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Found 149 results

  1. chazzyg8


    :arghh: I know I am only just beginning my Oz plan but already I'm finding things a bit of a minefield so any help would be great. Let me begin by saying a few years ago I posted on here asking how I could get into Oz given I had no hard qualifications and had some good feedback that made me go away and think long and hard about how much I wanted to itch my "Oz" itch.... So I found a profession that is always going to be needed whether in Oz or UK and chose Accounting and thus I enrolled on AAT as I was told by AAT that it is recognised globally and if for some reason I couldn't get to Oz I would still have a good profession in the UK. I have been studying(self funded) for the past two years and I have also recently gained employment as a credit controller for a publishing company so I am getting on the job experience. I am just about to start my last year on AAT and thought I should start my planning for the big dream now but after looking into things have found that AAT is not as well know in Oz as it is in NZ and even then AAT is still not know by the majority of employers and would no count for much, so I am worried I am going to have to continue training right through until I am ACCA/CIMA which is ok because "good things come to those who wait" and it just means I have to hold of on my dream for a few extra years but will be worth the wait. Q1) Could I potentially get a visa through job sponsorship even though I am not a Chartered Accountant? Q2) Where are the best places to find employment for job sponsorship for Oz? Q3) Could I get a visa as a part qualified CA? Also I will be going to Down Under Live @ Birmingham next week has anyone got any experience of this event/tips etc?? Thanks in advance for any feedback :biggrin:
  2. Hello There Just in brief as have posted this on here before, My husband, two children and I are considering a move to Aus near sunshine coast, We have been researching lots and I still do not fully understand the visa process! I feel like I have hit a dead end! I have emailied a visa agent who's details were given to me by someone on here, He has told us we are not eligible for PR visa and would need to go down the sponsored route, This worries me as I have read that if something doesn't work out with employer we would have to leave Aus within 28 days. (even though my husband has never had any issues with his job and has always been in long term employment, This still worries me) If we made the move to Aus, it would be a massive move for us to uproot and start again I would want to hope it would be a permanent one, especially with two children and they are in a really good school here in uk if we took them out and came back we wouldnt get in again as they are a very over subscribed school! I feel really deflated by it all, (I am not giving up so easily) but just feel deflated! I assume that as my husband is in such a good job and in London they are crying out for good engineers in his trade I assumed it would be the same! Can someone advise me, is the Sponsored visa a good route? I know everyone has different circumstances but any information would be greatly received Also is there a number I can call to get more information on the skilled job requirements? because my hubby is also a qualified Electrician so we could go down this route? Many Thanks in advance Sarah and family in not so sunny UK
  3. Hi everyone, After receiving our 457 spouse visa 18 months ago things could not be any better back here in Oz. All the pressure and stress of the process has long gone but a new visa issue has risen back through the cracks again. At the moment my partner is receiving the Lafha allowance as we are looking to move back to the UK sometime next year after we receive her PR visa. My question is will Immigration look at the allowance and hold that against her when they go to upgrade her Temporary visa to Permanent Visa status? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  4. Guest

    accommodation issues

    Hi All, apologies if a similar post to this appears because I thought I had posted one earlier but it doesn't seem to have appeared. I'm arriving in Canberra on the 7th December to start my job. I'm going to spend the first night in a hotel but I'm after some reasonably cheap short term accommodation after that while I find a house to rent for when my wife and children arrive in mid January. I've tried gumtree with no success as yet and the other short term accommodation seems very pricey, $500+ per week. I was thinking more around the $200 mark. if anyone has a room, knows of somebody who has a room or can recommend some other websites / options I would be so so so grateful. please pm me or reply to this post if you can offer any help or advice.
  5. melaniecharlton

    Childcare Issues

    Hi All, I am a mother of 3 kids. One is 9 and I have 4 year old twins. I am desperate to get back to work but am wondering how this will be possible. Do you know roughly how much before and after school care costs? What on earth do I do with them in the holidays? Are childminders expensive? What about nannies? Any thoughts and ideas would be much appreciated, Thank you kindly, Melanie
  6. Hi everybody, I'm new to the forum, Can anybody help? I'm really keen to migrate to Australia preferable New South Wales with my partner who is a nurse and my two kids. I'm a hard working electrician who has crohn's disease, and worry that we may face problems with entering the country. I have an ileostomy and take regular medications which require routine blood checks every three months. however I do lead a normal healthy life. Does anyone know what steps to take regarding insurance/prescriptions ect. and most of all cost???? any help will be greatly appreciated. David.
  7. Guest

    Student Visa issues!

    I am planning on travelling to Berowra, NSW for a year as of January 2012. I am travelling on a tourist visa. I am also bringing my 9 year old son with me. I am having issues getting my visa agency to forward his visa application. I have found him a place in school. The agency are saying that they need a certificate of enrollement to process his visa. Apparently, the school has to be registered with the immigration authority for him to go there. The school I have chosen and whom have offered him a place are not registered so I have been told that the agency will not forward his visa application..... Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions??? I have chosen a specific school as we already have accomodation sorted and it is in the locality.
  8. Guest

    Withdrawal Issues

    This is a very emotional one. I have a subclass 309 application in right now (Sept 2011)- its front loaded and i do not anticipate any problems. We do however potentially have a change of circumstances, not involving our relationship, but involving my partners parents who are ex pat British living is Aus who are getting homesick and wanting to return to UK This has put my partner in a difficult position (she is Aus citizen and my sponsor) and we are considering withdrawing my application so that she can look after her parents settlement back in the UK Our long term aim is still to emigrate to Aus, but this has put a spanner in the works for our plans. So my question is this : If I DO withdraw and wish to reapply in the future, will i be penalised for this in terms of wasting everyones time ? If it is going to cause problems in the long term with my visa chances we may have to have a difficult discussion, but i want some idea of the implications first ! Has anyone any experience/advice on this one ? Would be really grateful for any ! Thanks
  9. Hi! Hopefully someone will be able to help me. My partner and I recently got engaged but we have been living in a share house in Australia so therefore can't apply for a defacto visa. So our only option is the PMV. His visa ends on the 3rd December this year. We are planning to get married in the UK, however I am a little worried that we won't have the money in 9 months time to go back to marry. We plan on living in a share house to save money so we won't be able to apply for a defacto visa in 9 months time. Would he be able to apply for a business sponsor if he is on a PMV visa and have the PMV cancelled if we can't afford the wedding. That way it would buy us some time. Thanks
  10. Hello people, this is my first thread after lurking for a while! Wondered if I could pick any Carpenters brains on how they managed to ship their tools - the issue being that Husband will need them right up until leaving date (early feb 2012) so putting them on the container isn't really an option. We've considered selling them here at the last minute and purchasing second hand on our arrival in Perth. Is there much of a second hand market for tools in Perth? We're both a bit stumped on this one really! Any feedback greatly appreciated. Sarah
  11. britishguy

    457 partner issues

    I am in oz on a 457, i am a dependant of my partner. our relationship is going down the toilet, what will happen to me should we split up? will my visa be cancelled?
  12. Hi All, Just thought i'd let people know about the situation we are currently in - Not sure if anyone is aware of this, I haven't seen any posts on this site. Basically - My OH is a Tiler by trade with many years experience but no qualification. We have 55 points (with regional sponsorship) so in order to gain the extra 10 points it was a case of either doing the ILETS or AQF. My OH isn't very good at spelling or reading so we were considering going for the AQF. We then found out that DIAC are currently in a dispute with TRA because TRA are insisting on not recognising employment before gaining AQF. Apparently DIAC does not agree with this approach and other skills assessing bodies are not taking the same approach (Just our luck that it is the TRA who assess Tilers!). DIAC and TRA are currently in discussions to resolve this. We now have a dilemma - We wanted to apply for our visa before the changes in July 2012 and we definately need to apply before August 2012 as that is when my OH turns 34 and we lose age points. The question is do we wait until the TRA/DIAC make a decision therefore taking the risk that we might not get our application in before our deadline or do we go ahead with the AQF (which costs around £2000) which is a risk as TRA may still insist on not recognising pre-qual experience and we may just waste our money! What would you do? Is there anyone else in the same situation? Sue
  13. Hey All, I will be migrating to Australia arriving the 25th of October with my partner. We have the slightly unusual situation whereby I have an Australian passport + Citizenship (on account of living there aged 1-5) but have not been over since. My partner will be entering on a working holiday visa while her partner visa is getting processed, We expect it to come through at the end of December (at which point she will have too briefly leave the country (Likely NZ)) We have just applied for a joint account with commonwealth bank and plan on transferring money over to that. Can anyone advise on other things we should apply for before arrival? I'm thinking the equivalent to National Insurance numbers? Tax codes? Electoral Registers? Is there any other difference that come to mind for me as an Australian citizen versus my partner as a UK migrant? Boab88
  14. Guest

    676 Time Issues

    Hi, Have any of you guys and gals ever come across the following issue. Having gotten the 676 Holiday visa for an initial 6 month period, my girlfriend then went home to the UK before the 6 moths were up as she would then have been under a bridging visa. When she came back into oz the immigration officials took her to the interview room to question her about why she was entering oz even though her visa was almost up. Once they were satisfied that she had a bridging visa they let her through. We applied to get the working restrictions lifted. Just received the email today and it started off by saying that they accepted it and removed the working restrictions (happy faces) and then followed it by saying that the 676 is in effect until january next year so they have rejected it!! I dont know what to do now, if anything!! Just sick of immigration and all the rubbish they chat. Have been waiting for 857 for 5 months 1 week now and im from a low risk country!!when I rang them they said minimum 8 months until I get a co and then god knows how long after that!! Rant over!! If anyone knows if we have ANY options please please let us know. Be much appreciated. Thanks
  15. Guest

    A couple of employment issues

    1. Should my salary figure include my superannuation contribution, or should that be on top of what I earn? 2. I have heard about a scheme that people working in Oz on a 457 visa can claim a tax free sum against rent, bills, food, etc. I understand that your employer must be signed up to the scheme. What is this scheme called??
  16. Hi all I got offered a job starting in October as a Mechanic in Brisbane. I was offered the job on the condition that I would go out to OZ on my 417 working holiday visa and, assuming everything goes ok, get transfered onto a sponsored visa after my three month trial period. I am leaving my fiancee in the UK until I get sponsored because she used her working holiday visa a few years ago and I couldn't afford to support her financially as she would initially be unable to work on a standard holiday visa so..... What problems, hurdles etc will I encounter when I am transfered onto the sponsored visa and want to get my fiancee over from the UK to be with me? Will us being apart for three or four months cause a problem? How long does the visa swithover take? Any help or info would be much apreciated.
  17. Guest

    criminal record issues :-(

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have come here for help. I'm an australian citizen living in the U.K. My husband was granted a permenant resident visa in 2007, since then he's been arrested and charged for criminal damage and common assault. He's awaiting sentancing. will he be able to return ans stay in australia with these charges? thanks in advance.
  18. We fly out on 6th December to Brisbane but hope to be living in Sydney by late December/early January but our main concerns are; 1) Whats the cheapest way of getting our two cats to Aus? and 2) How easy is it to rent accommodation (flats) in the main cities (Sydney/Brisbane) with pets. We have two cats and will seek unfurnished properties but uncertain whether or not people rent flats out to people with cats?:rolleyes:
  19. liudic

    Timing issues..

    First of all, hello!! Just discovered this forum. I am moving to Sydney in about eight weeks time. The flight is booked from London, I did my working visa (the holiday working visa that is 12 months then i have to leave) all online. Within one day I received the ok i had an email giving me my Visa details. The problem is for me, everything seems to be a little bit too smooth. I was expecting to have to show documents, there is talk about people proving they have enough money saved up to be able to fly back, etc etc. All I did was tick "No" when they asked about criminal convictions, and "No" I wont commit crime when Im in Australia, "No" I dont have certain diseases etc etc. I usually wouldnt be so worried but my flight is to Syndey, then after only a few hours I carry on up to Cairns through the same airline. Im worried they will ask me for my documents, and proof of certain things when i land in sydney and it will take so long that i will not be able to transfer. If so i guess I should be trying to send things now to quicken the airport transfer up. Is it usually this easy to get visas? I do have an email saying i have been granted 12 months from when I arrive blah blah, but i NEVER told anybody WHEN I was arriving? Anyway thanks anybody who can shed some light.. I hope Im just paranoid and the days of long winded interviews and document photocopying are a thing of the past and it is just all automatic now! i doubt it but I would be pretty happy!
  20. Guest

    parental issues

    :arghh: Hi to all looking for some advice and if any one has same issues please help im looking to move out asap my troubles are my ex husband with whom i have a 13yr old son with we divorced 4 yrs ago but i couldnt locate him then papers in court for him to object now the tricky bit do i need permission from him to take our son out of UK to OZ ex has had no contact with our son for 7 yrs or more not help financially for over 6 half yrs .our son doesnt want a relationship with him ,he sees my partner of many yrs his father and is most excited to move out if you have any info or gone threw the same i would be so grateful for your help thanks :confused: kat
  21. Guest

    457 issues

    Hello. my name is Sam and i am new to poms in oz, i am currently sponsored on a 457 visa in Perth and have been for 11 months, the visa is for 4 years i have a dilemma, my boss is planning on selling the business!?!?!? what does this mean for me? do i go with the company? do i still get paid through the transition period? any news would be great, as the immi website is once again no help!!! Thanks sam
  22. Hi, I am applying under the'Business Analyst' category. I have worked for 4 organizations in the past 10 years. I have reference letters from all of them. However, there are a couple of problems: (a) For 2 of the past employers the people who have signed the letter no longer work for that company. Should I approach the previous company once again and get a fresh letter from someone who is contactable over there? (b) For none of the companies, the contact email ID and phone number are not mentioned. Can I write this information on a separate covering letter? It would be so difficult to approach people who have signed on letters 7-8 years ago! © I have genuine experience letters clearly mentioning my role as a Business Analyst. However, they are not really very elaborate- just 4-5 liners explaining my BA role. Would that be enough. Would consultant services help me in this regard? Would be glad to receive a response. Thanks!
  23. Hi all, i need some help, i am going to perth on a 176 visa which of course means a 2 year obligated stay.However i am shocked by the cost of living and am considering going to another state, am i under strict obligation or is it just that i would be considered a bad sport,morally etc, help appreciated jules
  24. Guest

    Medical issues

    Hi everyone. Can anyone help me please. After waiting for a whole week for my medical results, they came out today and l was told that everything was fine except the HIV blood results came back inconclusive. Am loosing my mind, they have asked me to go back in and get give another blood sample. Has anyone been through this and what does it mean to get an inconclusive blood result?

    IELTS issues!

    Hi all, we have just been told that again we haven't got enough points for a pass. Results were listening 7.5 reading 8.5 writing 9.0 speaking 9.0 overall band score 8.5 We are a young married couple 28 & 29, two children 3 & 10. Catherine is a secondary school teacher (4years) degree in teaching and criminal psychology. Native language is English. We are being told that we need 8 in each section to qualify! At the test centers Catherine spoke with people less qualified than her who said they only needed 7.0 in each section? We've been reading online and have seen that the IELTS if for ppl who are less qualified or not native English speaking. Any ideas on this as we are not looking forward to the stress, payment ad hassle of having to take these test again. Cheers Tyrone Cheers Tyrone