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  1. Mattwright31

    Moving Jobless

    My partner and I are moving out to Sydney in March. We are looking to go out for a couple of years as a career extension/adventure. Currently we do not have any work sorted for when we get there. Our intention is to go over on a Working Holiday Visa and find a company who is willing to sponsor. does anyone have any experience of doing the same? we're also looking at jobs prior to leaving but I feel like a pointless exercise as nobody is willing to hire (and sponsor) over the phone/Skype. Our industries are Technology and Marketing. Any guidance is much appreciated!
  2. Hello guys! I am new to the forum and just wanted some advice! I am planning on moving to Australia for a year once I have finished my final year at Uni here in the UK. I am studying a Hispanic Studies Degree (BA Hons) and me and my Spanish partner are interested in coming over in Sep/Oct 2015 on the working holiday visa. I just need some more info on how things work. Are there many translating jobs in Sydney? Is it relatively easy to set up jobs/interviews before-hand? Would looking for a job be my priority rather than looking for an apartment, as I would love to be able to work in Sydney but live around 20/30 mins away so things aren't too expensive. Advice would be much appreciated as we are now beginning to research into everything! Thank you!! :smile:
  3. paullym

    UK job situation? How bad is it?

    Hi all, Firstly, thanks for all the other threads in this forum. It has really helped us out knowing that we are not the only ones with this feeling of being constantly in 'limbo' and feeling like we don't belong here. I came out in Brisbane in 2000 and have been based here ever since. Here I met OH (also an expat, but German in origin) in 2004 and we have lived here since then (bar a year when we travelled around the world). We have just recently had a babe and feeling we should return home has become much stronger, as well as OH's mother not being too well at the moment. We want our respective families to enjoy being with our daughter. As such we have made the decision to return before the end of the year. However my family is giving us equal encouragement to come but negative views about the UK job climate. We appreciate what Australia has and the lifestyle on offer. As such its a difficult decision to make, and its been compounded by the fact that with a secure job here in Brisbane we could be giving up a lot for an uncertain future in the UK. So we would value any advice that you may have. I suppose our main question to help us move forward and follow through on our decision (or delay it!) is how the UK job market is looking and how it may be looking 6 months down the line... It would be good to get some information from people in the UK or those who have just returned, as an internet search about it is not bringing up much. I am working in IT and my OH is a commercial accountant working with SAP looking for work part time. We are predominantly looking at London, which is where all the work seems to be, but would move anywhere south of Manchester. Thanks again for any help... Good luck in your choices. Paul
  4. Just interested does anyone know if when applying for a visa do they actually check with present and former employers? Do they contact them etc?
  5. Various positions with our IT Services company in Darwin (near Kakadu), for the right person we are also offering Visa Sponsorship. - Helpdesk / Incident support officer - IT Engineer Server/Desktop Support - Marketing / Sales - Office Admin / Sales Admin - Workshop IT Technician The positions could be contract/short term, however also do offer sponsorship in for the right person. Please a/ Email me your resume & let me know your availability or interest in a position b/ Even if you don't want work now, but may come to Darwin in the future, re-email me your resume before you arrive (as I may have work at the time) Have a look at http://www.theterritory.com.au and our website http://www.ategra.com.au/contact-us/news-blog/434-ategra-now-hiring For more information and I look forward to hearing from you. If you would simply like to linkup on LinkedIn, also send me an invitation or see my profile at http://au.linkedin.com/in/territorian Its a good way to keep in touch and also if you link up your profile will be visible to thousands of employer contract I have all over Australia. Michael Michael@ategra.com.au
  6. Hi everyone, Quintessentially Clean is a professional home services & cleaning company operating in theEastern Suburbs. Due to ongoing growth in our business, we are now lookingfor committed & friendly indiviuals to join our team on a part-time basis. We pride ourselves in a premium service & are seeking switched on housekeepers who can help us maintain our high standards. Working closely with the company owner, the role will involve providinghome services & cleaning to residential customers. Transport, equipment & training isprovided. This role offers the chance to work in a relaxed environment where you’ll build strongrelationships with your customers & have flexibility over your working days. Wages are on a weekly basis at a rate of $22.52 an hour + Super. If this sounds like the job for you, apply now by sending your resume to paul@q-clean.com.au www.quintessentiallyclean.com.au
  7. Dear All, We got 190 visas to Victoria on the 1st of Aug'14 :laugh::laugh:!!!! We are planning to settle down in Melbourne .We have some queries which if answered would be a great help to us!!! 1-Which is the good and peaceful suburb in Victoria? We are both IT professions(Computer engineers) and need to look for jobs, so need it to be affordable too. 2. What are the immediate things to be done once landed? 3,We are planning to come down in mid on Jan 2015, would it be the right time to land in a job,keeping the Christmas vacations in mind. 4. What are the different means of finding the right job. Any help /guidance would be greatly valued!!! Thanks Kavitha
  8. GMacp

    489 visa application

    I've passed IELTS and got the Skill Select for Software Engineer. For me to gain Regional State sponsorship from Victoria, I need to have a job offer. Now Victoria take 12 weeks to process requests, and then DIBP take 2-4 months. I just can't see any employer willing to wait 5-6 months for me to take up a post. I am applying for jobs via Seek, but no joy as of yet. I think this long dely may be putting potential employers off. Anyone else went down this route and found a way through it?? Thanks Gale.
  9. ashleyjack

    Visa vs Job Hunting

    Hi, Myself and my partner have started heavy research into moving to Oz, ideally Perth. We have been in contact with an agent to get advice on our visa prospects/best route etc. What we are having trouble with is the decision to lodge a visa application first and wait the approx 2yrs for the outcome or to just bite the bullet and come over on a holiday/working visa to do the leg work and job hunt to go down the sponsor route. Really just looking for advice on the best way to get out feet in the door! Help!!! Thank you.
  10. andyglendenning

    Visa eligibility confusion- teaching

    Hi everyone, I was hoping that with the wealth of experience and knowledge of all the members on this forum, I might be able to clear up some of my confusion. My partner and I attended the Down Under Live expo in Glasgow recently in the hopes that it would answer all of our questions. Although it did provide us with a lot of information, it through up a lot more questions which I couldn't get answered. A little about me; I am 34 and currently studying on a PGCE course in secondary education in Design Technology and will qualify in June. Previous to this I studied a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course at uni for a year in D&T due to my 3 year Bachelors degree being in History, so needed to gain the relevant experience in D&T before teaching it. I spent nearly 2 years in Oz on a WHV back in 2006. Some of the questions that I hoped to have answers for are; 1) if granted a PR visa (such as 190 or 489), can I work in any other type of employment whilst looking for teaching positions (due to the lack of teaching positions from what I hear). If so are there any time restrictions? 2) Who decides if the type of PGCE that I am studying is accepted? Also, will there be any issues of my degree being in a different subject to my PGCE? (by the end of the course I will have spent 5 years at uni) 3) Am I required to do the academic IELTS due to going into teaching? If so anyone have any experience with them? Obviously I hope to get 8's across the board for the extra points! 4) Is it possible to register with multiply teaching agencies in more than one state at a time (to have the option to teach in any state where I can find work) 5) Finally (for now!), what is the situation with NQT and teaching in OZ? is it required? Do I need teaching experience in the UK before I can submit the EOI? sorry for the long message and thanks in advance! Andy
  11. Haze9229

    Legal career advice

    Hi, my partner is being sponsored on a 457 visa and we are heading to Sydney in September. I am a Law graduate and have been working as a Legal Assistant for the past year in the UK. I am yet to find a job and was looking for any advice in the legal sector. Based on my situation do you think it would be difficult to secure a similar role in Sydney? And where do I start when I get there? I have contacted an employment agency which is active in both the UK and Oz to get started but any other advice would be much appreciated! Thanks Hazel
  12. Hello all, I'm after any advice, whether it's good or bad, anything! I'm a qualified Crime Scene Investigator, having worked 4 years for South Wales Police before resigning to travel the world. Almost a year after returning home, having dead end, minimum wage jobs, I've decided to up sticks and move to Australia! However, I'm having trouble finding any information relating to my profession. Either I have to be a Police Officer, or there's just nothing written about being a civilian. I don't really know where to go from here, and can't help feeling a bit lost! If anyone can help out, or knows someone in a similar situation, or can point me in the right direction that'd be fantastic Thanks, Beth
  13. Hi, Hello..... First post here... :biggrin: Just looking for some advice really. I'm over here working as an IT Developer on the company sponsored VISA after being transferred from the UK. My girlfriend is qualified as a primary school teacher in Scotland, and chose to come with me to Australia rather than do her probation year there. She's registered to work in Victoria, but, despite lots of applications, has never been offered an interview for the graduate positions. We were under the impression that teachers were in high demand in Australia, but we've had feedback that she's up against 30-60 applicants for each role :frown: Queries: I wondered if there were any other expats out there doing teaching jobs... Whether they've had similar problems getting a job... Whether anyone has any ideas how she could make herself more attractive to potential employers... (e.g. tutoring, volunteering as a teaching assistant, doing a local course???) We're at our wits end really - She's been registered for a couple of months, and submitted 20-30 applications all over Melbourne with no luck. Any ideas ? 457ScottishExpat
  14. Facebook

    How to get a job?

    I moved to perth almost 2 months back, I'm a mechanical engineer with over 5 years experience and have managed to have just one interview so far. Most of my job applications are through seek.com, what I have found most of the adds are by recruiters not by the companies; And these recruiters are mostly normal people with no experience in whatever field you are in. Recently I was talking to a friend and he suggested I go directly to the companies and talk to the HR department, I like the idea but it seems a lot of work: first I'll have to find where their HR department located, second if they are even interested in interviewing/need people, third just traveling around, I don't have a car. I would really like to hear from engineers who have managed to get job after arriving in perth and how they used to apply for jobs.
  15. Apologies if I have provided too much info in this thread. I have split it into sections for those who want to skip to my queries. Thanks in advance for any advice you can provid First a bit of background info: I am a British citizen (35 years old). 3 years ago an Australian girl came for a 1 year trip to the UK. During that time, we met and continued dating for the rest of her trip. When she returned to Australia, we maintained a long distance relationship. In that time she has come to the UK twice and I have been to Sydney once. She has met most of my family and I have met most of hers. VISAs I employed the services of a MARA agent, who after reviewing my details, stated that I had an excellent chance of being granted a "Skilled Visa (subclass 189)" (for ICT Business Analyst). The issue with this approach is that it will take between 8 and 16 months to get the visa - we are hoping to get married during Easter 2015. I enquired if the "Proposed Marriage Visa" would be a quicker way to proceed - which he agrees it would be. 1st QUERY From what I have read, it is rare for genuine couples to have their PMV turned down, but the process can take between 3 weeks and 3 months. As it is a requirement for us to get married within 9 months of the visa being granted, when should I submit the application? (As I dont want it to start before August, in order for us to get married in April 2015). 2nd QUERY I am hoping to land a job in Sydney before I move. Should I state within my covering letter that I have applied for PMV (I expect it would help as they wouldnt need to sponsor me). Also, should I state my reasons for moving to Australia (I know that personal details are usually excluded from covering letters, but this would give them an indication of how long I intend to stay in Australia).
  16. Hi All. Till recently my husband and I had an extremely comfortable and well settled life in Pakistan and had no intention of moving anywhere. I work for a multinational Beverage company as an Advertising Manager and my husband owns a farm. Last year we had our baby and it made us rethink our life here. Our friends' children were being sent back home from school owing to 'security threats' and we decided that we didn't want to bring our baby up in such an environment. After a lot of due diligence and reading we thought of the Australian Skilled Immigration program. I have recently started my application process and my credentials are currently with VETASSESS for verification. Given my skill set, I had to apply for the Regional Sponsored Skilled Immigration (190) and the only state requiring my profession (advertising specialist) was Canberra. Honestly, having read up on Canberra, it's very exciting as given the basic premise of our move is to give our baby a secure environment to grow up in and a good education, Canberra seems just the right place. We look forward to building a good life for our small family there. The only problem is that Advertising Specialist nominations for immigration are limited in Canberra and I have to lodge an application with MIS before requesting a regional sponsorship. In my application, among other things, I have to send proof that there are opportunities available for Advertising Specialists. Now unlike New York, where I have lived before, I cannot come across any good Marketing/ Advertising recruitment portals. All opportunities seem to be in states other than Canberra. If anyone can guide me, I will be very thankful. Just need to know if there are any portals or newspaper classified links which may point me towards Communications, Advertising or Marketing jobs failing which I fear my application will not be strong enough. I've tried the popular ones, Seek, Michael Page, Hays and a few others but it seems as if Canberra (or ACT) has no such opportunities. Looking forward for some positive support Thank you Allie
  17. Hi there. I am a newbie here. I found this forum to be very helpful. Reading through this tread... http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/78714-176-visa-obligations-unemployment.html I was able to understand that not being able to fulfill the obligation to live in the sponsoring state for 2 years does not have any legal implications. Here is my dilemma... My family and I have been an Australian PR since Nov 2009. However, I have been working in the Middle East and have not relocated to Australia yet. My visa category is Visa 176 with South Australia State Sponsorship. I thought that it'll be a better idea to secure a job offer prior our arrival. But when we learned that my wife is pregnant for our 2nd child, we had to plan much faster because we want to be there months before she gives birth. After months of searching for a job, finally, I was able to get 2 job offers. One is in Adelaide and one is in Melbourne. The job offer in Adelaide I would say is attractive and acceptable. On the other hand, the offer in Melbourne offers a better salary package that also comes with a relocation package. The company in Melbourne is also a global organization so this is something that is difficult to say NO to. I am now considering choosing the job offer in Melbourne over Adelaide. Aside from the better job offer, we've got friends in Melbourne who has offered their assistance to look after my first child by the time my wife gives birth. Their assistance would be very helpful because we've got no relatives in Australia. Here are my questions. 1. I know that I am not legally required to live in Adelaide. My migration agent said that I still have a choice and since I don't intend to live there anyway, I might as well not contact the South Australia government. What can you say about this approach? What implication will this approach make in the near future? 2. Will I encounter any issues with Victoria when we apply for Centrelink, Medicare etc..? 3. Will this be an issue if we apply for citizenship? 4. Will this be an issue if we apply for visas for our relatives if they would have to come visit us for short period of time? I am also considering consulting another migration agent regarding this matter but I thought that maybe some of you guys here can provide some answers too. TIA
  18. There was a post yesterday on one of the threads here saying the job market is terrible for new migrants. PR visa or not, 9 out of 10 migrants struggle to find anything. We should prepare ourselves to be unemployed for 6 months+. I was wondering what other people's experiences were? One would think it would depend on your profession / experience / skillset surely?! We are moving to Adelaide shortly, I am an accountant, my other half is in IT service management (ITIL) so both white collar. Both professions are on the critical skills list so one would hope that would mean there are jobs out there?! Or am I being too naive! We have considerable savings we are bringing over to buy a house with but obviously would like to find employment asap so as not to eat into the capital too much!! If anyone could share their general experiences of the job market (and accounting & IT specifically) I would really appreciate it!
  19. shellsparkles

    Seeking Security Technician

    **Please not I am posting this for a friend - DO NOT PM ME** We are looking for someone with experience in electronic security for a position in Sydney. Ideally you will have inner range, concept and integrity certification/training. Additionally experience in IP CCTV systems. We may be able to offer sponsorship after a trial period. Please note, you must currently be in Australia to apply for this position. Please forward your CV to jasonf@jlmintegrated.com.au
  20. My name is Chelsea, I am living in Melbourne (mulgrave) and I am looking for full time work! I am a fully qualified Beautician with NVQ Level 2 and a NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy plus many other qualifications. I have previously worked for Laura Ashley in the UK and have gained a lot of experience working in sales from there. They are very strict on customer service so i believe i am strong in that field. Any help with current vacancies suitable for me would be greatly appreciated or if you are an employer please get in touch!!! I am here on a Working Holiday Visa so can only stay with an employer for 6 months, but might apply for Partner Visa eventually as my boyfriend has permanent residency and can apply for citizenship later this year (if that helps!!) TIA!
  21. Hi everyone i applied to my ACS assessmet last week ad i thik i made a mistake. In my compay reference i got my job title as software programmer but if i look at my company staff iformatio its coming as software consultant. will it be a problem ?
  22. Hi All, Me and my girlfriend are looking to do our farm work/ Fruit picking and was hoping someone would have some details of people we could get in contact with to get in touch with to start our 3 months work for our 2nd year visas. We are both 22 and from England, we would prefer paid work within the Western Australia, New South Wales or Queensland regions but are willing to travel anywhere to do it. Thanks for any help anyone can give us. Tom
  23. Want to Move to Australia? For the beaches, the weather, the lifestyle and the better opportunities it may bring? Are you looking for 457 Visa sponsorship with the view to becoming a permanent resident? Eligible for a Working Holiday Visa? Maybe come on a Working Holiday Visa and then transfer to a 457 once you have had the opportunity to experience the lifestyle. Southern Cross Personnel have been helping people just like you in recognising their dream to move to Australia for over 7 years. We currently have excellent opportunities here for Panel Beaters and Spray Painters! As the preferred supplier to the Motor Trade Association, we have the contacts to secure you a position with some of the best Crash Repair shops in Australia. Expect highly competitive salaries, great team environments, and excellent career development. As summer is just arriving here in Oz and with opportunities to arrive immediately or after Christmas there is no better time to apply. Please send your resume – detailing your experiences and qualifications to mattreilly@southerncrosspersonnel.cm At Southern Cross Personnel we specialise in overseas recruitment with a team made up of ex-pats and locals we have the expertise and knowledge to make your transition into the sun as smooth as possible.
  24. I have moved to Northlakes with my parents from Scotland a year ago and have struggled to find work. I have applied for several jobs and have had several job interviews but never seem to get anywhere. I am looking for that one chance to start a career within Australia. I Have Completed 6 years of Secondary School and determined to find work.
  25. Can someone please enlighten me with current job market situation for mechanical engineers in WA? The only job site that i find useful is seek.com. Most job sites have similar recruiters posting the same vacancy and there are very few companies posting vacancies, making me feel there are very few vacancies i.e. my opinion. I'll be flying to perth in september and it is frightening, so far i have applied for 20+ position and haven't received single call. Ideally i would prefer to have job before i land but looking at the current trend it looks, it will be tough to even secure interviews even when i'm there.