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Found 149 results

  1. Guest

    Issues with furniture!!

    We are still based in the UK, awaiting outcome of our visa application. I have a few questions which I hope somebody can answer: 1. I believe you are not allowed to ship wooden furniture to Australia. Is this true? I have solid oak furniture and would hate to sell it. 2. Can you ship electrical appliances (tv, washing machine, tumble dryer etc), are they compliant in Australia? 3. What about pets? I believe they have to be confined for a month. Is this correct? Anybody else shipped their pets? Sorry about all the questions, but have lots to ask?
  2. Hi folks, First post so thanks for reading. So to cut a long long story very short.......if it's possible, bear with me. Mum is british, brother is british, both living in uk and father is british with australian citizenship. Not sure where he is right now. (Father and I not on speaking terms since 2005) Father remarried after divorce in 1983 to my mum, has 5 children, all australian with 2nd wife.. I've always known about them but have been told that they wanted no part of our lives. After argument with my father whilst on last visit to Perth in 2005 I decided to try to get into contact with the eldest 'half' brothers and sisters. Eventually found the two eldest via internet, thankfully........... To my absolute astonishment and horror, they had no idea who I was or that they had two elder brothers in Europe!!! They we're as astonished as I was. More of a shock to them. So when eventually I get to speak with their mother it turns out that my father had always maintained that WE never wanted contact with THEM!!! Go figure! I was sooo angry. They have no contact with my father and nor do they wish to, not since their mothers divorce from him 12 years ago, which seems funny as he suddenly got into contact with me at that time after a long time........ you see a pattern developing? Anyway, my wife and I went to visit them in Perth to meet them for the first time in February just gone, it was so emotional, a wonderful yet surreal experience and we so wish to emmigrate there now to be with them and forge some sort of relationship. My question is, does anybody know if this is possible? I have scoured the family stream for a relevant visa but have found nothing.........Is there a special circumstances route? secondly, if I were to have to study or work to begin with,.......Is an NVQ level 2 in Warehousing management and distribution enough, followed by 6 years Royal Airforce experience in the same field? I truly am stumped, (like the aussies right now, watching the cricket, 117-7 ) any advice would be greatly appreciated ......... thanks for reading........ Nick
  3. Guest

    ::: 457 issues :::

    Hi, I applied for subclass 457, and I also have a sponsor who offered me a job... but unfortunately my application is refused...I dont know what to do now, is there any way out ? It says in the email that its a REVIEWABLE DECISION - ONSHORE APPLICANTS Reason given to me were : 457.223 (2): The applicant has not been nominated by a party to a labour agreement. Therefore, the applicant does not satisfy the criteria of this subclause. 457.223 (3): The applicant has not identified that he is to be employed in relation to a Regional Headquarters Agreement. Therefore, the applicant does not satisfy the criteria of this subclause. 457.223 (4): The applicant has not been nominated by an employer who is an approved business sponsor. Therefore, the applicant does not meet the criteria of this subclause. 457.223 (5): Under Schedule 1 of the Migration Regulations, applications which are lodged in Australia are invalid if the applicant proposes to be employed in Australia by an employer who does not operate a business in Australia (ie. an Overseas Business). As the application was lodged in Australia, an application under this subclause is invalid and cannot be assessed. 457.223 (7): Under Schedule 1 of the Migration Regulations, applications which are lodged in Australia are invalid if the applicant intends to develop in Australia a business activity that will be conducted by the applicant as a principal (ie. as an Independent Executive). As the application was lodged in Australia, an application under this subclause is invalid and cannot be assessed. 457.223(7A): Under Schedule 1 of the Migration Regulations, applications which are lodged in Australia, are invalid if at the time of application, the applicant did not hold a Subclass 457 [business (Long Stay)] visa granted on the basis that the applicant was an independent executive. The applicant has not identified that he is the holder of a Subclass 457 visa granted on the basis that the applicant was an independent executive. Therefore, an application under this subclause is invalid and cannot be assessed. 457.223 (8): The applicant has not declared that he proposes to enter Australia as a service seller and has not provided any evidence to show that he meets the criteria of this subclause. Therefore, the applicant does not meet the criteria of this subclause. 457.223 (9): The applicant has not declared that he is a person to whom privileges and immunities are accorded under the International Organizations (Privileges and Immunities) Act 1963 or the Overseas Missions (Privileges and Immunities) Act 1995 and there is no evidence before me to suggest that he is such a person. Therefore, the applicant does not satisfy the criteria of this subclause. 457.223 (10): A party to an Invest Australia Supported Skills Agreement has not nominated the principal applicant. Therefore, the applicant does not satisfy the criteria of this subclause. As the applicant does not satisfy any of these subclauses I find that the applicant does not satisfy the criteria at Migration Regulation 457.223 of Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations. As the applicant does not satisfy Migration Regulation 457.223 he does not satisfy all the requirements for the grant of a visa subclass 457. Therefore, I have not assessed the applicant against the other requirements for this visa. PLEASE GUIDE ME AND SUGGEST ME A WAY OUT I am really upset and sad and really distressed ....please help Thanks & Regards, Josh :cry:
  4. Hey everyone Im new on here and i was wondering if anyone could give me some advise. i have been in oz 2 and a half years now and currently on a sponsored 457 visa for the next 4 years. Now here is the problem, the company had decided to put me on leave this being the sixth week, also without pay? are they allowed to do this to me? the visa is a legal document signed stating they can afford to pay me for the next 4 year a such a rate? anyone have any ideas? part 2. also im thinking of starting up a small business for myself could i do this and swap the visa's over or apply for a new one, how would i go about doing this anyone have any ideas? thankyou
  5. _shel

    Form 80 Issues

    Can people give me idea how likely it is I'll be asked for form 80 applying for a spouse visa? I'm getting really stressed about it now having read this statement on the form......... Q19 "Note: You must complete details for any person who is or was your parent or with whom you have had a parent-like relationship with. This should include, but is not limited to, natural parents, adoptive parents, IVF parents, surrogate parents, step-parents, foster parents, and/or guardians." Thing is I grew up in (so called) care. I lived in 35 different places, prob 20 of were foster parents, I couldnt even tell you there surname let alone the D.O.B etc. I 'know' my parents but not enough to even put in a D.O.B for my father. Same for my siblings except one sister whos son lives with me. Getting stressed that if they can not check me they'll refuse me. How do I 'prove' I dont know this info, not like I was adopted and have a certificate to say so.
  6. Guest

    kidney issues for my son

    Hi all, my youngest son has a kidney disorder called Hydronephrosis. He had an operation to correct this when he was 11 months on his left kidney but his right kidney is also slightly enlarged. We went last December to see the surgeon who would have discharged him but as his right kidney is affected we have to see him again this December. My son has had no problems with this since his op or really before his op. We are just about to lodge our visa and i've been looking at other posts on here. Any advice would be gratefully recieved or if anyone has had a similar experience please share it with me as i am getting worried. Many thanks Natalie :spinny:
  7. I'm currently in the UK pending a 676 visa that I might not get due to previous health issues (have had several 676 visas over the past few years). I do NOT nor have ever had TB or Hep or anything at all, but have had cancer in the past. If this visa is not granted, I will go over on an ETA anyway. I have a de-facto partner there, property, car other assets all legally held. My questions are: 1) can I actually apply for an 820 while on an ETA or do I need to be on some other visa in order to apply for an 820? 2) would an 820 onshore de-facto be easier to get than a 309 de-facto offshore? Cheers, Alexandra
  8. I have to spend an initial 5 months apart from my fiance, then I get to spend 3 months with him... then visa gets sent off... and have to wait however long it will take for that to process. Up to another 5 months!! I just don't know how I am going to do it! Probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I am dreading saying goodbye at the Airport next week, knowing this is all ahead of us. I would love to hear some positive advice to keep me going!
  9. undershot

    136 Visa Family issues

    My mother got a 136 Visa to move to Australia, which also was put into the rest of the family's passports. The only problem is, there's a possibility she won't be able to move until after the cut off date on the visa (5 years). I'm going travelling there myself next year and would essentially like to stay their myself with or without the rest of my family and get my citizenship after my travels. Would this be possible, or would my mother have to be a resident there aswell? Is the visa dependant on her move there?! Cheers
  10. mr luvpants

    Divorce issues??

    Hi all I am trying to get the documents together that we need for the ANMC, QNMC, SS and 176 applications. I will then take the copies to a solicitor to verify. We have both been divorced before. Do we need to get copies of our first marriage certificates? The 176 document check list asks for decree absolutes but not the first marriage certs which I think is odd? JOHN
  11. Guest

    removal issues

    hi there, i'm moving to brisbane soon but have been getting removal quotes around £3500 based on 20 foot containers!! too much!!! does anyone know if self loading the container is a good idea? anyone know how you go about arranging this??? cheers:wacko:
  12. hazo

    Migration issues

    Hi Can anyone help I have just completed form 47PA for visa subclass 143. Going through the checklist for main applicant it asks for certified copies of birth certificates of all your children, does this include step children or only biological children of the main applicant. The step child is not migrating but has been mentioned on the form and biological child is the sponsor from Oz.
  13. loubylou475

    Transport/logistics issues

    We've gotten over the disappointment of being told my OH won't pass the AIM skills assessment (he's a General Manager for a massive supply chain) but we are determined to find another route!! Does anyone have any links / experience or knowledge of transport companies preferably in Perth but not ruling out elsewhere in Oz? Any advice appreciated, thanks! Lou.
  14. hazo

    Migration issues

    Hi Everyone We are shortly applying for a Contributory Parent-sub class 143 visa.I am 70 my wife is 64.We would be very grateful for any hints or tips from anyone who is currently going through the process or has got a 143.Approximately how long does it all take? Hopefully we shall be heading to Sydney where our son his wife 15 month old Genevieve and a new baby due in July live.
  15. Hi, I am having issues with my current employer, who is sponsoring me on a 4 year 457 visa. I have been here in Sydney almost one year, and the company i work for(who sponsor me to be here) has said that i, may not have a job soon! ahhhh! I have enquired about the independant 175 visa and have crossed reference my skills with one that is on the list(sales rep- communication/information). I am in the process of getting all the information together before i can apply. What happens if i apply for the 175 visa and shortly after applying i loose my job? I would try to get another job in sales, however it may not be in the same communication/information field, Would this make a difference to the 175 visa application? What are my options if i do loose my job? Is the only way to stay here in Australia to get another job with a sponsorhip? Does anyone know of any reasonable immigration lawyer? Thanks Jessica
  16. Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to this forum and I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section so please bear with me. I'm originally from the UK, moved out here in 1997. Married an Aussie and had a gorgeous baby girl a year ago. Hubby and I sadly separated as he has issues that I will no longer tolerate. My issues are that I now feel completely ALONE. Hubby's parents (whom I once loved) are obviously taking his side, mutual friends no longer call or feel awkward in my company. I only have a couple of friends who I could trust. My heart is now starting to yearn for England and my hubby is making my life hell with daily harassment and psychological bullying. He has made it clear (via his solicitor) that he wants my daughters passport in trust with the solicitor and if I want to holiday in England I have to, a) give him 3 months notice, b) put $5000 in trust, c) allow him to have the same amount of holiday time with my daughter upon her return from England (I have issues with allowing him overnight visits as he is a heavy drinker). So, I guess my question is, has anybody been through anything similar. Were you able to relocate back to the UK with your children and what were the implications. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide. I'm sinking into a big, black hole here..............................................:wacko:
  17. Guest

    Medical Issues

    Hi please help we are in our final stages of applying for a permanent visa and in the medicals they have found that my wife has Hepaptitis C they are sending her to a consultant to evaluate the extent of the damage if any. She is in healthcare and is perfectly fit and healthy does any one know if we will have any problems obtaining the visa
  18. Guest

    Health issues

    Morning all, has any one emigrated when they have been diagnosed with MS, the reason I ask is that my wifes mother has this and we think it may be in the family. regards iain
  19. Guest

    visa issues

    hi lookin for some help with visa lodged on 16th jan state sponsored, aknowledged by diac of payment received , got other message on 4th feb that visa being processed further , message saying to get meds done , asking for birth certificates de facto relationship proof state sponsorship proof etc ,not got meds done yet as have issues with driving offences recently my agent said he has sent all other documents when he lodged my visa , can i e mail diac to ask if they have received these and if i have a case officer best regards jim:biggrin:
  20. Guest

    Migration issues

    hi, could anybody give us any advice on how to get into oz,my partner has worked in a baby and toddler unit for a montessorri school for eight years, but has got no relevant qualifications,i have been involved in construction for 8 years, and lorry driver for 6 years,we are 38 years old with three children, thanks
  21. Guest

    Server Issues

    Hi All, We are experienceing some issues with the server at the moment, it may run slower than normal but I should hoepfully have it resolved soon. Tim
  22. Guest

    criminal record issues !

    hello , right here goes im 21 and had a turbulant ubringing , ive been i got cuaght up in the wrong things as a youth and now paying for it . ive got convictions such as possesion of a claas b drug ( tiny bit of pot ) common assult interfering with a motor vechicle abh these where over 6 years ago but since then ive finished an apprenticeship also took my high energy life style up in the matial art muay thai ! then one night i was attacked by 2 squadies . i was caught red handed defending myself . on oct 19th 2007 i recieved 12 months custodial on an abh ! i was told i used exsesive force !! 2 against one what could i do . any way all thats out of the way now . i am now looking to work within australia or new zealand but i do not know where i stand ,does any one know ? rather than running me down on my honesty please posotive input would be appreciated thanks .
  23. Guest

    agent issues

    hi lookin for your opinion on what i should do. my agent lodged my visa on tuesday ,, before they lodged they told me i wasn't certain to get my visa as i am facing criminal charges on driving offences which happened last month, i reckon he was just covering his back as i said i was goin to change agent even though i had paid him in full or should that be fool, i agreed to let them lodge and specified i wanted them to check my application thouroughly and have it spot on before sending . they sent me a copy of the lodgement saying this is your 175 visa application ??i am going on a state sponsored 176 visa, on the question on my application form where it asks if you have any upcoming charges they put no ,i couldn't believe it ,after telling them to check everything they make such a blatant mistake , they sent an e mail apologising but not to worry as they'll send an incorrect answer form to be filled in, one day after lodging and they've made me look as i'm being economical with the truth my case will be hard enough without this , it's just one of many issues i've had with them, i sent an e mail to them today not a very nice one as i've been too nice to these incompetent fools long enough i really think there takin the p,,,s any one give me there opinion on this matter cheers jim :unsure::unsure:
  24. Hi Can anyone help, we will be leaving uk in Feb 09 but will be renting our house to family, i am just filling in the P85 forms from the tax office to hopefully claim back some income tax but they also want to know about the house etc and what income we will be getting from it, which will be around £10,000 a year which is just enough to pay mortgage, will the tax office tax us on this and dooes anyone know how much. Thanks
  25. Guest

    Family issues too depressing

    I have posted messages on here before about my parents' reaction to us moving to Oz and I know it always provokes many responses as lots of you are in the same boat - but yesterday we got great news that we passed TRA and realised we didnt really have anyone to share with us how happy and relieved we were - and then today my sister has told me that my dad has now worked out how many times he would get to us before he dies if we moved to Oz next year!! I just cant believe I am causing so much pain. I think it will be unbearable...what can I do??:sad: