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Found 149 results

  1. Hi all. My wife and I are due to relocate to Melbourne for work in the second half of this year. We've owned a property in Birmingham for the last three years and although we know we'll probably have to rent a place in oz when we first arrive, we would like to buy sooner rather than later. So I'm just wondering if anyone here has had any experience buying a place in oz either before or after moving there - and what issues I might need to look out for? Cheers, Mick
  2. Guest

    Student visa issues

    For those on this pathway, I suggest you look at moving your study courses to TAFE rather than private VET colleges. It seems that we have a ten year cycle of boom and bust in encouraging and denying students who want to study in Australia and perhaps take up PR. The repetition of allowing shonky colleges to operate is a worry, it shows a lack of organisational learning by Government departments like DEEWR. That is a failing of Government to apply proper legislation and to oversee the States that had delegated authorities to manage the colleges. Source http://parlinfo.aph.gov.au/parlInfo/genpdf/chamber/hansards/2001-08-08/0095/hansard_frag.pdf;fileType%3Dapplication%2Fpdf I was actually looking to find if and why the link between students and PR was ever encouraged by Govt, as at the moment the Govt is balaming migration and education agents for promoting the PR thing so heavily. They were of course, but Government wanted them to. Here is the proof, in spades, starting in about 2001: Source - http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/statistics/popflows2001/chapter4_2.pdf Have employers now changed their minds? Have DIAC policy planners changed their minds? Was this ever statistically proven or was it guesswork based on personal feelings held by the policy people? The present Minister himself encourages students to find work and (tacitly encouraging them to obtain work visas or PR) Source: http://www.minister.immi.gov.au/media/media-releases/2008/changes-to-2008-09-skilled-migration-program.pdf Here we see the Government wanting students to apply for PR and remain in the country: Source http://www.aph.gov.au/house/committee/ewrwp/tourism/subs/sub47.pdf And this from DIAC presentation to Parliament Joint Standing Committee On Migration Friday , 13 FEBRUARY 2004: Source - Page M202 http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/joint/commttee/j7226.pdf Other testimony in Hansard shows that SA, NT, Qld and Victoria Govts all encourage students to stay by using work visas and encourage their permanent settlement - hard to do without PR visas! Therefore: It is NOT the fault of migration agents who marketed these education schemes, it has been publicly encouraged by Government and apparently by industry too. Education and migration agents were responding to the Government's initiatives, as they were expected to by Govt. In response to Govt's present anti study-links-to-PR attitude, I think we'll see more of the private VET colleges closing before they go broke. That will cause whole countries to be disaffected and flow on into Universities and TAFE, to some degree, but of course these won't shut up shop. The student sector might go into melt down.
  3. Hi there, I'm taking my family, including a 3 and 5 year old, to Sydney for a 5 week validation trip in April. We will obviously all get travel insurance for the trip but I wondered what the procedure was if you need to visit a GP? (are they called GP's in Oz?). Knowing my kids, we're more than likely to need to visit a doctor during a 5 week trip! Is it just a case of visiting the nearest doctors practice to where we're staying and registering with them? I assume it is different being a permanent resident, than it would be if you were a holidaymaker without a visa???? or is it?? :wacko: Should we register for medicare as soon as we are there, do you think? or would a doctor see us, charge us and we claim it back? (in my limited expeience this is a dangerous process whereby you need strict prior permission to be seen by your insurance agent or else your claim is invalid). I'm a bit at sea with this one, I don't know much about healthcare and insurance so any basic advice would be appreciated x Thank you!!! Sophie
  4. Guest

    Money Transfer Issues

    Just a quick one on this, I'm moving to Sydney for a year in Feb and will be letting my place in London while i'm away. Any ideas on the best way to transfer the money, is it better to move the money monthly or save several months up then transfer. Also should i have the money paid into an Australian account or my British one and move it from there? Any tax issues i should be aware of? Any help with any of this would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  5. I've been living in the UK for nearly 8 years, and I'm heading back to Adelaide on tuesday, starting Uni next month. Just curious as to whether anybody else has been in a similar situation, and knows how Uni fees work [what benefits are available, or whether I have to be back in the country for a while], and the asme with healthcare. How much am I covered? Thanks =]
  6. vinnypot

    passport issues

    HELLO ALL we are emigrating in april on a ss 176 visa,my sons visa runs out in june and we fly in april,do you have to have 6 months valid on the passport to travel?also i will probably renew it before we go anyway as its cheaper here but what is the situation regarding his visa that has been issued to what would become his old passport? cheers
  7. Just wondered if there's anyone out there who has had a similar problem to ours and been able to resolve it. We've just been informed (after waiting 5 months) that our WA SS application is invalid because three documents were missing. I know I attached all the required documents (wish I had taken screen shots) but it seems there is a problem when using vista! We've e mailed WA with missing docs, in the hope that they'll reconsider our application, so are waiting (again) with baited breath!! Helen
  8. Guest

    Family issues

    We are recently married and on a marriage visa,(in Australia) my wife's son who is 21 and still in England wishes to join us but does not qualify under "last remaining relative rules". He is currently a student studying architecture but we are not sure if that will help him either.Can anyone one suggest a visa or route which will enable him to join the rest of his family in Australia? Thanks for any advice.
  9. Chops1963

    Re: Laptop issues

    Hi there I am looking for advice about bringing a Laptop into Australia (i will be going back there in 2010). Somebody told me that the Electricity supply system is different from the Uk, if so can i buy an adaptor to use with it when i arrive ? Thanks Andrew:christmaswreath:
  10. Hey all, please give me some expert advice here on my situation. I am currently holding a student visa, just graduated and have all my documents ready to apply for the Skilled – Graduate (Temporary) visa (subclass 485). However, I am planning to include a partner, my girlfriend (3years relationship) into the Subclass 485 visa being her as a secondary applicant while me as a main applicant for this visa. My girlfriend is currently here in Aussie too holding a Work and Holiday visa (Subclass 462) and her visa has a 'condition 8503' on it. I would like to ask whether is it possible for her to be the secondary applicant for the subclass 485? If can't, what are the other solutions I can look into? I really appreciate all your opinions and all your tips. Thanks loads
  11. Cerberus1

    PIO Server Issues

    Since the hosting company that PIO use have recently moved their datacentre there have been quite a few intermittent problems, these may continue for a few more days. It isn't just PIO that is affected but all of the Sydney datacentre. I understand how frustrating this is, and unfortnately there is nothing we can do at this end. I would like to thank you all for your patience and let's hope things get back to normal soon.
  12. Hi everyone, I am abit confused about the requirements for the permanent 175 visa and some of the paper work. I had considered the idea of using a migration agent but costs are so high!! My skill which is a podiatrist is currently on the critical short list so will get piority processing apparently. I have recently been offered a job in Victoria as a podiatrist and the company have emloyed a migration agent to sponsor me for a 457 visa - which I know ties you to one employer. Having been to Australia on a previous 457 and returned I have decided to apply for my own independent permanent visa and have the follwoing questions which would appreciate any advice from. How do you go about arranging police checks? Also I have had medicals done in Janaury this year for a previous 457 visa - which I have been told are fine for my new 457 lodgement - but from advice I have got I understand that I will have to re-do medicals for the 175 visa. On the DIAC website it says not to have medicals or police checks done until advised - can anyone outline this and can I book medicals soon. I am due to go to Australia in late January to start this new posistion and would like to lodge ASAP. Also does anyone have any relalistic ideas on how long the whole process takes. I have had my skills asessment done! Thanks:v_SPIN:
  13. Hi All With all the current issues over migration and much of the criteria changing where does this leave us? We are at the final stages with our visa application and have been asked by our agents thinking australia for our final payment. My wife is a hairdresser and we have been told that we could be waiting another 2-3 years with the recent changes. Should we be paying based on this as we are very confused now as to how and where we stand. Many Thanks Darren & Natalie:arghh:
  14. Hi all, from reading some posts there seems to be qutie a few people waiting on 457 visas. I am also waiting on a 457 visa which is being sponsored by a company in Sydney. I am keen to know how others are getting on with 457 applications (i.e. when commenced, where its up to, if accepted, when accepted, any issues or complications they have or are experiencing). My 457 is being dealt with by a 3rd party which the company employs to do all their sponsorships so information I am recieving is limited. All I know is I have a CO appointed. My application was submitted mid april, and thought it would have been alot quicker than this considering we had the medicals done mid march in prep for the app being submitted. hope to hear from all applying for 457s and details of how its going for you
  15. oldjonah

    Migration Issues

    Hi all We (me, hubby and 2 rugrats) have just joined in the hope that you may shed some light on some issues for us I am doing a degree radiography course at the moment and will be applying for a visa as soon as possible. Do I have to have a years work experience even if I have a job offer? How much does it cost to use a migration firm and would you use one or do it yourself? Thanks all
  16. There is a twenty/20 cricket match being held At: 10am Sunday Nov 29th Where: Memorial Oval, Aquinas College, Mt. Henry Rd Manning The event is to raise awareness to help those sturggling with Mental Illness and all funds raised will go to improve facilities at Greylands Hospital. Entry and Parking are Free, there is live music, Auction and bouncy castle - if you're stuck for something to do - it's a worthwhile cause Ali
  17. Guest

    457 issues

    hi I`ve just received my nomination number from my employer for my 457 visa. My employer has put visa date for 1st June 2010 but I was hoping to get out there before that. Will the visa department process it earlier if possible or do they stick to the given date by the employer? Regards Kerrie
  18. Hi Guys, Im currently getting all the information together for the defacto visa application. I will have been living with my partner 1 year in November so am going to apply then and am aiming to move to Melbourne around next July / August. I met my partner last summer and he ended up moving into the house share I was already in where we share a room. We have both names on our lease, and on some bills and we are just opening a joint bank account. As well as stocking up on all the other information you need! Does the fact that we live in a house share and not our own place affect our application? I have searched online and cannot see that this should be a problem but just want to check! Thanks
  19. Guest

    Case officer issues

    Hi, I have had quite a journey with our partner visa app as most of you all have...Have had to recently withdraw my app on the recomendation of our original case officer due to the fact that we had been apart for a month in July and couldnt prove we had been in a 'marriage like relationship' for that period or before.... so as we sent our app in July stupidly it would not be approved... We decided to pull out take our losses and reapply from sept to sept, which she said would fly straight through as there was ample evidence for that period.... A couple of days and another 900 pounds later we have had an email fom our new case officer requesting.. get this.. a second police cert. because the one they have does not have his middle name on it??? As you all prob know, that ino your app for a police cert you have to send your passport and certified pics etc to even get it so why is she being so petty and ridiculous??? So I guess my question is, if she decides that she will not accept my explanation that there is no point in getting another, do we have any options like going over her head or having a senior officer go over the case also to see if she really is being ridiculous?? I know there is the appeal, but thats another stack of cash and god knows how long.. Im at my wits end and dont think i could take another beat by this ridiculous system.. PLease does anybody have any help or guidance.. Devasted and exhausted:frown: Leah
  20. Guest

    Server Issues

    Sorry all, Lost the server for 10hr there.... these things happen occassionally. T
  21. exenger

    457 issues - any comments??

    HI all. I have been here in Oz/Melb for about 4 ish years with my partner. I came over on the working holiday wanted to stay, so did a Occupational Visa for 2 years and I am now applying for a 457 visa. The job front is excellent and the long term prospects with this company are good despite the recession. (Dental Technician). I am still young enough and have maximum points or there abouts. So my problem has occoured because my boss is a slacker, too laid back. We have a HR Department which deals with staff and visa issues as we are large company with branches throughout Oz/US/Malasia etc. Long story short...I end up doing my own application, decided not to use the agents as I had previously done. I applied online, paid for all three sections with just two days left on my 442 visa. Unfortunatly, I filled out one section incorrectly and therefore had to relodge this part after my 442 expired which meant I was given a different catorgory bridging visa plus they slapped Condition 8101 on it. No work rights. That was unexpected, financially unprepared I just kept on working whilst 457 is being processed. The boss dont mind. My questions are... Its so far been three months, 2 weeks...is this a reasonable processing time? And I have have continued to work. I need the money, bills rent, living. Will they check this as well? Does the tax department speak to the immigration department? I did speak to my case officer last Monday, she says "check your inbox by friday" Still nothing... If so then I think I might be up merde creek without a paddle. Its absolutly crazy, the stress is unbelivable, not knowing whether Im staying or going. The annoying thing is that I tried to rectify this as soon as poss, tried to change the status of the bridging visa, but my case officer:arghh:, it seems, does not give a merde .... Anyway, if anyone has any experience or comments, they would be much appreciated. By the way, it was a beautiful day here in Melbourne. 25 degs
  22. Guest

    advise on bankrupcy issues

    hi has anyone ever had an issue with bein bankrupt and getting there visa as im most of the way through the process and having somes financle difficultys cheers matt sorry about the spelling :confused:
  23. kennychina2009

    Visa Issues - Any Advice?

    Dear Sir, I am A Bachelor of Business Administration degree holder working as Director of sales, marketing and Distribution since 6 years. i have got my qualifications assessed positive by the Australian Institute of Management(AIM) as suitable. i would like to hear your suggestion regarding my experience as I dream towards migration to South Australia under the General skilled migration program. Already i have my application for VE 475 refused by the South Australia Immigrations due to IELTS on 15/06/2009. i got an overall band of 6.0 in my IELTS exam. And SA Immigrations stated that i did not request to be considered under the concessional english when i submitted my application. However, i have re submitted all documents, including academics, work experience, financial status together with a written letter asking for consideration under the concessional english as obtained in South Australia . But since 15 july 2009 when my application for state sponsorship was refused by SA government up to the 28july 2009, the date I relodged a fresh application with a written request asking for consideration under the concessional english , i have not heard anything since from SA office.Sir what do you advise ? Any body with similar experience? How long am i to wait further? Do i go for another Ielts and forget the concessional english application request i submitted? A word from you will calm my nerves. Sincerely, kennychina Please PM me for my private email
  24. Guest

    Nursing issues and visas

    hi, im new to this site. im due to qualify from nurse training in january 2010, single parent and (bravely/stupidly?) thinking of living in Perth. (and working in rockingham hospital?). I would like any advice such as- do i apply for a job in Oz THEN start ball rolling with visas etc or apply for visas first? dont want to spend cash to find out i cant go/not wanted etc. Also heard that have to work full time for year-what about fitting hours around child? dont have family out there, just a pal but she has own family and job etc. (thinking of probs if have to work nights). have to decide soon as not getting any younger!! lol :laugh:
  25. Guest

    Application issues

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so hello. I am needing help and suspect this might have been an issue that someone else my have posted before and I have done a search but I can't seem to find anything. Well here goes, I am looking to apply for a working holiday visa (12 month) and have two concerns, one that I have criminal convictions from over 10 years ago and the other is whether I need/should use a migration agent. My convictions are from when I was in my teens and made stupid drunken mistakes. They are from two separate events. One is for criminal damage (received a fine) and the others are from the same evening and are Section 18 (wounding) and assault PC for which I was sentenced to 2 months imprisonment at a young offenders institute. I believe I have to declare these as they are within a 15 year time frame.Although I have since turned my life into a positive one, have graduated from university and am employed within a professional role I am wanting to know will this effect my application? The migration agent issue is that I considering applying direct through the Australian immigration website. But also thinking that migration agents might make the process easier? Thanks in advance for any advice, Renton