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Found 1,198 results

  1. Hallfamily

    Sponsorship Jobs

    For all those of you that have applied for a Sponsorship job, how long did you have to wait to hear if you got an interview or not?:err:
  2. Leyteris77

    Nab That Job in Australia!

    Has anyone used in the past any of the provided services from the above website? Were you happy with that? I am considering of byuing the DIY Australian Job Search Package Level, which contains two e-books and some other docs just for helping me prepare a good resume and cover letters. Best regards
  3. Paula and Jay

    5 weeks today!!

    Flights booked, accommodation booked, job secured! Cant believe after all this time were moving to Sydney ! Just wanted to say thanks for everyone who has helped giving us info along the way! It's took us almost 18 months to get over to oz and finally it's becoming a reality! If anyone needs any info about our process let us know! Thanks again Jay
  4. Guest

    Job Advice

    Hi guys, can i get a job in australia before i come over on my whv (im in the uk)
  5. mw291073

    TFN (Tax File Number) expiry?

    Hi All, I am from the UK, but with NZ citizenship. I want to go to Sydney to work within the next few months. Ideally I would like to get a job lined up before I leave the UK. To help my chances I thought it would be a good idea to have my Tax File Number validated and ready. I last worked in Australia 11 years ago, and still have my Tax File Number printed on a letter from the Australian Taxation Office. Is there an easy way to check that my number is still valid? Thanks in advance
  6. In September 2011, there were almost 6.0 million people, or a third (33%) of all Australians aged 15 years and over not in the labour force. Over half (52%) of people not in the labour force were aged 60 years or over. Nearly two-thirds (60%) were women. Of the 900,000 people who were not in the labour force, who wanted work and were available to start within 4 weeks, there were 90,700 discouraged job seekers (52,300 men and 59,500 women). These are people who wanted to work and were also available to start work in the next four weeks, but were not actively looking for a job because they believed they would not find one. The number of discouraged job seekers decreased again in 2011, down from 102,000 in 2010 after a peak of 111,800 workers in 2009. Discouraged job seekers reported that their main reason for giving up looking for work was that they were 'Considered too old by employers' (36%). This was followed by 'Lacked necessary skills, training or experience' (16%). Over half of discouraged job seekers (56%) were aged over 55 years; while a further 13% were aged under 24 years. There were 247,600 women not in the labour force because they were caring for children who wanted to work but were not actively looking for work. They cited preferring to look after children and cost of child care as the main reasons for not looking for work. The proportion of 25–34 year olds not in the labour force who are attending an educational institution has been rising steadily. In 2011, 19% (99,900) of 25–35 year olds reported 'Attending an educational institution' as their main activity when not in the labour force. This was up from 17% in 2009 and 14% in 2007.
  7. Hey Guys Im in Perth, 25 English (of course) WHV 457 till 29th Nov 2012 Carpenters and Electricians TA for 6 Years Done several courses such as; Dogging Ticket Fork Lift Ticket High Risk Licence Australian C Class Driving License Senior First Aid Confined Spaces Working at Heights Manual Handling Hazadous Substances Electrical Switchboard Awareness Rio Tinto Inducted I have contacted a few companys, but not much joy as of yet.. Any Kind people want to put me in the right direction of where the serious $$$ is ???!! As i want to go home with some money :wink: All Help Appreciated Dave
  8. We are lookiing to move this year to Melbourne with a 175. Can anyone giving me any tips about looking for a good secondary school. I currently work in a girls independent school.
  9. I got SA State Sponsored 176 visa this year and arrived at Adelaide 2 months ago. However, I can not find a job related to my profession in Adelaide. But I got a job offer from another stage which is related to my profession closely. Can I move to another state before he 2 yrs is up? Do anybody have any idea whether there is any chance of removal of 2yrs work and live condition on 176 visa, if yes what's the process? What can I do? Or must get the endorse (like green signal) from Immigration SA? Dos any negative affection on my citizenship application? And what the role does the state pay during citizenship application? Any successful case before? Hopeing for experienced answers.
  10. Any input is appreciated..thank you..:biggrin: Northern Territory at top end for job vacancies http://cfd.net.au/home/article/northern-territory-at-top-end-for-job-vacancies-20110331-81858.html
  11. Hi, My boyfriend (Tom) and I arrived in Australia about a month ago and spent the majority of our time in Brisbane, looking for work. We weren't really prepared for how difficult it would be to find a job We have both just graduated from uni, Tom has mostly admin experience and I have mostly worked in retail (worked onboard various ships, in retail, first class, housekeeping etc). We've must have applied for hundreds of jobs by now, on seek, gumtree and handling out resumes. I had 3 jobs interviews for shops but they were all 10-20 hours a week which I can't really afford to take. We don't necessarily want to be able to save a lot of money, we'd just like to be able to cover our living costs so that we don't have to eat into our savings. Tom is also hoping to do some volunteering at some point (he has a Zoology degree and wants to get hands on experience, so that he can hopefully find paid work eventually) but even that seems impossible to find!! Does anyone have any advice on how to find work? Or where there seems to be more work? We are willing to do (almost) anything and go anywhere to find work. We've seen lots of ads on gumtree for outback hotel work which is appealing but it's hard to know how legit these ads are. We also want to do some farm work but have heard so many horror stories that it puts us off. We're finding the situation a bit miserable really, we have spent so much money in the last month, money which we could have spent travelling. But of course, you have to give job hunting a bit of time and we can't just expect to find something straight away. It's hard to know how long to give it though and if, financially, it's worth the wait. Hoping someone has some tips for us! Thanks, Sophie
  12. Hi all :wubclub: I was just looking to hear about peoples experiences nursing in an Australia and how it compares with nursing in the UK. At the moment i work in a hospital environment in Scotland and feel that its becoming more and more stressful due to cutbacks, increasing workloads etc. My job satisfaction is pretty much non existent which is sad really as nursing can be so enjoyable and rewarding under better conditions. Im hoping theres light at the end of the tunnel, please dont burst my bubble :laugh: x
  13. hi my brother is planning on joining me over in perth but hard to find work here at the mo in his job butchery???any help or advice ive searched and searched and no were!!
  14. I am 25, and I am an experienced and qualified teacher / nanny / administrator / waitress & barmaid with NSW RSA and all round friendly, confident, hard-working individual seeking a full time position. I am very flexible in what job I do. My working holiday visa ends on the 28th November 2012. Abi Wlson
  15. I have a business partner Pom, his business on the Gold Coast ( established 4 years) is looking for an individule whom is in Oz or just arriving with the correct working visa. The job involves plumbing in the field, driving small vans, delivering and setting up event equipment from toilets to portable buildings, Its a small business looking for a hands on person. Plenty of outside work in the sunshine. If you may be interested and think this may be a position that is good for both parties drop me a line and i will forward your details on. Hope this is of interest to someone Richard
  16. Tasmania bucks the trend and has seen a drop in unemployment, with the exception of Western Australia it currently has the lowest unemployment rate in Australia. http://www.themercury.com.au/article/2011/11/11/275861_tasmania-news.html
  17. TheClarkeFamily

    Very Confused Nurse here!!!

    I seem to be reading mixed information and am hoping someone can clear up a few queries I have :wink: 1. I have recently been told that currently to get my UK pin changed in Australia, this is taking 6 months??? Is this true? Can we not apply once we have our visa approved or do we have to wait until our feet are literally on Aussie soil? 2. My husband is the main applicant so he is sitting the IELTS soon. A few nurses have said I will also need to sit mine before I am allowed to work as a nurse in Australia? Our migration consultant has not mentioned this before so am unsure. 3. My qualification is a diploma rather than a degree, I have heard rumours that I would have to change this to a degree in Australia yet our migration consultant says diploma is accepted??? Basically I am an RGN, qualified since Feb 2007 (took a year off in 2009 for maternity) experience in both hospitals and nursing homes. As I say my husband is main applicant, working in IT. We started our visa application for SS skilled 176 in October last year and are ticking along nicely so far. I just need to get my head around everything and be prepared, if the above is correct, to wait a while to get my pin sorted when we move etc. We are heading for Perth. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers :notworthy:
  18. Guest

    Job Search

    Hi guys, My OH is a graphic designer and is finishing up his portfolio to job hunt this week. We are looking for employer sponsorship as it seems to be our best option. Looking at other posts people have said to put in our covering letter that we are looking for sponsorship and others have said not to. So I think we'll put it on there first and if we dont hear anything for a while then take it off haha. Anyways, the main reason why I've created this is to find out where is the best place to apply for jobs? We wanted to apply on Seek because there's soooooooooo many jobs on there but I've seen a few people from other posts recommend avoiding it because of the agencies. Is it worth still applying on there anyway? Or maybe using it to find companies that are looking and go directly to them? All/any advice would be hugely appreciated. Thanks guys :cute:
  19. Guest

    job search

    got any leads for site management roles in brisbane ?
  20. Guest

    Job Search

    Hi, my family and me are applying to move to Sydney, sent the paper work off three months ago, does anyone know any good web sites that advertise job vancancies?
  21. I am new in sydney and i have 6+ years of software development experience with: 1 year and 8 months in mobile application development ( Nokia QT, Android, BREW Motorola, training on Iphone) 5 years in C, C++ and java on linux and windows. Is there anybody who can assist me finding job. I tried using seek.com.au and I am receiving the calls from consultants and recruiting agencies. I am not getting what they exactly look for, and refuses on the call. I am not even getting a chance to have an interview with company. So, I need a help, is there a central body/organization where all australian software or technical companies are registered so that i can directly approach companies. Any other websites. How to find good s/w houses and companies in Sydney. Thanks
  22. Hi guys I recently lost my job as an admin (Company went bankcurrpt) I've been looking for a new job but no one seems to be interested in me. I have a lot of experience in admin and customer service I have worked with big company back home but it seems soo hard to find anything I'm currently on a WHV but I put my application for my partner visa in about 4 weeks ago Can anyone give me advise or help thanks in adv
  23. Hi Everyone, So with the visa finally approved we are flying into Sydney next week!! But reading these posts I'm now getting worried about whether we are going to be accepted for a 12 month lease by any agents. We have a couple weeks short term accommodation arranged to tie us through over Xmas until the New Year but basically I'm worried the sticking point will be that we don't yet have jobs or any job offers confirmed. We have the money that we could pay a couple of months rent up front in advance but does anyone have any experience with a similar situation? Is there any point trying to get a 12 month lease through an agent until we both have found jobs or should we just invest our time in a holiday rental that hopefully won't suck up ALL our savings? Thanks!
  24. AaronS

    More on the job front

    Loving the audio engineering/event production job I landed. I'm working at Palm Beach tomorrow all day right on the beach. Can't complain about getting to be on the beach and listen to music all day....and get paid for it! I put in a CV to Qantas for a position and heard back that they were very interested in me but thought the position I applied for was a bit beneath what I could do for them. Told me they would hold my CV until something opened that would be appropriate. Things are looking good here! Loving everything about being in Australia!