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Found 92 results

  1. Does anyone know if you can claim back the VAT on recently bought items when you permanently leave the UK? And do you get charged GST when you arrive in Oz for items you've owned for less than 12 months. I'm just thinking about buying a laptop and camera before departing the UK. I'll need to check out validity of warranties though.
  2. can anyone tell me how much i am likely to be charged to get my items through customs. also is it worth bringing a car with you if so how much would that cost me ( my car is worth about 5500 ) if that is any help......with thanks stuart..............be there in december:jiggy:
  3. Hi, Please can anyone recommend a company that would ship around 5 or 6 small boxes of non-essential items such as clothes, household items, paperwork, etc? Value for money and of course quality of service will be a big help. Has anyone had experience of this, and if so how did it go - how long did it take, how much did you ship, how much did it cost? Thanks in advance, the jp's
  4. woodpud

    Storage of House Items

    Hi, so many questions on our mind! Does anyone know if you need time to get jobs,mortgage etc if it is cheaper to store your goods in Uk then ship when you are ready or ship and store in Perth till your ready? Thanks Nic,Jase,Emma & Owen
  5. janmal

    shipping items

    hi we are newbees, we are a family of four in the early stages of emigration we hope to go with the wife who is a primary school teacher with 10 years experience,we have friends on the gold coast who have been there 20 years we are staying with them until we land jobs and find our feet , looking for advice on shipping we are prepared to leave furniture, beds, wardrobes and bulky items in the uk and get the items from oz and sending most little items from the uk by air freight, thinking this would be cheaper than spending £3000\£4000 on a 20ft container has anybody done this, also any advice would be appreciated cheers mal
  6. Hy Just looking around the house debating what we would and wouldn't take and i am keeping a log of what i think i won't be trudging over 12000 miles, but what will i do with it ? Obviously theres Ebay, Freecycle, & Charity shops. My questions are, What arn't you taking ? Why ? Where you going to offload it ?
  7. Guest

    Taking electric items

    Hi there, just want some info on electrical items. I know you can use adapters but are there any items that are really worth taking? would like to know what items to sell prior to going and what to take with us or is it cheaper to buy the lot when you are there. i won't be taking the smaller items but was thinking more of tv, dvd etc.
  8. Can anyone put my mind at rest? :twitcy: It probably sounds a bit odd, but just lately I keep worrying how to get all our sentimental stuff over to Australia safely and in one piece when the time comes? We are only at the beginning of our 'journey' - just getting everything together for hubbys ACS assessment, so maybe it's a bit premature to be worrying. Nevertheless I am imagining us with hand luggage solely full of things we just wouldn't want to lose and couldn't ever replace (i.e our daughters 1st shoes/footprint-handprint impression etc) and wondering if I could get away with just taking 1 other change of clothes - then buying some new ones when we get there - just so we can pack our plane luggage with those precious things!! Or, for example, I have told my mum she will have to bring some things over when she visits!! Obviously photos can be on a hard drive AND discs and we can take the laptop on the flight with us, but what of our framed photos etc? I have a picture in my head of us loaded down already (like that game on Crackerjack with the cabbages!!!:biglaugh:) and we need at least one pair of hands free at the other end for our lively toddler!! I get the feeling it sounds a bit crazy, especially at this point, but I can't help it!!! So am I the only one?!! Whenever I have had a holiday in the past I have always made sure I put a bikini in my hand luggage, just in case my luggage went missing so I could still get on the beach!! That's what I'm getting at (though my bikini days are probably behind me now I'm a mummy!!), I know if you use a recommended/reputable shipping company, then most of your stuff goes over that way - but to me there are things that I just wouldn't want to risk. I am probably getting the amount of things out of proportion in my head (hopefully!), just be interesting to find out what others have done or are going to do?:spinny:
  9. Hi People, Do you need to make an itinerary of all personal items e.g. clothes, tools, CD and DVD collection, or will the removal company do this? Would be grateful for some advice as puttin application in V soon. -
  10. Hi Guys, I've just read a thread re. a dilema on bringing over a tumble dryer to Australia from the UK, would this be easily adapted to work in Oz.? Am I being silly...is it just a matter of swapping the plug over to an Ozzie plug? Or is the voltage different? The reason I'm asking is because I have some beautiful lamps I'd like to bring and my brand new pre-lit Xmas tree (which I LOVE!!!) - I'd live to put them in the container and ship them over if they can be easily swapped to work in Australia, but I thought I'd read somewhere it's best not to take electrical items over :swoon: Does anyone know the answer?
  11. Guest

    electrical items

    Hi does anyone know what electrical goods work and what dont? ie tvs,stereo systems,hairdryers,power tools etc. We have been told various answers but appreciate someone who has gone there and knows for sure. Many Thanks Anne:twitcy:
  12. Guest

    Confiscated items

    Someone mentioned about having some items confiscated from their container. Just wondered what sort of things anyone has had confiscated, apart from plant materials and wicker. Cara
  13. I was wondering how well the electrical items adapt over in Australia. For example will T.V’s, DVD’s, and other items work there even little things like hair dryers and toasters or will they blow the circuit. I’m not planning on taking everything at once but it would be good to know what will work and what won’t work.
  14. Guest

    Photographing Shipping Items

    Am I just being paranoid or has anyone else photographed the stuff they shipped just in case they have to make an insurance claim:wacko::twitcy: Cheers
  15. Guest

    Kitchen items............

    Hi, We are packing up and getting ready to go.... Shipping goes in 4 weeks on Monday!:jiggy: Could someone in the know please tell me if I'm allowed to take my kitchen cupboard items? I have heard that you're not allowed to take in any food or drink whatsoever (and we have LOADS). Is it true - I have also read on other forums about reminding people to bring in their favourite tea bags, food etc. Confused. Can you help? Thanks. PS We have no limit to our shipping container so we can take all without charge hence the food/drink questions... Thanks.
  16. Hi all I'm new to this forum and have spent a lot of time reading all your helpful advice and info on life in Oz. I'm 25, and planning to fly out in Sept on the Working Holiday Visa, with the intention of being sponsored (I think I'll be ok with the visas, so I'm not too concerned about that). I must also stress that I'm struggling to control my excitement over this new part of my life. I'm not sure how long I'll stay, but if I'm happy then why come back?! I'm hoping to head to Brisbane becuase there's quite a bit of work in my Transport Engineering, although I'm also looking at Sydney, but I'll decide when I have some interviews and see what's available. I have a rough idea of my potential salary, and it is surprisingly close to my current UK salary. But given the ridiculous cost of housing, running a car, and drinking in pubs/bars etc in the UK, i think I'll be somewhat better off living in an Oz city without a car and with a different lifestyle. What I'd really like to know is the cost a few key items which I think would give a good indication as to the real cost of living, becuase I seem to hear quite varied reports on the differences in costs with the UK. So please could any of you post any info on the costs of the following. Please could you also state your location in Oz, as that will provide a more useful result. Here is a list of what I think would be good items to judge costs (UK prices in brackets for non-London locations) 1) Regular McDonalds Meal (£3.29) 2) Pint of beer from a standard bar/pub (I know pints aren't common there, but the equivalent would be useful!) (£2.70) 3) 1 litre of petrol (95p) 4) 6 pack of beer from supermarket (£4.99 ish?) 5) Lunch meal deal from most high street shops- Sandwich, bag of crisps, bottle of coke (£2.99) I know this list might make me look like some sort of beer-guzzling, food monster who's too lazy to walk anywhere, but I think these are the main costs in my life at the mo. Also, everyone usually refers to the cost of housing, weekly shopping, bills etc... which are all so dependent on the family size, lifestyle, location etc! I think the items I have listed are a good measure to use. So, please can you reply with the costs you have experienced (Oz $ or GBP is cool, whatever is easier for you) and your location in Oz. Thanks for all your super advice, keep it up! I will add my experiences when I have arrived and settled, Rich
  17. Guest

    New electrical items etc

    Hi All, We have just had Allied Pickfords around to quote us for our 20ft container and I found out a few things that I thought might be useful (apologies to those that already know this!!) a. If you buy any new goods (ie washing machine etc) you will be liable to pay 'duty' on these and they need to be declared on your customs form! (They didn't say how much the duty was) b. If you don't mind your 20ft container being put inside a 40ft container along with someone else's you could save appx £500 c. I can't take my 10 cases of flavoured vodka that I have ordered over the internet as it's no alcohol (only joking :wink: ) I have got exact figures as yet but thought the above might be useful if any of you were unaware :rofl: Heather