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Found 149 results

  1. Guest

    migration issues!!

    Hi we are emigrating to melbourne in jan / feb i have a 457 visa (sponsored as podiatrist) and am applying for skilled migration at the same time ! My partner however can't be included in the dependants as he has not lived in a defacto relationship with myself for long enough!! The plan is for him to come over on a holiday visa(12 month tourist visa) then once i get residency i will sponsor him!! How easy will it be for him to get a bit of cash in hand work whilst over there ? I know this is not ideal but it is a way around us all coming over together!! Lou and Nick :biggrin::Randy-git:
  2. Guest

    ENS issues, and cap and cease?

    This is mostly onshore 457s going to PR via ENS, but several offshore ENS as well. NB 1: 5 months supply on hand, indicates likely processing times unless they prioritise on industry??? NB 2: 51,000 annual rate of applications, with a program size of 44,000, so processing times will get longer. Recommendation: Best way forward appears to be 457 to get here faster, while parallel ENS is still in processing. This is still 2 years supply. Expect the Minster will continue to decrease Skilled Independent and assess his options for queud applications. I'm not sure if Bowen's ethics are as, um, able to be set aside as were Minister Evans', so cap and cease might still be on the table. However with the balanced Parliament I expect less arrogance from Labour, and I think Bowen might be able to argue for a fairer refund ie go now voluntarily and get say $5000 back, all others who we still need to cap and cease will get $2000.
  3. Guest

    General Issues. Please Help

    Hi guys, I am new to this so please bear with me. Basically my husband has been offered a job in western sydney with his current employer. The company is going to sort the visa for us all (2 adults and 2 children), Car, temporary accomodation until we find something, superannuation will be paid on top of basic salary.... Is this to good to be true? My questions are: - Visas how long will they take they are talking in the next 5 months and can i work on my husbands visa, or is it my husbands visa or is mine completly separate? Healthcare can this be expensive Schools is there guareented places at state schools or will we have to pay private. If so how much does that cost? I have noticed that it is very expensive in Sydney and am worried that we wont be able to afford to live there. We would like to enjoy australia and not just sit in doors becuase we cant afford to do anything. The salary offered is in the region of 75 - 85K is this enough or should we push for more? Is there any cost of living information that i can get for living in Australia? We would live in western sydney but would like to rent a modern home, nothing to big or posh. Please help we dont know what to do and the company needs an answer in the next couple of days.:confused: Thank you in advance x
  4. Guest

    457 employer reference issues

    Hi All My proposed employer in Australia is using a migration agent called Fragomen, I have 20 years banking and operational restructuring experience but the new company in a small company with a sales and operational division. I dont have a degree but have provided references from my last 4 employers spaning 13 years. These references state that I was an employee in a specific position for a length of time, as most do. For some reason Fragomen are requesting that th references state the tasks I performed while I was employed. There is no way my past employers are going to do this, one of them was australian and had 9000 emloyees. Has anyone else experienced this or do you have any advice. Is this because I am not going back to a bank. I have had a 457 before and never had tis issue. Thanks Rob
  5. Can we get an employee sponsers even with govement issues?? I have a possible job offer but people have told me you cant go ahead until the govement allow it?? :arghh:
  6. MIA has sent a series of specific questions relating to migration to each of the key political parties... Here is the detail..
  7. I have temporary residency on a spousal visa that is due to go to permanent (fingers crossed!) in a few months...however...I am the biggest procrastinator and just realised that I have forgotten to tell the immigration department that my (now) fiance and I have moved from our stated address (his parents house where we were living) and I have noticed from finally checking the website that we were supposed to inform them PRIOR to the moving. We have actually had another address too as we rented a flat and have now bought a house - none of which we have told them about - not because we've got anything to hide but because I am incredibly slack (as they say over here) and was just so excited and caught up in having got the application out of the way and approved - no excuse I know! What should I do? How can I go about coming clean without affecting my prospects of getting a permanent visa? Sorry to ramble but I'm a little worried that I've ballsed it all up and I feel awful about it. Any help you would be able to provide me on the matter would be great
  8. I made a phone call to DIAC this morning in hoping they can give me some positive feedback about my 886 application, since i have nominated a wrong occupation 2231-79(nec) and i just want to change it. This is what i've been told: 1/ Cant change nominated skill 2/ Cant apply for another onshore skilled migrant visa (graduated more than 6 months) 3/ cant transit to SMP 886 when being released. 4/ cant apply for 457 long term working visa, salary does not meet current market threshold which is $47220 5/ last questions i asked, how long for waiting if in CAT4. firmly answered 3 years. No more hopes, like fell into an indefinite hell.
  9. bettyboo

    medical issues

    Hi we have just got a visa and planning to go next year.I am worried about my medical problems.I am on methrotrexate a controlled drug for arthritus and i have to have monthly blood tests.I also pay yearly for my prescriptions other wise it would cost me alot of money.Is this going to be a problem in oz and am i going to have to pay out for bloodtests and will i be able to get hold of these drugs and maybe pay for a yearly prescription.Any help will be appreciated many thanks gill
  10. tonyman

    rental issues

    if you get bad feedback from a rental company in one state say Adalaide , will that bad feedback travel with you to another state (WA) .....talking probs go to court ect .....we did it and they caved in , they are all the same ......
  11. Hey guys, this is the situation.. My girl came here on a tourist visa (3 month) and extended it. She doesnt have a 'no further stay' though. We are planning to apply for the partner de facto visa. A few things, I'm wondering how/if these will affect our application: > She cant get a police check in time before applying (is this critical to submit with the initial application?) >She is 18, I am 20, and as I have been overseas for a long time I dont have a job at the moment. Is it okay to use one of my family members as the sponsor? > Once she applies for the defacto partner visa, will she be allowed to stay here 'in status' until her visa is either allower or denied? Thanks !!
  12. Guest

    Issues with 457 to PR?

    Hi, Hoping that someone can shed some light on this for me, I am hoping to apply for my PR soon. I have been here on a 457 for 15 months now, 1st off what options are open to me, the whole Visa thing confuses me with all the different options! I think that there is an ENS visa which is supported by my employer? Also while I am bugging for questions is there any delays on the process from 457 to PR? If its of any importance I am a Panel Beater and the main applicant with my wife and 2 children as dependents. Terry.
  13. Guest

    Health Issues

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and its my First Post, Well i have applied for Australian immigration under Sub Category 175.Recently my CO asked me for PCC & Medical. I am a patient of "Epilepsy" though controlled and didn't have any seizure from last 5 years and it is not problematic for me at all, yet i am on med. My Question is do i need to mention this while filling out Forms? Will this has any negative impact on my Visa application (though its treatment is cheaper one and i may afford on my own). What are the implications if i mention it or not? I need your kind suggestion?
  14. sussex boy

    Sponsor issues

    Hi everyone, I have a few issues with a submitted 457 visa. All docs uploaded by agent, xrays etc. The garage that offered the nominations been asked for a finance statement up to june 2009, which after me paying the sponsor fees to speed things up they have now refused to do. After thinking all was on track looks like the application is dead. Anyone any experience of this?
  15. Ratchet

    PR with heart 'issues'

    Hi, onetruechris on the better halfs login Put in to go from 457 to pr, all agreed with wife’s work paid money used all documents from 457 all to do just wait for visa. Cue real world pricking the bubble. They've 'lost' my medical from the 457 (only mine not wife or sons!!!!!!) And I need to get another one done Thursday only problem is I had a heart attack 4 years ago (no damage just put on pills for life & did medical in uk last year) Last week had some chest and neck pains went to a & e here they didn’t find anything but put me in to do a stress test today which had abnormal results (not enough blood flow to an area of the heart) this will obviously show up on the Aussie system. Me thinks the fates are conspiring. Trying not to stress but my sons been delayed at school already so if I need to go back its going to have to be soon to get settled and get him in somewhere by September. (Oh and the whole might not make it to a ripe old age) Arrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!! Someone tell me I'm stressing for nothing
  16. Guest

    visa issues

    Hi when you get your visa how long do you have till you validate your visa :goofy:
  17. Guest

    Health issues on a 457 visa

    Hi Guys This is my first post and wondered if you could help - my brother has recently got a sponsorship opportunity and will be on his way to the lovely Oz in 4 weeks time - there may be a sponsorship opportunity for me too (we have been wanting to move out for 2 years !) the problem is my OH had leukaemia 10 years ago and recieved a Bone Marrow Transplant he is well and working and since the transplant no trace of leukaemia although does still see the cosultant regulary and is on some meds - we have always been fortunate to have private medical insurance(through my work) so never been a drain on th NHS and all his tratment was covered under this - however I am concerned we could get the same cover in oz - I currently pay around £150 a month for myself hubby and 11 year old and that pretty much covers everything other than GP appointments. I have no issue with paying for this but just concerned that it will stop us getting a 457 . As you can imagine we want to grab life with both hands having been through some tough times and feel Australia is somewhere we really want to be. We went for Christmas last year and stayed with friends and loved so much about it - I want us to keep realistic though and if its a definate no no based on the info above then we need to re think about our future - I am very close to my brother and so happy for him but our dream is to be there too ! Many Thanks in advance SJB123:laugh:
  18. hi all once again we post this.........are the a.u gov gonna allow me to drive in there country...been doing class one driving past 20 year..angela trained clothes machinist although she hasnt been in that profession for past ten year ?????? question is do we forget our dream of moving out to a.u or do we keep pushing etc.........confused over visas etc too any help please ......help help help.......can we gain entry on angelas profession as b4 she hasnt been in that for ten year so many questions where do we start ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,boo hoo :mad:
  19. Guest

    Skilled 175 issues

    Dear All, Have applied for Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa on September 15 2009. I have been assigned a case officer and he/she has contacted me once through my migration agent. Asked for Form 80H and few other documents like CV in December 2009. later i got a call from high commission of Australia in Pakistan and the guy asked my name and stuff and the call dropped for some reason..I tried calling back but was not able to track the guy again.The operator(at high commission) told me that if the call was dropped, that guy will contact you again. i contacted the aspcpostlodgementenquiries@immi.gov.au and told them the problem and they told me the same. it has been more than 4 months and no one has contacted me. Can anyone advice me what to do next???:wacko:
  20. Hi All Is there anyone on here that can advise me. I am due to arrive in Queensland this Sept on a permanent 176 Visa. My current employer has offered me the opportunity to carry on working for them whilst I am living in Australia. I have done some research re tax implications but to be honest its not clear. Will I still be taxed in UK? Will I also be taxed in australia? Can anyone help? Thanks Ness
  21. grpaway

    RSMS issues

    My daughters boyfriend has been on a Working Holiday Visa and whilst there a firm agreed to sponsor him. He did 6 months work for them under this visa. He duly applied for a RSMS visa and went off and worked elsewhere for some further months until the RSMS came through He has just received his RSMS visa. On contacting the sponsoring firm he has now been told that this firm has since been sold, there is no work for him and that his contract to work for this firm (original sponsoring firm) was not part of the condition of sale. He is not worried about finding other work (although he says it would be very difficullt to find another sponsor) but is most concerned that the DIAC will take away his RSMS visa. Has anyone got any ideas on how he should proceed. (Don't know why I should get so involved with OZ and children's immigration probs )- twice this week!! Any suggestions wouldbe greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. Wezzza

    Migration issues

    Hi All, Been looking to emigrate to Australia for some time now and with one thing and another , me and my girlfriend want to get the process goin. I am 26 and a qualified electrician and my gf is 23. were lookin at goin out on the skilled independant - 175/1 visa. We know quite alot already about the process but still a bit unsure on some areas like once we get the visa, we know its there for 5 years but how quick have we got to be out there before re-doing any of the criteria? What is the average cost of this visa? Who are the best company(s) to go with? If anyone has got any information this would be really appreciated. Cheers Wez :smile:
  23. Guest

    De-facto sponsorship issues??

    Hi everyone, My partner and i are applying for a de-facto visa for Oz and are currently living offshore in Europe. During the past 2 years we have travelled extensively whilst my partner has worked intermittently. We are unsure how it will look on our application for my sponsorship as i cannot show any earnings but will have no problem getting a job once we return. Has anyone heard of or been in a similar circumstance? Thanks
  24. Hi All, Hoping someone might be able to help! I've been on a 457 visa for 3 years and recently been offered nomination for PR under Employer Nominated Scheme. I've been working with my employer for 3 years, and therefore should qualify for the scheme but my company has recently merged with another, and I've recently transferred over my sponsorship to the new company. I've therefore been told by our HR dept and lawyers that I have to wait until I have worked for the merged company for 1 year before I can apply. My role has recently been removed from the SOL therefore I can't apply through a skills assessment. Has anyone else had a similar situation? Seems a bit unfair given that it's pretty much the same company that I've been working for the whole time. Has anyone got any advice on how I could proceed with this?? Any help would be much appreciated!!
  25. Hi, We have just been granted our regional state sponsorship after many months of waiting which is fantastic, however we are informed via our agent that unless we successfully received a employers sponsorship our wait could be a very long one. We have just lodged our application with DIAC, however I am going to Aussie hopefully in April to actively seek employment. This will hopefully moves things along and then we will transfer our application from regional state sponsorship, to a employer sponsorship. Our agent ensures us that this can be done with little difficulity. Our question is this, has anyone actually done this, change their application in the middle of an exicting one. Was it successful and is it as easy as our agent makes out that it is. Apparently the time frame is dramactially reduced if you receive an offer of employment. Also I can imagine that this is quite a typical question, what electical goods is worth transporting. What in reality will work, for example, televisions, play systems, trival question but one the children keep asking. Thank again. The waiting is a hard game to play, but well worth playing. shaz n carl:hug: