here or about to arrive have as much fun as us!!! Dunc & Ang
  25. Hiya ya all! ) I was just wondering if any other pomys newly over here in oz have found it difficult to get a job? I landed in victoria on feb 6th (day before black saturday wow!), had myself almost 2 wonderful weeks full holiday mode (which was fantastic!), ended up blowing most of my visa dosh (oops!) and have been looking ~ now desperately ~ for a job since ~ and have got no-where. i've applied for what must be over a hundred jobs online, but i either don't hear anything back at all or find out my visa is not accepted (im on the 1 year working holiday visa 417). i did get an interview and even got the job (and out of 600 applicants for the position that was pretty groovy going hehe), but then they found out from their head office that my visa wasn't acceptable ~ most of the chain stores say they'll only accept my application if my visa is valid for over a year, but poms can't get that visa unless they do 3 months agricultural work ~ which i really wanted to do, but when i arrived i called around every where in victoria and no-one was hiring fruit pickers because they already had too many people. i did find out that i might get some fruit picking jobs in queensland or western australia, but i actually came over here to be with my aussie partner (we met in edinburgh in august 2007 and have been inseparable ever since) so the idea of leaving him to go a few thousand miles away for work just seemed insane. i've also done the rounds of the local townships with my cv, handing them out to every shop and cafe going, but didn't get anywhere either. i did get a couple of bites, one lot even asked me to come in saturday for a trial run, but when they found out i'd be using public transport they went cold, looked at me like i was a bit of a freak, and quietly shut the door in my face (slight exaggeration but you get the general idea hehe). the same goes for employment agencies... one actually laughed in my face (okay, in my ear as i was talking to her on the phone) when i said i didn't have a car and would be relying on public transport, and she told me she couldn't help me till i had a car. the thing is... i've used the aussie public transport system quite a lot since i've been here and its been fine, so i don't understand why folk are so phobic about it.... can anyone shed any light on this? main problem is... i don't drive (lol.... in the uk no-one can afford to drive hehe!) i'm 28 years old and i have experience doing pretty much everything... from factory work to accounts, and my cv is pretty good so all i can figure is that my visa is the main problem... but then why are poms given this visa if u end up destitute on it because no-one will hire you? is anyone else having this problem or am i just looking in the wrong places.... or, hehehe... just unhirable lol! :oD I am looking into staying here and applying for the spouse visa (and yes.... i've fallen in love with this country... its beautiful and wonderful and the people are fantastic!) but need a job to be able to afford the $2000 to apply for it. its all starting to feel a little hopeless. anyways.... if anyone can help that would be wonderful.... i just hope i haven't bored you with my crazy rambling hehehe! have a great day everyone, love and hugs liz x