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Found 265 results

  1. Guest

    new sol for July?

    Does anyone here know if a new sol will be introduced in July along with the new points system?
  2. I currently waiting to hear about SS in Victoria and hoping to hear back before July. If this comes through, i had initially planned to get straight on and apply for the visa before the new points test comes in - fortunately not becuase i won't have enough points on the new system (weirdly, i'll have more) but more to try to minimise delays. After speaking to some (non PIO) folk, they have got me wondering if this is the best plan given that there could be a rush of application pre-July, DIAC could close applications early (like last year) etc. However on the other side, there could be a rush after 1st July, the review of the SOL could remove my occupation from the list, I will have to do IELTS test (not required under old system), etc. :skeptical: Can't figure out which is best option. I know none of us are mind-readers or able to predict that goes on in the brains of DIAC, however I'm interested to hear others' thoughts.
  3. leethesparks

    What changes are being made in July??

    Hi guys I keep reading about the new point system that is taking place in July and am not sure where to get any info on this. Hopefully we will be able to lodge our 176 visa next week when our SS comes back so do i need to panic if our visa is not back by July? Am i stressing over nothing?? Any help would be great :biggrin:
  4. Guest

    Do the July changes affect 457

    Hi My O/h has been offered a job sponsor & is about to submit his Vetasess. He has spoken to two leading migration experts & has recieved two conflicting answers..... Before we submit the Vetasess & pay £££££, will the July changes affect a employer sponsor? He is going to be 41 this Aug, qualified electrician with 4-5 years work experience, all City & Guilds but re-trained as a mature student, no apprenticeship was undertaken. Any advice would be brill & I thank you in advance :arghh:
  5. Hi Guys, Has anyone got their WA state sponsorship approved before July 2010 but are not nominated under the state migration plan please let me know..DO we come under Prioirty 2 off-list nominations or Priority 4?? I wanted to get more information on our further options.Thanks.
  6. I am preparing the application for my 475 visa . I am little bit worried about DIAC surprising news like suspension of visa during transition period same as the previous year. Can I expect this month for preparation and application of my visa? Will any such things will come out in this month?. I know noone cannot give an answer except DIAC... But I hope the senior members can give an approximate answer by the previous experiences. Thanks in advance tony
  7. I'm soooooo worried about getting my application in before 1st July changes! I'm about to apply for my skills assessment and IELTS then the State sponsorship and hopefully then (if they grant the sponsorship) the Visa! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not getting this done before 1st July! I think I will still meet the points for the changes, but I'm worried about my job being taken off the SOL (primary teacher). And then our dream will be over Trying to stay positive! Anyone have any idea of the liklihood of my job being taken off the sol?
  8. atlime

    AQF111 do they count July??

    Is there any point now? Just started my aQF111 with asa but will it even count come July ? Or would I still need it if I was to get an employer to sponsor me?
  9. Hi everyone! Just wondered if anyone can remember when the DIAC stopped processing new applications for visa's in 2010 when the new rules came in. Could this possibly work the same for the new test in 2011? Same boat as lots of others at mo in race to get everything together and aiming for 30 June 2011 which may be a bit of a waste of time if they close early!! Look forward (as always) to your replies Lugalugs x:wink:
  10. Hi, I was told by many Cat3 applicants that they received a letter from DIAC indicating a CO will be assigned for them in the next 3 months, urging them to get PCC + health checks done (they got this letter around March 18th) - however, I did not get such a letter. Anyone may have an idea why? Do you think I should also get prepared?
  11. Hi all For the changes coming up in July, does anyone know when final details are likely to be announced? Would it be on the day of the change or beforehand? What's happened in the past with this sort of thing? I know the 1st July date is not set in stone either and could be delayed. Thanks for your help, Amy :unsure:
  12. Hi everyone! This is my first post on the forum and already needing lots of help!! Have e mailed some agents asking for help re visas and all came back saying should apply for 176 state sponsored. However the question that I asked them back (which no one has answered or even mentioned) is will there be time for my skills to be assessed by ICAA (I am a chartered accountant) and then papers to be sent to a state for sponsorship and then to apply for my 176 in time for the 1 July deadline. I am only 5 points short of a 175 independent at the moment and 5 points short of a pass for the new points test. Does anyone know if my ICAEW qualifications will count for points as an overseas qualification? if so I may be better waiting until 1 July to apply. Also do you think the chances of accountant being removed from the SOL list are high? Another question (sorry there's so many!) how difficult is it to get an 8 in the ielts test as I have counted on achieving a proficient in english. Hope some of you lovely lovely people will be able to help as I am totally at a loss what to do! Lugalugs x
  13. clairerichie

    New Point System in July 2010

    Does anybody give any sense of the New Points System being introduced in July 2010:- Overseas Employment - will this be applicable to all occupations, i.e. 40/50/60 Offshore Apprenticeshop: Will this be for qualifications such as Diplomas and would you have had to have studied this for a year. They make it so confusing, :jiggy:
  14. My husband has passed his IELTS (8+) and has received verbal confirmation from CPA that he has passed his assessment as an Accountant. Unfortunately the documents hve been in the post for a few weeks. We are planning to apply for SS from Victoria (which I am dredding after reading the forum posts). We can't apply to NSW because my husbnd has no Risk Management, Audit or Taxation experience. I am getting worried that Victoria's response time for SS is 12 weeks (or more!) and the Visa rules are changing in 15 weeks. What would be the impact of applying for the 176 (assuming we get SS) after the 1st July. I think with the new points system we would qualify for a 175 but would be back in the 2-3 year processing times??. Is it likely that visa applications will get suspended around the July time? Is it possible to lodge a 176 without SS? I realise the disadvantage of this is we would have to pay the fee and could lose it if SS was unsuccessful. Thanks for your advice.
  15. Guest

    July changes

    Hi All The questions continue... My hubbie is a geotechnical engineer and needs his qualifications to be assessed by the Australian Engineering board. However, as he has a geological sciences degree (rather than an engineering degree) he has to have his qualifications and experiences assessed in the non standard way. This is about £350, which is fine, but obviously if this could be avoided, great! I am wondering whether this will be necessary when the rule changes come through in July? Hubbie and I both have Batchelors degrees, and I have an MA and a PhD, so the qualifications should be okay. Would it be better to wait until July or would hubbie have to have his qualifications assessed anyway? Thanks all
  16. Guest

    Clarification please

    Looking for some clarity. Present Situation: My husband is about to submit his Skills Assessment Application to the TRA. Question: There is an option for 2 payments, first is $650 for paper based assessment on all occupations and second is $1550 for Technicial Interview. Do we choose both assuming he will get a technicial interview, can't understand why they give you the option of choosing one or all? I believe the timescale for this is 8 weeks. Then we can apply for State Sponsorship and then Full Visa via DIAC. I am currently expecting and baby is due in 11 weeks? Considering the deadline for the visa application is July 1st, do we wait until baby is here before completing the application or apply as we are now (assuming we get the skills assessment & state sponsorship) and add baby at a later date? is this possible? does it incur costs? Thanks Highlanders
  17. Hi Im looking to commence regional work in July in order to secure my 2nd year WHV. Does anyone know of any potential employers or opportunites that may exist at this time. Ideally id like work in WA however I will go anywhere. Thanks
  18. Hello Brand new poster here!! Myself and my OH are just starting the process to get PR in Oz. We are currently awaiting the results from our skills assessment from ICAA, (we are both chartered accountants). Hopefully it'll arrive in the next couple of weeks and then we should be ready to apply. We are looking to settle in either Perth or Sydney, so given that neither NSW or WA are looking for Accountants at the moment, it looks like a 175 visa is our only option. We get 125 points under the points test at the moment, but given that 175 is cat 3 and currently taking 18-24 months to process - should we hold off on applying and wait until the new test comes out in July? (we would get 80 points under the new test). I suppose in a nutshell, my question is this - does anybody think that visas processed under the new points system will get processed quicker than under the current system - or is that just wishful thinking on my part? Thanks:biggrin:
  19. stephenhall444

    1st July 2011 Deadline

    Hello there I am fairly new to the site and I am hoping for some advice. I am a Chartered Management Accountant and lucky enough to be on the SOL. Having done my research and taken the various points tests I can see that at the moment I have enough points for the 175 visa. I have read various articles about the points test changing on 1st July 2011, again I pass the necessary points target. Is there still a SOL list which is a pre-requisit to the points test as there seems little mention of this in the articles on immi.gov.uk? If I did choose to enter my application now how quickly does it take to have my points assessed and to get an answer to move onto the next stage? Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers!
  20. atlime

    July 1st deadline

    Probably a daft question but just want to check I am just about to send payment for skills Cert and hoping I can get that sorted, then skills assesment with TRA and then can send off Visa application. Question is once Visa application is in and assuming I get that done before 1st July, will I have to meet the points system as it is now? or will I still have to meet the new points system once they come in? sorry if this is a daft question but I want to know I meet the points system before starting to spend hard earned cash
  21. Hi all, Most of us will probably have read about the new proposed changes in July. Does anyone know if it is actually 100% going ahead? Are some of us in a panic over nothing? :unsure: thanks, Lucy.
  22. Guest

    Is it Do-able, July changes

    Hi everyone Would like some helpful tips/advice etc please..... Yesterday my o/h spoke to a well respected migration agent, who informed him it may just be do-able to get visa's etc approved to get us into Aus before the July changes. My o/h is 41 this year, a sparky without an apprenticeship behind him (trained as a mature student). We have been advised not to go via the Vetasses route but via Vic Uni (although the agent doesnt have much to go on, as it may appear that this may be new for the Uni? so the agent as yet has no info on where/how the test is taken or the results), as in july he will need to prove he done his training via an apprenticeship etc. I have now realised our passports are years out of date, so we will now need to get these done!!! So does anyone know any of the following: * How soon (should we go via an agency) do they need passport info, as its going to at least 4 weeks till we get them back with the relevent info on them * Anyone got results, or even how/when/where Victoria Uni carries out its test/exams etc * And finially in your opinions is it do-able, as we & the agent feel this may well be our last chance to get to Aus, as July isnt that far away & what with pasports, tests, visa's, medicals etc are we cutting just way too fine, & should save our money? This has been our dream/goal for the last 10 years plus & o/h even trained as a sparky to get us out there????? Many many thanks in advance:arghh:
  23. Yorkiesx5

    Waiting for July?

    Hi everyone, Just wondered if anyone else is waiting until the new points test comes in in July before applying for a 175? At the moment we would only have enough points with state sponsorship but, if I have understood the new information correctly, my husband would get 70 points with the new system. As we both have Degrees and, all things being equal, should get 8 on the IELT, we should wait until July. I wonder if the SOL will also change in July and also whether we ought to do the Skills Assessment and the IELT whilst waiting to save time later. Another point, I am assuming the '20 hours per week' rule will remain regarding work experience as this is the only thing which is preventing me from applying at the moment. Lots of wonderings and queries here I know but it would be good to chat to anyone in a similar position. Many thanks:confused:
  24. Hi there Can someone shed any light on this. We are persuing the 176 state sponsorship visa and the initial stage in the process is to have skills assessed with VETASSESS. We want to get this done well before the July deadline for changes to the visa points system. So having looked at the VETASSESS website and a schedule of assessment dates for the UK, it seems Februrary is the last date on the calender. Anyone know where to go from here? Also couldn't see where the assessment takes place, is there various locations around the country? We're in the highlands of Scotland, so long way to travel if not. Thanks for reading, hope someone has some advice.
  25. Guest

    Moving to Canberra in July

    Hi there myself my partner, daughter (18) and 2 dogs are moving over to Canberra in July from Glasgow/Scotland. I have been reading this forum on off for over 2 years waiting on my visa being granted. Now we have it and the move is in motion we are now panicking on were to live and rent in Canberra. We are reading about how difficult it is to find a rental especially with dogs, can anyone give help and advice. Thanks claire :unsure: