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Found 149 results

  1. Guest

    health issues

    hi we are hoping to start the process of applying for permanent skilled visas but my partner is type 1 diabetic can anyone advise if this is likely to affect our application thanks
  2. We're currently in the same boat as a lot (or maybe most!?) of you, in that we can't sell our house - it's been on the market for over 3 months and we've not had 1 viewing - and we've reduced the price 3 x and changed eas. Grrrrrr... Aaanyway, we're now about to start making plans to rent it out until things recover - which means putting off buying in Oz, but that's life, I guess. My question is this - if we sell our UK house in say 3-4 years, would we get taxed on the proceeds (if that is the only house we own in the world) when we transfer the money across? Also, I believe that Australia taxes on world-wide assets, which means we'd have to declare rental income out there - or do we pay tax on it in the UK? Any help or advice is welcome!
  3. Hi all I have Addison's disease which is an adrenal deficiency. I take a daily dose of steriod (hydrocortisone) and my illness has been under control since diagnosis in 2007. Does anyone know if this will cause us any issues with the immigration process? Any advice greatly received x
  4. hi just a bit of advice -- GET YOUR HOUSE ON THE MARKET NOW!!!!! if your applying for your visa, and have a house to sell, i would definately recommend getting a sign outside now. we've got our visa in april and put house up in march but not even had a viewer yet. our little ticket sits inside our passports in the cupboard and can not be used. how bad is that after all our (AUGUST APPLICANT) waiting. well it'll get a brief outing when we validate in august but then i'll be crying on the way home, knowing i'm coming home to a wait to see if we get a buyer. bloody credit cruch!!! anyway i'm off to check out that "positve thread" again. lol. but anyway, take the advice or another wait may well begin! jouney of visa :chatterbox::twitcy::arghh::cool:
  5. Guest

    Working and childcare issues

    Hi Guys Just a quick question regarding childcare. Here in the UK our youngest son goes to an out of school club before and after school, do they have simialr in Australia and if so does anyone have any rough guestimates on the hourly cost? Its only just occured to me that when we find work we may not have the luxurys of after school childcare provided at school and as we wont have any friends or family we could be quite stuck!!! Thanks in advance!:goofy:
  6. loubylou475

    Transport/logistics issues

    We've gotten over the disappointment of being told my OH won't pass the AIM skills assessment (he's a General Manager for a massive supply chain) but we are determined to find another route!! Does anyone have any links / experience or knowledge of transport companies preferably in Perth but not ruling out elsewhere in Oz? Any advice appreciated, thanks! Lou.
  7. I have bachelor of education degree in pakistan with 8 years working experience , can i get teachers australia assessment for migration please tell me in details i will remain thankful. :cool:
  8. Hi Everyone, I have a Bachelor of Education degree got after 2 years Bachelor of Arts degree passed in Pakistan. I have more than 8 years of teaching experience, Is any one can tell me is my degrees is suffient for teaching australia assesment?:notworthy: Please guide me if anyone can do the same? I will remain thankfull. Please also tell me is there any possibility of pathway D again will be active for TRA?:notworthy: Thanks a lot for your coopeations.
  9. Guest

    Homesick Issues!!!

    hi m8s im 9 years old and i am probaly going to feel homesick straight away! im gonna miss mi family and friends but lifes gotta move on! i was wandering if i will get over mi homesick quikly out there? i am also worried about school! like finding friends. i get worried and frightened. i cry when i start a new skool,im scared!!!!!!!!!!! :unsure:
  10. Guest

    agency issues

    Hi we have just paid £145 to get a report back from ********* ****, don't know if anyone has used these or has any good/bad reports about them. Still waiting to hear from them to see which visa is best to go through if we can that is.....:skeptical:
  11. Guest

    Medical issues

    Hi all, Not sure if anyone can help with this, but here goes. About to book medicals, getting quite nervous as I had about a years worth of treatment for breast cancer 2 years ago. I've been fine since then, but wonder if anybody knows whether there are specific restrictions regarding years in remission before being awarded a visa, or is it judged purely on a case by case basis. I can't find any official information about this. Appreciate any comments Regards
  12. marknhelen

    New Member( Aspc Issues)

    Hi All, Just joined this site. We are waiting for news on our visa application,does anyone know at the moment what the ASPC have said this week . marknhelen:realmad:
  13. Guest

    medicals -weighty issues

    hi all, newbie here. my OH has been offered a job out there & we're prob going to go for it, I have a q on medicals. what do they consist of & has anyone been refused a visa on grounds of being overweight? I am an ex-obese person, who still 'overweight' but now pretty fit & reg. exerciser & still losing weight- should I be looking to speed up my weightloss?? are there height/weight charts they use to exclude people?? (only issue as no health probs) thanks for reading.
  14. Guest

    Moving Issues

    Hi All My partner and i are planning a move to Australia, we are still in the very early stages but have approached visa agencies that say we score well and should have a successfull application. I have worked in IT for the last 10 years, have various qualifications from along the way but am currently a Technical Consultant for one of the top 3 blue chip companies. My partner has been a physio assistant for the last 5 years specialising in working with children, this is obviously highly specialised but with no specific qualification. We are planning on starting to save heavily over the next 2-3 years, neither of us has a mortgage or house of our own, with the usual credit cards and loans. We have a lot of familly in Aus that would and are willing to sponsor our move out. How much do you think we should be saving as a bare minimum to move, do you think we stand a chance ?, Thanks for your advices, i have searched but have been looking for a forum like this. Ian
  15. Guest

    457 issues

    hello rach and carl here, were still fairly new to the site. I was just woundering if anyone knows if you can go over to oz on a normal 3 month holiday visa and try and find an employer willing to sponsor you and if so can you stay out there without coming back? My sister also in the same bout and asked me to ask this question? thanx
  16. oldjonah

    Migration Issues

    Hi all We (me, hubby and 2 rugrats) have just joined in the hope that you may shed some light on some issues for us I am doing a degree radiography course at the moment and will be applying for a visa as soon as possible. Do I have to have a years work experience even if I have a job offer? How much does it cost to use a migration firm and would you use one or do it yourself? Thanks all
  17. I have recieved an Email from Martin at Visa bureau. Last week i had a chat on the phone with him,trying to tie down what skill to apply under for the TRA process. he then sent a link to an Australian job defination type site, to choose a trade closest to what i do. I then sent him a list of trades that matched what i do,i got the reply last night. He said that the closest match is a motor mechanic BUT i would have to prove 6yrs working in a garage environment on motor vehicles ........ thats going to be a problem,cos i aint a garage mechanic .........never have been ........back to square one ..... cannot apply as an engineer as i am not classed as one due to having no degree. tried going the fitter route,but an australian defination of a fitter is different to what a fitter is classed as over here (apparently),so now i am classed as a motor mechanic,which i"m not,and its not even something that could be blagged either, its so far away from what i do. Another phone chat is in order i think........... right feel better now i"ve got that off my chest. its good to rant sometimes ......
  18. Guest

    Regular medication issues

    Hello, I have asthma and need a regular supply of inhalers. Can I still get this in Australia? Sounds like a silly question I suppose, but I just don't know how it works. Also, I've heard that prescriptions cost $25 each - is there a pre-payment certificate I can buy? Do I have to register for Medicare before I can do this? Is there anything else relevant that I should know? Thanks, Spock.
  19. Guest

    paperwork issues

    Hi everyone from sunny , warm, Adelaide. Once deciding on where to live in aus, please , please, please, dont forget any paperwork you originally submitted to the TRA. Because once your here they ask for it all over again to back up your claim. I know this as I`ve had to do this the hard way. put all my documents in the container ship and then had to wait and wait.Lost out big time as i`m an electrician and had to miss out on the big bucks over the christmas period. DOH!. So the moral of this story is bring all the paperwork you`ve ever had dealing with your migration to aus and good luck. Paul & Elaine
  20. Guest

    Maternity Leave issues

    I have been told by my agent that before I can apply, I need to have been worked at least 24 months out of the last 36months. The problem I have is that I have just had a year off on maternity leave, although I have still been employed by the company and it only takes me up to 22 months out of 36 months!! How annoying is that!! He says that maternity leave on full pay can be accepted for work experience but it is not written down anywhere and hence a case officer may take a different opinion. Has anyone got any experience of this? Otherwise it means me working another 2 yrs before I can even apply - agggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Help!
  21. Guest

    General moving issues

    Hi all. Received my work visa today, and am off to Melbourne in January. A few questions I wonder if anyone could help me out with. 1. I figure I'm going to buy new furniture: does anyone know a website for a furniture retailer in Melbourne? 2. Same for electricals? 3. And a decent estate agent? Re the last question, I'm going to be working in Clayton, Caulfield & Berwick, so would like to live somewhere in the city with good access to the Pakenham line. I'm a single bloke, so don't want to live in the suburbs at the moment. Any advice gladly received. As would the address of the best pub to watch the footy. That's our footy :wink:
  22. Guest

    medical issues

    Hi All Anybody else had problems with there medicals ?,on CO's request we had meds done last week and were skipping all the way to the Dr's thinking of the precious visa that was nearly in our clutches,only to be told a week later that something had come up that had to be investigated further,it may be nothing but now on top of the fact it has delayed things we are now worried about health and we have been told we won't know what problem is till next week.Please remind me why we all put ourselves through this torture!! Lisa,x
  23. Hi guys - I'm planning on emmigrating in Sept using fiance visa (prosp. marriage visa) and I was wondering if anyone knew if you have to have a certain amount of money (to take with you) and if yes, how much? Thanks in advance, any ideas would be great . Jenn
  24. Guest

    family issues

    Hi I'm going through the process of applying for sponsorship. It does seem to be a superb deal, flights, shipping, kids schooling & medical bills taken care of, tax relief on certain things and 12 weeks initial accomodation. I'll be tied to the company for 2 years but at the moment I have no intention of coming back, I want to make a real go of it for both me and my family. Why then is my mother -in -law :twisted: trying to emotionally blackmail my wife into staying. Has anyone had a similar experience? I don't want to resort to open war fare, but if I sit down and explain the 'once in a lifetime' nature of this chance we've been given she pretends I don't exist. Any advice?? Or should we just sneak off and send her a post card?